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Where to Start

What is the Clover Guild?

The Clover Guild is a collaborative fiction project based on the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon franchise. Originating from 4chan’s /pmdg/ threads, the guild members make characters, write stories, draw artwork, and discuss the series. The eponymous Clover Guild is based in Capim Town on the Grass Continent, and its members include many humans-turned-Pokemon alongside native Pokemon.

For more information, see the Intro to the Clover Guild.


Nickname (if known) Sex Species Partner (if applicable) Role Personality
"Lliam" Vulpes M Meowstic 'Zorua' (M, Native) Clover Guild Master/Researcher Modest
Nick M Vulpix Shinx (Amelia, F, Quiet, Native) Clover Guild Explorer/Researcher Calm
Booker M Ribombee Sneasel (F, Hasty, Native) Clover Guild Writer/Researcher/Assistant Cartographer Timid
Macom M Mareep N/A Clover Guild Cartographer/Geographer/Researcher Quiet
Augustus "Gus" M Oshawott N/A Clover Guild Member Quiet
KFC M Combusken N/A Clover Guild Native Aura Guardian Hardy
Kaiji M A-Meowth Absol (Kris, M, Native) Clover Guild Conmon/Treasurer Impish
Beast M Munchlax N/A Clover Guild Native Chef Serious
N/A M Phanpy Cyndaquil (M, Human), Torchic (F, Human) & Totodile (M, Human) Clover Guild Member Serious
N/A M Chespin Wooper (M, Native) Clover Guild Chief of Cozy Quiet
Ross M Smeargle N/A Clover Guild Member Insomniac
Tybo M Skitty N/A Clover Guild Native Member Greedy
N/A M Togetic Dewott (M, Human, Former Partner) Clover Guild "Secret" Quartermaster Timid
Elm M Duskull N/A Clover Guild Member ???
Kiyo M A-Vulpix Sandshrew (Cassie, F, Native) & Fletchling (Bean, M, Human) Clover Guild Native Member/Outlaw ???
Smith M Skorupi Furret (F, Native) Clover Guild Member ???
Bill M Growlithe H-Growlithe (Gill, M, Human) Clover Guild Counselor ???
Fergus M Zigzagoon Mightyena (Kaiser, M, Non-Native) Clover Guild Member [???]
N/A F Pikachu Ampharos (M, Native) Clover Guild Member Bashful
Clara F Lucario Shares body with Clara (Smoke, M, Human) Clover Guild Bounty Hunter Docile
Fynn M Furfrou N/A Clover Guild Member ???
N/A M Porygon N/A Clover Guild Member ???
Stumpy M Shroomish N/A Clover Guild Native Member ???
??? M Tropius N/A Clover Guild Member Quirky/Serious
Nida F Nidorina Poochyena (Pochi, M, Naive/Relaxed, Native) Clover Guild Native Member Gentle/Calm
Topa M Sableye Hydreigon (Hendrix, M, Native) Clover Guild Native Member ???
Cheesecake M Wooper Politoed (Apple, F, Timid) & Corphish (Etouffee, M, Hasty/Rash) Clover Guild Member Relaxed
Makky M Makuhita Meditite (Asana, F, Haughty, Native) Clover Guild Member Energetic
Nine M Ninetales Persian (Luka, M, Native) Clover Guild Member(?) ???
Maxi M Trubbish Joltik (Maddi, F, Native) Clover Guild Member ???
Rasmus M Spinarak N/A Clover Guild Native Member(?) Rash
Fern M H-Zorua A-Ninetales (Ciel, M, Native) Clover Guild Member ???
Taslean M Snover N/A Clover Guild Member ???
Adrian M Umbreon Flareon Sylveon (Enny, M, Human), Vileplume (M, Native) & Bellossom (F, Native) Clover Guild Member Bashful
Jung (Pronounce as Yung) M Sceptile Shinx (Sara, F, Native(?)) Clover Guild Native (?) Veteran Explorer Quirky
Hans M Dragonair Gible (Mr. Gible, M, Human) & Floragato (Noodle, F, Native) Clover Guild Member ???
??? M Wimpod N/A Clover Guild Member ???
Error M Iron Valiant Rotom (M, Quirky, Native?) Clover Guild Member Timid
Rain F Eevee Corvisquire (Cory, M, Native) Clover Guild Member ???
Avalon "Ava" M Braixen ??? Clover Guild Member Bashful
??? F Mandibuzz Gliscor (??, M, Non-Native Pokemon) Clover Guild Member ???
Apple Cider M Rowlet N/A Clover Guild Member ???
Mustel M Zangoose Seviper (Serpes, M, Naughty, Native) Clover Guild Member Jolly
Eli F Skarmory N/A Clover Guild Member Lonely
Ammy M Emolga ??? Clover Guild Member ???
Kaz/Solid Linoone M Linoone N/A Post Mailmon/Delibird Deliveries Employee/Clover Guild Affiliated Spy Jolly
Debby F Delibird N/A Native Post Mailmon/Delibird Deliveries Owner Jolly
Sterling M Clamperl N/A Outsider Timid
Beau M Espeon Blaziken (Dav (dah-vh), M, Human) & Munchlax (Mako, M, Human) Outsider ???
Alphonse "Al" M Abra Litten (Bethel "Beth", F, Adamant, Native) Outsider Naive
Vladi F Gothitelle Steenee (Marle, F, Native) & Goomy (Sven, M, Native) Outsider ???
N/A F Minun Raichu (M, Native) Clover Guild Gardener/Bounty Hunter Jolly
Charm/Smokey F Charmander Natu (M, Native) Clover Guild Explorer/Treasurer Impish
Tooca F Snivy Axew (Lapi, M, Gentle, Native) Clover Guild Affiliated Explorer/Rescue Team Timid
N/A M Skiddo N/A Clover Guild Transport ???
Bullet M Noivern Indeedee (Mimi, F, Careful, Native) Rescue Team/Clover Guild Affiliated Lax
Kina F Audino N/A Clover Guild Medic Rash
N/A F Sableye N/A Clover Guild Alchemist Impish
Archie F Archeops N/A Inventor/Biologist/Clover Guild Affiliated Quirky
Casey F Raboot N/A Clover Guild Member ???
Acrab M Krabby N/A Clover Guild Member Hasty
Jimmy M Gimmighoul N/A Clover Guild Member Brave
Percival M Corviknight N/A Clover Guild Explorer/Transport Naïve
"Carrot" M Dusk Lycanroc Liepard (Hazel, F, Native) Clover Guild Veteran Explorer Brave
Sentret M Sentret N/A Clover Guild Member ???
Adelaid F Voltorb Drowzee (Dahpi, M, Native) Rescue Team ???
Sotto M Mawile ??? Clover Guild Native Member/Veteran Explorer Careful

Proposed Characters Table
Minor Characters (NPCs) Table


Writing Resources and Misc.

Collaborative Writing Projects

Enter the Federation

Enter the Federation - Rules and Prompt

Summer Festival

Summer Festival - Rules and Prompt

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