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Quick reference of all important events in timeline order to help writers, along with links to miscellaneous lore bins. Spoiler warning for all stories in the bin!

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A list of unique locations visited by guild members, or canon locations altered by guild members

Capim Town Locations

The Clover Guildhall

Exists in Capim Town on the Grass Continent. Dorm rooms, the guildmaster’s office, a storeroom, a library, and a kitchen have been established as locations. Some form of treasury has also been proposed, but has not appeared in any stories yet. The guild has real beds, a supply of cotton, and some Frisms after the events of Go to Bed; (green) blankets and pillows after Go to Bed 2; and a garden was built in The Guild's Garden. The guild’s storeroom is full of junk and unlabeled boxes, with no organization until Togetic arrives. It also has a mirror, a substitute plushie with a sewn up butt, and a box with "Reviver Seeds : )" scribbled over the label (the contents are actual Reviver Seeds, despite the label).

Guildhall Layout

Guildhall by Kiyo and Booker

Blue Claw Inn

An inn/tavern in Capim Town. Notable for being the location where Gathering occurs and the guild is formed.

Ariados the Tailor

Tailor in Capim Town. The backroom of her store is for clothing storage, and is several floors tall and full of clothes from top to bottom. Uses her silk threads to climb up and down to fetch clothes. Ariados also uses her silk as improvised measuring tape and for weaving her own silk cloth. First appears in Torchic Crosses the Alps.


A small library run by a Blipbug librarian. Used to be a meeting point for a group of Pokémon roleplaying as humans, but sometime after the events of Torchic Crosses the Alps human roleplaying was banned there. Has several extra rules for Fire Pokémon. Fist appears in Torchic Crosses the Alps, then returns in An Overelming Week.

Cake Shop

A nondescript cake shop run by an Alcremie. Appears in An Overelming Week.

Other Locations

Hot Spring

A hot spring on top of a mountain near Capim Town, guarded by a Charizard who battles anyone who tries to reach the summit. First visited by Chepin in Mountain Hike

Echo Chamber

A new chamber replacing the trap chest room at the end of Waterfall Cave. First visited by Booker in The Echo Chamber.

Apple Woods

Suffered a large forest fire that destroyed the Perfect Apple tree. Caused by Phanpy's team in The First Day on the Job.


Summaries of important events from different completed stories. The goal is to focus on events that would impact other anon's stories, instead of summarizing every written work. Origin/Introduction stories are included and labeled (Intro).

Gathering (Booker)

Describes the initial meeting of the Pokemon that would form Clover Guild. A group of humans-turned-Pokemon meet in the Blue Claw Inn in Capim Town, and decide to elect Lliam as their Guildmaster.

Chronological Order
Tybo's Mt. Freeze Adventure (Tybo) (Intro)

On an exploration of Mt. Freeze, Tybo runs into a human-turned-Pokemon on the run. After tagging along with the former human, Tybo finds himself interested in the subject of humans. When he hears about a guild of humans in Capim Town, Tybo meets with the human's Guildmaster.

Cold Awakening (Bullet) (Intro)

Bullet wakes up in a mystery dungeon and runs into an exploration team

Team Oracle Issue #0 (Charmander) (Intro)

Charmander wakes up in Natu's house, and after adjusting to her new body, agrees to form a team. They then set off for Capim Town.

A Man in Mareep's Clothing (Macom) (Intro)

Macom arrives, and his last memories as a human hints that he may not be from the same universe as the other guild members.

Chespin's Introduction (Chespin) (Intro)

Chespin arrives in the world and meets his partner, Wooper.

A Ribombee’s Arrival (Booker) (Intro)

Booker appears, meets his partner Sneasel, and heads off to Capim Town

A 'Mon, Gus (Gus) (Intro)

Gus appears, and meets Booker and Sneasel leading into the events of Gathering and the formation of the guild

The Snivy and the Mysterious Rock Path (Tooca) (Intro)

Tooca wakes up as a Snivy and meets an Axew named Lapi

The Echo Chamber (Booker)

Booker and Sneasel escort a client to the Echo Chamber, a new room at the end of Waterfall Cave with wonderful acoustic properties

Go to Bed (Chespin)

Chespin goes on a journey to rest in a real bed. Comes back with cotton and frisms, unleashing comfy sleep and voice recorders onto the guild.

Go to Bed 2 (Chespin)

Unwilling to rest on his laurels, Chespin goes out and gets blankets and pillows for the guild.

Taliban Mystery Dungeon! (Kaiji) (Intro)

Kaiji and Kris recover stolen goods from a group of Taliban members turned into Pokemon, then begin their journey to Capim town

An Expedition Report (KFC)

At the behest of the Federation in charge of exploration teams, KFC seals mysterious rifts that have appeared in mystery dungeons and reports his findings.

Ross's Origin (Ross) (Intro)

Ross enters the stage and joins the guild

Mountain Hike (Chespin)

Chespin's team climb a mountain and discover a hot spring

An Unexpected Find (Chespin)

Chespin finds a Mew that used to be human and takes her back to the guild. Mew is still getting used to her new body.

Currently Unnamed McNumel Story (Kaiji)

McNumel joins the guild and is put to work under Chef Beast.

The Guild's Garden (Chespin)

Chespin builds a garden for the guild with the aid of Wooper and Booker.

Phanpy-anon and /pmdg/ in Treasure Town (Phanpy) (Intro)

Phanpy helps the Guildmaster manage a group of human Pokemon in Treasure Town. After meeting a newly arrived Cyndaquil, Guildmaster Lliam puts Phanpy on an exploration team with three other misfits.

The First Day on the Job (Phanpy)

Phanpy's team goes out on their first job, and finish it by burning down Apple Woods.

Introducing Capim Town (Phanpy)

Phanpy's team and the rest of the Treasure Town members arrive in Capim Town.

Branching Out (Elm) (Intro)

A human wakes up as a Duskull, joins the guild and decides to name himself "Elm". The guild’s storeroom is described as being very messy and full of junk and unlabeled boxes, with no inventory.

An Overelming Week (Elm)

In the storeroom Elm scribbles "Reviver Seeds :)" over the label of a box of Reviver Seeds with the intent of causing uncertainty to those who don't know how to differentiate Reviser Seeds from Reviver.


Ordered by release date

Raboot's Introduction (Casey) (Intro)

Casey wakes up in a field near Capim Town and finds a job board in town

Sableye's History (Sableye) (Intro)

Sableye arrives in the Pokemon world and tricks a Silicobra into taking the fall on a crime. Silicobra swears a vow of revenge on Sableye and humanity.

The Wag of a Finger (Beast) (Intro)

Chef Beast joins the guild.

Debby's Introduction (Debby) (Intro)

Debby recruits Solid Linoone into a mail service to surpass Pelipper Post

I am Acrab, Mang (Acrab) (Intro)

Acrab arrives in the world and runs into an exploration team

Jimmy Your Ghoul (Jimmy) (Intro)

Jimmy wakes up as a Gimmighoul and attempts to drive his chest

Percival's Grand Entrance (Percival) (Intro)

Percival explores the world and seeks out the Clover Guild

Three Strangers Blow Into Town (Kiyo) (Intro)

A trio of outlaws, Kiyo, Cassie, and Bean, join the Clover Guild as part of scheme to search the guildhall.

Wanderer (Smith) (Intro)

Smith begins a quest for power

Togetic's Recruitment (Togetic) (Intro)

Togetic is rescued by Team Cozy

The Marvelous Carrot and Hazel Archive (Carrot) (Intro)

Intro for Carrot and Hazel, plus personality blurbs

It Comes in Pairs (Clara) (Intro)

Clara and Smoke intro, they meet some guild members on a mission and Smoke realizes that some of them are human.

SENTRET: Sentret the Sentret (Sentret, Sentret) (Sentret) (Intro)

Sentret embarks on a quest to find his dead parents

Lore Bins

List of bins focused entirely on lore

A Detailed Guide to Aura (KFC)

Guide on what aura is and how it can be used

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