Clover Guild Locations

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This is a list of new locations created for the Clover Guild project, including short blurbs explaining them and links to the stories where they originated. This is a living document, and will be expanded over time.

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Cotton Valley

A village of Whimsicott. Comprised of wooden huts. Has hills nearby. The leader is a larger-than-average female Whimsicott who speaks in a valley girl accent. Chespin and Wooper visited this village to obtain cotton to replace the hay beds originally used by the guild.
First appeared (unnamed) in "Go To Bed" by Chespin-anon:

Natu Village

A village of wooden houses. Home to multiple Natu. Team Oracle's Natu lived here, and Charm stayed here temporarily, before they both joined the Clover Guild.
First appeared (unnamed) in "The Adventures of Team Oracle: Issue #0" by Charmander-anon:

Woodlot Crossroads

A small settlement comprised of tents and dome-shaped buildings. It provides services to travelers and teams going to the nearby mystery dungeons. Contains an inn owned by a Kangaskhan and her husband.
First appeared (unnamed) in "Branching Out" by Elm-anon:


A rural town located in the Open Plains region, close to Lush Prairie. It resembles a classic Wild West town from Earth. A major farming community, it serves as a breadbasket for the Grass Continent.
Has not yet appeared in any stories.


A small village centered around a giant Fire Stone. Populated by Fire-types drawn by the stone's power (except for a lone Glaceon who is the sister of the village’s Flareon). Their main export is a unique type of blue spicy berry gathered from the nearby Spice Tunnel, a low-level lush cave dungeon. The village is made of stone buildings with sod roofs.
Has not yet appeared in any stories.

Dragon Gate Village

A small mountain town at the southern edge of the continent, located next to the Dragon Gate dungeon. It is home to a research guild. One of their members, Cyclamen, attempted to build an "anchor" that could prevent dungeon shifts. More details TBA.
Has not yet appeared in any stories.


Chilly Cavern

A cold, dark cave dungeon close to Cotton Valley. Home to Bergmite. Once a lair of Cryogonal.
First appeared (unnamed) in "Go To Bed" by Chespin-anon:

Thunder Dome

A large, dangerous dungeon located beneath Amp Plains. Notable for its ceiling, which is a giant dome covered in specks of light with lightning arcing between them. Once a forest dungeon, it became a desert dungeon after a shift. Formerly the site of a rift. Initially codenamed "Dungeon GT-04" by the Federation, until Team Oracle and Team Brave cleared the dungeon and officially renamed it.
First appeared in "Enter the Federation — Thunder Dome" by Ribombee-anon:

Torn Mountain

A dungeon on a rocky mountainous slope. The peak of the mountain is always visible in the distance on every floor, and is divided into two halves.
Has not yet appeared in any stories.

Moonlit Thicket

A dungeon that takes the form of a forest perpetually locked in a warm, moonlit, summer night.
Has not yet appeared in any stories.

Spice Tunnel

A low-level dungeon taking the form of a lush cavern, with ample water and plantlife, and holes in the ceiling that let sunlight through. It is home to a unique spicy blue berry only found here. These berries are gathered by the residents of nearby Firestone, and serve as the town's main export.
Appeared in "Slingshot" by Ribombee-anon:

Power Plant

An ancient human power plant transformed into a dungeon and distorted as a result. Once home to a gang of Beldum.
First appeared in "Troubled Sleep" by Umbreon-anon:

Wither Woods

Was once a lush, green forest, is now a corroded wasteland of dead trees with permanently cloudy skies. Within its depths are the remains of a laboratory filled with mysterious technology. Original home of Porygon2. First visited by Team MLG in The Secret of Wither Woods.
First appeared in "The Secret of Wither Woods" by Skroupi-anon:

Misguiding Forest

Similar name to Mystifying Forest. Home to mischevious ghosts that drain the life forces of passersby. Contains the following locations:

  • Ghost House: A seemingly abandoned cabin found in Misguiding Forest. In reality, it's inhabited by a gang of Litwicks, Lampents, and their boss, a Haunter. The group frequently gets into squabbles over minor things.
  • Illuminous Spring: A small spring found in the heart of Misguiding Forest. Frequently mistaken for Luminous Spring. Home to three Tatsugiris who spend their time smoking weed.

First appeared in "Sidequest: Journey to the Luminous Spring!" by Skorupi-anon:

Baked Apple Woods

A section of Apple Woods spawned after the forest fire incident caused by Team Misfits. For some reason, it is perpetually ablaze, even though the rest of the forest has recovered from the fire.
Has not yet appeared in any stories.

Eroded Canyon

A large and deep canyon with a river at the bottom. It is mostly devoid of plant life, and one end of it is completely barren.
First appeared in "Chespin's Week: Day 4" by Chespin-anon:
Not currently on map


Thicket's Hideout

The underground lair of Thicket the Floette. She produces all her alcohol here, and also allows Nickel and his gang to live here. As part of the deal, Nickel gets some of the profits, while Thicket gets some protection. The hideout is accessed via a hidden trapdoor by a flower patch a moderate distance away from the nearest road.
First appeared in "The Great Bulk, Interlude 3: Ecoterrorism for Dummies" by Makuhita-anon:

Mama Lax Inn


Mellow Meadow

A field full of tall sunflowers, vibrant plant life, and ample greenery. Difficult to navigate due to all the large plants. Home to a Sunflora who deeply cares about the flowers.
First appeared in "Chespin's Week: Day 5" by Chespin-anon:

The Wreck of the Evaluator

An ancient derelict exploratory starship which crash landed from beyond the reaches of the Pokemon World. It is occupied by the extraterrestrial Pokemon descendants of its crew and those they have welcomed inside its corridors. Despite most of its advanced systems and devices having fallen into disrepair, it has become home to many Pokemon that pursue knowledge of the strange and inexplicable.
First appeared in "We're Team Overclock: Chapter 2" by Iron Valiant-anon:
Not currently on map


Capim Town is a canon location in the PMD series, located on the Grass Continent. Multiple locations in and around the town have been created for the Clover Guild universe, and they will be listed here.

Blue Claw Inn

Capim Town's most popular place to eat, drink, and rest. Operated by a Crabrawler who used to be a successful fighter, and gladly unleashes his old pugilistic tendencies when dealing with rowdy patrons. The ground floor is a pub, while the upper floors provide lodging.
First appeared in "Gathering" by Ribombee-anon:

Clover Guildhall

The new home of the lost humans and their friends. Located on the outskirts of town, it is a large tree-based building with three floors and a basement. There is a garden outside, and the interior contains a wide variety of rooms, including a mess hall, a dojo, a clinic, a library, a mail room, a treasury, a map room, two lounges, and many dorms.
Appears in countless stories. See the following links for some example images of the guildhall.
Floor plan:

Ariados Tailor

A clothing store run by a kind female Ariados. It contains two main rooms, plus fitting rooms. The first room contains shelves, tables, and mannequins in different shapes and sizes displaying samples of fabric and articles of clothing. The second room is multiple stories tall and serves as both a storage room and workshop, with shelves all the way up and strands of spider silk that let Ariados climb up and down.
First appeared in "Torchic Crosses the Alps" by Phanpy-anon:

Snover's Frozen Dessert Shop

A small shop with a variety of tropical fruit flavored treats. The frozen desserts are stored in earthenware jars atop ice blocks, with a sign above to display the items on offer.
First appeared in "Sorbet" by Ribombee-anon:

Smeargle's Swap Shop

A unique shop set up by the reformed outlaw Smeargle the Savage, where he uses his Sketched Heart Swap to temporarily swap clients’ bodies and minds. The shop is in the basement of a tree building, accessed from the outside by stairs with a red/beige awning over them. The first room is a waiting room with chairs and paintings of Pokemon, and the second room (separated by a red curtain) contains a desk.
First appeared in "Chespin and the Chillers, Part 2" by Chespin-anon:

Delibird Deliveries

A courier service that delivers both mail and various items. The building is mostly red, and about the size of an average home. Debby and Linoone are both couriers working there, with Debby being the owner of the small business. Delibird Deliveries competes with the bigger Pelipper Mail business, but is gaining popularity in Capim Town and takes care of most of the deliveries for the Clover Guild.
First appeared in "Orientation Day" by Delibird-anon:


Also known as the bad part of town, this is a dark and overgrown section of Lower Capim with more poverty and crime than the rest of Capim Town. Sneasel used to live here before joining the guild, and Thicket the Floette sells her illegal alcohol and goods here.
First appeared in TBD


The docks of Capim Town, used by both boats and aquatic Pokemon. They are at the edge of a massive bay. Gus the Oshawott spends much of his time drifting aimlessly in the water around here.
First appeared in "A Mon, Gus" by Oshawott-anon:


A small and peaceful waterfall outside Capim Town. It goes over a 10-foot cliff and into a decent-sized pond with rocks rising from the water. The largest stone is flat and in the center of the pond, accessible by a series of stepping stones. KFC and Booker use this place to meditate.
First appeared in "Learning to Fly: Chapter 6" by Ribombee-anon:

Smith's Training Grounds

A patch of dirt about ten minutes away from the town. It is located right next to a forest and contains several huge boulders arranged in a half circle. Previously served as the home and training grounds for Smith the Skorupi. His training caused noticeable damage to the stones and ground.
First appeared in "Tales of the Grind" by Skorupi-anon:

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