Personality Blurbs


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Nick, Vulpix (M), Calm, Flash Fire
Age: mid-twenty-something/"Young Adult"

  • One of those people that would've been considered "gifted" as a child, and then burnt out hard.
    • As a human, was stuck in a dead-end job, and felt generally ineffectual.
    • Views this as an opportunity to do new things that he never had a chance to, but worried he's eventually just going to return to old habits.
    • More willing to take risks and do things he previously wouldn't do because of that fact, although only to a point.
  • Very organized, or at least organizedly disorganized.
  • Has a tendency to overthink and overanalyze things.
  • Endlessly fascinated with the world.
  • Relatively new compared to some of the others - arrived in the world a day and a half (the afternoon before) the events of "Gathering".
  • Comes from a TL where Chunsoft, unfortunately, went bankrupt before 2005. While the broader Pokemon series existed, PMD did not, and he had no knowledge of concepts specific to the series upon arrival.
  • Speech: Very formal and on guard usually, but willing to be more casual with people as he gets to know them better.
  • Garb: Multiple storage options when on an expedition, usually at least a pair of (size-appropriate) saddlebags and a pouch/toolband on his right foreleg. Also usually a blue scarf (kerchief) with a green clover marking.

Amelia, Shinx (F), Quiet. Intimidate
Age: mid-twenty-something/"Young Adult"

  • Comes from a small village/tribe of Luxray in the Grass Continent's Amp Plains.
    • Area is having a rough go of it due to the demands of several competing tribes and the increasingly encroaching mystery dungeons as well.
    • Has a lot of practical knowledge due to her upbringing, but not much booksmarts.
  • (Approximately the same size as Nick (~2'0"))
  • Wants to explore & discover new things.
  • Somewhat disorderly and unsystematic, often forgets things.
  • Energetic, but quiet. Not likely to speak up in a crowd.
  • Feels a need to prove herself to others.
  • Slightly pessimistic/paranoid at times.
  • Hates duplicity (People lying to her, having to lie herself, and to some extent liars in general.)
  • Speech: Often tends towards terseness. Can occasionally talk at length about subjects she's interested in, but not to strangers.
  • Garb: Always seen wearing a somewhat worn Cover Scarf, dyed in a pallet matching her own colors. Owns a wool traveling cloak.


Also known as Team Brave following their Thunder Dome expedition.
See here for further info:

Team photo:


  • Overview and Role
    • Male Ribombee. Timid/Quiet/Modest. Mostly Lawful Good.
    • Mainly works as Sneasel’s partner and supporter. He provides advice, delivers items, and uses moves to help her fight. He also acts as a researcher, collecting and compiling data on dungeons and Pokemon. He serves as an assistant to Macom the cartographer as well.
  • Personality
    • A shy but polite introvert, he prefers to keep to himself, avoids confrontation, and hates being the center of attention. He is careful and studious, and cares about other people, but can get stressed and anxious easily.
    • He rarely gets truly angry, and even when dealing with a villain or outlaw, he remains hopeful that they can change for the better.
    • He is supportive and encouraging towards other people, but will gently question or criticize them if he feels it’s necessary.
    • He is devoted to his partner and cares deeply for her.
  • Abilities
    • He was initially incapable of flying or using moves, but began training about a month after becoming a Pokemon, and gradually learned those abilities over the span of a year. He can use his move Fairy Wind to manipulate the air; beyond serving as an attack, he learned how to use it to launch himself up, then hover, and eventually fly freely.
    • Like all Cutiefly and Ribombee, he can naturally sense Aura. This ability lets him sense emotions and also predict other people’s movements, but it required training to use at its full potential.
    • His antennae let him pick up pheromones and scents. He can pick up a wider range of chemical signals compared to a human, at the cost of not being able to turn off his sense of smell.
    • Initially unable to comprehend the written Pokemon language, he gradually learned how to understand it and became mostly fluent over the span of the first year.
    • If he falls, his extremely light weight means he doesn’t hit the ground with much force, making him immune to fall damage. He can also use his wings to slow and control his descent.
    • Moves: Fairy Wind was the first attack he learned, 3 months after his arrival. He spent a long time training that move, making it more powerful and unlocking new uses for it besides just attacking. He also learned various support moves over the course of his first year, such as Reflect, Light Screen, and Safeguard.
  • Appearance
    • He wears a belt with a squarish piece of blue fabric on the back, forming a “waist cape” (this looks similar to someone tying a sweater/jacket around their waist by the sleeves). The cape has a slit cut into the bottom to improve mobility, similar to some coats and dusters. The belt has a small pouch at either hip. He uses a tiny version of the Clover Guild badge as a belt buckle.
    • During the first autumn, he acquires a Fire Stone Shard that produces warmth and light, and attaches it to his belt to the left of his badge.
    • He is smaller than the average Ribombee, standing no more than 6 inches tall (rather than the usual 8).
  • Details/Trivia
    • He typically gets around by sitting atop his partner Sneasel’s head, but rides in one of her belt pouches during missions.
    • He mainly consumes nectar, honey, and pollen, but can eat fruit and berries too. Other kinds of food can make him sick.
    • His Ribombee instincts grant him an aversion to water and an attraction to flowers.
    • As an insect, he can’t regulate his own body temperature very well, making him susceptible to high and low temperatures in the environment.
    • Due to his cute appearance, gentle demeanor, and high-pitched voice, he is often mistaken for a girl (much to his dismay).
    • He arrived in the new world two days before the Gathering, and met Sneasel almost immediately.
    • During their first year together, he and Sneasel grew ever closer and gradually fell in love.

Booker’s partner: Sneasel

  • Overview and Role
    • Female Sneasel. Hasty/Adamant/Sassy. Mostly Chaotic Neutral.
    • Her role in the guild is simple: to complete missions. As one of the strongest and most skilled fighters in the guild, she mainly takes jobs that involve combat. She also enjoys sparring with other guild members, and will gladly offer advice—though it may come with a side of playful ribbing.
  • Personality
    • A headstrong, reckless, and mischievous tomboy who loves to fight and train. Booker often acts as the voice of reason to temper her aggressive and hasty tendencies.
    • She enjoys taunting, teasing, and messing with people (including Booker). She also holds grudges and can be highly vindictive. She will provoke fights sometimes, but she usually tries to avoid causing a huge scene.
    • Despite her confidence and playfulness, she also has a degree of self-loathing and a fear of being weak, inspired by an incident in her past where her cowardice caused her to be warped away from her home with no clear way of returning.
    • She greatly values strength and despises “weaklings” who make no effort to become stronger; at the same time, she has a deep respect for those who are weak but try to improve.
    • She does have a softer side, but she tries her best to hide it unless she’s around very close friends.
  • Abilities
    • She is skilled at generating and manipulating ice in various ways, and also adept at using her claws. She was trained as a fighter and hunter in her old tribe, so she is knowledgeable about combat.
    • In battle, she is fast and agile, and her attacks can be both powerful and precise. On the other hand, she is frail, has a short temper, and doesn’t bother with strategizing (though if Booker offers advice or a plan, she will almost always accept it).
    • Like all Sneasel and Weavile (aka Clawfolk) of her homeland, she has a mutation that can cause her to go berserk if she becomes extremely stressed or overuses Dark-type moves. This “Berserker Form” grants her immense power, but makes her mindless and feral, and only lasts a short while before she exhausts herself and faints. It occurs when her Dark-type energy goes out of control, causing her to gain a mantle of raw dark energy that enhances her attacks and absorbs incoming damage. Her ice powers also go out of control and become unusable, resulting in misshapen layers of ice growing her feathers.
    • Moves: Ice Shard is her main attack. She can summon pieces of ice in various shapes and throw them; she learned how to form them into aerodynamic darts with help from Booker, enhancing their usefulness. Quick Attack is her second most-used move, letting her dash and strike in the blink of an eye. She can also use Scratch or Slash to power up her claw strikes. She can use a form of Ice Punch by coating her hand in icy mist, and learns Icy Wind sometime after joining the guild. She tries not to use Dark-type attacks to avoid triggering her Berserker Form, but can use Feint Attack if needed. She can also use Taunt.
  • Appearance
    • She wears a belt with a large pouch on either hip, containing various useful adventuring items. Booker usually rides inside the right pouch during missions, atop a pile of important items like Oran Berries and Wands. Initially, she also wore a blue bandanna around her neck, with her badge pinned to it. After Midwinter, she changes her outfit to a shimmering white defense-boosting scarf with silver embroidery, and uses her old bandanna as an armband.
    • Her right ear is damaged, with a triangular notch cut into the outer edge. She doesn’t like to talk about how she got that injury.
    • Her fur is usually somewhat unkempt and scruffy, but she does practice good hygiene overall.
  • Details/Trivia
    • Originally a tribal Pokemon living on a wild island north of the Mist Continent, she got separated from her family due to her cowardice, and got caught in a dungeon shift that warped her to the Grass Continent. She doesn’t know how to get home, and wants to find a way back.
    • Despite her recklessness, she has a phobia of dungeon shifts (due to her past trauma) and acts cautious in high-level dungeons.
    • She has trouble reading and writing her new home’s local language, and reads out loud in order to help herself comprehend it.
    • Like all Sneasel, she is very sensitive about her gems and will fly into a rage if they are insulted, attacked, or damaged. On the other hand, complimenting their shininess is a sign of strong affection among her kind.
    • She loves tropical fruit, especially mangoes.
    • She enjoys learning about human culture, especially cool or athletic things like cars or sports.
    • During their first year together, she and Booker grew ever closer and gradually fell in love.


Macom keeps his human history close to his chest and refuses to talk about it. The Guildmaster's attempts to get into his mind have always been met with him playing a card game in his head and when asked he says he learned it from a video game he played once or twice. While more reserved than quiet he speaks only if he needs to, indicating some sort of older wisdom. Outside of his research he can be gruff, but it just shows that he cares in his own way. He tends to build electricity when stressed or angered, but it is a rare sight to see either.


Male Oshawott. Quiet nature.
Worked a desk job that he liked, now is a small aquatic mammal.
For lack of any better options, lives down at the Capim Town Docks until the guildhall dorms are finished.
Book smart, but didn't know much of anything about PMD before finding himself here. Pretty clueless to begin with about the ins and outs of dungeoneering, or certain items beyond oran berries and apples, but he's slowly learning. Not a strong fighter due to this lack of knowledge (including moves) combined with his generally passive nature. However, he will act when needed.
Currently knows Razor Shall and Icy Wind. His general strategy when fighting is to chill the enemy with Icy Wind and follow up with a Slash or Razor Shell from his scalchop. Physical wounds hurt more when you're cold, right? Prefers not to fight, but doesn't hesitate when he's needed to.
Will absentmindedly play his scalchop in his hands when anxious or thinking.
Can overthink and get paralyzed by indecision over small/insignificant things at times, otherwise tends to be rather decisive.
Doesn't talk much and prefers to spend time alone. This is especially apparent when among those he doesn't know well, but is very open and talks more among friends. Despite playing it off as cool, he's secretly resentful he never got a partner to begin with and gets lonely.
Will (silently) talk to himself if alone.
Enjoys card games (particularly "31"/"Cat") and music.
Dislikes lewdness.
In order to not feel useless, he usually takes easier low tier missions (preferably those involving minimal fighting) because he lacks a partner and doesn't really like going on missions alone, or helps out wherever needed. He'll occasionally tag along with another team on a higher tier/more difficult mission every now and then, during which time he'll be absent from Capim longer.
Never misses a meal in the mess hall, and is usually there in the latter half of the meal hours. Tries to keep his evenings after dinner free. Probably spends a bit more time outside than inside. He's as much a creature of habit as a mon as he was as a human, and tends to keep pretty much the same schedule every day.
When he has no missions to run, or wants to be alone and think for a bit, or if the weather is nice and the night sky is clear, or simply has nothing else better to do, you can find him relaxing at the docks.
Involuntarily lets out a squeak when frightened, surprised, etc, much to his chagrin. He hates this.


KFC the Combusken (Pre-ETF) Portrait courtesy of Linoone-anon:
KFC by Linoone
KFC the Combusken (Post-ETF) Portrait:
KFC the Combusken
Origin Story (WIP):

KFC was born to a large and vicious tribe of Blaziken on the water continent, where anyone who stepped out of line was met with harsh punishment. As such he usually keep his honest opinion to himself. While he will generally act cordial, he will usually have a sarcastic retort or two in the back of his head. Additionally he is easily excitable and quick to emotion, so his true colors will show if you rile him up. Even when his true personality shows, he isn't evil, or anything, just a little ruder than he seems normally. He has a bit of a hard time with opening up to others.

KFC does want to help others, which is why he became an explorer, but he sees it as a means to keep a promise rather than doing it entirely out of the goodness of his heart. KFC will often go on solo missions as a means to train but if some Pokemon is in the area and needs assistance he will go out of his way to help.

It maybe because of genetic abnormality or something else entirely, but KFC cannot use any fire type moves, which is ironic since the tribe he was born to are infamous across the world for their strong fire. However, KFC is the most profiecient in hand-to-hand combat out of everyone in the guild, as he is the only one in the guild who had professional training. And it was with someone who was once ranked an Aura Master. KFC is always ready for a fair fight and will avoid using items during battle as he sees it as cheating. Even without items, he tries, and sometimes fails, to think strategically. However he has quick reflexes that improve as a fight continues (Speed Boost). Wears the Iron-Zinc Scarf which slightly boosts Def. and Sp. Def.

Ability: Speed Boost
Moves (Pre-Training Intensifies): Swords Dance, Sky Uppercut, Aerial Ace, Aura Techniques
Moves (Post-Training Intensifies [~1 year after the Gathering]): Aura Techniques, Double Team, Shadow Claw, Brave Bird

A big part of KFC's training focuses on Aura Mastery. Think of it as pursuing the path to fighting power as opposed to fire power. His aura sensing abilities have reached an intermediate level, while his aura expression is at the most basic level. His true goal is to be officially ranked as an Aura Master. Currently, there are only 4 in the world, alive, who are ranked as Aura Masters and all of them work as Aura Guardians.

'()' = inner monologue
"(Maybe I should get him a handler?)" - being considerate
"Can you give me any other insight?" - politely asking for clarification
"Hold still, I can pop that back into its socket. Just prepare yourself cause this will hurt." - providing assistance
"(She's calling me ugly, while she looks like her family tree is a stright line.)"
"Your attacks are so predicable, I can literally dodge them with my eyes closed." - taunting opponent
"(Damnit! That stung, and their next attack will be even stronger. I need a plan, and fast.)" - thought in a fight
"It… It was completely intentional! What the fuck is your problem? Why the hell did you do that?" - pissed off
“‘Scuse me, it must be the pollen in the air… Y’know… making me sneeze… ” - in an awkward position


A quick-witted, formerly-human male Alolan Meowth with a sharp mind and sharper tongue. He thinks on his feet and quickly adapts to changing situations, doing whatever he can to ensure survival. He's the Clover Guild's treasurer and also a source of income for the guild as a merchant, making a decent amount of money using underhanded sales tactics (such as lootboxes) that the primitive Pokémon society hasn't caught onto yet. Tries not to feel bad about it because he still isn't sure how "real" this world and its native inhabitants are. His accent is actually entirely fake, just as much of a character as any other voice he puts on. Doesn't talk much about his human past. He values freedom and sleeps in a hammock under the open sky regardless of weather. Hates corruption and seeing others falsely accused, even native Pokémon.
Ability: Technician
Moves: Fury Swipes, Pay Day, Feint Attack, Assurance

A male Absol whose horn was broken off slightly above the base of the blade. Became partners with Kaiji because everyone else thought he was crazy and avoided him. His predictions of imminent danger are usually wildly exaggerated misinterpretations of the actual impending threat, which he will still believe wholeheartedly every time without fail. Soft-spoken, good-natured, and a bit too trusting, he'll try to do what he thinks is right even if it gets in the way of the mission, and might need someone to reign him in. A relatively experienced battler who used to go on adventures some time before meeting Kaiji, but doesn't like to talk about it (nor his horn). Seems to already have a basic familiarity with humans. Insecure about being called crazy/dumb because of his predictions. Has a tendency to hyperfocus and go quiet during battles. Hates anyone who would betray those close to them.
Ability: Super Luck
Moves: Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Fury Cutter, Sleep Talk


Male Munchlax. Serious Nature.
Age: 51
Arrogant, conceited, and hideously overqualified, Beast Winchester begun his work at the guild after his five star restaurant burned down in a freak accident, and is currently working to incur a mountain of debt. Contrary to his species, Beast is incredibly picky, judgmental, and bitter, and generally struggles to socialize with people outside of his comfort zone. Unfortunately, this is best seen as Beast constantly struggles to keep his temper around among the immature buzzword-spitting 4chan browsers that populate the guild.

However, Beast does indeed hold up to his previous occupation as a very talented chef when he is not held back by the limited equipment provided to him by the guildmaster. He is very knowledgeable of the chemistry of food and various improvised cooking methods, and keeps an unexpectedly open mind about human food.

As much as he wants to forget, Beast has no civilized origins. Beast lived as a child in an unknown forest and left in the search of high quality food after rejecting the vines and moldy food his mother tried to offer him. He gained knowledge and skills from various mentors over his life and eventually rose to celebrity chef status, giving himself the last name Winchester because it made him sound sophisticated.

Beast speaks in a noble dialect akin to a Boston Aristocrat, often referring to people by the long versions of their names (e.g. saying Ronald rather than Ronnie) and generally avoids using contractions (e.g. Do not rather than Don't)

Phanpy and Pals

Tends to play the straight 'mon in the group. He also has a strong desire to feel useful to other Pokemon. This gives him a tendency to overwork himself. Can be a stickler for being proper and professional during work, and has a habit of acting without thinking when he gets angry

Appointed as Phanpy's partner by the Guildmaster. Has a habit of hitting on anything that moves. Awful at flirting. Tends to be cowardly in physical confrontations, but isn't incapable of acting if there's an emergency.

Logical and snarky. Values independence and self-reliance. She's struggling to get adapted to her new body's lack of arms. This leaves her reliant on the others to accomplish many basic tasks, which upsets her.

Alcoholic, but a happy drunk. Wants to have fun, and wants everyone to get along. He's too anxious when sober to socialize, so he feels like drinking is the best way to make himself social and liked by the group.


Chespin decided to stick with a basic name for the sake of blending in. Despite this, slips up and mentions the human world a lot.
Easily startled and worries a lot. Quick to panic when things go badly.
Outside of this, Chespin usually has a more "subdued" personality. Isn't afraid to make a dumb little joke here and there. He usually won't go around cheering or jumping for joy, but doesn't get sad very often.
Gets pepped up from exposure to sunlight, both physically and mentally.
Primarily sticks to Vine Whip in battle, sometimes holding enemies down for him to Headbutt. If an enemy is large enough, can "slingshot" himself with his vines to hit harder with Headbutt.
Has recently learned Solarbeam, and is unable to resist performing the move like an attack from a certain show.
Hates hay beds, gets very irritable when he doesn't sleep well.
Becomes absolutely furious when coming across a foe who hurt him or a friend in the past, will often attack them even after they're knocked out.
Will put up with all the memes the other guildmates love to talk about
Prefers to take his time and check out the sights
Has a major sweet tooth. Next to things that make his new home more comfortable, his favorite treasures are sweets, desserts, and Gummi drinks.
Never drank alcohol before the change, but due to an occasion where he unknowingly drank several bottles of it, has lightened up. Gets heavily embarrassed when he sobers up and finds out he got drunk.
His true, human name is Arthur, but insists on going by Chespin since he's no longer human. Only Wooper and Toge know his old name so far.
His first encounter with Ice types went very badly and nearly ended in complete disaster, traumatizing him. Due to this the mere sight of an Ice type attack such as Ice Beam or Blizzard fills him with terror.
One of his most intense fears is the fear of being frozen solid by ice. Will break down into a screaming panic if ice is starting to cover his body
His biggest fear is losing Wooper somehow. If that somehow happened, Chespin would turn into an absolute wreck. Seems to be outright clingy with Wooper because of this.

Chespin is accompanied at all times by a Wooper who is obsessed with the stories of humans coming to his world. Upon learning Chespin was once human, he leapt at the opportunity to live out the stories he grew up reading
Acts childish, though his true age is vague at best.
Cheerfulness and enthusiasm is what Wooper's all about. It'd take someone doing something very serious to make him mad.
Wooper frequently pesters Chespin to go on missions and treasure hunts, is enthusiastic to the point of obsession
Wooper tends to be treated as a living gun by Chespin in battle, being carried by his vines
While unusually skilled at fighting with moves like Earth Power and Hydro Pump, Wooper is reckless and frail. Even just one moderately hard hit will knock him out instantly.
Due to this, Chespin prioritizes protecting Wooper from harm in battle, even going so far as to use himself as a shield
Chespin can't shake the feeling that something seems a little off about him
Despite that concern, the two are practically never seen apart, to the point where Chespin may come off as clingy to observers
Should something happen to Wooper, Chespin will ignore everything else, even immense fears, to get him back.
Other guild members trick Wooper into repeating memes, with the promise that the phrases are "human detectors"
His true name is Woopy, a name Wooper really isn't a fan of.

Together, Chespin and Wooper form Team Cozy. While they may bring in an outlaw every now and then, the main focus of their adventures are more mundane things such as comfy blankets, tasty foods, and pretty much anything that helps one relax.
The two have a habit of sharing a bed, a secret that Chespin would be absolutely terrified of the rest of the guild learning about.
The two wear matching Mach Ribbons


Ross (M), Smeargle

Chronically tired, struggles with insomnia (undecided as to whether Insomnia is his ability or not)
Struggling to deal with the whole isekai situation, feels very out of his depth. Easily stressed.
Has no prior knowledge of Pokemon before becoming one, gets easily confused with how strange everything is compared to the normal world
Basic knowledge assumptions are lost on him (why does eating a berry heal your wounds etc)
Has a habit of overthinking when confused or stressed, leading him to seem distant or disengaged when speaking with people
Despite that, is nice and tries to be polite, but won't realise if he's coming across as curt or rude
Despite being a Smeargle, has no artistic talent whatsoever. Gets annoyed when people assume he does and asks him to draw something for them
When he CAN get to sleep, he's prone to occassional episodes of sleepwalking. Has painted some incredible pieces of art while sleepwalking, but has no conscious recollection of doing so, and refuses to take credit for it
He's the sort of person who can be incredibly resourceful and creative but only if something's causing him frustration or creating a problem for him
Constantly forgets that his tail drags behind him and leaves a trail of paint wherever he goes unless he's tucked it into his belt - this can come in handy though as it means he's easy to find most of the time.

Ability: Insomnia (probably)
Moves: Sketch (hasn't figured it out yet)


Tybo is a male Skitty, native to the pokemon world. Prior to his entry into the Clover Guild, he was an isolationist living alone in a cabin in an arctic area. He’s pretty greedy, and tends to loot “abandoned” places he finds and sells them. He never steals anything where there are people around and doesn’t like stealing from someone unless he sees them as a shitty person or if the place is abandoned, or just in a general state of chaos where someone stealing another’s belongings is of least concern. He tends to not think too much ahead and acts in the moment, he’s also really lucky when it comes to staying out of trouble, he most goes with the flow and silently observes whatever drama is going down at the moment, although he never gossips about it and keeps all his knowledge to himself. Tybo isn’t very malicious, but he’s far from being an angel.


Full Personality Blurb)
TL;DR below

Extremely shy and tends to keep to himself. Can get easily flustered if pulled into a conversation or is in a crowded area with a lot of noise. However will always lend a helping hand when asked, unless the request is joining an adventuring team, in which case he needs some convincing to join. Can be seen as cold by other guild members due to how he avoids interacting with people, but he does care about keeping his fellow guild members safe and healthy. Worried about being on adventuring teams due to his incompetence, low self-esteem, and clumsiness in fights, and also because of his bad luck with using metronome.


During his life as a human, Elm was very afraid of taking risks and trying new things. This caused him to miss many opportunities in life, and he carried many regrets because of that. After being turned into a Duskull he promised to himself that in this life he would be someone more adventurous, who seeks new experiences and unique days.
Elm has a bad tendency to overthink and expect the worst possible outcomes, as unlikely as they might be, and it might even lead to anxiety attacks. This can cause him to hesitate when facing the unknown, but he always remembers his promise and tries his best to put fear aside and push forward.
He has a hard time socializing with people he doesn’t know and can come across as being serious and formal. But with friends he takes a lax and informal tone and is always willing to help. He joined the Clover guild mainly because he enjoys the antics of all its members and believes that he will not have boring and mundane days with them around.
Becoming a Duskull has caused some quirks in his behavior. Sometimes he feels like an internal voice is whispering to him in order to guide him or make him take specific actions. It also helps him stay focused during fights, although it can also cause an unfamiliar rage to awaken when he’s in a pinch. He attributes this voice to Ghost Pokémon instincts. This also has caused him to acquire a taste for pranking and spooking others, but he doesn’t want to be an annoyance, so he makes sure to do it sparingly and to only do pranks that aren’t dangerous.
Doesn’t like to be near Pelippers due to personal reasons.
Abilities: Shadow Sneak; Astonish; Will-o-Wisp (in a future story); can go through walls and floor. Must create visualizations in order to use moves, so he needs more time than usual to perform them, but they also pack a bigger punch.


See Linked


Name: Smith
Species: Skorupi
Sex: Male

(still subject to change but stuff is more established now)

Quiet natured. He typically only speaks when necessary, and often keeps his statements as brief and to-the-point as possible.
Thinks to himself all the time, usually zoning out into daydreams without even realizing it.
Recognizes culture and memes from the human world. Cringes when he hears people spouting memes and references.
Speaks casually in friendly conversation, but acts very professional and polite when around strangers/superiors.
He's susceptible to becoming anxious and sometimes overwhelmed in unfamiliar situations.
He doesn't like seeing strong emotional outburts from others, it makes him uncomfortable.
He tries to remain stoic, but his mask starts to slip when he becomes emotional, or he is praised, and he has to struggle to retain his composure.
Is easily flustered. Has a habit of avoiding eye contact when embarrassed.
Pretends to not be interested in cutesy things, but secretly, he likes them.
Loves fighting. Wants to become "overpowered". (Nobody knows exactly what that entails)
Won't provoke people who don't want to fight, but is willing to accept challenges from others.
Skilled combat adept. His time spent training in the dungeons and surviving on his own has hardened him, and he is much stronger than an average feral. Stronger "boss" pokemon are much closer in power.
Picks his battles. He's not afraid to refuse a fight against if he knows he has absolutely no hope of winning. However, he won't try to escape a fight that's already started.
Doesn't like to fight Pokemon that can fly, as they can easily fly out of his range.
Terrible skills at navigation, puzzle solving, resource management, and other crucial aspects of dungeon exploration. Most of the time, his solo adventures in dungeons end in failure, unless he gets incredibly lucky. Has to rely on others to succeed in dungeons.
Despite this, he's willing to assist guild members on their expeditions if there's a reward for him, or he feels it will be good for training.
Is frequently subject to embarrassment at the hands of Furret and her shenanigans.
Becomes extremely protective of Furret if she is threatened or endangered. Will fight to protect her.
Despite all that Furret has done for him, deep down, he still has difficulty putting his full trust into others, and he feels guilty for it.
Can't read native language.
Has a petty rivalry with Kiyo, due to the two exchanging insults in the past.

Ability: Sniper
Confirmed moves: Rock Tomb

Sex: Female
Extremely peppy and outgoing. The foil to Smith's reserved personality. She frequently forces him out of his shell.
Talks a lot, especially when she's excited, to the point of running out of breath.
Easily excited. Runs around fast and often.
Extremely persistent, to the point of stubbornness. Once she has decided on something, nobody can change her mind or stop her from seeing it through, for better or worse.
Is still unfamiliar with human culture/memes. Smith doesn't have the heart to explain it to her.
Absolutely obsessed with cute accessories. Has a large collection of them. Spends lots of money on them for herself and Smith.
Regularly forces Smith to wear her different accessories.
Strong passion for fashion in general. Willing to go as far as give clothes to strangers if she feels disappointed in their attire.
Affectionately, and exclusively, refers to Smith as her "little buddy".
Rumored to have a hidden, serious side, seen very rarely. Refers to Smith by his name when she's like this.
Loves exploring and going on adventures. She has traveled across the world. Wants to visit the Sand Continent.
Skilled explorer. Has a good understanding of items, their uses, and general navigation.
Doesn't know how to fight, and is too afraid to try.
Is impressed by Smith's strength, and supports his quest for power, to an extent.
Despite this, she becomes very fussy when he gets injured. Tries to persuade him into going on non-violent adventures with her, rather than picking fights or training.
Terrified of outlaws. Reason unknown.
Much more aware then others give her credit for. She may seem like an airhead, but she's far from stupid. Doesn't know about Smith's true identity as a human, but is highly suspicious that he is deliberately hiding things from her. Despite this, she still trusts him a lot.
Works as hard as she can to teach Smith to be more trusting of others, because of an unknown incident from her past.
Gets along very well with Cassie, due to their shared love of cute accessories.


Gill is optimistic and outgoing to a fault. Probably extremely so. No matter how, he'll always try to bring the best out of people. As a human, he worked any menial job that paid well.

Bill is cautious and more methodical, always looking towards the heuristics and processes behind a situation. He has a powerful drive once he's decided on something. Even though he is shy to most and sardonic to Gill because of the ridiculous circumstances, he is ultimately a caring individual. Psychology student.


Pikachu (name pending) is a bashful-natured human-turned-Pokémon who comes off as a bit of a dense airhead. She's someone with incredibly good intentions, but her naivete, gullibleness and tendency to catastrophise and panic over the most minor of problems means her efforts often come off as clumsy at best and flat-out dangerous at its worst. Despite her naturally spacey, silly, and sometimes stupid demeanour, she's surprisingly perceptive at times and tends to be one of the more worrisome types out of the Clover Guild. She's a crybaby at times, too. She's got a lot of knowledge about Pokémon, but it's less of the useful combat stuff and more like tons of extremely obscure trivia which she's more than happy to ramble to you about, but gets incredibly embarrassed when you point out that she's rambling
Because of the fact she isolated herself so hard in her human life, she's more than enthusiastic about going on adventures into dungeons and trying to befriend the other guildmembers. She's a bit of a scaredy-cat though and doesn't like exploring alone. While she's overjoyed to be able to experience a world she adores, she's the most likely 'mon to experience bouts of homesickness and worries for her family back in the human world.
The most likely to be the only person in a room who uglysnorts and break out into uncontrollable laughter when an anonmon makes a stupid meme reference. Or any bad joke at all, really.
Also the most likely to start obsessively fawning over cute things/pokémon (not in that way, you degenerates)

A renowned explorer veteran who stopped exploring officially after the death of his partner in a brutal accident that occurred during a dangerous mission. While he's generally calm and jovial on the outside, there's a certain emptiness behind his eyes and a jaded edge to anything he says. Absolutely uncharacteristically terrifying when you get him angry.
While he doesn't classify himself as an explorer anymore, he still occasionally takes on tasks that he finds during his travels simply out of the goodness in his heart. On one occasion, this was how he found Pikachu by saving her from an Outlaw. Following this, she begs to be his student - and while he denies her, he still visits Capim Town and the Guild every so often to help train her in the art of exploring and controlling her own electric attacks.
Pikachu reminds him of his dead partner.
Generally a mysterious guy who's hiding a whole bunch of things.


See Linked


He was a semi-average, if a bit cocky, dude living a pretty good life until he became a mon, which definitely deflated his confidence. He was a rookie cop back when he was a human, so he'd like to be around other humons, even if he doesn't understand most of what they say.


Generating biography. Please Wait.
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Biography generated!



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Male Tropius, Quirky/Serious
Somewhat serious personality. Not a stick in the mud, but his default is being the straight man. Likes to be helpful to others.
Is very tired of all the baneposting at his expense
Still unaccustomed to his body, cannot fly or use special moves like Magical Leaf or Air Cutter yet
Too big to easily manuever around the guild, sleeps in a lean-to outside the guild instead.
Sticks his head in through windows typically if he needs to be "in" a room. Main lobby area is large enough to easily fit him and is the exception
His comparative size and inability to fit inside the guild easily leaves him feeling isolated
Overexposure to direct sunlight or prolonged lack of sun/moonlight causes his personality to change unwillingly which he hates and tries to avoid

  • Too much sun and he becomes a jovial, overly positive man child
  • Too little sun and he becomes a depressed, unmotivated doomer

Despite all this he's trying to do what he can to make his situation better, taking guild life one day at a time


Female Nidorina, Gentle/Calm
She tends to take stuff without asking.
She is lazy and tends to procrastinate a lot.
Has been spending the last couple of years in Jail, after being caught in the middle of a heist.
She can be a lot more proactive if the prospect of money is involved.
Even though she was part of the Rabid Gang for as long as she remembers, she has no attachment to them, as she was merely a tool for the criminals.
Loves sleeping and eating.
Currently in conflict with her old Gang, as she was doublecrossed for her part of the money.
She can keep her cool when in dangerous situations, thanks to living on the run for so long.
She can be seen with her spikes retracted when accompanied by Pochi, as she feels safe around him.

Male Poochyena, Naive/Relaxed
He is young and carefree, which often leads to him being easily tricked.
He is looking for a place to belong, as his family doesn't care for him.
Gets lost easily, and has a poor sense of direction.
He has a great sense of smell, sometimes to his dismay.
Loves singing.
He has an enemy in common with Nidorina, the Rabid Gang
He thinks he is weak, so avoids fights and confrontation as much as possible.
It's common to see him teaching songs to Nida, which he thinks is a good bonding exercise.


Age 22
Born 3/24
Native mon
Timid Nature
Parents: George (marowak, male) Dinece (sableye, female,)

-Hates going into dungeons more than 2-3 floors. He was dragged into one when younger by a gang of digletts and was saved by his dad.
-Father taught him all he knows about rocks and got advice from a beedrill on how to start a business.
-Will stone anyone who talks shit on his shop or his way of living.
-Usually kinda nervous but can become more confident when talking about rocks and his shop.


Cheesecake, Wooper (M), Relaxed
The glue and heart of Team Gumbo, Cheesecake is a happy-go-lucky little guy who is always up for some fun. He may be a little naive at times, but he's as sweet as his namesake and always willing to help.
Despite growing up pretty much an outcast in his family due to his odd coloring, he never let that bring him down and struck out on his own as soon as he was able.

  • Loves sweet treats.
  • Moveset: Water Gun, Mud Bomb, Slam, Earth Power
  • Held Item: Lucky Ribbon (worn as a scarf)
  • Special Identifier: Skin is a patchy combination of normal and shiny Wooper coloration.

Apple, Politoed (F), Timid
Apple is a nervous gal with a Southern accent who often worries over her smaller teammate. Though she is soft-spoken, she is protective of Cheesecake and almost sees him as a little brother. This is the original reason she decided to form Team Gumbo with him, to keep him safe.
Apparently lost her memory, but she doesn't seem to think she's a human. Remembers living in an area made of swamps and overgrown forests, and being raised in a culture equivalent to cajuns in the human world, but not much else.

  • Plays the accordion.
  • Moveset: Bubblebeam, Hypnosis, Double Slap, Rain Dance
  • Held Item: Pecha Scarf; holds the team's item bag.
  • Special Identifier: Has freckles across her face (cheeks, nose, under eyes) and on her knees and elbows.

Etouffee, Corphish (M), Hasty/Rash
A former outlaw assigned to Team Gumbo for "rehabilitation", the grumpy crawfish has a soft spot for Cheesecake and they share the sort of friendship said to have once been seen between an outlaw Armaldo and a young Igglybuff. However, he can be quick to anger and a bit selfish, often butting heads with Apple. The two personalities clashing is the reason for his nickname; during a tiff between Etouffee and Apple, the frog Pokemon made a vague threat to make an etouffee out of the crustacean, and since then Cheesecake obliviously started calling him "Etouffee." No one knows Etouffee's real name, if he has one.

  • Likes to mess with Apple. A bit snarky.
  • Moveset: Vicegrip/Bubblebeam, Night Slash, Crabhammer, Dragon Dance/Swords Dance
  • Held Item: Fierce Bandanna (tied on his arm, between his claw and body)
  • Special Identifier: Has a broken middle horn, a scar on his right "cheek", and another scar across his left eye. Has various smaller scratches in various places.


See linked


Ninetales "Ninetales" is warm and observant. He is Luka's childhood friend. Of the two, it will be he who does the talking. Although he and Luka are both equals, Ninetales's natural charm and confidence have ordained him as the duo's unofficial leader. Luka is happy to follow him in his (many) ambitions.

Luka "BIG MEATY PAWS" is the Persian. He's unusually large for his species. A gruff, intimidating exterior can make it hard to see his heart of gold. Luka favours heavy, close-range physical attacks, and so it's no surprise that he managed to crack his gem so young. There is nothing Ninetales won't tease him over.


Maximillian "Elvis" Presley The Trubbish
Gender: M
Nature: Sassy
Job: Clover Guild Janitor
Likes: Relaxing at home, Coffee, Otaku Culture (Mostly anime & vidya, he really loves mecha anime!)
Dislikes: Assholes, The Sun, Dogs
A former human who was an Otaku Shut-In because, doesn't really give a crap about hygrine, might get pissed if you complain about it.
He's slightly depressed and has doesn't have that much self esteem, the only reason he gets up in the morning is because of Maddi.
He tends to eat grime, but can joy actual food as well.

Maddi aka Joy Jensent The Joltik
Gender: F
Nature: Timid
Job: Clover Guild Assistant Janitor
Likes: Her Parents, Acessories, Gourmet Snacks (Her Fav is Flavored Popcorn!)
Dislikes: Ghosts, Violence, Alcohol
The mon' who found Maxi, incredibly rich, and took the job with Maxi because she wants to experience the working world.
Incredibly shy and skittish, but can also be snarky and even a little agressive when she wants to be, ironic considering she hates violence.
She tends to wear a different accessory every day.


Name: Rasmus
Species: Spinarak
Nature: Rash

Summary: Born and raised in the most barren corner of Foggy Forest, this hot tempered spider uses his webs and wits to plunder enough treasure together to reach his well earned retirement from roof tiling. Though generally affable around people he likes, some would describe him as sleazy, crass and more bark than bite. His skills as a trapper are worthwhile on any adventure, as long as you feed his ego every now and then.



Finds himself lost in the situation as a whole. Without prior knowledge of the world, concepts of pokemon come off completely foreign to him.
Curious to a fault and only worsened by the circumstances; causing him a strong tendency to find trouble when left unattended.
He speaks commonly with a stutter, and is extremely easy to surprise and scare.
Forgetful and unusually optimistic, returning to a good mood as quickly as it had changed. Accepting of most treatment after following Ciel.
Clumsy and poorly adjusting to his differences; often stumbling over himself and others. Cemented by his inability to grasp move usage.
Notably smaller than the standard of his species: standing upright at one foot tall.
Often found asleep in odd places after becoming comfortable doing so anywhere during travel.


Not a native to the grass continent, traveled there to start over.
Evolved very early, still struggling to "act his age" as others perceive him.
Grown to be reserved, ends up nervous around large groups.
Overly protective of those he is attached to, wishing he can be relied on.
Extremely uncertain in his skills or strength, quickly flustered by praise.
Avoidant of fighting, especially uncomfortable being watched by friends.
Afraid to ask for help or accept gifts, though they make him deeply happy.
Wears his nullify band as a scarf, wearing the same one he was given as a child.
Dislikes talking about himself, avoiding the topic in any way he can find.
Total lack of money management, spends heavily on his favorite gummis, and often has to work off an empty wallet.
Always carrying blast seeds.


This is Taslean, he was possessed by a ghost Pokémon during a mission. Some shit I haven't thought of yet happened and now the ghost can't leave, so both consciousnesses share the same body.


See linked

Usually pretty chill, but he has a lot of pent up rage that bursts out on occasion.
He's very easily pissed off by people. He doesn't usually yell, but he'll pop snide remarks and give glares to show his distaste for something or someone.
While he might come off stand offish, he really does care about people deep down.
He just pushes most people away out of fear. His nature really shows when people get close to him. He's bad at expressing any feelings besides his anger
He's got a satchel and a defense scarf right now. Mostly because I like the design personally.


See linked

Hans/Mr. Gible/Noodle

See linked




Male Iron Valiant, Timid/Quiet Nature

Introductory Story:

Error is a former human and neurotic NEET with a generalized anxiety disorder and clinical depression to boot. His new form as a rare and exotic Iron Valiant Paradox Pokemon has done him little favor in initially adjusting to the relocation to the Pokemon World as a liberating new start in his life. The typical amnesia many humans who take the journey between time and space suffer has left him with scattered remnants of their past life and whatever traumas were held within. On top of that, his body cannot speak and reduces all attempts to a distorted cry of his moniker, forcing him to use more esoteric means like a chalk slate. This has the unfortunate effect of exacerbating his mental issues and leading him into spirals of stress and delusion. The Clover Guild's rambunctious members do not help this situation either. At worst, this can manifest as violent and psychically charged combative outbursts, and at their arguably least worst, he may end up psychically broadcasting his negativity onto others. This, unsurprisingly, doesn't win him many friends and tends to keep much of the guild away from him. In his alone time, he's seen collecting bits of wood and scrap left behind from mystery dungeon endeavors and whittling them into various figurines and crafts based on various video games, anime, and nerd paraphernalia he recalls and sculptures of the few guild members and Pokemon he has found a kinship with who understand or sympathize with his dilemma.

Despite his mangled psyche, Error is not an inherently bad person. Outside of his brooding spirals, he may have the potential to be one of the strongest and most helpful members of the guild. With the right preparation and support beforehand, Error will potentially cleave apart most threats. He tends to prefer tasks that do not require him to deliberately fight despite this, though.

Error's futuristic body has a huge rapport of strength and powers engineered into it from science and technology that the Pokemon World may never see in its lifetime. Unfortunately, many of these powers do not operate as intended due to his sickly mind not syncing up with his form, and the Pokemon World is short on approved psychiatric medication too. He has been steadily improving his skills with the help of a Pokemon companion that lives inside his body's network, Rotom, who has been easing him through the motions of his inherent powers as the systems that were damaged in Error's arrival make a slow recovery.

Ability: Quark Drive (Booster Energy Installed)
Error has the astounding ability to be able to retain and reassign every move an Iron Valiant may ever potentially learn. These movesets are locked down with a cooldown period, preventing the potential advantage of changing his attacks in the middle of a dungeon or battle.
Typical Moves: Calm Mind, Moonblast, Psyshock, Encore

Error doesn't know if he'll ever get to return home, and he's not certain if home is a place he wants to return to either. He hopes to one day find a peaceful calling where both his mind and body can find some well-deserved rest. Until then, he wishes to overcome his personal demons and grow stronger, even if they may very well try to ruin him in the process.




Will add updated version later, See Linked


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Possibly-more-updated link

Explorer Team Fangclaw

Mustel, Zangoose (M) Jolly
Age: Mid-Twenties/"Young Adult"

  • A college senior that was aspiring to get his zoology major and pursue a career in animal conservation, until he came across a magic book (The Pokemon Index) that whisked him away to the Pokemon World.
    • Abandoned much of his childhood passions in life in pursuit of his career including video games despite how much they affected his choices. Has regularly come to regret this ever since the Pokemon world has seemingly swiped all that effort away from him.
    • Has a varied knowledge of general sciences and trivia that he tries his best to apply to all his situations in this new world in an attempt to feel practical.
    • Refuses to let anyone know his actual name despite not having lost his memories.
  • Prone to fits of ranting, anger, and overall anxious despair in moments of high stress, including crying. 100% a crybaby when all seems lost.
  • Is also prone to fawning over the natural aspects of Pokemon, sometimes to the point of ignoring that he's in a world of sentient and civilized creatures that would prefer to be treated as people rather than specimens.
  • May sometimes tunnel vision into being analytical about a topic and miss the forest for the trees, much to his own embarrassment.
  • Has a varied grasp of the Pokemon franchise as well as countless other pop culture based with fictional creatures like Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars. He may try to apply that knowledge if it's the only thing that makes sense.
  • Is rather sedimentary and a bookworm, especially when he dotes over the Pokemon Index as he tries to understand its purpose and secrets, including updating entries and documentation for all the Pokemon he sees and meets. His specie's instincts often compete with these bad habits and force him into action when required.
  • For both reasons practical and personal, he has become meticulous with his paws due to their huge claws being able to tear nearly anything to bit with ease.
  • Really doesn't take well to being poisoned even when it's so beneficial for him in combat.
  • Trusts Serpes to lead him through the Pokemon World, no matter how unconventional or terrifying the path may end up being.
  • Speech: Very verbose and rambling, often holding pregnant pauses as he gathers his thoughts mid-sentence. His speech teeters in momentum with his own personal energy at that moment in time, from slow paced and wordy when studying to ranting and raving when energetic or panicked.
  • Garb: Typically wears a dark grey scarf and a Power Band around his left bicep with the guild badge on it. Carries a Treasure Bag with the Clover Guild emblem on it that always has his book inside it.
  • Stats: Moves: Quick Attack, Sword Dance, Close Combat, Facade Ability: Toxic Boost

Serpes, Seviper (M) Naughty
Age: Mid-Twenties/"Young Adult"

  • Comes from an unknown background and family, prefers not to share too much even with those he considers friends and allies, supposedly for his own safety and those of others.
    • A former long time low-ranking outlaw that has made a living running small time jobs and hustles for bigger factions and associates all across the Grass Continent and some lesser known regions beyond it.
    • Has a very wide knowledge base of the Pokemon World including but not limited to, mystery dungeons, folklore, and the criminal underworld.
    • Has gone by many, many names.
  • Wants to retire on a hefty sum of money on his own private island somewhere and leave his woes behind.
  • Is rife with sarcasm as his way to put up with even the most stressful of situations. To him, you have to sometimes roll with the punches.
  • Has a bit of kleptomania and will obsessively sort through dungeon loot to find the highest value treasures possible.
  • Tends to act cold and uncaring but actually hates seeing people suffer needlessly to the point he wouldn't have let a victim of his thefts die from any injuries, accidental or otherwise.
  • Is a skilled thief and spy. How he manages to steal things without any arms is a trade secret he'll take to his grave.
  • Is not hesitant when it comes to getting into the action and thick of the fight. His skill with his fangs and tailblade are exceptional.
  • May become real unnerving and stab happy with his tailblade in the midst of combat.
  • Actually likes Mustel despite seemingly at odds with his academic pursuits at times and the whole liaison guild member situation.
  • Speech: Is a smooth talker who peppers his speech with all kinds of flourish, and rarely shows genuine anger. As a seviper, his speech is also slurred with breathy hisses. He tries to do better about it, seriously!
  • Garb: Typically wears a Defense Scarf with the guild badge on it. Carries a Treasure Bag with the Clover Guild emblem on it. When questioned why their guild team has two bags, he'll say it's for twice the loot.
  • Stats: Moves: Poison Tail, Iron Tail, Sword Dance, Venoshock Ability: Infiltrator


Skarmory the femcel
fought some Cloverguild members in the past as an outlaw and jobbed countless times against them >joined the guild to avoid being arrested
because of that, few guild members trust her (she hasn’t been given a badge yet)
wishes to get her revenge against the guild someday but can’t make any of her plans work
loves gemstones
HATES Cyndaquil


Emolga, Male
the first thing this cocky fucker did when waking up, before even knowing about the guild was convince himself this is going to be just like the games, power of friendship, potentially saving the world, that kinda jazz
the second thing he did, was immediately get his hopes crushed into a fine powder
keeps up the cocky attitude, mostly huffing copium that there's actually some big world threatening deal and he's going to get to go home after
despite that, is genuinely giving his all every step of the way, even if practically glued to the friendliest guildie nearby from crowd anxiety
named himself after his favourite crystal, claims he named himself after amps, but didn't.

Kaz/Solid Linoone

Blurb here :
Q&A page:
TL;DR greentext below

silly little guy
claims to be the fastest on-foot mailmon in Grass Continent
worked for pelipper mail, now works for Delibird deliveries
Suspiciously good chemistry with his boss, Debby
always seems to be in a good mood, overall a happy pokemon
laid back, likes imageboard memes
especially likes to hang out with anon-mons to goof around after work
his nickname "Solid Linoone" is a reference to how he sometimes acts as a spy for the guild
At work, his ultra secret nickname is Kaczynski. "But don't call me that..."
dislikes combat, avoids fighting if he can
dislikes cock and ball torture
suspiciously never spends his Poké, lives in a shack in the outskirts of Capim Town
kind pokemon, doesn't want to hurt anyone, prefers to watch people laugh instead
bad habit of teaching native pokemon memes from the human world


Debby the Delibird, a native pokemon from the north pole, runs a courier service called Delibird Deliveries, and will announce herself as such when greeting people. Proud of her business and line of work, she is a diligent mailmon who takes the sanctity of mail extremely seriously. Any opened or stolen letters or packages are soon repaid with an explosive Present delivered express to the offender. For some reason she harbors a vendetta agains the Pelipper Post and Pelippers in general, and she wishes to take over the postal monopoly for herself.
Most of the time Debby is a jolly and kindhearted Pokemon, willing to help out anyone in need in hopes her kindness is reciprocated by others. Often she will give a gift to new acquaintances to emphasise this. This kindness is a calculated but sincere trait, as she has had good experiences with it working in the past. Outright violence isn't in her nature, but she holds no qualms about leaving explosive surprises to those who have slighted her professional pride.
A curious trait of Debby is that she seems more in the know than she should be. Some human concepts seem familiar to her, and others she seems to gloss over without note. Regardless of the situation she faces, she does it with her usual confidence and cheer, never truly off-footed by even the most bizarre scenario.
Debby speaks with southern drawl, so words like “y'all, hon, reckon', do declare” etc. are common in her speech patterns.
Example: “I was walkin’ down the road yonder when I was jumped by this group of rascal Rattatas. They done took my package I was deliverin’ to the Magikarp at the lake. Could y'all be so kind as to help a poor gal recover her livelihood?”


Q&A Page: Please read all released chapters before commenting.

Sterling, a young and timid Clamperl thrown into the mystifying world of Pokémon, carries the weight of an traumatic past. His existence, once human, took a turn when he found himself reborn as a Clamperl following an event involving his family... Despite his timid nature, Sterling harbors an inner determination to face challenges and grow. The unfamiliar world he finds himself in demands resilience, and he grapples with his newfound identity as a Pokémon. He wishes to be more like his mother who was always kind and loving. His past is marred by a strained relationship with his family, particularly his father. Sterling also battles insecurities rooted in his past, being bullied and abused by others irl, his NEET like personality ruining his social life before transforming.


See Linked


See Linked






charm/smokey the charmander (names will be explained in issue #1) was a layabout in the human world; unreasonably scared of most things and sheltered herself inside a bubble to prevent said things. terminally online, but without social media (so mostly imageboards, youtube, etc). Wanted to get out of the bubble for a year or two before being isekai'd but couldn't ever get herself to justify it.
Now that she's been forced- and into what in her eyes is an ideal scenario, no less- she's absolutely relishing it. Trying to do the exact opposite of what she did back home and try everything. Taking stupid risks, saying stupid shit, running around and HAVING FUN. Not exactly fearless, but a lot less fearful. Focused on finding ways to take full advantage of her new body and spending the rest of her time truly cherishing the first genuine friend she's had in at least a decade.
Not naive, especially due to borderline-encyclopedic knowledge of pokemon and their combat specifically, but probably pretty easy to dare into doing something or joke around with.
has a cynical and stressed core due to how uptight she was as a human but that core has long been overtaken by unbridled enthusiasm, recklessness, and courage

natu the natu (whose name I have yet to settle on) is a lot more reserved. think of an evil genius and you're mostly there. he's semi-amoral, but he has a good heart. good at the technical side of things, as well as manipulating people on a base level, but typically puts these skills aside to have fun and make sarcastic quips instead of cause mayhem or commit evil crimes. enjoys the fact that his life is mostly normal outside of rescue work, and brags more about being a stable person than he does about his intelligence or wit.
(not sure if I described them super well but I've tried my best lol. It will probably be more obvious when I write more. Both of them focus on bullshitting the opponent in battle (accuracy hax not excluded) and taunts, but charm is a little bit more aggressive than natu (who would prefer to watch the opponent slowly shut down as opposed to doing that until they can't attack and then landing a final blow like Smokey)


Lapi (male Axew):
The Axew is a Gentle, kind, and considerate Pokémon...but a bit of a wuss and leery of violence. Not a coward per se, but its not in his personality to fight with someone over something that might be viewed as trivial. Not the type to be all high and mighty either however. Would absolutely not be the type to go after outlaws as a mission for example.
In general more relaxed and placid, more of a "go with the flow" sort of Pokémon. More likely to wander aimlessly around a mystery dungeon just to see the neat things there.
A lonely Pokémon as well, his more passive nature and lack of self-confidence didn't win him any friends in the lively Capim Town where he originally came from. This has started to change a bit since finding a friend in Tooca.
He'd be more lawful neutral or something I guess. Would never even consider stealing from a dungeon Kecleon shop.

Tooca (female Snivy):
The Snivy is Timid, sure, but there's more to her than just being a scared little critter. A bit of a snark/dry wit, can be a bit snide and devious on occasion and this can get her in trouble at times. Might just be a touch evil, deep down. Just a little bit, in the "kick a man while he's down" sort of way. Comes with being human originally kek. Lapi being around goes some way to counterbalance this once they get to know each other more.
An anxious one too. More likely to stress over something like low food supplies where Lapi would be more likely to take things as they come.
She'd be chaotic neutral. Not explicitly evil, Not explicitly good, but a coward and opportunistic when given time to think. This may also go badly for her as she may overestimate her own cleverness being in this world of seemingly primitive Pokémon. If placed in a more serious situation however, she would still try to do the right thing at the end of the day. For the most part though being timid and frightful thanks to now being such a small creature keeps her out of any real trouble, and in more of a support role in general. Would be more likely to use a trawl orb near the stairs/with a pure seed to swipe from a dungeon Kecleon shop.

For writing purposes their adventures in theory would generally wind up with them finding some sort of different solution to an issue that may typically be resolved through direct combat, such as the case with the Onix in the origin story. Neither of them are good at fighting directly.




Rescue team "Variable"
A team known for taking exclusively Rescue missions and being the gossip of the town, this duo seems to have feelings for eachother with neither being able to confess yet clearly enjoying eachothers company.
In the field these two can be tactful and profesional with their rescues but clumsy and kinda stupid outside the job.
Willing to team with others if it means that they will save many people.






Archie is a little quirky. She isn't great with words (be they written or spoken) and mostly prefers to hang out on the sidelines. On a good day, she has a hard time sitting still and is always running around and finding things to do. She doesn't mind doing favors for people and doesn't expect recompense. When things go wrong, however, she tends to get flustered and it's hard for her to keep her head in the game. She can be a little abrasive when that happens. She blames it on Archeops' Defeatist ability, but she was always like that lol. When talking, she keeps her responses short and to the point, unless you get her started on something she feels strongly about, then she'll go on and on.

If she's in town, it's probably to barter for materials or to ask Pokemon to let her study them. If she's at home, she's either writing notes, drawing diagrams, or trying to recreate the most commonly used O.R. drugs. The reason why is most of the memories she retained pertain to her job back in the human world. She worked in the operating room as a scrub tech (guy who sets up the instruments and assists the surgeon), and because the PMD world lacks the modern medical developments she was used to, she wants to attempt to recreate it. This task will be an eternal work-in-progress on account of the huge diversity of Pokemon anatomy and physiology, and the fact she is nowhere close to having the knowledge and experience of a doctor. She will head into dungeons now and then, but most of her exploring is in the overworld. Because of this, she doesn't become a proper guild member, but will happily assist the guild if asked. Humons gotta stick together, yeah?


  • Loves to regale others with stories from the O.R
  • Can only glide at first and gradually works her way up to flying
  • Really misses her thumbs


To throw my hat in the ring, Casey is a quiet, athletic female raboot who use to be a human. That much is obvious but there's more to her. She use to be a male professional athlete in the human world, the driven and ambitious type, before an accident crippled him. That headstrong approach to life became a jaded shuffled to the next day.
It's only now that she's turning around. As a raboot she's got all her strength back and treasures it- why sit when she can stand? Why wait in the guild when she can go exploring in one of these dungeons?
Besides that, she avoids drawing attention to herself. She's heard of pokemon but wasn't a fan, so instead of asking a million question she keeps quiet and pieces things together from the conversation the guild nerds spout on about. When she talks, it's short and to the point, not much internet slang.




First of all, as he's still not completely used to this new body, he hasn't learned how to hop on his chest like a normal Gimmighoul. Instead of dragging it everywhere, he prefers to leave it in his room most of the time, and only uses it to store coins, and to sleep inside of. Once he gains control over his chest he'll start hopping around the guild, but will still not take it to dungeons.
Very brave, but also incredibly dumb. He frequently gets into dangerous situations despite warnings to not get into said dangerous situations. Starts fights he cannot win against feral pokémon. Says his size isn't a detriment but a challenge, and wants to prove his worth despite his (very) lacking moveset. Never runs away, he only 'leaves a fight on hold to re-evaluate his strategy'.
Will not give up on something once he sets his sights on it. Can hold a grudge for years, just waiting for the moment to get payback.
Reckless to a fault. Will prefer high power but low accuracy moves to medium power and one hundred accuracy moves. Prefers to avoid stat boosting moves, he thinks it's a waste of a turn you could instead use to punch your enemy's face.
Fears nothing, says 'I'm a ghost so I'm already dead, there's nothing in this world that can kill me twice'.
Slowly getting used to being smaller than a bird. Uses his size to his advantage to pass through small openings others can't get into, hide behind small boulders, and other stuff of similar nature.
Will throw a coin at you if you ever call him reddit. And will also immediately skitter to retrieve said coin because he needs it.


A brave and dutiful yet stubborn and paranoid chivalry-larper, Percival is 100% not his actual human name. He acts up his knightly features but is rather easily broken out of this character. He's also a jokester and enjoys making stupid fucking animal-related puns around the former-humans who know what an animal is about their new forms. It's enough to make a Mr. Mime croawn.


“Carrot” (Nickname), a male Dusk Lycanroc, he’s a seasoned explorer and former member of another Guild, arrives at the Clover Guild along Hazel sometime after it was founded, in the called “Second wave”, he’s brave, courageous, and some even say incredibly reckless, he will not stop at anything or anyone if he believes that Hazel or any innocent pokemon is in harm’s way or under any peril, at that point his eyes turn bright red like a Midnight Lycanroc’s, becoming almost unstoppable, unleashing his full power, in some cases excessively, after all those years he still doesn’t know his name, so officially he doesn’t have one, although Hazel decided to give him the “Carrot” nickname after he said that “He looked like a damn carrot” after evolving, he has great respect for the sun and the moon, calling them his “Guides” and “Masters”


Be someone new or an old friend, Carrot will always talk casually, cracking jokes (Sometimes a bit too far, and mostly lame) but keeping a high degree of respect for them, he will treat anyone equally, be a simple townfolk or a federation agent, this might cause misunderstandings and to some pokemon to even feel offended for his layback attitude
While in combat, however, any drop of casual talk disappears, becoming almost authoritarian, barking orders, and in some cases, even screaming to be heard


He wears a purple scarf on his neck, and for a time, some broken sunglasses he found in a mystery dungeon, he keeps his badge on either the scarf or a bag he wears for quick access to his objects
He has an irregular white patch of fur on his side due to a powerful ice move damaging that area
His ‘Sigil’ is of a chariot as told by a Xatu, he will not stop until the job is done, or he considers it to be done
Secret: He still misses the flavor of meat and cold cuts like Salami, and has wondered how different pokemon would taste, but those are just intrusive thoughts and he will never even try it

Hazel, a female Liepard and Carrot’s partner, she’s a seasoned explorer and former member of another guild, arrives at the Clover Guild along Carrot sometime after it was founded, in the called “Second wave”, she’s quite mischievous, calculated, and some even say incredibly reckless, unlike Carrot she prefers to trap her foes with the use of almost-guerrilla tactics and pre-planned traps, that sometimes are not marked at all, triggering by other pokemon, she didn’t remember her name, but a small collar with her name was found alongside her, so she supposes that Hazel is her real name, she considers Carrot’s thinking of the soon and the stars to be foolish


Hazel is a trickster by default, her entire personality is being mischievous or at least a jokester, so she might laugh a bit while talking
While in combat, her voice turns slightly softer, an omen of her traps and trickeries she has prepared to her foes, to the point of almost being enticing.


Her 'Sigil' is that of an inverse star as told by a Xatu, her loss has bringed her fortune in her life
She wears a golden scarf, with her badge(s) on it, along with a secret oran berry she keeps as a safeguard in combat
Along that, she also has two small bags that work as quick access to blast seeds and healing/reviving items
Secret. One of the only things she can remember of her past is a black and red shadow, that, although is scared of, knows was important in her past


Sentret the Sentret is a feral child. Bright eyed, bushy tailed and far too trusting. Will jump off a bridge if all his friends do it. Eats garbage. Is easily distracted. Also easily impressed, thinks every other person at the guild is the absolute coolest. Fearless, more from not comprehending danger than any sort of bravery. Will talk too much if you let him. Chronic idiot. Only vaguely interested in finding his dead parents.




Facet: Reincarnated Human
Job: Bounty Hunter
Pokemon: Braixen
Ability: Blaze
Rare Quality: Food Finder
Equipment: (None)
Team: Union (on parole)
Rank: Rookie
Appearance: Band-aid under left eye.
Name: Avalon
Nickname: Ava
Nature: Bashful trying to be Brave
Birthday: 10/31
Lucky Number: 22
Motto: "Always run in the opposite direction of loud noises unless you're tone deaf."


Animal: Tiny critters in general
Food: Anything sweet; Mochi especially
Item: Snow globes
Behavior: Cooking

Least Favorite:

Animal: Frogs
Food: Anything spicy; Tabasco sauce especially
Item: Trick mirrors
Behavior: Socializing



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