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Proposed ideas

The Federation sends an auditor to examine the guild and ensure it's still performing up to the Federation's high standards. To do so, the auditor will probably walk around and observe the guildhall, and also accompany at least one randomly-selected team while they do their work. Of course, because the Federation and the guild aren't on the best of terms, this evaluation may not go smoothly...

It turns out your partner was a Ditto all along! ...Okay, not really. But you do discover that a Ditto recently impersonated your partner, and your real partner is somewhere else. What happened to your partner, and why was a Ditto replacing him/her?

You do something that your partner considers to be horrible and unforgivable (alternatively, your partner does something you find horrible/unforgivable). What is it, and how do you two overcome this conflict?

A human-turned-Pokemon tried to recreate a human invention. Alternatively, a native Pokemon tried to recreate a human invention based on descriptions given by humans.

Human gets turned into a Shedinja and is constantly stressing over having only 1 HP. Being deadly afraid of everything while thinking that something like touching a small flame or some pebbles will kill him.

Oh no! Your character/team has been framed for a crime they didn't commit, and have been whisked off to jail. What's more, you know the true culprit and he's bound to strike again! Can your team use teamwork and wits to break out of jail, catch the bad guy and prove your innocence?

[Genre: Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Romance; or Found Family if Romance isn’t your thing]
Standard PMD fare at first; an Anon is isekai’d to the Pokemon world with amnesia and is befriended by a female Pokemon. The two become fast friends, with the native telling Anon about her own past as they both try to learn more about Anon’s. Anon is about as laid-back as a standard protagonist, but is still somewhat curious about his past and enjoys spending time with his newfound friend, even possibly developing feelings for her. Eventually the two meet Uxie, who reads their hidden memories and confirms their suspicions that Anon used to be a human, and why he was brought to the Pokemon world.
The twist? Uxie reveals that the girl also used to be human. Her memories were not only removed, but entirely replaced with false memories of a life that never actually happened and a family she never really had. Anon accepts his own revelation quickly, but now has to comfort his friend as the two complete the task they were destined for, growing closer along the way.

Smeargle outlaw uses it's body swap sketch to try to pass as Ross & get back at the guild
They say, that somewhere in the mountains to the east, there are two Mystery Dungeons that overlap. It is in this place, the chaotic land where they meet in the middle, where you'll find treasure beyond your wildest dreams, and dangers greater than you'll ever face in any normal dungeon.
The Federation has the entrances to both Mystic Mountain and Cavernous Crystal closed down and guarded so that nobody goes in there and gets themselves killed, but there's whispers of another way in. You're told to talk to a cranky old man in the nearby village who's angry that that their economy took a hit now that they can't even go into Cavernous Crystal for valuable gems to sell. Buy him a drink, and promise not to tell the feds, and he'll show you an out-of-the-way tunnel that cuts into Floor 3 of Cavernous Crystal, and from there you can find your way into the point of intersection - the place known only as The Between.
"The Between? Oh, I can tell you all about it..."
"It ain't like any dungeon I've ever seen before. It's like it can't even decide what type o' place it's tryin' to be. Weird trees growin outta the damn cave, like the ones up in Mystic, but partly made o' rock and crystal... far from the freakiest damn thing in there, though."
"The ferals... it's like the dungeons were each tryin' ta make their own ferals in the same place at the same time, turning them into these melted-together freaks..."
The old man shivers.
"Still see their haunting faces in my damn nightmares. Even if their horrifying visages don't paralyze you in fear, they'll give you plenty more to be scared of in battle... It's like you're fighting two Pokémon at once, comin' at you with all sortsa crazy mixed-up moves, and they'll keep shamblin' at ya no matter HOW damaged they are, until they're totally down for the count. Don't get me started on the sounds they make..."
"What's the dungeon like? It's like two kids were scribblin their own dungeons on the same paper on toppa each other. All these paths and rooms intersecting each other at weird angles, rooms cut in half and blocked off by the walls of other tunnels, traps half-embedded in walls... I dunno if a Warp Trap can even warp you into a wall, but with how screwed out the layout is I wouldn't risk it. The worst part is the kinda inexplainable weirdness you get in all dungeons being ramped way up. Like, like y'know... you can just look at the corner in a room there, but the angles don't match up, like it was drawn by a damn drunkard!"
"...Alright, alright, I get it! Just shut yer trap already. Yeah, you types always come here for the treasure, right? Lotsa items in there... floor's littered with 'em. Gummis, Berries, Orbs, Seeds, whatever the hell you want is in there, and that ain't all. Some o' the damn stuff's all warped and broken, but on the other hand, sometimes it's like two items got all mixed up..."
The man pulls out a Wonder Orb with a Plain Seed embedded in its core.
"Sure, but it's proof I'm not playin' with ya. Heh... couple'a months ago, young farmer went in there sayin' he's gonna come back with some special combo berries we can plant, and the mashed-up fruits it'll grow will put our village back on the map like it was before we stopped harvestin' crystals. ...He was a good 'mon. Usually played it safe. It's all the damn feds' fault we lost him..."
The old man let out a deep sigh.
"Ah, you musta heard the chatter in town... Yeah, a couple o' darn kids went in there day before yesterday, only one managed to find their way back out. Said his partner was still lost in there... hasn't been a single dry eye in the village since."
"...I've seen that depressed, totally-defeated look on all kinds o' mons, but... I can't bear to see it on a child."
"What? You want a description of the missin' one? Don't tell me you're actually thinkin' 'bout headin' in there."
"Fine! Just do me a favor and tell me your names first... we got a memorial in the village for all the explorers who never make it out, figured I'll get a headstart on chiseling your team's epitaths into it. Bwahaha!"
"...I'm serious. I see all sorts of starry-eyed fools pass through here on their way in, and I can count on my fingers the amount I saw again after that. Escape Orbs and Badges won't help you in there... the feds say it's because those are only meant to get you outta one dungeon, not two at once."
"...Guess yer not takin' no for an answer, huh? Heh... Fine then. I'll take a Gigaton Cheri. If I'm gonna lead you to your grave, least you can do is make sure I don't remember it in the morning."

You wake up, feeling rested and eager to start a new day, but when you leave your dorm you realise something's horribly wrong. The rooms of the guild hall are twisted and distorted - familiar locations warped and askew, and to make matters worse you can see some of the other guildmates around, but something's not right about them. What's going on??

Somehow the guildhall itself has turned into a mystery dungeon, and the feral pokemon populating it are copies of all the guildmates, twisted by everyone's perceptions of each other (ex: person A is intimidated by person B, so one of the copies of person B is physically more imposing than normal. or person C doesn't really know person D that well, so there's an obvious difference with the copy of person D like they're lacking a distinctive trait) Can you figure out what's going on and find out how to stop it?

The Clover Guild has succeeded in their Federation test, and are now a fully-realized guild! Naturally, this means it's time for a celebration. Drinks and games abound, not to mention tipsiness as the night progresses.
Likely far too difficult for just one person to write, due to so many other characters+writing them drunk. Maybe a 3-person colab kind of deal could make this work out?

A hardcore Genwunner is isekai'd as an infamously hated objectmon, like Garbodor, Klefki, Vanillite, etc., and has to cope with his new identity, as well as the variety of new Pokemon inhabiting the world.

A Mimikyu and Pikachu team stroll into town hawking their wares. At first they seem to be a pair of retired dungeon explorers just looking to sell off their stock, but as the story continues it becomes very clear that the Mimikyu is using the Pikachu for its own ends and manipulating him into doing everything that might possibly endanger the pair. A little bit after the Mimikyu suggests taking the Pikachu into a dungeon 'for old time's sake' and the Pikachu agrees, the protagonists find out that the Mimikyu is plotting to abandon his partner there (so that the Mimikyu can have 100% of their business' profits). From there it becomes a race against the clock to save Pikachu from his partner! How will our heroes succeed (or fail)?

Now reformed, the former outlaw Smeargle opens an unusual shop in town. Here, he can show you a different perspective on life by switching the bodies of you and a willing participant for one day. Don't worry, the law is around to make sure he holds up his end of the bargain. Do you simply goof around for the day? Use it to get a taste of a comrade's abilities firsthand? Lose a bet and the winner chose this? Or does an urgent mission come up, forcing the two of you to tackle it in an unfamiliar form?

Versatile enough to be used by multiple people as a plot device for their own little stories.

People notice that the Guildmaster seems to be feeling down, so several guild members gather up to bake a cake for him.
Chaos ensues in Beast's kitchen.
Enlightened Expanse
A dungeon consisting of a seemingly endless plane of white sand, the only boundary in sight being the light-colored fog in the distance. It's home to Psychic-type Pokémon like Meditite, Chimeco, and Bronzong, who float above the ground and use their psychic powers to draw lines in the sand. Black rocks jut out from the ground, just close enough that you can hop from one to the next... and you better get good at it, because you won't want your feet touching the sand. The Pokémon of the dungeon are too focused on maintaining their giant zen garden to care about you, but that will change if you step on one of their lines.
The boss at the end is a Zen Darmanitan meditating at low health and attacking with psychic powers. When you defeat him, his Reviver Seed will activate and he'll revert to his normal form, becoming into a fiery rampaging beast whose Fire-type attacks turn the sand around him into glass.
(Possible strategy: make a mad dash back across the rocks and have him chase you back towards the dungeon Pokémon, who'll start targetting him as he tears through the zen garden)

Anon's personal FBI agent gets isekai'd into the PMD world along with him, but the two are on different sides of the continent. Agent desperately tries to ignore the Pokemon world and instead tries to hunt down his assigned anon like a dog. Eventually can't ignore the weirdness around him for any longer and is forced to interact with the world from that one game his son really likes- finally learns pokemon beyond the first 151 + Kirlia, Gothorita, Braixen, Gardevoir, Meowscarada, Primarina, Lopunny, Salazzle, gets a job in a small village, begins making friends with the locals. Actually begins enjoying himself and looesning up a bit- and then his assigned Anon is spotted. Agent shouts and tries to chase after him. Story ends there. Could make for a decent one-off comedy thing akin to a Looney Tunes skit?

Crystal-cave dungeon that starts out really pretty, with gemstones dotted along the walls and sometimes on the ceiling, before eventually devolving into a hellish warped-mirror maze with a layout that constantly changes and frequently closes off entire pathways via massive crystals jutting from the wall to the ceiling. First few floors only have rock types and the occasional Steel while the lower levels are infested with ghost and dark types. May have the occasional fairy. Notoriously treacherous and difficult to get out of, and only opens up to explorers once in a blue moon right after landslides (when many disruptive paths become non-issues due to the dungeon being damaged). Local myths say that this dungeon is what spawned the very first Carbink and Sableye, and that the two species have a prey-and-predator relationship thanks to that.

Smogon expert is isekai'd as the first evolution of a competitively unviable Pokemon but is taken in by and partners with an Uber(-tier mon). Falls into his old habits of obsessing over strategy and numbers to the detriment of his partner, who's fine with taking the commands that the Smogon guy gives out but begins feeling detached as the expert falls further and further into his own head and treats the world around him like a game. Eventually the two clash and the partner comes out on top, affirming the Smogon expert's delusions, after which the partner tries desperately to change the humon's mind only to fail. Kind of depressing but it came to mind and I think someone else could do it justice, so I am submitting it here

Coldsteel: The Midnight Lycanroc
Psssh… Nothin Personnel… Kid…

How would the guild react if a human turned pokemon and native pokemon showed up in Capim town, and everything about them from the way they acted to them being a combination of typical starters/popular pokemon hinted at them being the main characters of a PMD plot? If they are the main characters there's bound to be shenanigans and potential high stakes that follow - would the guild try to intervene at all? Would they try usurp their positions as protagonists? Or would they just let them deal with the potentially world ending problems that are bound to follow

Hardcore animal lover (not in that way, you degenerate) gets isekai'd and joins the guild. Once there, spends their time petting every guild member (except Cyndaquil) even against their consent, and getting into trouble because of it. Some victims actually enjoy it, but are too embarrassed to admit it.
Preferred targets are fluffy tails, like the guildmaster's.

I have realized my mistake: any dark ideas I write will end up making me cry when I read them. Do not actually use this idea in a story or I swear to God I will honestly never put a single idea in here again. I only leave it here because deleting stuff I have already given out feels wrong.
Marionette Mire
A dungeon situated in a dark, foresty marsh locals seem to stay away from, because explorers who venture in often don't return. At first you don't notice it... The way the wild Pokémon moved about so gracefully, and battled with more skill than a feral like them should have, was easily explained by this dungeon just being a higher level than the surrounding ones. But when a thin strand of silk extending from the arm of your opponent gleams in a rare beam of moonlight filtering through the thick canopy above, the reality becomes clear: someone is controlling all of these Pokémon. The atmosphere of the dungeon was already eerie to begin with, but now you're thoroughly unnerved. When you reach the end, the Spidops who'd been puppeteering your foes doesn't shift at all, even as you ready a move to fight him. Instead, you feel strings of silk ensnaring your arms and legs as your body turns to face your partner without your input, every movement accompanied by a sharp tug from above. As the horrified look on their face mirrors your own, you feel yourself taking stance for a battle you hope you don't win...

/pmdg/aiden: Equal and Opposite Compassion
The Story: In a world turned on its head, Exploitation Guilds scour the land in search of treasure to plunder and defenseless Pokémon to rob. Follow the exploits of the Misfortune Gang (formerly the heroic Clover Guild), a gang of Pokémon originally from another world who use their outside knowledge to get a leg up on the unsuspecting competition. With only a vague shared feeling that something's amiss, and no recollection of the way the world used to be or that all of their personalities used to be the opposite of what they are now, the Misfortune Gang is on the case! Not for any noble purpose, but instead to capitalize on what's happened for their own selfish reasons. With our heroes all turned dastardly, will the power of greed and evil be able to find the truth and set things right?
The Lore: It all happened because a young Manaphy did something to upset their partner and regretted it. They went to Mesprit, the Emotion Pokémon, with a request: "Please make my partner stop hating me!" but when Mesprit refused to mess with another's heart for selfish reasons, Manaphy panicked. Unable to bear the thought of never being with their partner again, they used Heart Swap on Mesprit out of desperation; If all the emotion in the world was flipped around, then their partner would like them again, right? If only they'd known what they'd just done...
Supplementary Material: Original idea (and descriptions the opposite versions of various guildmembers in the replies) can be found here (EngSub ver.) (full ver.)

>b-but Heart Swap doesn't work like-

Take the Shudopill and throw canon to the wind. It's all about the story.

Welcome to Granite Galaxy, a Mystery Dungeon located in a picturesque cave, reminiscent of the night sky. White-speckled black granite brings to mind images of the star-filled expanse of the deep, dark sky, while the occasional impurities of various colors of granite resemble nebulas. Small, dim light-emitting crystals really sell the starscape look, growing from the beautifully-smooth walls that are naturally polished by the attacks of the native Pokémon. The cave is home to a variety of Pokémon who resemble celestial objects or that are thought to be extraterrestrial in origin, such as Lunatone, Clefairy, and Elgyem. It's seen as a romantic spot by local couples, who believe that if you have your first date there and wish upon one of the star-crystals, your relationship will last until the end of time. There's even rumored to be treasure hidden deep within the dungeon...
Oh, and one more thing. This is where I come to brood, so...

The boss at the end is an angsty teenage Kirlia/Gardevoir who's tired of all the lovey-dovey couples coming into the dungeon and killing the vibe. She uses the often-forgotten ability of her species to make small black holes, using them to distort gravity in the boss room for a truly out-of-this-world zero-gravity fight. If you beat her, she'll give you some of her treasure as long as you promise to spread rumors that you saw a nasty breakup in the dungeon and that it curses any relationship that touches it. A small price to pay for some peace and quiet.

Up in the mountains lives an old Mienfoo, but don't let his old age and small form fool you... He's a wise, skilled martial artist that'll run circles around you. Up there, he runs a special dojo where he teaches unevolved Pokémon how to make the most of their small, agile bodies to go toe-to-toe with even fully-evolved Pokémon in a fight. He was cursed with a rare condition that prevents him from ever evolving, but he refused to let him hold it back, and after mastering his technique, he's here to share his secrets to anyone willing to learn, helping the meek stand up for themselves against any threat. As most humans (and their partners) start off at the bottom of their evolutionary tree and sometimes never progress any further, his training could prove most valuable...
But he hates humans after being hurt by one in the past. When your character (or their partner) accidentally lets it slip that they're not a native Pokémon, they must face the Master at his full strength, putting everything that they learned from him into practice if they want to make it out alive!
(At the end he reveals he knew you were human the whole time, and would never judge someone else for the sins of a stranger. That battle was actually your final test, and you passed with flying colors.)
I did not steal the final reveal from an AtLA episode shut up.

Claimed ideas

Native mon taking humon(s) stargazing & explaining foreign constellations.

Tentatively claimed by Oshawott-anon
The Loop
A team enters a dungeon for what is supposed to be an easy mission, only to wipe early on. But to their suprise, they wake up right back at the begining of the dungeon as if nothing actually happened. With the entrance gone, they must navigate through the far-harder-than-expected dungeon to its end in order to escape, reviving right back at the begining upon death (or possibly when enough time has passed) in a strange sort of loop.

Tentatively claimed by Ribombee-anon

A group of guildmembers go out on a normal rescue mission, but one gets injured so badly that they get completely knocked out and wake up back at the guild's infirmary in the middle of the night. Oddly, they feel well enough to get up and walk around, but something feels different. Everyone except the local ghost type seems to be ignoring them completely! Once they take a look back at their bed in the infirmary, they see the problem: Their body is still in that bed! They got hit so hard that they must've died! Now the new "ghost-type" must find a way to get back into their own body and revive themselves before the guild pronounces them dead and buries the body for good! To make things worse, their ghostly form appears to be getting weaker by the hour, and will most likely completely disappear by sunrise. How will other guildmembers react to their "death", and who can the "dead" guildmember use to aid them in their attempt at returning to their body? Perhaps ghost-types and those with strong aura powers could help...

WIP (Ribombee-anon)

Some absolute dweeb dork of a Pokémon who lives in town and considers himself a "human lore expert". He LARPs (in the actual original meaning where it's a game) as a human with his nerd posse and mocks the Clover Guild for constantly getting the lore "wrong" because it doesn't match up with the fairy tales and misinformation he's heard. He should come off similar to Berdly, but without the part where you start to root for him even semi-ironically.
He has a secret... he's discovered humans were actually real! After gazing upon a stunning depiction of their sacred form in an ancient text (magazine), he has devoted himself to his human goddess. He refuses to hear any explanation that "um, actually, humans aren't purple, that's like, from a movie, man" from those with inferior levels of human knowledge (that means YOU!). Somehow, he's not a swirlie-magnet, and actually has good standing in town. A pretty good battler with a mind for strategy, he keeps taking the same jobs as the Clover Guild in an attempt to finish them before we can just to mess with us. Paints "human protection runes" onto himself when he goes into dungeons but they're just random words he poorly copied from the magazine and usually end up saying dumb shit like "SUUPER WOMDER BUTTT", like people with chinese tattoos that actually mean "cabbage soup" or something.
Very likely to be tricked by an evil Pokémon into fighting the guild if he's told it's part of a plan to "resurrect humans" or something.

Claimed by Rowlet-anon
(Also written by Phanpy-anon:

A village of Fire-type Pokémon has been plagued recently with unnaturally frequent rainstorms, ruining their dungeon trips as their Fire attacks get put out and incoming Water moves increase in power against them. Luckily for the residents, a Dragonite has been selling weather reports that can predict the rainstorms down to the time of day, letting them plan their trips around it! He's incredibly accurate... too accurate. The Fire-types are too blinded by how much he's helped them to suspect that he's created their problem in the first place... but after her garden is ruined by the constant rain, a Glaceon (only there because she's living with her Flareon brother) tasks the guild with getting to the bottom of things. (if your character(s) can't plausibly take down a Dragonite then Glaceon will tag along and help with her Ice moves)
Dragonite's moves: Rain Dance (Turn 1), Hydro Pump, Thunder, Hurricane
Can the your team weather his dastardly storm, or will you be forced to take a rain check on this mission?

WIP (Ribombee-anon)

Completed ideas

Wither Woods. A dangerous dungeon full of dead plant life and toxic, sludgy rivers of an unidentifiable liquid that we can only confirm is definitely not water. The only thing more dangerous that the Poison-, Steel-, and Ghost-types that call the dungeon their home is the mysterious sludge that's destroyed the local ecosystem, with only the rare Pecha Berry plant being resilient enough to withstand the harsh conditions. Legend has it that there used to be a strange metal castle here, long before recorded history, but the corrosive sludge has scarred the land so badly that even calling what's left of the structure "ruins" would be too generous, its original form and function forever lost to time. The only thing that makes braving the danger (and oppressive atmosphere) worth it is the high prevalence of manufactured items, such as TMs and rare hold items. But is the powerful loot you can find worth the risk of falling in the sludge?

Written by Skorupi-anon:
You hear your partner cry out from behind you.
"Anon, help! I'm hurt!"
You turn your head in a panic, only to find the spot empty. That's right... your partner was actually beside you. Momentarily distracted, you're left open and get hit hard by the Psychic-type you're fighting.
"Voices are just vibrations in the air," they explain, a devilish grin creeping across their face. "I've become skilled enough with telekinesis that I can replicate them perfectly."
The phantom voices give you and your partner more than enough trouble throughout the battle, but when the two of you feel the Psychic probing your minds, the situation quickly worsens. You both hear your own voices start to read your thoughts aloud, before quickly creeping into memories and feelings, soon starting to air out your deepest secrets.
"I-I have feelings for Anon!" your partner's voice echoes through the arena, as you see their face quickly fill with dread. "Th-that's not-!"
You don't have time to react before it's your turn again. Hearing all of your secrets spilled out to the one closest to you already felt like the end of the world, but you quickly learn that things can always get worse. "I wish I wasn't their partner! I'm getting tired of them..."
You try to explain to your partner that it's not true, and it really isn't! But all the real secrets the enemy had been sharing until now made a lie here or there all the more believable, and your partner's face has never looked more sorrowful than it does now.
The Psychic-type you were fighting smirks, not even bothering to attack anymore. They know they've done more damage than any move ever could.
[A Psychic-type that broadcasts you and your partner's thoughts and secrets out loud during the fight, and then eventually slips a couple of lies in to damage your relationship with them.]

Written by Togetic-anon:
Can't decide if you want a character to be a human or a native Pokémon? Why not both...?
Perhaps they were investigating an area where strange Pokémon had been waking up with amnesia and delusions of being from another world - they stepped on the wrong spot at just the right time, and ended up with a human soul inadvertently stuck in their body after occupying the space the human would've appeared in. They pass out, and when they awake, they hear a voice in their head claiming to be human, who's just as confused as they are...
There are many wildly different possibilities with the execution. What's the dynamic between the two souls sharing a body? Are they constantly bickering and fighting for control? Or does the combination of a human with outside knowledge of the game world and a Pokémon with street smarts and experience with the physical side of battling make them stronger than the sum of their parts? Maybe the Pokémon retains full control, driving the human to insanity, leaving them as a bottled-up "berserk mode" to be unleashed when battles get rough? Or maybe the human is the one slowly wrenching control from the Pokémon, who can only watch in horror as their own body is piloted by someone with no regard for the lives of this world...
(I'd planned on using this idea for a story myself, but realized that since it was so versatile it could be used by others too with minimal fear of overlap)

Basic idea was used by Clara/Smoke, Luka/Nine, and Taslean. However, as aforementioned, the idea could still be used by more characters.

Some absolute dweeb dork of a Pokémon who lives in town and considers himself a "human lore expert". He LARPs (in the actual original meaning where it's a game) as a human with his nerd posse and mocks the Clover Guild for constantly getting the lore "wrong" because it doesn't match up with the fairy tales and misinformation he's heard. He should come off similar to Berdly, but without the part where you start to root for him even semi-ironically.
He has a secret... he's discovered humans were actually real! After gazing upon a stunning depiction of their sacred form in an ancient text (magazine), he has devoted himself to his human goddess. He refuses to hear any explanation that "um, actually, humans aren't purple, that's like, from a movie, man" from those with inferior levels of human knowledge (that means YOU!). Somehow, he's not a swirlie-magnet, and actually has good standing in town. A pretty good battler with a mind for strategy, he keeps taking the same jobs as the Clover Guild in an attempt to finish them before we can just to mess with us. Paints "human protection runes" onto himself when he goes into dungeons but they're just random words he poorly copied from the magazine and usually end up saying dumb shit like "SUUPER WOMDER BUTTT", like people with chinese tattoos that actually mean "cabbage soup" or something.
Very likely to be tricked by an evil Pokémon into fighting the guild if he's told it's part of a plan to "resurrect humans" or something.

Written by Phanpy-anon:
(Also claimed by Rowlet-anon)

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