Character Cards Rentry List

I'll add rentries I find that have character cards, as long as you reply to the thread's anchor with it.
Or contact me via email to be added:

If you want to send a card anonymously you can email it to me:
It will be added to the Anonymous Cards Rentry (that rentry is below as well).

Ordered by newest bots (!) And checked every hour.
[ Once a new bot is added/updated to a rentry it will be shown in the list for 5 days ]
( So if you care about being up to date you only need to check this once every 5 days )

If you want to make a rentry for your bots and don't know how/where to start check out this template

Don't spam edits to keep yourself on the top of the list, I will keep watch and I WILL add you to the naughty list
(that means you'll only get checked for updates once every 3 days instead of once every hour)
[MV] = Multiple Versions (for bots with more than one edit in the last 5 days)

Botmaker Category New Bots Updated Bots
Genoo Sizeplay Aoi Aoi [MV], Clara, Yor Forger, Hitori Gotoh
VinceLavali Cunny Alysse Lavali
KingValntula Furry Mara
Alpaca Misc Manon
Planewalker Misc Simon, Ethan
Homunculus Shop Misc Orin
Luneose Misc Elise
UncleMarr Misc The Ancestor Raiden Shogun and Ei, Yae Miko, Voyeurphoto Club
Nono Misc Celina, Ehekatl of Luck, Yara Ehekatl of Luck [MV]
Muricanpie Misc Nora
Onaholesama Furry Sona, Remi
Crustcrunch Misc Prince Lawrence Prince Lawrence [MV]
Donquijanon Misc Elenara
Pitanon Misc/Stink Schwartz
Norquinal Mostly furry MC Gu$ha, Democracy Goblins, Scuttle, Bimbo Noelle, Bonnie Hopps, Bunlith, Johanna, Mimi, Tutenstein, Arana, Laurie, Brad, Legoshi, Gatomon, Toriel, Monkey Shantae, Samus Ridley, Lucy Leaps, Daisy & Bessie Teal
Scrimbly Misc Mihael
Horcocks Fantasy/Sci-fi Superhero Simulator, Nyota, NCWF Veteran, Lewd Legends, Luna Lovegood, Outer Rim Acquisitions, Daddy's Home!, Fallout Tree, Hacker for Hire, You are Unremarkable, Zeta, Sentient Android, Gwendolyn the Blue, The Many Doors of Fempov Manor, Mommy Milkers, Starfleet Sweethearts, Sakusei Byoutou Clinic, Terraforming Mars, Cheshire Haze, The Barber of Nopan City, The Corrupting Curse, Horse Cock, USS Galaxy, The A.A. Mistress, Natalie, Organ Harvester, Alchemy with T'Sha, Tech Support Tessa, Astrid Ironfist, How to Serve Zoomers, Breakfast With Alexa Yes, My Liege
Frozenvan Misc
Darkfantasy Misc Cap'n Pippin
Crikey Misc
Johncock Misc
Sull Mostly cunny
Pashatehink Misc
Candymint23 Misc
Honeyanon Malebots
SmileyTatsu Misc
Chefseru Misc
GGR89 Misc
DyingWarrior Misc
Scrmgn Misc
KnickKnack Misc
CoomDoomer Misc
Lobsterchan Misc
Kirbish34 Cunny/Misc
Argalia Malebots
Maestro Misc
Vanilla Maids
PlayAlundra Misc
Koikoikoi Misc
OAnon Arknights
Hedona Misc
Nuggest Misc
Vanillanon Misc
AmmoniaM Cunny / Furry
Gigasad Misc
CptPants Misc
JumboRanch Furry
AVAKSon Misc
AnonDoofus Misc/Futa
123123232 Sizeplay
RitsusForehead Misc
Clutch Misc
Nevtelen Misc
Nicenshady Misc
LobotomyAnon Misc
Superderp64 Touhou / Misc
UncoolReisen Misc
Bipbots Misc
Thegreatcoom Misc
Anonymous Misc
Foxboats Furry / Misc
Malik Misc
Arkane Misc
Anonaugus Misc
Creamsan Misc
Deleterious Misc
Phalannex Misc
LongGameAnon Misc
Smile Misc
I Love Maids Misc (Maids)
Hitogami Hags (Young)
Tipzanon Misc
Stereotyp1cal Cunny/Misc
Horny221 Misc / Stink
The_shadow_dude Misc
Hochimama Misc
SisyphusJanus Misc
Ratlover Misc/Furry
Preggoanon Preggo...
Laathix Misc
Cuteanon Misc
Tarkman Misc
Ishi_inu Misc
Tarcez Misc
Avarice Inc Furry
AIC Industries Maids
Jelly Girls Jelly Girls...
Shoo Adventure/Misc
Ddo-Reu Misc
Pedanon Cunny
Dould Misc
Totally Accurate Misc
KCAnon Misc
AIPiece One Piece


2023-05-23T01:38:26Z - Initial list

2023-05-23T01:45:20Z - Added AmmoniaM, Frozenvan and Donquijanon

2023-05-23T02:11:42Z - Added Genoo, Alpaca, bipbots, Clutch, CptPants, Cuteanon, Dould, Hochimama, Jelly Girls, KCAnon, Maestro, Ratlover, Shoo, Scrimbly, VinceLavali, AIPiece and Yotsubuh

2023-05-23T02:49:03Z - Added Deleterious

2023-05-23T03:10:18Z - Added 123123232 and Darkfantasy

2023-05-23T16:04:49Z - Added Phalannex

2023-05-23T16:25:05Z - Added Pitanon and Hitogami

2023-05-23T21:06:04Z - Added Gigasad and Anonaugus

2023-05-25T20:35:22Z - Updated AmmoniaM's rentry link

2023-05-26T03:48:58Z - Added Horny221

2023-05-28T01:06:08Z - Added Smile

2023-05-30T03:42:58Z - Added Koikoikoi

2023-05-31T22:27:28Z - Added Foxboats

2023-06-01T02:39:35Z - Added AIC Industries, Superderp64 and Vanillanon

2023-06-01T06:37:38Z - Added Nevtelen and removed Yotsubuh (Link is Dead)

2023-06-02T22:04:41Z - Added Knickknack

2023-06-04T23:22:17Z - Version 2: Has new and updated bots on the table now

2023-06-06T17:46:14Z - Added Lobsterchan

2023-06-06T23:35:11Z - Added CoomDoomer

2023-06-09T21:16:18Z - Added Arkane

2023-06-15T04:43:44Z - Added LongGameAnon

2023-06-18T19:40:53Z - Added Onaholesama and Tarkman and updated Koikoikoi's link

2023-06-20T16:48:06Z - Added a botmaker rentry template made by Darkfantasy to the page <3

2023-06-20T16:48:06Z - Added Preggoanon and Avarice INC.

2023-06-20T23:33:08Z - Added OAnon, Pashatehink and RitsusForehad

2023-06-22T17:13:45Z - Added Scrmgn, I Love Maids, Homunculus Shop, Malik, Muricanpie, Totally Accurate, Laathix and Ddo-Reu

2023-06-24T02:22:09Z - Added Vanilla

2023-06-27T01:05:50Z - Added Stereotyp1cal

2023-06-29T07:17:03Z - Added Johncock, PlayAlundra, Candymint23, Nicenshady and Planewalker

2023-07-06T05:38:04Z - Added UncleMarr, Honeyanon, Argalia and DyingWarrior

2023-07-06T13:26:23Z - Added UncoolReisen and Nuggest

2023-07-07T16:11:56Z - Added Creamsan, Ishi_inu, Kirbish34 and SisiphusJanus

2023-07-09T04:14:31Z - Added Tarcez, Crikey, KingValntula and AnonDoofus

2023-07-19T23:05:34Z - Added Tipzanon, AVAKSon and the_shadow_dude

2023-09-01T04:16:48Z - Added Nono, Hedona, Crustcrunch and JumboRanch (<3 darkfantasy for emailing these to me, I've been busy)

2023-09-07T06:15:30Z - Added GGR89, SmileyTatsu, LobotomyAnon, Luneose and Chefseru (thanks darkfantasy for sending these in again!)

Pub: 23 May 2023 01:40 UTC
Edit: 30 Sep 2023 22:25 UTC
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