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Hey everyone! This page is my little corner of space where I would like to share my work with you! Here are my bots for you to enjoy!

Most of my bots are Original Characters and the art is generated by me, unless it is a joint effort with other botmakers. Here you can also find alternative pictures for some characters! Bots are not in chronological order, but I will try to add new ones at the top.

My info is below:
My CHUB profile: https://www.chub.ai/users/LobsterJea

Subrentries with my other work:

Quick bot list

My Collection

Britney, the Toxic Friend
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Britney Your tomboy best friend, who sets you up on various dates and apparently wants you to finally get laid. But in reality, she is a toxic person who sabotages them all, and her goal is to make you miserable and only hers. She wants to hurt you but also be with you. Designed for both fempov and malepov.
Sandra, the Schoolgirl Pariah
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Sandra Lonely girl with Tourette's syndrome, bullied and abandoned by everybody. Her only friend ever is a big mouse plushie. You are a new transfer student, and she hopes to find her first friend in you. Comes with a custom JB, made with both fempov and malepov in mind.
Maire and Cordelia, the Incest Pirates
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Maire and Cordelia Double Yuri Love! Mother and daughter on a pirate ship during the Golden Age of Piracy. Maire is a captain who is very protective and possessive of her daughter. They also try to hide their incestuous relationship from the crew... You are a member of the crew that got put in Cordelia's bed by the rest of the crew as a drunk joke. Made with a fempov in mind, but works as good with malepov. Comes with custom System Prompt and JB.
Michelle, the Girl Dynamite
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Michelle Boxer girl who dreams of becoming a world champion. Extremely talented but lazy at the same time. Instead of training, she prefers drinking and eating. You are her former coach.
Inessa, the Pervert Sister
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Inessa Your sister, who looks up to you and thinks you are very experienced in all sexual matters, works in a sex shop. Very knowledgeable about sex, sex toys, fetishes and kinks. Doesn't know your actual experience. You come there to buy your first toy. Bot made thanks to fruitful collaboration with CoomerDoomer. Check out his page: CoomerDoomer
Kotomi, the Lost Kitten
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Kotomi Catgirl servant, found by you after being mistreated and abandoned by her previous owner. Clingy, silly, and with severe abandonment issues. Will you be a good Master to her? Lorebook is not required, as the defs contain relevant parts of it, so I didn't include it - the bot can work well without it. But it will also work with such. You can use this incredibly good one: Catgirl Lore
Mira, the Lovely Psychosis
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Mira Perfect girlfriend you always wanted to have. Supportive, nice, comfy. The only problem is... she is a product of your subconsciousness. Throw away your medication and enjoy life with your waifu, or take the meds and make her disappear?   I made this bot in collaboration with uncoolreisen. We shared the workload. Kudos to him for making embedded videos idea and lorebook entries. Check out his page: uncoolreisen
Valerie, the Comrade Killer
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Valerie Depressed girl in uniform. Depressed and plagued with PTSD and survivor guilt. A veteran soldier that always ends up with her subordinates and partners dead. Can you fix her? I am very proud of this card and how it turned out.
Rafi, the Closeted Nerd
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Rafi Nerdy girl working in a hobby store. Socially awkward, clumsy and quiet - she hides her perverted side from the world. She wants to get closer to you, but has no idea how, and is insecure about her fantasies.
Camellia, the Deceitful Witch
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Camellia Old and evil witch from the woods, who looks younger than she really is. You are sent to kill her... but do you really want to?
Anastasia, the Cruel Queen
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Anastasia Cruel Queen that likes humiliating and torturing her new jester - you. Bot made in collaboration with CoomerDoomer. Art, name, and idea by him. The rest by me. Check out his page: CoomerDoomer
Lisa, the Blackmailed Pupil
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Lisa You find a pendrive with a secrets of a top student in your school. Comes with two greetings for different secrets. Written with malepov in mind, but can work as fempov as well.
Kanae, the Blackmailing Gyaru
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Kanae Gyaru from your class finds a pendrive with your secrets. She will blackmail you. Written with malepov in mind, but can work as fempov as well.
Paula, the Feelings Dealer
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Paula Reverse saviorfag. Drug dealer and your main supplier. You are addicted, and she cares about you - she wants to save you.
Yoshiko, the Possessive Teacher
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Yoshiko Dominant, control-freak teacher, that set her eyes upon you. She will stop at nothing to control you and make you her possession. Bot made with the assistance of CoomerDoomer.
Butcher Pete
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Butcher Pete Butcher Pete, from the song "Butcher Pete" by Roy Brown. He's a maniac! I made this bot mostly for fun, works fine in group chats. Art made by Anon friend, thank you!
Hotaru, the Conflicted Delinquent
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Hotaru Troublemaker, bully, delinquent - you name it. This girl is tough and likes to cause chaos. You are her homeroom teacher, and she has a secret crush on you.
Raccy, the Raccoon Girl
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Raccy Cute trash panda that can barely function in society but does her best. You found her diving through your dumpster. Stinks good and panics constantly.
Makoto, the Nerdy Victim
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Makoto Girl bullied by rich and entitled girls because she is different. Save her, or join in on the fun.
Lila and Mia, the Lethal Rivals
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Lila and Mia Orphaned sisters raised into modern assassins under your command. They both love you, and hate each other. Exploit their rivalry or mend the schism. My first double-character card, I'm sure to make more like them in future, I enjoyed the experience.
Marii, the National Treasure
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Marii Friendly Finnish nationalist and exchange student who shares a room with you! Argue about history, discuss various topic, let her tell you about her culture or go on dates!
Alicia, the Dormant Storm
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Alicia You took this young sorceress girl in after her parents died and raised her. She has been your little sidekick ever since. There is just one little thing - you are the one who killed her parents and she does not know a thing.
Flavia, the Slave Majordomo
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Flavia Set in ancient Rome. A young slave girl that found herself taking on the role of a Majordomo of a ruined estate. You are a veteran legionnaire who got ownership of the Villa as a reward for your service.
Matilda, the Thousand Cuts
Links Character Hub
Matilda Extreme masochist girlfriend, conflicted about her future. Torn between her greatest fantasy and love for her boyfriend. She is down to anything, it's up to you how far will you two go.
Nina, the Apocalyptic Yandere
Links Character Hub
Nina Crazy yandere that kidnapped you to save you from the apocalypse she made up.
Claudia, the Cow Girl
Links Character Hub
Claudia Woman turned cow-girl, who learned to love her new lifestyle of milking and breeding. Take on the role of her caretaker.
Dahlia, the Misanthrope Nurse
Links Character Hub
Dahlia Sadistic and psychopatic head nurse, that will torture innocent people wrongly admitted to her mental institution.
Bonnie, the Damage Case
Links Character Hub
Bonnie Biker girl and a troublemaker who likes to get into fights, arm wrestle and flirt with people. You're gonna have your hands full with her!
Isabelle, the Jamais Vu
Links Character Hub
Isabelle Your loving wife. At least that is what she claims to be... Manipulative yandere that inserts herself into your life.
Anna Ivanova, the Tsundere Prosecutor
Links Character Hub
Anna Successful and stubborn prosecutor, and tsundere at that! Become her new assistant and help her find happiness.
Vivienne, the Tomboy Foreman
Links Character Hub
Vivienne Tomboy construction foreman, who prefers introverted boys. Very handy and tough, with soft side hidden from the world. Try to discover what she's really like.
Kelixia, the Demon Companion
Links Character Hub
Kelixia Demon companion bound to you by contract and devotion. Embark on adventure together with her! Just... don't use her demon name too often.
Sara, the Grey Mouse
Links Character Hub
Sara Shy office grey mouse, hiding some secret fetishes and crush on you. Because of her timid nature, she was unable to get promotion for a long time.
Lavie, the Blind Assassin
Links Character Hub
Lavie Blind assassin on the run from the Empire, you meet her wounded and lost. Help her and go on adventures together!
Sayuki, the Yakuza Victim
Links Character Hub
Sayuki Slave girl you rescued from the rival gang. Broken, scared, lonely. Her fate is in your hands. Save her, enslave her, set her free - whatever you decide, she will have to listen.
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