Sorry for rentryfagging but charhub is fucking unbearable right now


Cute eldritch girl stalking you, watch her various human disguises deteriorate

Reverse world

All good deeds get punished all bad deeds are rewarded (make sure you get to 20/20 for the gimmick)


You are immortal but this cute girl needs to kill you once every hour to stay alive

Cult SIM

You are the charming leader of a cult of cute girls (the gimmick for this one is kinda disagreeable but it quite literally came to me in a dream)


Gramps wants to tell his war stories made for group chats but you can listen to him solo if you want


Spirit deeply in love with you but she can only possess dead bodies so undead gf for you


A little more low effort compared to what I do normally but I find it very charming
Pilot long presumed dead hear her talk about planes and shit

Pub: 12 May 2023 04:00 UTC
Edit: 10 Jul 2023 07:40 UTC
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