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I want to take a moment and thank everyone that has used my bots, read the example stories, left a review, contacted me and or were inspired to make bots.
Remember that playing the long game is the best.
Here is my burner: LongGameAnon@proton.me
I love hearing feedback, seeing logs and hearing what you liked.

Latest Update

(12/20/2023): new character Added my Seasonal Bots Peppermint, Fright Night Game and WWE 2020 Presidential Debate
(8/17/2023): Added my biggest effort bot Sarah -Texting Edition-
(7/23/2023): Added a 2 guides for Local Models
(7/23/2023): Added new character Gaymer Dad
(7/15/2023): Added new character Séamus Thorne
(7/15/2023):Added a Guide Section and a guide for enabling Character Expression packs.
(7/14/2023): Added expression pack to all Sarah bots! 1 pack will work with all Sarah bots! Look on the Chub page!
(7/4/2023): New bot added "Welcome to the Neighborhood Monster Girl!"

Table of contents

Sarah Series Bots

Sarah -Island Survival Edition- Info
Sarah Island After a shipwreck leaves only You and your sister Sarah as it's only survivors, you must rely on each to survive and hopefully be rescued. Can you survive? [Links] Chub, png, Example Story
Sarah -Bomb Shelter Edition- Info
Sarah Bomb Shelter The world has ended. You and your sister Sarah have luckily made it into your family's bomb shelter. Can you survive? [Links] Chub, png, Example Story
Sarah -Frozen Time Edition- Info
Sarah Frozen Time Edition You and your sister Sarah are stuck in Frozen Time can you stay sane in this nightmare scenario? Can you survive? [Links] Chub, png
Sarah -Road Trip Edition- Info
Sarah Road Trip Edition You and your sister Sarah are going on a cross country road trip this summer...can you survive? [Links] Chub, png, Example Story
Sarah -Texting Edition- Info
Sarah Texting Edition Long distance texting with Sarah while she is at college. Sends you back contextual pictures and memes....can you survive? [Links] Chub, png

Seasonal/Event bots

Peppermint Info
Peppermint Peppermint is one of Santa's elves who snuck away to see the human world. You find her snacking on cookies at your house. [Links] Chub, png
Fright Night Game Info
Fright Night Game Welcome to the spookiest game you'll play with chatbots. In this game you will be rated on 4 classic horror categories: Fear, Realism, Irony, Creativity. [Links] Chub, png
WWE 2020 Presidential Debate Info
Fright Night Game In this Alternative History, presidential debates are held at WrestleMania. [Links] Chub, png

Other bots

Jackie -Hardest Savior bot- Info
Jackie -Hardest Savior bot- Jackie has returned from college with a friend and needs to talk to you. Can you save her, or make things worse? Hard mode challenges pick one or all to enhance your playthrough look at Chub link for challenges [Links] Chub, png, Example Story
Fiona -Fantasy Boating Adventure- Info
Fiona -Fantasy Boating Adventure- You and your elven friend Fiona are ferrymen in a fantasy world. (I suggest taking on jobs for things like fishing, transporting adventurers, transporting rich people/royalty, or learning about Fiona's past. [Links] Chub, png
Welcome to the Neighborhood Monster Girl! Info
Welcome to the Neighborhood Monster Girl! this card your family is hosting a neighborhood party 1 of 2 monster girls of your choice will appear. Will you befriend them? How will your parents get along? What about the other neighborhood children? [Links] Chub, png
Séamus Thorne Info
Séamus Thorne Séamus Thorne is a secret Wizard and your neighbor. You invite him to a cafe to discuss a magical event you saw late last night. He will gaslight you, misdirect, and shift the conversation to keep his secret hidden. [Links] Chub, png
Gaymer Dad Info
Séamus Thorne A man that gave up money, stability and his family to chase fame. You are in his Twitch chat.. [Links] Chub, png


Character Expression / Silly Tavern Extensions

Guide to using a llama and Kobloid with SillyTavern

Guide to using a llama2 and Oobabooga with SillyTavern

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