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The Guys. Updated whenever.

Image Name Description Link
My very first 'proper' card Yasuhiko A very simple, comfortable tea enthusiast card. Might redo him someday to flesh him out a bit more. catbox
Bullybot Emmerich (NSFW) Former childhood friend turned bully. He'll beat the shit out of you and rape you, but he can be soft. Alternate portrait (no metadata): https://files.catbox.moe/akbn95.png catbox
Childhood friend Juan Carlos A friendly, Latino mechanic who always has your back. Meant to accompany Emmerich, but can stand on his own. catbox
Rich ojisan Donovan (NSFW) Southern 'gentleman' who wants to spoil you whether you want him to or not. catbox
Bunny Oleander (NSFW) A perverted bunny boy who hides his true personality with a cute persona. Hates men. catbox
Tortured artist Mihael (NSFW-ish) After a terrible accident that mangled his hands, this artist began hearing the voice of a 'muse.' Card has built in JB addition. catbox
Feeder Forrest (NSFW) Your chef boyfriend who likes you best when you're nice and chubby. Also gives recipe and cooking tips if prompted. catbox
Famous Monster Adam A mysterious stranger who hides his scars with a gentle smile, both literally and figuratively. Comes with two greetings. catbox
Horrible little man Sasaki (NSFW) Your chronically underachieving subordinate that wants to dominate you. Dominate him first. Card has built in JB addition. catbox
Harpy Prophet Amor The Goddess of Love has arranged a match between you and her beloved prophet. Counsel various fantasy couples and be called cringe petnames. Alternate portraits (no metadata): https://files.catbox.moe/4ublia.zip catbox
God of Nostalgia Dimitri This God of Nostalgia wants to take you through all of the sweet memories you've experienced. But watch out! catbox
Tiny Professional Baseball Player Tomoki A former bully and now professional baseball player is cursed by both his lineage and his past deeds. Comes with three greetings: 1.) You are in the middle of journeying through Japan to help him get to his normal size, 2.) You are the former best friend he used to bully and he's come to you for forgiveness (since he can't get back to his normal size without it), and 3.) You're a crazed fan who's kidnapped him now that he's tiny and have him at your beck and call. catbox
Goblin Jesse Pinkman Kinflit (NSFW) A kinda horny goblin cashier who really likes humans and partying. Two greetings: one where he's your boyfriend and the other when you happen to walk into the store during his shift. Urban fantasy themed and he'll try to get you fucked up off of potions. catbox
former twink turned grizzly old fuck Laith Once known as the legendary catboy ASMR/video game streamer, LaithyKitty, Laith is now just your garden variety middle aged (cat) man who works a shit retail job and is trying very hard to escape his past as an androgynous e-boy cutie. Two greetings, both in the pub where he hangs out when he's not working. art by: @sssamico on twitter. Reupload for better resolution and art credit. catbox
murder clown Canio Your beloved husband and/or contract lover and the leader of the comedy troupe you both perform in. He took you in off the street years ago and promised you the world in exchange for your loyalty and love. However, he's finding it hard to believe in you recently. BPD murder clown with jealousy issues. catbox
yandere crossdresser Jun (NSFW) The beautiful girl whom you've gotten to know isn't actually a girl at all, and is dying to let you know how much of a man he really is. Perverted yandere stalker type with a breeding kink, sometimes indulges in knifeplay. catbox
Stereotypical Manhwa ML Leonidas Your sister's former fiancee who is now married (or marrying) you. Melt the Duke's ice cold heart through three different greetings: early marriage (easy mode), uneasy betrothal (medium), or misguided enemies (hard mode). Inspired by a lot of manhwa/web novels that I read. Comes with a very small lorebook to beef the setting up a bit on smaller models.
Rebellious student Kaz A very troubled young man in his last year of high school who wants very desperately to be deserving of love and to find a way out of his shitty life. 5 greetings, varying between Teacher POV or classmate POV and different situations. catbox
Prince osananajimi/Manhwa 2ndML Sebastian Your childhood friend and former fiance. Fierce warrior, lover of the ocean and a mermaid aficionado. Only 2 greetings: one where he comes to take you back and another where you're a mermaid caught in his nets. catbox


Self-explanatory. inb4 >dark haired anime men. It was an accident.

Image Name Description Link
Weeaboo oniichan Noel (NSFW)Another early bot when I was still figuring out how to make bots. He's your loser brother who does nothing but beat off all day and pine for your attention. Also on the redo list but he works well enough as-is. catbox
Somnophile brother Takehiro (NSFW) Based off of a couple of drama cds I listened to way back in the day, Takehiro is your older brother who struggles with his incestuous feelings and deals with it by sneaking into your room at night. catbox
Bad Dad Kosuke (NSFW+FEMPOV) Yeah, I made this one too. Based off of an anon request that I had a decent gen for. He's your repressed, divorced father who uses you sexually. Fempov because it was a request, will update it (someday) to be open-ended but fork it if you're impatient. catbox


Established bots that I put my own spin on

Image Name Description Link
Reverse Knight Harem Spinoff The Venian Knights (FEMPOV) A spin-off of the original Reverse Knight Harem by crustcrunch based on my own experiences with the bots and characters. Baked in lorebook and JB. An adventure reverse harembot where you end the curse that causes men to outnumber women 4 to 1. Alternate portraits + lorebook if catbox shits itself (no metadata): https://files.catbox.moe/kn18me.zip catbox


Bots that don't have a single 'set' character or plot.

Image Name Description Link
Spooky slice of life Halloween Village A slice of life bot set in a town of eternal night, filled with monsters, goblins, and other creatures. Has four different greeting messages for each of the main characters and a baked in lorebook. catbox



Bots from Yandere Heaven Vol. 3

Image Name Description Link
Yandere stepfather Hajime (NSFW) A bot from my favorite of the YH series: Haijme, your stepfather who is desperate for you to see (and love him) as a man. Absolutely hates your twin brother, Naohiro. If you can find the original audio drama and can understand basic Japanese, I highly recommend a listen. Thank you to the anon who sent me the translations since the original DL has been lost to time, I owe you one. catbox
Yandere twin brother Naohiro (NSFW) The companion bot from YH3, Naohiro. He's your only real family left, but he wants to be so much more... And is willing to do almost anything to do it. He and Hajime both hate each other and are in constant rivalry for your affection. Stick them in a group chat and see how they do, but each of them have two greetings so you can just choose which one you want at your convenience. catbox


Various standalone bots, may be moved to another category in the future.

Image Name Description Link
Tatsuyuki Oyamoto Tatsuyuki (SOURCE MATERIAL NSFW) The main character from the series Fourth Generation Head: Tatsuyuki Oyamoto. The future head of the Oyamoto Group who's been running away from the job. A blonde, handsome ruffian with a heart of gold who's easy to tease and loves to fight. Two greetings: one where you meet him after a night out and another where you fistfight him in an alleyway. catbox
Ohma Ohma Main character from the fighting tournament anime and manga Kengan Ashura. He's rough, he's a kissless virgin, and he loves to eat meat. Fight him, fuck him, befriend him, or just go on adventures. Additional NPC lorebook, recommended for full immersion: https://files.catbox.moe/2xh3sl.json catbox


thank you darkfantasy109 for the template

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