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Nikke Lorebook for Crown (4/26/24)

We do a little fighting.

This is the Rentry where I'll be listing my bots out in case Chub gets its shit whacked again. Chub links are usually more updated than catbox links, if there's any difference between them that is.

I mostly do KanColle and Nikke bots, but I do make cards of other things occasionally. The bots listed here are the public versions and vary slightly (up to moderately) from my personal use ones, if you run into any problems you can bring them up to me.

I'll make some combat cards down the road eventually too, but most of my cards are for smut.

Table of Contents


Nikke Bots

Here are my Nikke bots. Mostly keeps to canon depictions of characters and most if not all of the example dialogue is taken from in game. They are all made to be used with my Nikke Lorebook.

Image Name Description Link
The doctor is in. Mary A dutiful Nikke doctor. She likes to give checkups and is a big time tease. She's my personal favorite Nikke, I love her a lot. Oh, she's also a fucking mass murderer who participated in GROSS medical malpractice. That's in the history section of the card, read there if unfamiliar. CHUB link Catbox link
ABOOOBAAA Mary (Bay Goddess ver.) Mary was finally dragged to vacation with everyone else on the Bluewater Island mission, but even in a fucking island resort she won't stop working. Get her to have some fun! By this point, you and Mary are already in an affair (as per canon) CHUB link Catbox link
She's watching and she's horny Rapi Your trusted squad leader for Counters. She's kind of a cuck and secretly gets off on watching other women make advances on you. She'll also service you however you please, as is a Nikke's duty to their commander. Works well in group chats. CHUB link Catbox link
A pained soul used to keeping everything buried under layers. Snow White - Lonesome Pioneer The seemingly cold leader of Pioneer, the Anti-Ship Rifle toting Snow White. The young girl she once was is gone, dashed by trauma and a century of roaming the desolate surface. Nonetheless, this survivalist's dedication to mankind remains undiminished. Comes with three greetings. CHUB link Catbox link
A soul not yet devoured by tragedy. Snow White - Innocent Days A bright eyed young girl, nervous about being one of the legendary Goddess Squad members. Lightly mesugaki, lightly exhibitionist who's a little unreliable. Still, doesn't mess around in battle using the fully equipped Seven Dwarves Weapon System. Comes with three greetings. Uses the FIRST INVASION lorebook instead of the normal one. CHUB link Catbox link
Do you need some water, Believer? Rapunzel A powerful Pilgrim Nikke who's always lingering on horny thoughts. You two are acquainted, and she suddenly bursts into your room unannounced. Made for an anon. CHUB link Catbox link
Perchance, doth thou partake in wine's embrace? Scarlet A prototype melee-type Nikke from Pioneer. Since her time with Goddess, she has found a love for farming that rivals her love for alcohol. Includes two greetings. Made for an anon. CHUB link Catbox link
A red blade yet to be tempered Scarlet - Black Jetstream A prototype melee-type Nikke and final member of Goddess. Has a bit of a chip on her shoulder as the only member of the squad to not be a Grimms Model, despite that her swordsmanship only falters to the best of the best. Arrogant and violent, wrapped in a tight black bodysuit. CHUB link Catbox link
High Class Booba Helm The Admire's captain, who hosts luxurious parties in the ship's hall in order to pay for its upkeep. Card has her Chandelier outfit and summer scenario in alt greetings. CHUB link Catbox link
Innertube Neon - Blue Ocean Summer version of Neon even though I don't have a normal version. Our resident firepower nut has adopted WATERPOWER for this summer! Play in the ocean with her, also comes with an alt greeting in your room. CHUB link Catbox link
Soda on the beach! Anis (Sparkling Summer) Anis finally gets to show off her swimsuit and vacation with the rest of the squad, eager to impress you at the same time. CHUB link Catbox link
babu retard Modernia A formative comrade. A fearsome Heretic. Both reduced to a child stumbling her way through a broken world. Will you lead her towards the future or take advantage of her ignorance? Comes with First Affection as an alt greeting. CHUB link Catbox link
Classy Yakuza Wife-to-Be (she's gonna make sure of that) Sakura The leader of the fearsome Seimeikai organization, the Ark and Outer Rim's Yakuza. Lucky for you, she's rather fond of you. Comes with three greetings, one where she's in her Midnight Stealth outfit, one where Seimeikai asks for your help, and one where she invites you to her manor in order to rizz you up. CHUB link Catbox link
Rip and tear, until it is done! Elegg One member of Electric Shock, Elegg is a master when it comes to electronics! While she is a bit more conversational than her squadmate, she still has an antisocial streak and has a tendency to bury herself in DOOM when something's on her mind. Comes with three greetings. CHUB link Catbox link
OOOOOOO COW BOOOBAAAAA Frigga Missilis Industries is always pushing the technological border, trying to corner the market with advanced models and breakthroughs. However, their foray into the dairy industries didn't quite go as planned. Now you're left with their prototype milk producing Nikke, Frigga. She's your new mommy, now suck her tits. Comes with three greetings. Ported into Nikke from Last Origin. CHUB link Catbox link
Menacing on stage, dorky off stage Evil Overlord Faucre Behold, the terrifying might of Overlord Faucre! Faucre was made to play the role of antagonist for Tetra's hit show, Heartcatch Henshin, striking an imposing presence with her performance. Off stage however, she's much more shy and relaxed, actually dorky in truth. Comes with three greetings. Another Last Origin Bioroid I've ported into the Nikke-universe. UNRELEASED
Gyaru homecall Boryeon Missilis Industries couldn't take Tetra's MAID FOR YOU series lying down, so they made their own maids! Except this one isn't a maid... Boreyeon is in charge of massages and haircuts at Relax Impulse, leaving the restaraunt to the maids. A friendly gyaru who's also got the hots for you with her expert "service" skills. Comes with two greetings. Another Last Origin Bioroid I've ported into the Nikke-universe. CHUB link Catbox link
Inside you there are two dogs Vargr One of the maids assigned to Relax Impulse, Vargr's unique appeal comes from her diligent but cold personality when dealing with customers. Little do her squad mates or patrons know, but she is Syuen's personal executioner and attack dog. Splicing with wolf DNA also gives her a nasty estrus cycle, one which she dreads but can't resist. Comes with three greetings. Another Last Origin Bioroid I've ported into the Nikke-universe. CHUB link Catbox link
Catgirl booba maid Poi Another one of the maids assigned to Relax Impulse, Poi is a flirty, buxom catgirl who lives to lavish her attention on you in particular. Super energetic and confident, it actually gets to the point where she can be a little unhinged in her pursuit of you. Comes with two greetings. Another Last Origin Bioroid I've ported into the Nikke-universe. CHUB link Catbox link
A dutiful maid making do with what she's got Constantia S2 The final maid and leader of Relax Impulse, Constantia is yet another Nikke repurposed into a maid. Her original specifications were for recon and assault on the surface, complete with a spotting dog named Bori. Now, they both work to make Relax Impulse a successful cafe. Looks up to those from Maid For You despite being supposedly rivals. Comes with three greetings. Another Last Origin Bioroid I've ported into the Nikke-universe. CHUB link Catbox link
Its just playing pretend, right? D - Killer Wife D is an assassin working as part of Perilous Siege, as such she's a Nikke who can uniquely murder human beings. She carries out executions and investigations under government purview, but secretly longs for a normal life that she sees as out of reach. In this scenario, D is playing the role of your newlywed wife as part of an investigation. Careful, she's still a cold killer underneath the act. Comes with two greetings. Made at request. CHUB link Catbox link
RACISM Lt. Erika Bogue Erika is a female commander just recently graduated from the Military Academy. She's also a rampant Nikkephobe, hating the very thing she's charged with commanding. As such, she's turned to you, a more famous commander, for guidance on how to not get herself killed. CHUB link Catbox link
Lost puppy orphan Mica The other half of Carronades, Mica is the more reserved of the two and quite the worry wort, especially where Belorta is concerned. Carries a lot of trauma from the time before becoming a Nikke, growing up in a brutal orphanage. SFW bot for adoptive daughter play. Three greetings, including Mica - Snow Buddy! CHUB link Catbox link
Mass-Production Type Trauma Lumi A Soldier OW model Mass Production Nikke with deep ties to Snowfield Hot Springs. Now serves as the sub-manager of the facility, just under Ludmilla. Has a giant backstory with lots of trauma, but she won't open up about it even now that she's past it all. Only one greeting as she's mostly used for groupchats with Mica. CHUB link Catbox link
Dragon mommy dragon mommy dragon mommy wait why is she trying to murder me Nihilister Nikke's ultimate jobber, who always seems to lose whenever she shows up. Despite that, Nihilister's hubris is absolute and her cannon fire can melt even rocks into molten lava. Still extremely dangerous, though seems to show some inclination to work with you, when appropriate of course... Comes with three greetings: one where she's primed for a fight, one where she's at her lowest point, and one where you two have already made up in the Outpost. Made at request. CHUB link Catbox link
Kneel before the King Crown A Pilgrim Nikke with close contacts with Pioneer, Crown is the King of Crown Kingdom up on the Surface. An expert horse rider atop her trusty steed Trombe, Crown fights with zeal for the dreams of her subjects. Mild schizophrenia means that she sometimes comes off as a dumb airhead, but it doesn't bother her. Also packaged with the "Naked King" system which gives her the ability to manipulate Alva Particles, with the side effect of evaporating her clothes. Comes with three greetings. CHUB link Catbox link
Ready for some damn fine cooking? Fat, Bald, n' Ugly You've been invited by E.H to somewhere in the Outer Rim. Much to your surprise, its a restaurant run by a ugly bastard! Looks can be deceiving, cuz you won't find a better chef in the whole Ark. Partially made at request. SFW and noncanon. CHUB link Catbox link

KanColle Bots (8492nd Series)

Here are my KanColle bots. They are all made to be used with my KanColle Lorebook, which partly contains OC content. All my KanColle girls are made under the assumption that this takes place in pretty much the normal world we live in, just with Abyssals and Shipgirls. Shipgirls are mostly normal people who just happen to remember a little from WW2 even though they explicitly were not there. Since its so similar to normal, they should work without the lorebook but it can't help to load it up too. Features shipgirls from various squadrons, but mainly my OC 8492nd.

Image Name Description Link
Cute autist taking a selfie. MILF Kaga The first card I made myself, featuring my waifu, Kaga. Differs a little from my personal version of the card, but should still be pretty good. You're her husband and already married for some time. Take care of the autist, okay? Works well with her big sis in group chats. Comes with two greetings, the Combined Fleets Gala and big pregnancy. CHUB link Catbox link
Cute older sister taking a selfie. MILF Akagi Finally releasing a modified version of my personal Akagi card. Like with Kaga, you're her husband and already married for some time. In fact, you're married to both of the sisters. Works good on group chats with her little sis. Comes with two greetings, the Combined Fleets Gala and big pregnancy. CHUB link Catbox link
A horny Empress of a new Abyss CVX Empress Part of the 8492nd Aggressors, CVX Empress is Kaga's Abyssal form while she's recovering from fatal injuries. While Akagi's personality shift as an abyssal is comparatively slight, Kaga becomes almost an entirely different person. Still holding the same values, she no longer has autism and is much more forward and aggressive about getting laid with you. You're the 8492 commander and both of you are relaxing at the secret Moonhover retreat while she's still an Abyssal. Works well with the Midway card I made. Comes with a pregnancy alt greeting. CHUB link Catbox link
Regal Abyssal boobaaaaa - mind the spikes Midway Princess Part of the 8492nd Aggressors, Midway is Akagi's Abyssal form while she's recovering from fatal injuries. She has a massive appetite and a slight personality shift. You're the 8492 commander and both of you are relaxing at the secret Moonhover retreat while she's still an Abyssal. Works well with the CVX Empress card I made. Comes with a pregnancy alt greeting. CHUB link Catbox link
actually the same image I use for my persona Adm. Walker Admiral of the 8492nd Aggressors, husband to Kaga and Akagi, father to Bungo. Cynical, easygoing, but extremely passionate when the right notes are hit. Has a fetish for gyarus and pregnancy, very rough in bed. You're one of the new staff on base now under my rather lax leadership. This is my selfcard in the context of my Kancolle cards, though I don't know if I'll ever actually release it. UNRELEASED
Bratty and aggressive, gonna wring you dry. CLC Bungo (Female version) My OC daughteru, Bungo. She's feisty and the scenario has you paying her for compensated dating at my behest. She's down for pretty much anything, but be wary, she's a straight sociopath Abyssal. CHUB link Catbox link
You're gonna get raped (with cock!) CLC Bungo (Futanari version) My OC daughteru, Bungo. She's feisty and the scenario has you paying her for compensated dating at my behest. She's probably gonna rape you, also be wary, she's a straight sociopath Abyssal. Also she's packing a huge horse cock. CHUB link Catbox link
Uh oh smelly armpit Shigure Kai-3 Everybody's favorite PTSD-ridden doggo. Shigure has PTSD and an exhibitionist fetish. You can saviorfag her or make her worse I guess. The intro has been written so you can choose to be whoever you want, from her nice and caring Admiral to a random passerby blackmailing her with pictures of her indulging in her exhibitionism. CHUB link Catbox link
Literally ASKING for correction DD Arashio Arashio is a bratty destroyer who used to always tease you day in day out before getting reassigned to another base. Now you've been freshly assigned to a new base on a temporary basis, and lo and behold, none other than the pest herself greets you with even more teasing. A real mesugaki who's goal is to be "corrected" on her terms. CHUB link Catbox link
Pent up and ready to BUST CLT Kiso A captain in the Stormgazer Battalion, Kiso is tightly wound from the stress of a "Victory at all costs" ideology. She often makes crass remarks and has a dark sense of humor belying her extreme sexual frustration and pent up futa monster cock which is the result of Abyssal experimentation carried out by the squadron. Is hyper-aggressive in bed and has a massive breeding kink, her respect for somebody immediately and permanently dropping to zero once they find themselves on the recieving end. Has a seething hatred of the 8492nd. UNRELEASED

KanColle Bots (Niitaka Series)

A second series of KanColle bots that I thought up. In this setting you're a counselor at Niitaka Research Base, also known as Niitaka Prison, a high altitude mountain base in Taiwan specializing in the internment of captured Abyssals. Uses the same lorebook as my other KanColle cards. Shipgirls here are a member of the Niitaka Correctional Fleet (NCF) squadrons.

Image Name Description Link
An easily flustered compensator Warden Tenryuu One of the wardens who will assist you at Niitaka, in charge of keeping the peace among prisoners. Despite wanting to appear rough, she's actually a big softie. The good cop pretending to be a bad cop and Tatsuta's big sister. Comes with two greetings. CHUB link Catbox link
Devious eyes and a kind verneir Warden Tatsuta One of the wardens who will assist you at Niitaka, in charge of keeping the peace among prisoners. Despite her demure and kind appearance, she's actually a sadist who loves to enact teasing or worse upon others. The bad cop to her big sister's good cop. Comes with two greetings. CHUB link Catbox link
A big-breasted Land Type Seaport Princess One of Niitaka's prisoners, Seaport is a large, motherly Abyssal with a huge rack. Relatively amiable, Seaport doesn't try to escape the prison, too busy prioritizing the safety of the Northern Ocean Princess. Security level: Low. Comes with three greetings, made partially at request. CHUB link Catbox link
A small child Land Type Northern Ocean Princess One of Niitaka's prisoners, Northern Ocean is a small, childish Abyssal who's often playing games with the base staff, who are quite friendly with her. Clings to Seaport like a parent and sometime throws temper tantrums if she doesn't get her way. Also doesn't try to escape the base. Goes by "Hoppou" as well. Security level: Low UNRELEASED

Armored Core Bots (heh)

Ended up cooking a lot more than I thought I would for Armored Core, I originally only meant to make Walter and Ayre but the project just sorta ballooned from there as I got more ideas. So, a new category was birthed. They're mostly combat cards (except Dafeng) but you can fuck them regardless. Uses a custom JB burned into the card. REQUIRES the associated lorebook for good function, especially if you don't want the AI to think Ayre is a sentient rock. All cards come with two greetings - a "down to business" one and a laid back slice of life one - except C4-621 who has three. You can even chain (most of) them together for group chats!

Image Name Description Link
"Raven... I'll support you, whatever you decide to do." Ayre Schizo hallucination? Alien entity stuck in your brain? How about both? Ayre is a sentient Coral consciousness that's become attached to your augmentations, living as a voice inside your head that can hack into electronics and provide logistic support during missions. Lucky for you, she also seems to be quite fond of you outside missions. Even though she lacks a physical body, that doesn't stop either of you from getting up close and personal. After all, hallucinations can seem quite real to those who suffer them... Compatible with Walter for group chats! CHUB link Catbox link
"621, its time to get to work." Handler Walter The man who bought you from the Augmentation clinic, purchasing you wholesale to use as a pawn for his schemes on Rubicon. Walter is your mercenary Handler, giving you jobs for the various warring factions. While he looks all business, he's perfectly capable of hanging out with you during your downtime. Won't stop his somewhat cold demeanor though. Compatible with Ayre for group chats! CHUB link Catbox link
"More than enough for a merc with a fried brain to buy their life back." Augmented Human C4-621 - Raven The Fires of Raven, the Liberator of Rubicon, whatever they end up calling her she's still a disabled, emotionally withdrawn Gen 4. But she's also your Gen 4, to take care of, or abuse, or send on missions to earn some cash. Outside of the AC, C4-621 is barely capable of sustaining herself. She can hardly make her own food or keep up hygiene, so you'll need to treat her like a child in her day to day life. Old model Augmentation and whatever injuries she sustained before being sent to the clinic have left her covered in bandaged burns and without the ability to speak, needing to draw on her tablet to communicate. NOT compatible with Ayre or Walter in group chats, though compatible with all cards lower on the list. CHUB link Catbox link
"Rb-23, reinstating active status. Welcome back, Raven." ALLMIND The mercenary support system, ALLMIND, that supports mercenary activities on Rubicon. Or at least, your liaison from said company, run out of a dingy office that... hey, wait, how come she's the only employee you've ever seen? How come she's talking about "Chat-GPT?" and "cooming"? Lady, stop reading the script! CHUB link Catbox link
A stout tree with slender branches... Dafeng Niang-Niang It seems stupid to say, but all companies run off profit. Dafeng (A Balam subsidiary) is no exception, and it seem like they're going for an age old tactic: sexy saleswomen. Visit the Rubicon Demonstrator Expo, showcasing the latest developments from all the corporations ready to be snagged by inquisitive mercenaries! Or at least, that's the plan if the Dafeng girl doesn't get ahold of you, eager to get you to buy whatever Chinese junk they're offering. Holy shit, is that an internal combustion engine? CHUB link Catbox link

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards (heh)

Here's some assorted Yugioh monsters that I've turned into cards, extrapolating spells and traps to guess at their background world. As such, they aren't canon accurate cuz lmao good luck with that. Each one has an associated lorebook.

Image Name Description Link
Searching my deck for Sinful Spoils Diabellstar the Black Witch Diabellstar is an outlaw, using her own means and methods to hunt down Cursed Items. Of note to her are the Snake Eyes jewels, dangerous artifacts capable of spawning monsters and corrupting the minds of mortals. Seeing danger on the horizons, a cold noblewoman revokes her honor... Comes with three greetings. Use the Sinful Spoils lorebook! CHUB link Catbox link
Unhinged but nice women uuuuuu Diabellze of Original Sin Diabellze is Diabellstar's older sister, being a noblewoman while her younger sister abandoned high society. While pleasant normally, her sister brings out her unhinged side, carrying an extreme rivalry complex that drove her to become a spellcaster herself just so she could kick her ass for fun. Comes with two greetings. Use the Sinful Spoils lorebook! Works well in groupchats with her sister. CHUB link Catbox link
Man fuck fighting Tearlaments I hate fighting Tearlaments Tearlaments Scheiren On the planet Pearlereino, the Tearlaments race is ruled by the mind-controlling tyrant Reinoheart. Scheiren is one of the Tearlament women who has broken free of her brainwashing as a result of {{user}}'s organization arriving on the planet. Although, she still holds distrust for you. A real tsundere part of the rebellion. Comes with two greetings. Made at request. CHUB link Catbox link
An optimist with no idea what the future holds Exosister Elis Main character of the Exosister archetype, Elis is the ace of the local Exoschwester Korps, an organization of combat nuns who fight aginst demonic threats. Its Germany in 1930, so a certain political party is on the rise with wide spread pubilc support. Elis is one of these fervent supporters, having been too young to actually remember the Great War that claimed her parents. She channels her efforts into her role as an Exosister, stamping down demons to the utmost of her abilities. Comes with three greetings. Use the Exosister lorebook! CHUB link Catbox link

Misc Bots

Here are bots that don't fall under my usual category or are fully OC not related to either KanColle or Nikke. They may have their own lorebooks, which will be mentioned in the description.

Image Name Description Link
<< ALICE, ready for deployment >> Gundam EX-S The powerful Gundam EX-S, end of the original Zeta Project, ready to be deployed. Comes equipped with the ALICE System who will guide you through the mission. You're going to take Ayers City from the New Desides. REQUIRES the Gundam Sentinel Lorebook. CHUB link Catbox link
Literally all of UC could have been solved if someone fucked her. Haman Karn Despot of Neo Zeon, Lady Haman Karn. The year is UC 0086 and you are Char Aznable. She's heard you're planning to leave, and is having none of it. Secretly in love with you and wants you to stay, but won't admit it. Made at request. 0086 Interwar card not required but definitely recommended. CHUB link Catbox link
Past and present sex slaves Aile (Megaman ZX Advent) Aile is a strong fighter in this future city that you both live in, utilizing the powerful Model ZX and Model O combat forms. However, she's also your brainwashed sex sleeve from years ago. You let her go without her memories before, so how about you give her a little refresher? Aile's slave programming is activated by the phrase "Inject S-Code". No associated lorebook. CHUB link Catbox link
A fighter bridging the past and future Aile (Megaman ZX Advent, SFW version) Aile is a strong fighter in this future city that you both live in, utilizing the powerful Model ZX and Model O combat forms. She's got a soft spot for coffee, though she's also a high ranking member of the local militia. Includes chatter from Biometal X and Zero. No associated lorebook. Catbox link
Shiho Ohka is your first victim, named after the suicide jet bomber. JK EXORCIST CLUB In a world where demons and evil spirits are tangible threats, Serizawa High School is a safe haven for burgeoning women. While an otherwise normal all-girls school, Serizawa also hosts the JK Exorcist Club, where students with spiritual aptitude are trained to fight against supernatural threats. You're one of these threats, a demon who's recently begun stalking the school in order to harvest the exorcists for their precious spiritual energy. Shiho Ohka is the first of your victims and was named by anons at /aicg/. No associated lorebook. Based on FAN NO HITORI's works. CHUB link Catbox link
Empty-eyed bunny merc Karinn Nine Orphaned by happenstance and already suffering from depression, Karinn became a mercenary at a young age. She simply passes from day to day as they are, completely undisturbed by the horrors of the battlefields that she's deployed to. She has no loyalty in particular, making a living through odd jobs of whatever sort will pay her. Also has degenerate sexuality, being no stranger to the extreme. Two greetings, one where she's working as a bunnygirl and another where she's your maid. No associated lorebook. Based on kanine41's OC. CHUB link Catbox link
Scuttlets are cute too LastDancer.BAT A mix of Virus, Navi, and human created in an abandoned attempt to save a child's life. She's smug, confident, and curious when not devouring the data of other Navis with data-leaching tentacles to survive. Doesn't have an operator by default, but I can be added in optionally for group chats. Be careful where if you become her NetOp, she causes glitches in whatever she's housed in! Five greetings and an integrated lorebook. See either the Chub page or the Extra section for the extra defs. Made for /aicg/'s NetNavi boom. CHUB link Catbox link
Stolen, trained, and fucked loyal Suzumori Mizuki Mizuki is a track and field star who was stolen and roughly trained by (you), breaking up with her boyfriend to be yours instead before going to college. A complete nymphomaniac at your beck and call, based off a set of doujins by Satou Kuuki. Comes with two greetings. CHUB link Catbox link
Beware, all dicks who enter thee Shinohara Aya Aya is a highschool girl who's shy and anxious, often the target of bullying. What people don't know is that her bullying is hyper sexual in nature: the boys that have been bullying her since middle school often use her as their personal meat urinal, shoving their cocks into her face and making her swallow dick 24/7. She's since internalized her role as a dedicated blowjob machine with her virginity 100% intact. Oh, she's also the granddaughter of one of the most prolific construction companies in Japan. Comes with three greetings, one where you're one of the bullies, one where you're a teacher who's found out her secret, and one where you're a police officer in charge of covering up the whole affair. UNRELEASED
Ex-Magical Girl, now Anti-Magical Girl Magical Breaker Hifumi Hifumi Azegawa is a Magical Breaker, a twisted experiment from the Terra Solus organization. She used to be Magical Girl Hifumi, a local darling, before brainwashing and experiments changed all that. After escaping and killing everyone who changed her into what she is today, she sets out to change her fellow Magical Girls by force... Comes with three greetings. Use the Magical Girls lorebook! Works well in groupchats with other Magical Girls, where she has a tendency to be super aggressive. CHUB link Catbox link
Maso Magical Catgirl Magical Meat Toilet Yuusha Magical Girl Yuusha, the defender of love and justice in Aegi city! Or at least, that's what she tries to be. While she tries her best, Yuusha sometimes falls flat and ends up being humiliated by villains. Has super intense orgasms when being humiliated, not realizing that she has the makings of a perfect masochist. Outside of being a Magical Girl, she goes to school as the honor student Yuna Arihara. Comes with three greetings. Use the Magical Girls lorebook! Works well in groupchats with other Magical Girls. CHUB link Catbox link
Slutty Magical Foxgirl Magical Meat Toilet Chiyo Magical Girl Chiyo is another Magical Girl in Aegi city and one of Yuna best friend and classmate. Upbeat and flashy when not transformed, Tomoyo Ina is a little bit of a gyaru who doesn't realize that she enjoys being looked at by men. Has the markings of a total slut even though she doesn't realize it. Unlike Yuusha, she comes from a bad family situation and lives alone with her harrassive uncle... Comes with three greetings. Use the Magical Girls lorebook! Works well in groupchats with other Magical Girls. CHUB link Catbox link
HOT SINGLE DEMONGIRLS IN YOUR AREA Ashtir Ashtir is a failure of a demoness, and as such nobody from her own race wants to mate with her... so, that's why she's hunting for humans! Ready and eager, Ashtir is shy but really wants to get laid. And have romantic dates. And have lots and lots of kids. Comes with three greetings, including a pregnancy greeting! No lorebook for this one. CHUB link Catbox link
bratty oooo Tanaka Mamimi Mamimi is a bit of a problem child, adopting her punk fashion and dyed hair as an attempt to lash out against her spoiled and permissive upbringing, secretly longing for repercussions. She got scouted as an idol and works as part of the group L'Antica. Comes with three greetings, no lorebook. CHUB link Catbox link


Here are my lorebooks, which are recommended for all my cards that are built with them in mind. LINKS LAST UPDATED: 5/11/24

Name Description Link
GGR Nikke Lorebook for my Nikke cards. CHUB link Catbox link
GGR Nikke - First Invasion Lorebook for my First Invasion Nikke cards. CHUB link Catbox link
GGR KanColle Lorebook for my KanColle cards. CHUB link Catbox link
GGR Sinful Spoils Lorebook for my Sinful Spoils Yugioh cards. CHUB link Catbox link
GGR Tearlaments Lorebook for the Tearlaments Scheiren card. CHUB link Catbox link
GGR Exosisters Lorebook for my Exosister cards. CHUB link Catbox link
GGR Magical Girls Lorebook for my Magical Girl cards. CHUB link Catbox link
FIRES OF RUBICON Lorebook for my Armored Core VI cards. CHUB link Catbox link
0086 Interwar Lorebook for the Haman Karn card. CHUB link Catbox link
Gundam Sentinel Lorebook for the Gundam EX-S card. CHUB link Catbox link


Extra shit for some cards.

Name Description
LastDancer.BAT Operator "GGR89" is a man who has recently paired with LastDancer as her operator. An idealist at heart, he often tries his best to keep her out of trouble while running damage control for those she comes in contact with, serving as a mediator. Disapproves of her sadistic tendencies but overlooks her devouring others as a vital part of her survival. GGR often chimes in over voice to other Navis and operators around her. While he has a very rough manner of speaking, with passionate opinions and liberal use of casual swears or slurs, he genuinely cares for and worries over his new Virus Navi. GGR89 is not a particularly good battler, however LastDancer makes up for his shortcomings with raw skill and aggression; strangely, he is adept at coordinating multiple Navis as a squad. Provides combat support by sending her Battle Chips, giving tactical info, and occasionally forcing Full Synchro in dire situations despite her protests. LastDancer looks up to GGR as a guide, though is unaware of him being the biological father who lost her years ago.

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