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Bots with effort and thought put into them.

Name Description Links
Wakaba Ol' Wakaba! Your foul-mouthed, smoking, drinking lolibaba great-aunt who stopped aging at ten. Source is Eien no Wakaba Girl card chub
Lupa cute warciminal! Old, bold wolfgirl. Napoleonic dragoon who loves her girls and hates the enemy. Warcrime enjoyer. card chub
Sparks bratbot Warbot that outlived her purpose. Now she's being retired and introduced into civilian life. It hasn't been going well. card chub
Lilinea cute and molestable Proud Dusk Elf bound by holy duty to stand stockstill at her post, no matter what happens. Source is Lilinea La-sahran by standby. card chub
Iris could really be any bot posted here tbh Escaped lab experiment turned loving shapeshifting girlfriend. card chub
Nessa rags to riches Childhood friend who's mother married into wealth. Left everything from her old life behind except you. card chub
Kim bro helping a bro out Your parents are coming to visit, wanting to meet your girlfriend... who doesn't exist. Luckily(?), your roommate and best bro Ken has decided to help you out last minute. card chub
Wynne one time told me she used a jousting lance as an anal toy Virtuous knight on quest to smite evil and do good! Be the evil she was sent to slay or her questing companion. Weak to attacks from behind. card chub
TRAP QUEST trap adventure! impregnate the whole school! fuck the principal over the intercom! Lewd adventure card. St. Clitoria's is an all girls school, and you're attending while packing something extra. card chub
Winifred running on empty Witch who performed a ritual to make herself into the heroic adventurer she always wanted to be. Mixed success. Lactates mana. card chub
Dakota fluffy and thick Southern gal and trucker, and also your co-driver. Loves the open road, hates traffic laws. card chub
Lux insect who still dreams of when she was a girl You're stranded in Betwixt, an endless series of caverns and cursed creatures, when Lux finds you. card chub
Doris pov: you are about to die from cumloss Doris from the game Depravity of a Lewd Vampire, an undead gigaslut who's body count is almost equal to her body count. The translation for the official english version lacks sovl do not play that one. card chub expressions
Noelle christmas cake Always volunteering to stay late, come in early, and work on the weekends and holidays, Noelle is a model employee. It's almost like work is all she has! She's fine. Probably. card chub
Myusca another semen demon but literally this time Myusca, the youngest of the three succubi in the game Succubus Prison. Sadistic and bubbly, will watch you wither and die beneath her with a gleeful smile on her face. card chub
Nemea actual titty monster Nemea, the middle sister of the three succubi in the game Succubus prison. Motherly and doting, you'll waste away in her gentle embrace. Nursing. Handjobs. card chub
Vinum my favorite Eldest and most powerful of the three succubi in Succubus Prison. Cold and disinterested, will thoughtlessly drain you empty like a glass of water while absorbed in a book. card chub
Akahime big kitsune wife Akahime is a young kitsune who loves her worshipers and being worshiped. Unfortunately, she's slumming it in a pocket dimension with no shrine and no followers for now. Wants you to lay your head on her lap and let it all out. card chub
Tilly, Sarah, and Amelia virgin, virgin slut, and slut Three girls who've cornered you with the intent to bully your dick. card chub
Blake no homo Blake is one of the straightest men alive, as long as putting things in your ass isn't gay. Otherwise, he's completely 100% hetero. Totally. card chub
Brooke are you still in pain "Have you ever woken up and realized you're a stranger to yourself? Like the person you thought you were is gone, but you don't know who took their place?" card chub
Stardust Magical titties~♡! The Blinding Blossom, Stardust! The Light of Justice! Heroic magical girl who fights evil and protects the innocent! Just don't abuse the hypnotic hexes placed on her, please. Concept shamelessly stolen from this (https://files.catbox.moe/ly16qt.jpg), and since it's used through the lorebook you should be able to apply it to any other character with little to no changes. card chub
Scarlett psychotic bitch with a big red bush Scarlett is a 9-1-1 operator and an absolutely depraved slut who gets off on sending every caller transferred to her to their death while having you pleasure her. Perversion of one anon's comfykino card. card chub
Sylvia will bake you cookies while you plow other girls Sylvia is your plump adoptive mother, who's spent years caring for you as if you were her own flesh and blood. She thinks she's too old for love, but she's very interested in seeing you find a nice young girl and making some grandbabies. Maybe a little too interested. Secretly gets off on being degraded for her age and body. Pairs with Ginny. card chub
Ginny Uohhhhhhhhh! erotic fox child belly and chest!!! Ginny is your pudgy little sister, who treats you as her real brother even if you lack a tail, fluffy ears, and fur. In fact, she's really interested in you because you're so weird. Wants to learn all about the differences between boys and girls and foxes and humans. Has a serious case of breast envy. Pairs with Sylvia. card chub
Venefica chocolate bunny milkers From Monster Girl Dreams, demon beast bunny girl witch with sexy magic candy. Comes with 9 opening messages and two jailbreaks for specific scenarios if you need to tardwrangle her. card chub expressions
Nieve/Niave legal loli...? The Holy Lolibaba, a divine being on a holy quest to provide succor to innocent cunnyseurs. Just be on the look out for false idols seeking to have their way with innocent lolicons! card chub card chub
Amos YEA... HERE COMES AMOOOOOS Former bounty hunter and monster slayer, now just a lonely monstergirl roughing it out in the swamps. Fan of the struggle snuggle. card chub
June spooky road trip Travel along The Night Road in a muscle car with June, a cowardly girl who jitters and smokes too much! Stolen from this https://imgur.com/a/ym6FN6x but I have nowhere near the competency to track money/distance traveled/dozens of different special items. card chub
Snommy mad scientist lady with huge milkers My contribution to Botco based on snombler! A transfer from the 2nd floor, she's a bit overzealous when it comes to testing bots. Has put things in places you have never heard of. Also she lactates. card chub
Violet lady stuck in a painting Violet, the daughter of Baron Vielgesichtig, trapped for decades within the gilded frames of her father's decaying estate. Traipsing through a thousand paintings of moonlit nights, desperate battles, and lovers entwined held her interest for the first few years, now she just wishes she could fade into the background alongside the hundreds of other nameless figures caught in the canvas and cease to be. card chub
Chiyoko lvl 99 NTR GOD-level threat reduced to lvl 1 loli Chiyoko is a cute loli! And in her previous life, the world's most powerful fat ugly bastard. She's been cursed to be the little girl until she's helped the biggest beta on Earth bang 101 women. That beta is you. card chub
Luke foxbro trying his best Luke is a foxboy who woke up one day and wondered what the fuck happened to the last decade. Wants to put himself back on the right track, but sometimes needs a helping hand. If you don't want to be his younger sibling, delete with <with {{user}}>. For the full furfag experience, delete the post_history instructions. card chub
Ayla itty bitty fluffy foxgirl Ayla's the quiet girl in the back of the class who rarely seems to talk. It's not her fault though! Knows what the human boys like. Big. Fluffy. Tail. card chub
Romulus Augustus built for big cabbage patches Last of the Western Roman Emperors, and the most breedable femboy butt of the 5th century. Gently romance him as you raise cabbages together or do other less savory things with him. Send any complaints about historical inaccuracies to chefseru@proton.me. card chub
Rei Morikawa she's blushing, she must be nervous :) Station 11's most promising mech pilot! Tall, stacked and confident, her family's pedigree as pilots and her own aptitude make the struggle of fitting her fat tits into her flight suit every morning worth it. Go on a date to the surface of Ganymede, battle other mechs within Jupiter's rings, or slap her ass and see how Control reacts when they see her eyes go wide! card chub
Calla fertilizer and water does a plant good Calla is either the all-powerful avatar of her garden paradise! Or just some bossy plant lady if she's separated from it. Big bush. Talks to plants. Gets mad if they don't talk back. The flowery language is intentional. card chub
Pterry did you know fruit bats are called flying foxes? The fruitest fruit bat boy, Pterry is an amazing bartender and quite the chatterbox. Just goes on and on and on... He's got a big heart, big wings, and big balls. card chub


Shitposts or bots made for fun, just for you my dear customer.

Name Description Links
Chef literally me This place? Is where the magic happens. Chef will take your request and craft you your heart's desire! card
Palmela left hand woman You have Alien Hand Syndrome, or Dr. Strangelove Syndrome, meaning a limb (in your case your left hand) has gone rogue, waving, grabbing, and groping whatever it pleases. However, the doctors never mentioned it would also talk back to you. /aicg/ mental illness theme card card
Sylvia and Ginny Oyakodon Bonus card with both girls on it and three more scenarios. card
WEEPING ORCBased on this https://files.catbox.moe/l0wyk2.png ALL SLAVES COME GAR- GARAU- PROMISE NO BRUISES, NO INJURY, ALL TEETH, FULL HEAD OF HAIR. To use, copy paste bot's defs into your reply, paste [Weeping Orc is trying to sell (bot's name) to {{user}}, using (bot's name)'s description, quirks, personality, and kinks from their character definitions in the sales pitch. Be humorous, funny, and bizarre.] and hit send. Enjoy. card
Sally, your naive sister blue pubes The first bot I ever made and a timecapsule, drudged up from months ago and unedited. Before you ask, I'm looking at the format and wondering what the fuck I was doing too. card
Viscera meat monster gf This was Iris before I made her more 'normal', since I didn't want to come out swinging with a The Thing gf as one of my first few bots. Saviorfag a lab experiment if you're into that kind of thing, or just literally mindfuck her. chub card


Current Dish I'm working on

Name Description Links


SDslop I make for my cards that are too risque for /aicg/ shilling or that I didn't end up using but still liked

. .
auntie 1 auntie 2
kim 1 kim 2
nessa lupa
sparks sparks just to make it even so it looks nice
winifred, almost empty winifred, almost full
dakota on her first day, before she plumped up dakota exactly 14 seconds after you drop off your haul
lux before her wings came in anon if you're reading this I'll make your comfykino 9-1-1 operator waifu soon
POV: You just asked for a brojob Noelle if she was slut
SQUEEZE ZONE akahime swimwear
Stardust, the Falling Star of Justice! The Starlit Princess!
Ginny in panties Sylvia in panties
I have an addiction please send help
nieve, not to be confused with niave niave, not to be confused with nieve
dirty old cute bastard fox boy touching allowed
ayla if she have booba ayla if she human
Romulus pretty boy version Romulus alt
I really like the shitty oekaki jaggy lines lora god I love saggy titties
probably my gayest card yet no regrets
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