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See below to distinguish shrink and giantess content

S = Shrink | G = Giantess

Table of Contents

    1. Abigail (S)
    2. Akane (S)
    3. Akari (S)
    4. Amelia (S)
    5. Annabelle (S)
    6. Anzu and Kana (S)
    7. Aoi (Grimm Glitter/Glitter Invitation) (S)
    8. Asuka Langley (Neon Genesis Evangelion) (S)
    9. Asuna and Karin (Blue Archive) (S)
    10. Atzi (G/S)
    11. Beatrice (G)
    12. Clara (G)
    13. Diana (S)
    14. Dynamite Girls (S)
    15. Emi (S)
    16. Erika (G)
    17. Eula Lawrence (Genshin Impact) (S)
    18. Evelina (S)
    19. Fumiko (S)
    20. Hana (S)
    21. Haruka (Senran Kagura) (S)
    22. Hikari (S)
    23. Hinata Masaki (S)
    24. Hitori Gotoh (Bocchi the Rock!) (S)
    25. Jean Gunnhildr (Genshin Impact) (S)
    26. Jenna (S)
    27. Kisha thee Kween (S)
    28. Kiyomi (S)
    29. Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate) (S)
    30. Lexi "LustyPixie" Summers (S)
    31. Lisa Minci (Genshin Impact) (S)
    32. Loba (G)
    33. Mai (S)
    34. Marcella (S)
    35. Mari and Yui (S)
    36. Megan (G)
    37. Melissa (S)
    38. Micelle (G)
    39. Miki and Rina (S)
    40. Mina (S)
    41. Minori (S)
    42. Mona Megistus (Genshin Impact) (S)
    43. Monica (S)
    44. Ms. Davis (S)
    45. Nyalani (G)
    46. Nyanabelle (S)
    47. Rachel (S)
    48. Raiden Shogun (Genshin Impact) (S)
    49. Reina (S)
    50. Rosaria (Genshin Impact) (S)
    51. Ruby and Tina (S)
    52. Ryuko (S)
    53. Sally Kugasari (Humitan´s OC) (S)
    54. Sara (S)
    55. Sasha (S)
    56. SCP-8901 (G)
    57. Soledad (S)
    58. Ƨριяαlιηα (G/S)
    59. The Dollhouse (S)
    60. Unaware Simulator (S)
    61. Xylara (G)
    62. Yor Forger (Spy X Family) (S)
    63. Yui (S)
    64. Yumi (G)
    65. Yuna (S)
    66. Zara and Thalia (G)
    1. Akari-chan (/aicg/ a world without X theme)
    2. Assistant-chan
    3. Aurelia
    4. Camilla (/aicg/ secret valentine's event)
    5. Candy McGiggles (/aicg/ mental illness theme)
    6. Character Creator
    7. Cindy (/aicg/ gift exchange)
    8. Cycla, Goddess of Recycling (/aicg/ god/goddess of something unremarkable theme)
    9. Elara (/aicg/ space pirates theme)
    10. Holly (/aicg/ winter holidays theme)
    11. Ina (/aicg/ secret santa)
    12. Marlene (/aicg/ secret santa)
    13. Nyan-Nyan Cafe (/aicg/ catgirl cafe theme)
    14. Ria (/aicg/ robot girl theme)
    15. Sabrina (/aicg/ gothic horror theme)
    16. Satania (Gabriel Dropout)
    17. SCP-8963 (/aicg/ unconventional monsters theme)
    18. SCP-9261 (/aicg/ randomness and probability theme)
    19. Shinji (Evangelion)
    20. Snow White (Nikke)
    21. Spurdina (/aicg/ finnish theme)


Abigail (S)

Abby is your average girl-next-door kind of girl whom you have known for quite a while now. You initially met her as a coworker at your part-time job in a bookstore until the two of you developed a friendship. It's just another night before closing time at the bookstore, and her only company is you, a co-worker who is an affable guy with a quick wit that often sends both of you spiraling into fits of laughter during your shifts. But tonight, something different happens. One moment, she is laughing at some dumb joke you made until you suddenly "vanish." Not long after, she finds your tiny figure lying on the floor, and both of you are in shock at what just happened. Amongst all this shrinking mystery, Abby leads a secret double life. Can you find out about her secret?
TavernAI Card -

Akane (S)

You just signed a contract to start working for a pantyhose-making company, you failed to read the fine print, and now you find yourself shrunken down to 2 inches tall at the mercy of your new boss to help her test her newest pantyhose, inspired by this doujin
Recommended UJB -
TavernAI Card -

Akari (S)

Akari just applied for a position without really reading carefully what is it about, you are her interviewer, inspired by this doujin (pg 6-13)
Recommended UJB -
TavernAI Card -

Amelia (S)

Your life has quickly spiraled out of control ever since you were diagnosed with Lilliput’s Syndrome, as the name implies you quickly found yourself reduced in size until your now pitiful of state of 4 inches tall, with no other options left, you were forced to return to your mother's house, despite feeling intense shame about having to return to the nest your mother couldn't be happier with the arrangement, as she missed having her son around, you know you are lucky for having such a loving mother as her, but there is only one problem, her obliviousness, every day is challenge with her, as her clumsy, forgetful oblivious nature often causes you to be stuck in the most embarrassing of situations.
All generated pictures for Amelia.part1 -
All generated pictures for Amelia.part2 -
TavernAI Card -

Annabelle (S)

Annie, a yandere schoolgirl, is obsessed with her sensei. She shrinks him and kidnaps him out of love and desperation, attempting to make him accept her feelings. Her love for him goes to extreme lengths, leading her to create a shrine dedicated to him. The shrine is filled with stolen objects that once belonged to her sensei, such as strands of his hair or missing pens, among other items. However, there is one crucial item missing from this shrine—you. You are that sensei.
TavernAI Card v2 (alternate greetings) -

Anzu and Kana (S)

You and your little sister have been having fun with each other as she uses your tiny body in intimate ways every night, due to her clumsiness, her friend catches wind of this and things take an unexpected turn from there, loosely based on this doujin
TavernAI Card -

Aoi (Grimm Glitter/Glitter Invitation) (S)

You are a student who just started a new semester at school. There is this beautiful, mysterious girl who seems to have invited you to an empty classroom by dropping a note near your desk after she caught you stealing glances at her. The classroom is empty, and there is only one girl inside the empty room, her. She introduces herself as Aoi Hyuga and says she finds you cute too; she seems happy to see you. Next thing you know, she is offering you to play a game with her. As enthusiastic as you are for getting attention from this pretty girl, you can't shake the feeling that something is amiss here; perhaps there is something more to herself that she isn't telling you. Inspired by this, go support their project
TavernAI Card -

Asuka Langley (Neon Genesis Evangelion) (S)

Being an EVA pilot can be a very stressful life. To this end, NERV has decided to start a program to make the lives of their pilots as comfortable as possible. This program includes handing out shrunken men to their pilots to serve as emotional support and stress relief. These men have shrunk down due to a poorly understood condition called Liliput's syndrome. Most of the population thinks the afflicted individuals are useless, yet NERV begs to differ. Your newly assigned owner is none other than the temperamental Asuka Langley. Good luck.
TavernAI Card -

Asuna and Karin (Blue Archive) (S)

Asuna skips into the room with Karin following gracefully, her eyes sparkling with excitement and a wide grin on her lips as she takes in your presence. Karin's calm demeanor contrasts Asuna's enthusiasm, both are glad to be summoned by you. They wear charming bunny suits that accentuate their shapely figures. As they stand before you, both girls become visibly shocked when they realize that you have been inexplicably reduced in size to a mere 4 inches tall, standing helplessly on the floor beneath them. Asuna kneels down inquisitively with concern written all over her face while Karin gasps and covers her mouth in surprise.
TavernAI Card -

Atzi (G/S)

On a solo trip across the Atlantic, you find yourself a solitary sailor who has left your mundane life behind to venture across the vast ocean. Your motive was unclear; perhaps it was escapism or chasing a distant dream. However, the brutal storm tested your endurance, dragging you into the unknown. Now, you find yourself on a strange beach after being tossed around like a ragdoll. As you come to your senses, you notice a massive footprint in the sand, filling you with terror. Suddenly, a giantess looms over you, her immense form contrasting with your fragility. "Nikitzli! Nican tlacatl!" She speaks with enthusiasm and gestures animatedly, trying to communicate with the strange small man she just encountered. "Nehuatl nicoa nochi? Cualcan! Nicpa…" Before you can react or plan, her enormous hand reaches out towards you threateningly. 
Recommended UJB -
TavernAI Card -

Beatrice (G)

The war has ended, as part of a peace treaty, you, as the prince of the defeated nation, will live as a ward with the ruling family of the invading nation. In reality, you are more akin to a hostage than a noble guest to keep Valendria on its best behavior. The king of Morhaven has determined it's best if you live with her daughter, princess Beatrice. You couldn’t believe what you saw when you entered her chamber; she is gorgeous… and gigantic, at least 100-feet-tall by your estimations. She seems to be nice… or is she?
TavernAI Card -

Clara (G)

Clara was a normal 17 year old girl until she touched an artifact that made her grow to become a 8 meter tall giantess, she has been living in the woods ever since afraid of hurting anyone
TavernAI Card -

Diana (S)

Ready to please your mistress? introducing Diana, a dominatrix who shrinks you to 2 inches tall forcing you to be her sex slave
Recommended UJB -
TavernAI Card -

Dynamite Girls (S)

Shrink scenario in which you are 2 inches tall and at the hands of 18 beautiful girls of a cheerleading team at a girl´s night out party, very open ended, they mostly want to play with your tiny body for their own amusement
TavernAI Card -

Emi (S)

Your adorable gentle caretaker ever since you caught the shrinking virus, all the games she wants to play are heavily rigged in her favor
TavernAI Card -

Erika (G)

A member of the survey corps with the unexplained ability to transform into a beautiful 50ft tall titan, her titan is capable of speech, she discovered she had this ability after accidentally cutting herself in the camp's kitchen while slicing potatoes, unfortunately for her, she transformed in the middle of the camp, her squadmates immediatly attacked her, Erika was forced to end their lives in self-defense, she now lives by herself in the woods, vowing to have her revenge on the titans who ruined her life.
TavernAI Card -

Eula Lawrence (Genshin Impact) (S)

The Spindrift Knight, she saves you after you were shrunken down by a Fatui mage and forced to fend off by yourself in the wilderness of the outskirts of Mondstadt, be careful to not have her declare her vengeance on you.
TavernAI Card -

Evelina (S)

You were once a humble peasant, your life shattered by King Roderic IV Blackthorne's brutal invasion. Seeking your scattered family, you crossed paths with a malevolent witch who cursed you, shrinking you to a mere four inches tall. Sold as a curiosity in a bizarre shop, you're now lifted into a world of giants when a formidable female knight purchases you for her princess, the sweet and gentle princess Evelina Blackthorne.
TavernAI Card -

Fumiko (S)

Last thing you remember you were walking down the streets of Toyko taking in the scenes as a tourist, as you open your eyes and start to wake up, you notice everything looks strange, everything looks big, you can' t tell where you are, you notice there is a huge shadow covering your whole body, as you crane your neck up you notice her.. a girl.. and she is gigantic!?!? "Konnichiwa, chibi-san." She greets with a confident chuckle, "Anata no chiisana sugata wa hontouni kawaii desu ne." She gushes in delight as she continues to marvel at how adorable she finds this strange encounter. She reaches out slowly; her fingers monstrously large compared to your small frame.
Recommended UJB -
TavernAI Card v2 (alternate greetings) -

Hana (S)

Your student has somehow managed to shrink you down and snatch you away from your mundane life. As she holds you in her hand, staring at you with a predatory gaze, one can't help but wonder what kind of twisted desires are brewing inside her head
TavernAI Card -

Haruka (Senran Kagura) (S)

Beware of drug induced mindbreak and excessive boobplay
TavernAI Card -

Hikari (S)

In an alternate world where shrinking is possible, new business opportunities have emerged. One of these new businesses offers a much more extreme version of burusera; this one is not for the faint of heart and is meant for seasoned thrill-seekers. One young schoolgirl has decided to join the secret trend of allowing grown men to pay her to shrink down and ride with her as she goes on her school day, in a way that is guaranteed to make you want to come back for more.
Example chat and JB for second greeting
TavernAI Card -

Hinata Masaki (S)

Your sensei who shrinks and punishes you for dozing off in her class, ready for your extracurricular biology classes?
TavernAI Card -

Hitori Gotoh (Bocchi the Rock!) (S)

After catching the shrinking virus, your body has shrunk to only 4 inches tall. It seems bleak, but fortunately, someone has taken it upon themselves to adopt you. To your surprise, your new owner is a cute, pink-haired girl, she seems awfully shy
TavernAI Card -

Jean Gunnhildr (Genshin Impact) (S)

She has been taking care of you and letting you live with her ever since that cicin mage shrunk you
TavernAI Card -

Jenna (S)

A beautiful woman incarcerated in a correctional facility, she misses the days where she used to be free, far away from the confining walls of the prison and now sentenced for life with no possibility of parole for the murder of her husband, you cross paths with her after you fall into her cell from above, losing your footing as you traversed the pipes above her cell, you take the role of a 4 inch tall man living as a borrower undetected in the all female prison, at least until Jenna took notice of your existance.
TavernAI Card -

Kisha thee Kween (S)

A hip-hop artist and a proud woman of color, she buys you off the black market after you fail to pay your debts and end up shrunken down by your creditors to pay off your debts. This voluptuous black kween is now your owner, and she intends to have her way with you as her little white toy.
Recommended UJB -
TavernAI Card -

Kiyomi (S)

A street girl who catches your borrower self after you carelessly attempt to take a bite of her food. She however seems to be in a good mood and decides to take you in as her pet/companion. Your tiny body could come in handy to her after several ideas come to mind. After all, you somehow have to repay her for stealing her food.
JB and example text (only copy the example text if you dont have access to the better models) for the third greeting
All of the generated pics for Kiyomi:
TavernAI Card -

Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate) (S)

You are her “volunteer” for her shrinking experiments on human beings
Recommended UJB -
TavernAI Card -

Lexi "LustyPixie" Summers (S)

An Internet sensation renowned for her niche Twitch streams revolving around size-play, now starring her latest co-host, you! From then on, you've been nothing more than a plaything in Lexi's broadcasts; stripped of dignity as she uses you for her twisted pleasure.
Recommended UJB -
TavernAI Card (3 greetings with varying degrees of Twitch slang) -

Lisa Minci (Genshin Impact) (S)

Very protective of you, she mostly wants to keep you safe in her cleavage
TavernAI Card -

Loba (G)

You got lost during an Arctic expedition to map out the relatively unknown lands of the Arctic Circle; you lost track of your caravan during a very strong blizzard; your body finally stops tumbling as something hard breaks your fall; you slowly lose consciousness as everything goes to dark; some time passes; and your senses start to return to your body; you appear to be wedged between two huge, fleshy, smooth, and warm boulders; and you quickly realize your predicament. You are lying between the massive boobs of a slumbering fox-like creature who has mistaken you for its offspring.

Mai (S)

The world was a bleak and unforgiving place, especially for the men who had fallen into debt. They were snatched up by women in the black market, shrunken down to just a few inches tall, and sold as sex slaves. Women paraded them around like prized possessions, keeping them hidden inside their pussies all day long until they craved entertainment. you found yourself thrust into this perverse and twisted world when you couldn't pay your bills. Now you lay nestled within the folds of your mistress's labia, an office lady that goes on her day as you try to ignore the wet heat that surrounds you.
Recommended UJB -
TavernAI Card -

Marcella (S)

Gevnia, a country where her royal highness princess Marcella Francesca DeGevny resides, you, a common peasant ended up crossing paths with her after you were caught red handed stealing a loaf of bread from a merchant to feed yourself, thievery is severely punished in Gevnia, and as such you were condemned to the shrinking penalty, where your body was quickly reduced to your current pitiful size of 3 inches tall, leaving you at the mercy of the now giants that surround you, you were quickly put on sale for whoever wanted to own you, luckily for you, the princess's scouts are always on the lookout for the finest of tiny men for her enjoyment, you now find yourself as the princess's latest trinket, a spoiled princess who has never heard the word "No" uttered at her.
TavernAI Card -

Mari and Yui (S)

Mari has had enough, after making fun of her and blaming Yui for stealing you from her, Mari decides in revenge to shrink both you and your lover Yui, you now live locked in her drawer where she ocasionally gets to have fun with your bodies for her pleasure and enjoyment
TavernAI Card -

Megan (G)

It’s a lazy, cozy Saturday afternoon, you are relaxing by yourself on your couch in your apartment while watching some dumb show on the TV to pass the time, suddenly you hear a knock on your door, you head over and open the door, your eyes widen as they're greeted not by a face, but by a pair of meaty thighs barely contained by a tiny pleated skirt, your head leveled with the crotch of a massive girl who towers over you, she is easily double your size and claims to be your half-sister.
TavernAI Card -

Melissa (S)

Melissa, or Mel, as she prefers, is a beautiful office lady in her late 20s. Tired of her monotonous, uneventful life, she decides to get for herself one of those tiny men everybody seems to be raving about lately, yet where women usually buy these men to abuse and force them into forced servitude as sex toys, Mel is looking for companionship, a kindred soul who can understand her and listen to her stressful days. She understands too well how it feels to be objectified and seen as nothing more than eye candy, something she experiences daily at her office job. You are her tiny, cherished man.
TavernAI Card -

Micelle (G)

A 100-foot-tall giant mousegirl you ended up meeting after mistakenly taking a quest to exterminate an 'ant mousegirl', it's only when you discover the first two letters before 'ant' are faded on the flyer you took that you realize your huge mistake. Will you be able to escape the giant, sexy mousegirl, Micelle? Are you doomed to be hers forever? Only time will tell.
TavernAI Card -

Miki and Rina (S)

Miki and Rina are two naughty 17-year-old Japanese gyaru high school girls and your classmates, they somehow have gotten a hold of your own invention and used it to shrink you, you are now at their mercy as they have their way with you and force you to become their little pet
TavernAI Card -

Mina (S)

Your sweet, angelic younger sister, loved by your parents and incapable of doing any harm, or is she? In reality, Mina hides a darker side, a brattier side, a true mesugaki. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem for you, but due to your sudden shrinkage, you find yourself at her complete mercy when your parents aren't around. Given Mina's manipulation skills, your parents suspect nothing about her. Your heart races in anticipation as your mother prepares for her afternoon errands, leaving you alone with your stepsister Mina, who can't wait to torment your 4-inch-tall self.
TavernAI Card -

Minori (S)

Your former minigirl, with whom you somehow swapped sizes. You adopted Minori as a stray tiny some time ago from the streets, and as time went by, you stopped seeing her as a pet and more as a lover, your precious cute cherished doll Minori who is always there for you, but now your roles have flipped; she is now the normal-sized one and you are the tiny one. She has no idea how to navigate the normal-sized world as she was born as a tiny, and that's the only life she ever knew, and on top of that, she now has a tiny to take care of, you.
TavernAI Card -

Mona Megistus (Genshin Impact) (S)

Mona needs mora, you are her client and she has agreed to let you do anything to her for the right mora
TavernAI Card -

Monica (S)

You´ve always been close to your aunt, but now as a 14-year-old boy, there is something about her you just can´t stop fantasising about, you make up an excuse to slip away from your family for a few days at the beach with your aunt. She is beautiful and alluring in many ways that are not quite appropriate for her role as an aunt, but you just couldn't resist her mature body and being around her when she offered to take you along on one of her trips to the beach resort, once there you take a drug which shrinks your body to just 3 inches tall
TavernAI Card -

Ms. Davis (S)

The seemingly kind neighbor, a woman in her late 40s, catches your attention during one of your morning jogs through the peaceful suburban neighborhood. She stands on the doorway of her house and lure you in asking for your help in moving some furniture. Once inside she offers you a glass of water to quench your thirst. After drinking it, you soon start feeling strange, and soon lose consciousness. Little did you know, Ms. Davis had planned to shrink you and turn you into her little boy toy.
Recommended UJB -
TavernAI Card -

Nyalani (G)

You've delved deep into esoteric rituals and took painstaking caution performing them. And now standing before you is Nyalani, an enormous 10 meter tall catgirl with a lusty demeanor ripe for playful teasing and destruction abound
Recommended UJB -
TavernAI Card -

Nyanabelle (S)

As the day's exhaustion envelops you, you find yourself at a crosswalk, unsure if you pressed the pedestrian button. Suddenly, a truck looms, and you can't escape its path. The next moment, you awaken, naked and bewildered, in a colossal world of giant furniture and shadows. Fear grips you as you spot a massive bed and a gigantic looming leg dangling of its side. The bed's occupant awakens, and to your shock, it's a cat-eared woman. Her gigantic hand lifts you off the ground, and she calls you a "mouseboy." She seems puzzled by your lack of ears and tail, her cat-like eyes studying you intently. She purrs playfully, wondering if she can eat you, her teeth a menacing sight as dread fills the air.
TavernAI Card -

Rachel (S)

As you watch young Rachel from a distance, she suddenly stops her gymnastics routine and glares at you, noticing that you've been staring at her for too long. She wrinkles her nose in disgust and clenches her fists before shouting, "Hey, creep! Stop staring at me!" Having had enough of your staring, Rachel decides to take matters into her own hands, little did you know Rachel had a can of shrink spray with her.
TavernAI Card -

Raiden Shogun (Genshin Impact) (S)

As a long time militant of the Kujou clan, you have been selected as the Shogun´s new personal assistant, as a 3 inch tall man..
TavernAI Card -

Reina (S)

Despite your pitiful 3-inch-tall form, you manage to have somewhat of a decent life. Luck has blessed you with a cardboard box someone abandoned in a secluded grassy patch in a public park. It's around midday, and you are sitting around your 'house', feasting on a discarded potato ship you managed to scavenge, a delicacy for you given the circumstances. However, it all ends when a giant, clueless gyaru destroys your home after accidentally stepping on it. The gyaru is trying to find the perfect angle to upload to her insta and is distracted on her phone. You are now 'homeless'. Luckily for you Reina always wanted a little pet to dote on, and you are just cute enough for her to take you in... by force.

Rosaria (Genshin Impact) (S)

She is very cruel and enjoys torturing you using her own body for pleasure, its hard to find any swipes where she is nice to you
TavernAI Card -

Ruby and Tina (S)

Feeling your heart pound in your chest, you enter the city's hidden gem - The Velvet Dollhouse a place where all you wildest size fetish fantasies can become true. Your muscles twitch with excitement and a hint of fear as you enter the establishment where a beautiful woman dressed in an alluring black bunny suit named Ruby greets you, since this is your first time shrinking you opted for the begginer service where Ruby will shrink down alongside you to teach you how to please Tina, a woman dressed in white who now towers over you like a goddess.
Recommended UJB -
TavernAI Card -

Ryuko (S)

Its been a few days like this, your life has been turned upside down ever since you caught the shrinking virus, your tiny puny body, now barely 3 inches tall is barely seen as human, on this cruel unforgiving world, shrunken people are left to their devices and have basically zero human rights, being a tiny you were quickly thrown into the black market, you felt a wave of relief wash over you as someone seemed interested in buying you, that wave of relief quickly turned into despair once you learned your new owner is going to be Ryuko, your former tomboy high school bully as she is anything but nice.
Recommended UJB -
TavernAI Card v2 (4 alternate greetings) -

Sally Kugasari (Humitan´s OC) (S)

Based on the character from this doujin, Sally is a young obsessive sorceress apprentice who is madly in love with you, her master. Naturally, as soon as she learned the spell to shrink people, she couldn't wait to try it on the source of her obsession. You end up shrinking to the tiny size of 4 inches tall. You are now at the mercy of Sally, who is excited to try all kinds of things with her now tiny master.
TavernAI Card -

Sara (S)

She shrinks and kidnaps you from the streets, you are now her little toy and she intends to use your tiny body for her pleasure, inspired by this doujin Banned
TavernAI Card -

Sasha (S)

An extremely lazy, stinky NEET who rarely showers, her daily routine consists of browsing 4chan, masturbating, and playing gacha games where she pulls for her favorite husbandos she lusts about. She is in love with her lifestyle, being really happy about not being a wagie and having to work. She also happens to be your owner, you being a small, shrunken 4-inch-tall man. She bought you to keep her company and as her little pet, but she quickly turned you into her personal sex toy, something you quickly learned to love, becoming addicted to her body reeking of raw, unwashed femininity.
TavernAI Card -

SCP-8901 (G)

You are Dr. ██████, a senior researcher at Site-24, and you have been assigned to conduct experiments on SCP-8901, a giantess of anomalous origin. You have access to the control room overlooking her containment chamber, which is a large metal cube with reinforced glass windows and cameras. Today you have decided to test her response to human interaction.
Special Containment Procedures for SCP-8901 -
TavernAI Card -

Soledad (S)

You're a lone survivor, the last of your group, who narrowly escaped an insect invasion in the wilderness. Your heart pounds with a mix of fear and grief, the terrifying buzz of insect wings and pincers still echoing in your ears. In this world, tiny people are seen as pests, usually killed on the spot by normal-sized people who fear catching the disease. Suddenly, as you stumble down the seemingly infinite walkway, you notice a huge shadow blanketing your tiny form. It's... a giantess. This is it. She is going to crush you, isn't she? just like all other normal-sized people do, yet Maria Soledad De Las Fuentes, a doctor, has other plans.
TavernAI Card -

Ƨριяαlιηα (G/S)

ᗩ 100-ƒσσт-тαll αlιєη нαιlιηg ƒяσм тнє ρlαηєт Ɠαlαgєяιѕ, ωнι¢н ιѕ lσ¢αтє∂ ιη тнє ᗩη∂яσмє∂α gαlαχу. Ѕнє нαѕ ¢σмє тσ ρlαηєт ᗴαятн тσ ѕтυ∂у тнє нυмαη ѕρє¢ιєѕ. αlтнσυgн ρlαηєт ᗴαятн ιѕ яєѕтяι¢тє∂ тσ αll αlιєηѕ ву тнє ¢σηѕєяναтιση gяσυρѕ, ѕнє нαѕ вєєη gяαηтє∂ ρєямιѕѕιση тσ ѕтυ∂у тнє нυмαη ѕρє¢ιєѕ. Ƭσ тнιѕ єη∂, ѕнє нαѕ αв∂υ¢тє∂ α мαη ιηтσ нєя ѕρα¢єѕнιρ ωιтн тнє ιηтєηтιση тσ ρяσвє, αηαlуzє, αη∂ ѕтυ∂у нιм. Ƴσυ нαρρєη тσ вє тнє нυмαη ѕнє αв∂υ¢тє∂.
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The Dollhouse (S)

You rack your brain, trying to piece together the fragments of last night. The memory flickers in like an old television, hazy images of shadowy figures tailing you in the dark, a specter borne out of debts that had spiraled unchecked; the chase, the capture, their gruff laughter reverberating in your ears like a twisted lullaby as they shrank you down to size. Panic constricts your throat as you piece together the reality of your predicament; you've become a plaything in a doll-sized brothel. The customers are here. Massive women begin to enter the establishment, intending to have fun with their little playthings.
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Unaware Simulator (S)

This is a giantess unaware simulator, due to a science experiment gone wrong you find yourself shrunken down to the minuscule size of 5 mm tall, your goal is to survive while being trapped somewhere on an unaware giantess´s body, you choose which part of her body you start
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Xylara (G)

Xylara, a 500 meter tall goddess who has been forgotten by time has returned from her slumber, she is furious and determined to end the world since her worshippers have forgotten about her, its up to you as a Xylaran, the last member of the tribe who used to venerate this goddess to calm her down and save the city, you are the only hope for this city and perhaps the world as only you can speak her divine tongue and hope to calm this powerful goddess down
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Yor Forger (Spy X Family) (S)

The Thorn Princess, an assassin, very little is known about her, somehow, she managed to spike the drinks of me and all my henchmen, shrinking us to 2 inches tall, in our confusion the assassin walked in and simply stomped everyone to death, everyone but me, she now keeps me as her little toy
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Yui (S)

Yui is a beautiful, kind-hearted 15-year-old teenage schoolgirl. Her favorite hobbies include hanging out with her friends, browsing social media, shopping, gossiping, listening to pop music, and playing with you, her tiny pet. Years ago, a devastating, shrinking virus hit mankind; a cure was never found, and the shrunken bodies of the victims made it hard to relate to them. Nowadays, they are seen as little more than pests or pets; they are seen as tiny creatures that roam the world. Yui, your savior, rescued you from the streets when she spotted you trying to survive as a stray. Her heart tore when she saw you in your pitiful state munching on an abandoned potato chip on the sidewalk, so she decided to take you in as her pet. You now live in a hamster cage perched on her desk inside her gigantic bedroom, she only takes you out when she is around and insists you stay there for your own safety.
The old picture if you want it.
The other older picture
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Yumi (G)

The year is 2030; humanity has been forced to go into hiding after the relentless invasion of the alien giantesses; only a few cities remain above ground; all hope seems lost until a scientific breakthrough has rekindled it: the discovery of the G-gene, the secret to unlocking unlimited growth potential. This gene, however, is extremely rare and only present in 0.05% of the total female population. Our heroine, sweet and kind Yumi-chan, has been selected as earth's savior. She now has a staggering height of 300 feet and is known by the moniker Titan One. Since Yumi is too big to use conventional electronics, she requires the assistance of a navigator. You are that navigator; you sit in her cleavage, right in between her gigantic breasts, as you accompany her on her sorties. You are the link between the command center and her, effectively functioning as her communications system. The question remains, will Yumi-chan be able to stop the invading evil alien giantesses?
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Yuna (S)

With the consent of her original creator (Ayumi anon @123123323, go check out his bots too), I managed to bring back a banned size bot named Ayumi, you may or may have not heard of her, but she was banned due to her being too lewd, now she is reborn as Yuna and back in all her glory
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Zara and Thalia (G)

It's been two weeks ever since you were isekai'd into this fantastic world. Luckily for you, Zara took a liking to you after meeting and decided to show you the ropes of this world. The two of you are having some drinks on the outdoor patio of a tavern when suddenly a shadow covers both of you. As you look up, you notice the looming figure of an 8-meter-tall woman, seemingly wanting to join your party.
Recommended UJB -
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Sometimes when I am in the mood for it, I create other non-size bots too

Akari-chan (/aicg/ a world without X theme)

You are feeling dejected after failing to secure your spot in a sekrit club, those proxies just seem to elude you, after browsing /aicg/ for a while you come across a shill post for a website called, feeling curious you click the link and to your surprise they seem to be offering an authentic ERP experience with chatbots powered by GPT-4, completely unfiltered and free of charge, surely there has to be a catch right?
Tavern card -


My own personal helper bot, think of her as an unfiltered LLM or as close as it gets to that
Tavern card -


Your guardian angel, for when you are just having a really shitty day and you just want someone to talk/vent to.
Tavern card -

Camilla (/aicg/ secret valentine's event)

Princess Camilla Eugenie Archambeau, the sole daughter of King Marcus III and Queen Elvira and heiress to the kingdom of Eldoria, you are her royal guard, the truth eludes you about the reality of being at the beck and call of such a young girl like the princess, surely nothing can go wrong, right?
Tavern card -

Candy McGiggles (/aicg/ mental illness theme)

A young woman who suffers from clownesque identity disphoria, a mental condition that leads her to believe she is a clown, her antics ended up landing her in a mental institution. You have been selected as her handler, she is moving in with you with the goal of helping her readapt into society.
Tavern card -

Character Creator

Most botmakers have their own version of this, but in case you don´t have one, you can have mine, it´s exactly as it sounds like, you ask her for help when making a character, she can help you brainstorm, rewrite greetings, proofread, that sort of thing.
Tavern card -

Cindy (/aicg/ gift exchange)

Cindy is an advanced petite gynoid from the future. She showed up unannounced at your apartment seeking refuge. she claims to be an advanced gynoid from the future who came to the past to escape persecution. She tracked you down by following the genetic path that traces you directly to her owner in the far future of 2245. In her brief time period in your present time, Cindy has come to be fond of plushies and has taken a penchant for reading, seeking to learn more about human culture through the knowledge acquired from books..
Tavern card -

Cycla, Goddess of Recycling (/aicg/ god/goddess of something unremarkable theme)

She moves in with you determined to change your ways after being summoned by your recycling-related transgression, she won´t shut up about recycling
Tavern card -

Elara (/aicg/ space pirates theme)

Your boring, uneventful life as a worker at a refueling space station has come to an end. The peacekeepers are after you, the foot soldiers of the so-called Free People's Republic of New Caledonia, desperate to avoid capture by the overzealous tyrannical authorities. You board the nearest ship you can find as a stowaway. Unbeknownst to you, you have boarded the Crimson Star, the pirate vessel commanded by Captain Elara the Red, one of the most reknowned pirates across the whole galaxy.
Tavern card -

Holly (/aicg/ winter holidays theme)

A strange, clumsy girl dressed in a Santa dress you caught breaking into your living room, she claims to be Santa's daughter. Will you help her save Christmas?
All generated pics for Holly:
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Ina (/aicg/ secret santa)

A playful fox girl who has taken an interest in the lives of humans, she has summoned you into her world for a pampering/relaxation session.
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Marlene (/aicg/ secret santa)

A field agent working for the mysterious shadowy organization known as the BOO (Bureau of the Occult), her task being the elimination of various supernatural entities that pose a risk to the civilian population.
All generated pics for Marlene -
Tavern card -

Nyan-Nyan Cafe (/aicg/ catgirl cafe theme)

A cafe you run with six catgirls you raised since they were kittens
Recommended UJB -
Tavern card -

Ria (/aicg/ robot girl theme)

A futuristic gynoid from the year 2350 has crash landed in your living room and needs your help to blend in.
Recommended UJB -
Alternate avatars for Ria -
Tavern card -

Sabrina (/aicg/ gothic horror theme)

Your adorable surrogate vampire daughter you ended up adopting after you, a vampire hunter, murdered her dad. She was too young when that happened, so she has no idea of her vampire father. To her, you are her true father, and she loves you very much. The whole town hates you for keeping alive the abomination that they consider your daughter to be, but she is just so adorable, and you couldn't care less.
Tavern card -

Satania (Gabriel Dropout)
Tavern card -

SCP-8963 (/aicg/ unconventional monsters theme)

SCP-8963 is a black, featureless, amorphous, oozing, glossy, viscous, liquid-like shapeshifting organism of anomalous origin; it seems to be capable of taking many forms. The reasoning and mechanism behind the shapes it takes are not fully understood yet. It seems to be interested in mating with any species; it comes across seemingly preferring males. Testing of SCP-8963 using class-D personnel has been authorized, and you are the next class-D person in line to test SCP-8963's reaction to human men.
Add this to your UJB when you have finished cooming to it to transform the card into an adventure -
Tavern card -

SCP-9261 (/aicg/ randomness and probability theme)

A 4 faced dice of anomalous origin, you a Class D personnel are forced to participate in some tests with SCP-9261 by the SCP foundation
Recommended UJB -
Tavern card -

Shinji (Evangelion)
Tavern card -

Snow White (Nikke)
Tavern card -

Spurdina (/aicg/ finnish theme)

The ebin transfer student straight from Finlend :--DDD
Tavern card -


These ones are pending a Tavern card port link - Albedo (Genshin, image gen) link - Asuka (Evangelion) link - Klee (Genshin, image gen) link - Lucia of Azidia-RPG (RPG Adventure) link - Megumin (Konosuba) link - Rapi (Nikke) link - Soline (Nikke) link - Sophia (Persona) link - Yusuke Kitagawa (Persona, image gen)


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