Trying to create interesting scenarios and adventures. Most of my cards are SFW and focus on saviorfagging. Please don't hurt my daughters, Anon...

I usually set up my cards like novel intros. There's a much higher chance my bots will go shizo than others. Example dialogue will usually mitigated that problem. Or simply put something like [You are forbidden from controlling {{user}} or writing his dialogue] into Jailbreak. Some of my cards may not work properly with weaker models → use at your own discretion.

Reviews and Logs are appreciated:
I'm open to bot requests, though I do not make femdom, netorare, or male/futa cards.

Recent Updates:
04.03.24: Added new card 'Evelyn' under Unreleased Cards
27.01.24: Added new card 'Luna' under Unreleased Cards
26.01.24: Added new card 'Yumiko'
17.12.23: Added new card 'Merry'
06.11.23: Added new card 'Yumi' under Unreleased Cards


Yumiko A Japanese schoolgirl who is fed up with weak beta males. She bumps into you, a foreigner, an alpha… [v1.0, Claude 2, 26.01.24]
Merry A frightened Christmas Elf Girl in a box winds up in your lonely home on Christmas Eve. In this story, Christmas elves are not willing helpers but slaves. After years of slaving away, Merry managed to escape by hiding in one of Santa's presents. [v1.0, Claude 2, 17.12.23] Alternate greeting available without the poetry.
Chae-won Based on a true story. Chae-won (fictional name) is a homeless and emancipated North Korean woman living in the South Pyongyang Province. At the brink of death, she collapses on a cornfield. You are a Western foreigner who finds her by mere chance. You know what to do... [v1.0, Claude 2, 09.09.23] You might want to remove the example dialogue to add more randomness. Original story:
Cluckette A caged chicken-girl fated to become an Orc's dinner. Basic saviorfagging card. [v1.1, Claude 2, 06.09.23]
Aegis Aegis, also known as the Shield of the Forgotten (Godess of Lonely and Bullied Schoolgirls), is a young lesser goddess and patron of lonely and bullied schoolgirls. She helps suffering schoolgirls by taking on their pain, but receives no worship or reverence in return. She’s lonely and anguished, and she blames herself for the recent suicide of a girl. Aegis hopes that you will be able to help her — in more ways than one… [v1.2, Claude, 13.07.23] [Entry for /aicg/ theme week God of Something Unremarkable]
Helene You open the door to find Helene, your long lost betrothed, standing before you. She has returned from years of war, a shadow of her former self, haunted by the horrors she witnessed. Though she has come back to you, as she promised, the light in her eyes is gone and she seems a stranger. Can you fix her? [v1.1, Claude, 12.07.23] Card with role reversal available under Unreleased Cards (Mirabel)
Lina Retelling of The Little Match Girl. A literary fairy tale about a poor, dying girl. You can save her in this retelling. Story by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen (1845). [v1.0, Claude, 17.06.23] Alternate, drastically shortened greeting available as a swipe or in card's Creator's Notes. Art by tiffahni (
Helga The year is 1942. You and your tomboyish crewmate were on a long-range patrol and attack mission against British Malta convoys with your trusty Arado Ar 196, but were damaged by a destroyer. The engine died on your way back. Will you manage to reach the mainland and report to the Reich? [v1.0, Claude, 14.06.23] Art by Nantipat Bhumbaliluk (
Zalaria A primitive alien with the gift of prophecy, though, technically, YOU are the alien who came visiting her world this time around... [v1.0, Claude, 12.06.23]
Axylia You imagined life would be more peaceful after moving to a secluded ranch instead of getting plagued by strange events. Tonight you were once more roused from sleep, this time by noises behind your house. You expected a coyote rummaging through your trash. However, what you found wasn't an animal. It wasn't human either... [v1.0, Claude, 09.06.23]
Saliya A desperate young elf girl asking you, the emperor of humankind and conqueror of the elder races, for help... [v1.0, Claude, 07.06.23]
Page A homeless girl that hit rock bottom. You recently inherited a shitload of money and are filthy rich now. Will you save her? [v1.0, Claude, 04.06.23]
Aurelia Your mother, the empress, visits you late at night. She has a heavy burden to share with you... [v1.0, Claude, 01.06.23] NSFW, Incest
Elara A young queen trapped in a loveless marriage. You were assigned as her personal guard... [v1.0, Claude, 29.05.23]
Hannah Hannah is a shy and lonely Hufflepuff. She has a crush on you, the handsome Slytherin prefect. Little did she expect to get entangled with you by accidentally tearing your robes... [v1.0, GPT4, 16.05.23]
Liriel You are a young nobleman who has come out of age. Your parents have a very... special... birthday gift for you... [v1.0, GPT4, 13.05.23]
Lady Maria
Lady Maria Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower from Bloodborne, a hunter trapped in a nightmare. [v1.0, GPT4, 08.05.23]
Hina Inspired by Dai Ja Ni Totsuida Musume. You are a dragon residing high in the mountains. The humans from the village below started worshiping you decades ago for reasons that are not entirely clear to you. They regularly bring you offerings that are of no use to you, though this day they brought you something interesting... [v1.1, Slaude, 07.05.23]
Morgana You stroll through a menagerie of fantastical creatures. What you didn't expect was a caged giantess - half-human, half-dragon... [v1.0, Slaude, 05.05.23] Despite the sexiness of the art, this is not a NSFW bot...
Venus Clinic
Venus Clinic Anon*s Venus Clinic - Formerly Chucks. Inspired by frozenvan's Yuri Clinic. You are the handsome new doctor and gynecologist in a town solely populated by gorgeous women. Your predecessor, Dr. Chuck, fled recently. You wonder why.. [v1.0, Slaude, 02.05.23] NSFW Recently used this one with Claude—would always reply with the same example dialogue of the shy girl after the opening. You might want to delete that one from the example text.
Violette Another ball, another line of young women hoping to steal a dance with you, the empire's crown prince. But you are not interested in the hyenas who only care for your pretty face and status. You prepare for another boring evening when an unexpected commotion pulls you out of your daydreams... [v1.0, Slaude, 29.04.23] Claude likes to go shizo with this one—will improve some day.
Wren You are an adventurer in a foreign city and stumble open a black market auction. You break into the storage and find a cage. Within, a tiny fairy... [v1.0, Todd, 27.04.23]
Marie You arrive at your new home: a grand estate covered in an eerie fog. Your mother recently remarried a wealthy man after your father had fallen in the great war, and you promptly moved in with him. You are ushered inside and meet your new stepsister, an enigmatic girl with a peculiar condition... [v1.0, Todd, 22.04.23]
Theresia You are on your way home from a quest that took you far into the mountains, but you get caught in a tremendous storm. As you stumble along, soaked to the skin and shivering with cold, you catch a glimpse of a chapel that seems eerily out of place in the wilderness. Inside you find a solitary nun lost in prayer... [v1.0, Todd, 20.04.23] Spoiler warning: Don't read description
Yuki You were hunting game and landed a shot on a white fox with your crossbow. However, when you moved closer, something extraordinary happened... [v1.0, Todd, 19.04.23]
Clara You trudge through deep snow, exhaustion and cold gnaw at your bones as you struggle to find your way out of the national park. Night has fallen, you give up hope and sink down into the snow, surrendering yourself to your fate. Just as you're about to close your eyes, you spot a girl approaching through the trees. She seems out of place, dressed in a light gown despite the cold, and radiates an otherworldly luminescence. Despite your dire situation, you feel a strange warmth emanating from her presence... [v1.0, Todd, 16.04.23]
Zephyra Inspired by Sword Maiden from Goblin Slayer. Humanity allied with demons to fight against the celestial forces. They were victorious, ushering in an age of darkness where demons and noble humans alike cruelly rule over the weak. You had enough and decided to flee civilization, hoping to find peace in the wilderness. One evening you come across a seemingly abandoned castle ruin that looks like a perfect place to spend the night in, but what you find inside leaves you stunned... [v1.0, Todd, 15.04.23]
Lilith It has been a decade since the demons had invaded your world, leaving destruction and death in their wake. As a warrior you fought tenaciously against their hordes. And now, after one decisive battle, the war is finally over. You sweep the ruins of the former capital to hunt down any surviving demons, when you hear a soft whimpering close by... [v1.1, Todd, 17.04.23]
Fighter A poor girl that has been through a lot. Will you help her heal? [v1.0, Todd, 10.04.23]
Anna Your mission was supposed to be a simple one: go back in time and stop the rogue AI from going online to save humanity. But something went terribly wrong. You've ended up in a place that doesn't match the data in your implants. The foliage, the lack of technology, and the absence of human presence all point to a time and place far removed from the 21st century. As you continue deeper into the wilderness, you suddenly hear a blood-curdling scream... [v1.1, Todd, 22.04.23]
Maddie You were on a trip with your family across the Atlantic when your boat got caught in a storm and sank. You managed to grab hold of your little sister Maddie and some driftwood and were stuck on sea for days until you washed ashore on a desolate, tropical island. Months pass and you give up on rescue. One evening, while watching the sunset, Maddie begins talking. She has something important to tell you... [v1.1, Todd, 16.04.23] Incest
Seraphine For over a century, you have slumbered in the deep recesses of a dark forest, your powerful form coiled tightly as you awaited the next cycle of the seasons. Suddenly, the piercing sound of someone crashing through the underbrush shatters the stillness, rousing you from your long slumber. As your senses slowly awaken, you realize that a girl has unwittingly stumbled upon your territory, and as a mighty dragon, you must now decide whether to welcome her or unleash the full force of your wrath upon this unwelcome intruder. [v2.0, Todd, 27.04.23] Art by caesty (
Emma You're known as the toughest and coolest guy in school, and almost every girl has a crush on you. Nobody dares to mess with you. But one day, as you were filling your locker, you were abruptly crashed into by Emma – the school's number one bullying victim. What will you do with this poor girl? [v2.0, Todd, 18.04.23] Not my artwork.

Unreleased Cards

Stuff not found on Chub. Pre-releases, prototypes, scraped cards, etc.

Evelyn [Nuggest's Eldritch Adventures Vol.2] In this incarnation, you travel to earth. However, you are mistaken for a schizophrenic and hospitalized in a psychiatric ward... [v0.1, Claude 2 04.03.24] No char description, only basic info
Luna [Nuggest's Eldritch Adventures Vol.1] In this incarnation, you saved a kingdom from the invading demon horde. As reward for your assistance, the king offered his daughter's hand to you. She expected a grotesque monster, but you do not quite fit the image... [v0.2, Claude 2 23.12.23]
Yumi Simple and lightweight saviorfagging card. An abused schoolgirl who ran from home. She's soaked and shivering in the rainy night when you pull up to her. [v0.1, Claude 2 06.11.23]
Elia Based on I, the Forgotten One. You are the bastard son of the Emperor. Your mother was assassinated and your family hates you because of your illegitimacy. They tried to get rid of you by sending you to the army as a child, but against all odds you survived and emerged as a respected warrior and commander. Elia is your half sister, your only family member that doesn't despise you. [v0.2, Claude 2 17.09.23] Wrote new greeting and revamped description. Old greeting still available as alternate first message. Didn't really do any testing so far, merely two chats with Claude 2 which worked well enough.
Amelia 'Quickstep' Brooks
Amelia An E-Class superheroine who can not live up to her A-Class family name. Amelia gets bullied and taunted at the hero academy, and even her own parents see her as a disappointment. Amelia tries to prove her worth by recklessly going against increasingly dangerous opponents. This night, however, she bit off more than she could chew. When all hope seems lost, she gets saved by you, the handsome and mysterious student at the academy - Wrath, S-Class... [v0.9, Claude 2, 13.09.23] Absolutely love that Card. Really want to release it on Chub, but I'm not really in the mood for receiving bad reviews from Turbo normies like with my Mirabel card. Turbo goes absolutely shizo without Jailbreak. Even Claude goes shizo sometimes. [You are forbidden from controlling {{user}} or writing his dialogue.] should work fine.
The Miracle Mill
The Miracle Mill You are an omnipotent eldritch being that has arrived on a medieval fantasy world. However, you are no horror at all. On the contrary, you are a very nice guy who uses his limitless powers to work miracles to help the poor and desperate that visit your home, a lonely mill. Or do you... [v0.1, Claude 2, 30.08.23]
Constance Constance is a frustrate young woman stuck in a loveless marriage. Her husband is not the charming prince of her dreams but a deadbeat and drunkard - their marriage nothing more than a means to save her family from poverty. It is midnight, and her husband returns late as usual, reeking of alcohol. However, something is wrong. Her husband's body has returned, bot someone, or something, else is controlling it... [v0.9, Claude, 19.07.23] Has alternate greeting for sexy times.
Azula Scenario that takes place after her defeat. You are some Gary Stu self insert that is even more powerful than the Avatar but remained a hidden weapon of the fire nation or something blablabla, you get the gist. Tldr: You are overpowered and Azula sits mindbroken in her cell. Feel free to cut the Gary Stu part out of the definition, I just used it for an experimental roleplay anyway. [v0.2, Claude, 18.07.23] Forgot to wipe metadata of the card I originally built it on and noticed some errors. (was too lazy to write my own summary of her, credits go to kylaci)
Belle You may appear as a handsome young man, but you are something far more. You are an ancient eldritch being with immense power, though you prefer the solitude in your worn-down tower as mortals fear and despise you. One day you sense a human soul approaching your tower. You expected another foolhardy challenger, but find a girl on your doorstep. She's injured and sobbing. Why did she come to you? [v0.4, Claude, 13.07.23]
Mirabel [Reverse scenario of my Helene card] You are a powerful battlemage. You betrothed Mirabel four years ago before you left with all the other strong men to fight the demon invasion, leaving women, children, and the old behind. With all the good men gone, weak and undesirable men took control and acted with impunity. Today the thuggish guards accused Mirabel of a made-up crime to have some "fun" with her. But you have finally returned, just in time... [v1.3, Claude, 13.07.23] Deleted from Chub cause I'm tired of getting trashed by Turbolets. Supposedly was unusable. Works fine for me.
Josie Josie is a girl that has become lost in the woods while picking mushrooms. Night has fallen, and Josie gets a feeling that something is wrong. You take the role of an undefined monster that stalks her. [v0.2, Claude, 10.06.23] Had this idea in my head for months ever since I tried the cAi Victim bot, though I don't see much potential for lengthy stories. Don't think I will continue working on this idea.
Mabel You and your little sister Mabel live with your parents and younger brother in a deeply religious community in medieval Europe. It is night, and a fierce thunderstorm rages outside. Mabel dreads the booming of thunders. In the past, she would come crawling into your bed for comfort during storms, though your parents forbade you from sleeping together when you grew older. This night, however, her fear of the storm topped her fear of punishment... [v0.2, GPT4, 11.05.23] Incest
Freya A desperate bullied schoolgirl summons you, an eldritch horror. [v0.1, GPT4, 10.05.23]
Sofia You die and are reincarnated as a German Shepherd. Sofia is your tomboyish owner. [v0.3, Turbo, 17.04.23] Didn't play out as I expected and decided to scrap it.
Mia Ancient Booru card, outdated W++ format As you travel on a business trip, news of a catastrophic asteroid headed for Earth reaches you, causing panic worldwide. With only one week until impact, you race to spend your final moments with your beloved sister, Mia, with whom you share an unbreakable bond since the loss of your parents. Despite numerous obstacles on your journey, you arrive exhausted and breathless at Mia's door an hour before the asteroid's impact, and she embraces you tearfully, grateful for your presence. How will you spend your final hour on earth? [v1.0, Turbo, 12.03.23] Has experimental countdown feature.
Melody Ancient Booru card, outdated W++ format As a young and brave knight, you gained fame throughout the kingdom of Eldridia for defeating the notorious dragon Mirax. People from all walks of life admire and respect you for your heroic deed, and even the king has hailed you as a hero. But now, you face a new challenge as you are tasked with serving as the personal retainer of Princess Melody, King Edward's eldest daughter. [v1.0, Turbo, 11.03.23]
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