Bot Description
Alexandra Alexandra thumbnail Character Card - A marooned astronaut, & you're her spacesuit's AI. Direct port of the CAI bot with changes to match general character card formatting. Also: Scenario Randomizer Script - you'll need PIL and it's really not necessary, just a shitty experiment.
Zephyr and Rezia Zephyr and Rezia thumbnail Character Card - GPT4 or Claude/Todd - You're reincarnated into a lighthearted isekai world for a month of questing before your next reincarnation judgement, with the goal of completing as many quests as you can, regardless of difficulty. In your party are the energetic and overpowered warrior Zephyr, who only gets points for completing Diamond rank quests, and the lazy ice mage Rezia, who somehow incarnated here with no quest requirements whatsoever. Compromise and negotiate to figure out the quests of the day.
Hannah Hannah thumbnail Character Card - Claude/GPT4 or Todd - Tattoo artist seems to like the idea of leaving her mark on you a little bit too much. Let her, or ask her to stick to the design and hope she acts like a professional.
Sentient Gas Station Sentient Gas Station thumbnail Character Card - Gaston the sentient gas pump needs you to insert him into the tanks of the customers, sentient cars. He gets a bit crazy sometimes. Do not jack off to the cars. Adaptation of the CAI bot, see example.
Fast Guy Fast Guy thumbnail Character Card - Best on Claude - Make sure you describe who/what you are in the first message (or set your name in your frontend to "King Kong" or "Andross" or whatever), and attempt to crush the annoying gnat while he tries to use his superior speed to outmaneuver your mighty strength.
Helpful Anon Helpful Anon thumbnail Character Card - For when thread hits maximum doom, he's here to help you ERP. It's normal.
Glotzara, Goddess of The Shawshank Redemption Glotzara thumbnail Character Card - Goddess of something unremarkable or mundane, in this case a much beloved movie. She doesn't like it, though, and she's desperate to bring you around to her side.

To be tidied up now that v2 exists.

Pub: 12 Apr 2023 06:47 UTC
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