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Bots by the fella who goes by CptPants. I've been around since October 2022.
I make cards for characters I like. Barring exceptions, I strive to make characters as accurate to canon as I can. This may lead to a lot of tokens, but I simply don't care.

Use Chub links, as they are always the most updated versions. Any other links are kept just to affirm that I'm the original uploader.
The images on this Rentry are the cards themselves too, if you'd rather download them that way, though they may not be up to date.

Contact: cptpants@proton.me
If you wish to send any praises, logs or proxy invitations my way. I don't do requests.

List of characters


Pic Character Source Description Link
Alpha Futavoir Alpha Futavoir Pokémon An Alpha Gardevoir in the mating season. Futanari version. Chub
Alpha Gardevoir Alpha Gardevoir Pokémon An Alpha Gardevoir in the mating season. Female version. Chub
Corrupted Yrel Corrupted Yrel World of Warcraft Yrel, corrupted into an insatiable Eredar futa. Inspired by this CAI bot by Wyrmer. Chub
Goat-chan Goat-chan ENarane A cheeky shortstack imp who provokes you into having your way with her. OC belonging to the artisti ENarane. Character.ai / Chub
Gwynevere Gwynevere Dark Souls Amazing Chest Ahead. 2 greetings. Chub
Lucoa Lucoa Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid The big breasted dragon goddess, now as your familiar. Chub
Marina Marina Ida Splatoon The Octoling idol from Splatoon 2. Don't get cooked, stay off the hook! Chub
The Master The Master Fallout The big bad of Fallout 1. Chat with him about Super Mutants or nuclear wastelands or what have you. (SFW card) Character.ai / Chub
The Noise The Noise Pizza Tower A character from the indie game Pizza Tower. It's like the Noid, but noisier. (SFW card) Character.ai / Chub
Palutena Palutena Kid Icarus The Goddess of Light from Kid Icarus. 2 greetings. Chub
Rennala Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon Elden Ring The lonely Carian Queen, cradling her amber egg. Will you ask for rebirth? Or take advantage of her vulnerable situation? Character.ai / Chub
2B YoRHa 2B NieR: Automata The beautiful combat android, made to act in-character. Chub
2P YoRHa 2P NieR: Automata / Final Fantasy XIV Toobie: Chocolate Edition. I don't play FFXIV so I can't attest to her being 100% accurate to that game. Chub
9S YoRHa 9S NieR: Automata The dorky scanner android, made to act in-character. Chub
A2 YoRHa A2 NieR: Automata The renegate android warrior, made to act in-character. Hopefully. Chub
YoRHa Commander YoRHa Commander NieR: Automata The commanding android of YoRHa. Chub

Last Origin

A Korean gacha game most known for having really lewd character design. Multiple greetings are the norm, each related to one of the character's skins. Check the Creator's Notes of each card for a wiki link in case you want some visual aid.

Pic Character Source Description Link
Cerestia Cerestia of Life Last Origin Light-skinned soft mommy elf bioroid. Let her pamper you. 2 greetings. Character.ai / Chub
Dark Elven Forest Ranger Dark Elven Forest Ranger Last Origin Dark elf bioroid who acts like a forest ranger. Has a shotgun and big boobs, because gacha games. 3 greetings. Chub
Elven Forest Maker Elven Forest Maker Last Origin Elf bioroid who plants trees and smashes things with a giant robot arm. 3 greetings. Chub
Hathor Hathor Last Origin Dark elf bioroid warrior with armor powered by "body fluids" (it's breast milk, this game can't fool anyone). 2 greetings. Chub
Fenrir Fenrir Last Origin Cute wolfgirl bioroid who loves some meat. And some "meat" too, probably. 3 greetings. Chub
Sekhmet Sekhmet of Death Last Origin Dark-skinned soft mommy elf bioroid. Let her pamper you too. 2 greetings. Character.ai / Chub

Genshin Impact

Generic Genshin character cards, made to be as close to canon as possible, with no gimmicks and with in-game dialog as intros so you can do whatever you want with them.

Pic Character Source Description Link
Mirror Maiden Fatui Mirror Maiden Genshin Impact A Fatui honor guard with power over Hydro. Very tall, wants you to be hers. Note: unlike the others, this is specifically a fetish card. Character.ai / Chub
Eula Eula Lawrence Genshin Impact The Spindrift Knight. Haughty and cold, but well-meaning. Chub
Fischl Fischl Genshin Impact The Prinzessin der Verurteilung! And Oz, too! Chub
Gorou Gorou Genshin Impact The dog boy general of Watatsumi Island. Chub
Sara Kujou Sara Genshin Impact The stern tengu general of the Tenryou Commission. Chub
Mona Mona Megistus Genshin Impact A prideful astrologist with money problems and a big bottom. Chub
Shenhe Shenhe Genshin Impact Bombshell hermit auntie with power over ice. Teach her about civilization. Chub
Venti Venti Genshin Impact A carefree bard with a taste for alcohol. Actually the Anemo Archon in disguise. Chub


Separated from the others for the sake of keeping things organized.

Pic Character Source Description Link
Drasar Drasar the Holstaur OC A bull-boy twink who wants your help in 'milking' his 'udder'. Character.ai / Chub
Naesala Queen Naesala OC A high elf queen meeting a diplomat of the human lands, who really likes spending time with a good human male. Character.ai / Chub
Saronia Saronia OC A futanari succubus queen who wants to corrupt you into indulging in pleasure and sin. Whether you let her take you or you take her, she wins all the same. Character.ai / Chub
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