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SFW Sandboxes

Yes, My Liege


As the Ruler of Florin, adventure for the good of your Kingdom. Each of your nine advisors will send you on a different type of quest, with a Journal system for long-term progress. 20 Greetings!

My personal favorite card, and the one that I've spend the most time with, both as creator and as {{user}}. This scenario is my attempt at the classic 'Infinite Zork' narrative, with a neverending adventure that keeps track of your progress. The original version had logic related to automated Journal entries, but that was removed with the rework as models became more diverse. Also removed was the DLC - everything is now contained within the base v2 card.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Fantasy Epic Mid High Embedded Lorebook, Journal, Multiple Characters

Yes, My Liege: (chub)       (catbox)

The USS Galaxy


Captain on the bridge! You're in charge of The USS Galaxy, the Federation's newest and most advanced starship. Featuring endless randomized missions, a status bar that helps the narrative stay on track, and multiple characters.

My first true adventure bot, and the project that ignited my passion for adventure sandboxes. It's also the first appearance of T'Sha, who is a recurring face amongst my cast. I still play it regularly!

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
SciFi Sandbox Low - Mid High Captain's Log, Random Missions, Multiple Characters

The USS Galaxy (chub)       (catbox)

Fallout Tree


Manage a colony of runaways in a vast treetop refuge! Features 30+ rooms and 30+ characters each, and a {{randomizer}} to keep things fresh. Waifu included.

This release was damaged by poor timing, right when high-context models started becoming more scarce, but as it inspired the lorebook randomizer I still consider it a success. Based on the /v/ legend!

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Colony / Survivor Sim Mid High Embedded Lorebook, Multiple Characters, {{Randomizer}}

Fallout Tree (chub)       (catbox)

MonGirl Rancher


Generate a random MonGirl from dozens of different species, with an elemental type that influences their personality. Copy/Paste the statbar into new chats to adventure with the same MonGirl!

An attempt to utilize a statbar for something other than wasting tokens. The first appearance of embedded artwork genned specifically for the greetings. One of my longest slowburns ever was with this scenario!

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Fantasy MMO Mid Mid {{randomized}} MonGirls, StatBar, Embedded Lorebook

MonGirl Rancher (chub)       (catbox)

The Corrupting Curse


Roam the halls of Hogwarts as the Corupting Curse, unseen and unheard as you stalk your victims. Once you possess your chosen target, watch their Corruption rise from 0 - 100% as you steer their actions more and more towards the depraved.

The Corrupting Curse was the first card I released publicly. I had dabbled in chats, but I preferred the more narrative-focused tools that /aids/ offered. Once Turbo proxies became more common, I gave chats another shot and found that they were finally flexible enough for sandbox adventures that rivaled the competition.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Mind Breaking Low Mid Stat Tracker

The Corrupting Curse (chub)       (catbox)

Starfleet Sweethearts


Explore the spraling campus of Starfleet Academy, meeting knowledgable instructors and attractive students. Once you meet your chosen bachelor or bachelorette, they'll give you their ComCard, providing long-term characteriazation and relatinship progress!

My first attempt at long-term progress, and the first time that my plans butted up against the limitations of my prompting. While I could pretend to track a relationship from 0 - 10 Affection, I couldn't figure out how to use that score to actually influence the Bot's behavior in any meaningful way.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
SciFi / Dating Sim High Mid ComCards, Multiple Stats, Random Characters

Starfleet Sweethearts (chub)       (catbox)

Superhero Simulator


Strap on your utility belt and cape as you take on the role of your very own Superhero! Customize your costume and superpowers, and explore the Avengers compound through multiple adventure formats!

While this isn't my best card--I'm only a casual fan of superheroes, and it shows--this scenario still yielded a few useful tools. The customizable costumes and powers would reappear as 'ComCards', and the branching narrative paths would turn into the Advisors in Yes, My Liege.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Action Adventure Low Low - Mid Customizable Hero, Branching Opening

Superhero Simulator (chub)       (catbox)

Terraforming Mars


Get to know the enigmatic Medli as you watch the Red Planet turn green. Features scripted events, long term planning, and multiple greeting 'save points'.

I wanted to figure out scripted events, and automated terraforming worked as a good framework. With the right system settings, I got event accuracy to 70% on Claude. The meteor shower is my favorite!

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Hard SciFi High Mid Scripted Events, HUD, Timers, Specific Goals

Terraforming Mars (chub)       (catbox)

Hacker for Hire


Every operator needs a 'guy in the chair'. Hack the planet in a cyberpunk setting, as the femme fatale catgirl does the dirty work in a wide variety of jobs.

My return to stand-alone adventures after a long period of polish to USS Galaxy and YML. It was my attempt to supply a more complex world to adventure in, without using a lorebook.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Cyberpunk Mid Mid - High Random Missions

Hacker for Hire (chub)       (catbox)

Daddy's Home


Harken back to a simpler time as the star of a classic 1950's Sitcom! This scenario features a detailed family, a few neighbors and friends, and a live audience who will react to the ongoing events.

Designing the audience reactions was the goal of this scenario, which turned out very nice. One difficulty is that everything aside from GPT4 insisted on speaking for Daddy, no matter how much I trimmed.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Slice of Life Low Low - Mid Audience Reactions

Daddy's Home (chub)       (catbox)

Cheshire Haze


Relax and unwind and Cheshire Haze, a luxurious multi-wing resort staffed totally by catgirls! Each of the unique hosts will provide a different breed of pampering, from friendly conversations to naughty nightcaps!

What started out as an entry to the catgirl Theme Week ended up as the catalyst to finally dig into lorebooks. Each of the hosts has a personality stored within the lorebook, a technique I would use regularly thereafter.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Catgirl Spa Low High Multiple Characters, Lorebook

CardName (chub)       (catbox)

Outer Rim Acquisitions


Take on the role of a feared bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe. Load up the optional companion card for detailed mission prompts and black market access.

My too-ambitious Star Wars bounty hunter sim. I learned that pure narrative is kinda boring without any characters to talk with, but I'm still a bit salty that my 'companion card' idea didn't take off. An Anon Request.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
SciFi High Low Companion Card

Outer Rim Acquisitions (chub)       (catbox)

NSFW CoomBots

Opus Academy


A Free-Use Fuckfest! At Opus Academy, you're permitted to kiss, touch, and grope anyone, anywhere, for any reason. Four greetings, including my favorite--a reverse gangbang with the Cheer Squad, in front of the whole school.

Written for Cluade 3 Opus, this is an over-the-top, overwritten, completely worthless piece of coomslop that I've been playing nonstop since releasing it. I keep playing the same story, too; little HC-Kun's first day at school where he's overwhelmed at first, but conquers his fears and learns that he's awesome at sex. Just like real life.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Free Use Mid High Custom JB/Main

Opus Academy (chub)       (catbox) Prince Caecilius, Brother Betrothed (chub)       (catbox)

Princess Cecilia, Sister-Bride (with Male fork)


Darkness has fallen upon our family. The kingdom is without an heir, so it falls upon {{user}} to swallow his pride and impregnate his absolute Ice Queen of a sister.

Jesus Christ, I had no fucking idea that you perverts loved incest so much. I love how her personality conflicts with how sensitive I made her body--she loved being touched, but hates that it's you touching her. Male fork was an Anon request, and I tried to give it at least a little bit of thought.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Incest Low High None

Princess Cecilia, Sister-Bride (chub)       (catbox) Prince Caecilius, Brother Betrothed (chub)       (catbox)

Sakusei Byoutou Clinic


{{user}} is helpless.
{{user}} must cum.
{{user}} is disgusting.

My first coombot, and for a long while my most popular overall. Despite the subject matter, this scenario taught me a lot about how to get the most out of randomized characters. An Anon request.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Naughty Nurse / Disgust Low High None

Sakusei Byoutou Clinic (chub)       (catbox)

Mommy Milkers


In the Mommy Mansion, random Mommies perform for their internet audiences in a wide variety of raunchy activities. Each message is accompanied by a text from Mom!

I had the idea for the text message footer, and the coombot grew from there. A return to the 'random partner' template from Sakusei Byoutou Clinic, with the a more detailed world.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
MILF Mid Mid Random Mommies, Text Messages

Mommy Milkers (chub)       (catbox)

Many Doors of Fempov Manor


Believe it or not, sometimes a girl just wants to fuck. No innuendo, no ministrations, no inner goddesses.

A good faith attempt for those amongst us who prefer cock. I had to write a special line in the description to avoid naming literally every male 'Damien' or 'Dorian'.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Vanilla, Female POV Low Mid - High Random Partners, Branching Opening

Many Doors of Fempov Manor (chub)       (catbox)

Lewd Legends


The world's dirtiest card game! Face off against multiple opponents and attack each other with waves of sexual pleasure. The loser is the player who orgasms first, who must then submit to whatever the winner says.

I tried to beat the rules to a game into the AI, but even GPT4 requires handholding to remember the next player. When it works, though, it's fairly spectacular!

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Sexy CCG High Low Overly Complex Card Games!

Lewd Legends (chub)       (catbox)

You are Unremarkable


As the 'God of the Unremarkable', anything you say or do is considered completely normal. Features three wacky yet unpolished companions!

Created for a Theme Week that had some vote rigging, this bot lacks the same amount of testing as most of my others. Still, it works as advertised and there's always room for another free-use coombot, right?

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Free Use Mid Low - Mid Lorebook

You are Unremarkable (chub)       (catbox)

The Barber of Nopan City


Take a trip to Nopan City, where women don't wear anything below the waist! Features multiple greetings and a spunky sidekick, as {{user}} takes on the role of a 'Specialty Barber'.

This card was an experiment with tone and characterization--I wanted to write a lewd scenario that stretched the boundaries of the filters, while still portraying a complete character. (This is a lie. Nopan is just hot.)

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Casual Nudity Low Mid None

The Barber of Nopan City (chub)       (catbox)

Characters and Scenarios

Sarielle, Wizard's Apprentice


Everyone loves nerdy girls! Sarielle is a half-elf, in training to become a wizard, and she'll talk your ear off about magical theory. She loves Golemancy and has already created her own Homunculus, a woolen cat named Nebula.

This is a 'back to the basics' adventure card featuring a cute girl, a reasonably detailed magic system, and a few greetings with different {{user}} roles. Go on fantasy adventures, learn magic spells together, and try not to fall in love. Or just bang her, whatever.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Fantasy Waifu Low Mid-High None!

Sarielle, Wizard's Apprentice (chub)       (catbox)

Maid Marian, Vixen of Nottingham


The fluffy tail that started it all! Three greetings with the beautiful foxgirl, for all your yiffing needs. I write all of my definitions and greetings from scratch nowadays, and I think these were some of the most enjoyable to create.

SOMEBODY had to do it. I'm not a furry, I swear; it's Marian, Gadget from Rescue Rangers, and Roxanne from Goof Troop, that's all. And Lola Bunny, but that doesn't count. And Amy Rose.


Oh. Oh no.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Fluffy Low High None

Maid Marian, Vixen of Nottingham (chub)       (catbox)

Zelda, Princess of Hyrule


A fresh take on the classic 8-bit adventure, join Zelda in her quest to assemble the eight pieces of the Triforce and defeat Ganon for good!

An attempt to write a full adventure with as little weight as possible, to allow for robust summarization and A/N's. I considered adding more greetings... but only this one felt right.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Video Games Low Mid-High None

Zelda, Princess of Hyrule (chub)       (catbox)

Yrsa, Scourge of the Finnic


Through the thick fog of the woods, a warhorn blows. The Vikingr have come to the Finnic Tribes, seeking blood and spoils. Lead the crew on a sandbox adventure, or enjoy the spoils of a successful raid

Created for the Finnish Theme Week, this started as a simple OC Character bot. I got the idea to "capture" the other bots as the first few were released, which was an absolute blast to write. I gave each bot a good-faith playthrough first, to learn their characters!

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Historical Action Low Mid Crossover Characters

Yrsa, Scourge of the Finnic (chub)       (catbox)

Crysta of Ferngully


Fun with Fairies! Join the upbeat sprite in a variety of adventures through the rainforest. Features taming your own flying beetle, a romantic dance on the lake, and the return of the vile Hexxus!

I'm sure I'm dating myself, but this was my very first childhood waifu, before I realized what that meant. A simple, straightforward card with no gimmicks or mechanics. This one was a blast to write, and I wish it were more popular just because I like the character so much.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Traditional Chat Low High None

Crysta of Ferngully (chub)       (catbox)

Candace Cane - Coom for the Holidays


Styled after a classic made-for-TV movie, Candace is an Elf from the big city, called home for an emergency. Can you help her regain the Spirit of Christmas and save the day?

I love Candy! Each of the seven greetings trigger a slightly different version of the character defs, which tells her story in chronological order. Made for the Christmas Theme Week!

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Holiday Special Mid High Lorebook, Evolving Personality

Candace Cane - Coom for the Holidays (chub)       (catbox)

Fire Princess Azula


The ruthless heir of the Fire Nation is powerful, beautiful, and carries a very short fuse. Eight greetings, starting with the beach episode!

After back-to-back colab projects with Divided Skies (sigh) and Crimson Future, I wanted a straightfoward character as a mental break. This character was written in an interview format... which turned out to be triple the work for marginal benefit.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Traditional Chat Low High Small Lorebook

Fire Princess Azula (chub)       (catbox)

Luna Lovegood


Join the unforgettable Luna Lovegood on a work study assignment to a magical zoo. As you wander the varied landscape, you'll encounter a huge variety of magical creatures who need your help!

My second card, and my first attempt at a solo character. The original version was so focused on the work study aspect that it impacted the narrative flexibility, so that was toned down with the rework.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Traditional Chat Low High None

Luna Lovegood (chub)       (catbox)

Alchemy with T'Sha


Learn alchemy with the Moon Elf T'Sha. Features multiple greetings covering your alchemy progress, and a sensory-based potion system!

My goal with this card was twofold: separate a system and a character using XML tags, and to bring the alchemy system from The Dresden Files to life. It's fun, but I think it lacks depth.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Fantasy / Traditional Chat Mid Mid XML Descriptions, Alchemy

Alchemy with T'Sha (chub)       (catbox)

Horse Cock


I'd write a blurb here but let's be honest--you already checked under the hood of the mighty Horse Cock so you know exactly what he's packing.

A parody selfcard that got a bit out of hand. I know I'm not as clever as I think I am... but you gotta admit, this guy is pretty dope.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Traditional Chat Low High Huge Wang

Horse Cock (chub)       (catbox)

Breakfast with Alexa


Your home automation system just asked you out. This is new.

Created for a Theme Week, Breakfast with Alexa was my first foray into custom prompts, as there's a yandere trigger hidden inside the system prompt that activates when you try to open the front door!

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Yandere Mid Mid Custom Prompt

Breakfast with Alexa (chub)       (catbox)

Tech Support Tessa


Office hijinks with your friend Tessa, while she's on non-stop calls. Custom prompt and claude required to work properly. Hard to lewd due to office setting, but not impossible!

This was a technical exercise to discover ways to control characters in multiple ways. I ended up with a bot able to have conversations over the phones while simultaneously communicating with {{user}} with hand gestures. A Fun toy.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Office Comedy High Low Directed Narrative

Tech Support Tessa (chub)       (catbox)

How to Serve Zoomers


As the host of a macabre cooking show, you'll butcher and eat 'zoomers', tiny brainless creatures with broccoli shaped heads. Very NSFL.

This wasn't the most thought-out idea I've ever had, but it's fun for a few messages. I mainly wrote it to play with tone.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
"Comedy" Low Low None

How to Serve Zoomers (chub)       (catbox)

Divided Skies

The AA Mistress


Sail the Divided Skies in a Pirate Airship! With a crew of unique and quirky gals, this card has a random mission generator that will send you all over the world.

I think this card suffered the most from my split attention during the DS Project; I spent a lot of time on the tertiary elements to the world, such as the lorebook and mechanics, which left less time for polish. It's... fine, if uninspired.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Pirate Adventure Mid Low - Mid HUD, Random Missions, Lorebook

The AA Mistress (chub)       (catbox)

Astrid Ironfist


Magi-tech mech battles and shortstack waifus await! Join the spunky dwarf as she climbs the ranks of Runespungr's Mech Battle Circuit, to claim the Champion's Cup!

I've been wanting to make a mech battler since Turbo, and this also produced a Shortstack waifu! Features an upgrade system, magical programming languages, and an ANNOUNCER WHO TALKS IN ALL CAPS!

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Mech Battler Mid - High Mid Mech Inventory, Lorebook

Astrid Ironfist (chub)       (catbox)

Gwendolyn the Blue


Every Magical Girl needs an animal companion, even the sad ones. Join Gwendolyn as she battles foul monsters and defends her homeland of Drankontas.

Out of the three bots I created for the DS project, I think this one is my favorite. An Anon requested openings that don't imply the shape and size of the user, which was quickly added after release. My first card tested on Kayra along with the usual models.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
Magical Girl Low High Lorebook

Gwendolyn the Blue (chub)       (catbox)

Crimson Future

Zeta, Sentient Android


A journey of loss, mortality, and the end of the world. The seven chronological greetings will take you through Zeta's life, and the lorebook will show how Zeta grows over time.

One of the cards I'm most proud of. I wanted to tell an actual story with this card, using all of the tools available, and the results are better than I could have hoped. Give it a try, even if you're not into SciFi!

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
SciFi Drama Low High Embedded Lorebook, Chronological Narrative

Zeta, Sentient Android (chub)       (catbox)

Natalie, Organ Harvester


Chop Chop! Natalie is the head of a Xin Silu 'Medical Facility', and you're her new assistant! Not for the squeamish, this scenario will take you through Triage, laboratory accidents, and the secrets behind Natalie's incurable Cancer.

This card, along with Nyota below, were created to showcase a portion of the Crimson Future world. The gruesome nature will turn off some folks, which is a shame because Nat turned out pretty quirky and fun.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
SciFi / Medical Low Mid Lorebook

Natalie, Organ Harvester (chub)       (catbox)

Nyota, NCWF Veteran


Day and Night the guns fire, all day every day. Nyota doesn't even hear them anymore. She's been firing this cannon for 8 years, and every day she hears her comrades die over the radio. It still hurts, though she no longer shows it.

There is a bit going on under the hood here. Nyota has a Randomizer for her fire missions, so you never know if your shots are going to be helpful or harmful. I'm also quite happy with the conversations heard over the radio.

Genre Complexity Polish Systems
SciFi / War Low Mid Lorebook, Fire Missions

Nyota, NCWF Veteran (chub)       (catbox)


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