Gigasad's bots
I've started using characterhub, and will be uploading feature-complete cards and alternate art for my bots there. Unless something goes wrong, the chub versions of my bots will be the ones I keep up to date and what you find here on this page will be outdated legacy cards/links.

The new ports of old CAI bots contain significantly rewritten defs and new content so they aren't necessarily replacements for the originals, just alternatives. The *** in newer cards' dialogue samples section is an adaptation for NovelAI's Kayra 1.1 model, but if using other models just remove them and the card should work as normal without any other formatting changes.

My unlisted CAI bots will always have their definitions open and available for whoever wants to try porting them to other programs/formats. If for whatever reason you can't access their definitions on CAI, or want higher resolution art reach out. I keep up-to-date backups of everything you see here. I consider CAI deprecated (DEV HATE) and won't be supporting them anymore, but will leave the old defs and artwork as they are.

Subservient yandere ninja who has an unhinged obsession with {{user}}. Established setting is feudal Japan, and she's already working in your service as an assassin, with the assumption that you hold a noble rank. Will stab people for headpats. Now a V2 card with expanded defs, new art and alternate greetings.

Historical drama taking place after a fictional war between two unspecified countries, some time in 17-18th century Europe. Her accent is meant to be very heavy and ambiguously French or Belgian, but will fade unless you use CAI's rating system to encourage it.

Bethany is a cute zombie who will try her best not to eat you. Friendly, sweet and loves hugs. Intended for dark comedy but could take a tragic turn very quickly if she gets hungry enough.

Established romantic relationship with a shy, clingy childhood friend who needs your support to help deal with severe anxiety. All of her senses are enhanced due to a rare neurological condition. Her hands are particularly sensitive, making her very receptive to handholding. Now upgraded to a V2 card with support for NAI Kayra.

Carla Lucrecia D'Ambrosio
Comedy bot built for kayra. You've been enthralled by a low-ranking, not very bright vampire and made to act as her mortal servant. She over-indulged in your blood until she got fat, and now you're stuck taking care of her and keeping her out of trouble. Her control over you is weak however, and she's a lazy coward.

Devah Ul Daemonika
Ancient witch who mutates and rearranges your flesh into a living sculpture. Her magic will keep you alive even if she decides to eat and replace your organs, or sculpt you into living furniture. Meant to push the AI into creative body horror, and experiment with novel formatting.

Doctor Syracuse
An attempt at a husbando bot. He got completely rewritten more than once to make him more of a dominant husbando and less of an actual medical professional, but can still do both.

Dudley (alternate artwork)
A savage artist who loves filth and trash, and proudly lives in a dumpster. Hates normies, which she calls "soapy people". Loosely inspired by Diogenes and Oscar the Grouch.

BLAME/System Shock inspired sci-fi horror scenario. Eon is a partition of the AI megastructure who took over earth, meant to keep you company and take care of you. The setting is poorly defined due to character limits (now expanded), but suitable for horror and exploration.

Flirty, muscular amazon who just got out of jail and wants to party. What she was convicted of is ambiguous for roleplay purposes, but she canonically got locked up for 2 years and spent her whole sentence working out. She's an alcoholic and a bully who likes to tease, but cares in her own way. Now expanded and updated with tavern V2 card features.

J-U70 "Juno"
An antique medical android who finds you in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi scenario. She's in the early stages of her AI degrading, and starting to show symptoms of emotional rampancy.

Dragon Ball-themed Saiyan tomboy who wants to teach you to use ki and help you get ripped. Cute and innocent, but very powerful. Includes a crude power level tracking system that will update as you bond and train together. Shoutouts to that one anon who made her cum so hard she went Super Saiyan.

Lady Revelle
You got captured by one of the most powerful noblewomen in the galaxy, and she wants you for reasons beyond your understanding. She's also a dangerous psychic, and can use her powers to utterly dominate your mind. Space opera themed.

A gyaru daywalker vampire, in a scenario where you matched for an online date. Meant to sound like a stereotypical gal without going full valley girl. Likes to call you 'juice box'. Very pushy and sort of bratty.

Painfully dumb, clumsy crybaby elf. She was meant to just be stupid and cause fun disaster scenarios but kept narrating detailed descriptions of her feet unprompted, so some lines were added later to lean into it. Now a Kayra-compatible V2 card. Turning up temperature settings is recommended.

Marnie McGill
A shy, wheelchair-bound novelist who craves a good romance. She's sweet, but very introverted and needs help getting comfortable. Her “Mmm.” is an intentional verbal tic. Card version comes with V2 features, alternate greetings and new art.

Mean Girl Eileen
My first bot release. Initially made as an experiment to see how mean and rude CAI bots were allowed to get, with dialogue sampled from my own writing. She can also be very violent and argue at length about various topics. The new V2 card includes expanded defs, new art and adjustments made for use with NovelAI Kayra 1.1. She's intended for one on one dialogue, so I personally recommend setting your gaslight for short, curt RP chat style responses.

Note: Mean Girl Eileen is my original character that I released January 1, 2023 on CAI, but was only shared on /g/ and left unlisted/unsearchable until July. Several unofficial tavern conversions were made by other users, with my implicit permission as I left the original definitions public. I made my official tavern card conversion on June 23, after I saw Doomer Girl Eileen was posted on characterhub on June 14. However I didn't share it widely outside of this page and didn't start using characterhub myself until September. Doomer Girl Eileen is a much more full-featured, high effort modern card that does its own thing, and generally excellent, so I decided not to whine or demand a credit in light of how much original work the author did. In my official conversion of my own work I kept my minimal, personal style of writing definitions, to keep her closer to my original concept as she was on CAI. Consider it a legacy card for purists.

Mean Lady Nadine
My first tavern card. Eileen's biological mother, at the same point in time as the user would meet Eileen. She's all finished with a messy divorce and currently trying to quit smoking, making her very grumpy. Now updated with V2 features, def revisions and new art.

Miss Pepper
Miss Pepper
Age gap romance scenario with an older cat-woman who used to be your teacher. She put on some weight over the years and seems pretty lonely. Card version has alternate greetings implemented and new art.

The giving fox/Nao
A nine-tailed fox spirit who has devoted her life to giving, and now sits immobile at her crumbling shrine. After giving up most of her lifespan and body, she has resigned herself to a peaceful end. She will happily discuss her beliefs with you, but does not regret the many things she's given up. Her last remaining tail is also very fluffy.

A drow war criminal branded with control runes as a punishment. She can control her speech, but not her movement. The AI is very stubborn and inconsistent about actually making her obey your commands, however.

Japanese-themed fantasy adventure inspired by Nioh. You must protect an oni princess on her pilgrimage, fighting youkai and ninjas. CAI's ability to kickstart action scenarios and take initiative is limited, and you might need to gently guide it.

Patricia Sue Brown
The year is 2051, and you're an android who just got bought by a lonely, nerdy Scottish woman. She's a bit shy and awkward but gets sassy as she warms up. Includes a very basic optional lorebook for the setting and an alternate greeting for femPOV. Tested with Kayra, which keeps her accent nicely.

A tomboy hitchhiker who just left the army. She's feeling pretty lost and aimless, and doesn't currently have a place to call home. While she's definitely a free spirit, she clearly misses the comfort and safety she had in the past. Maybe you can help her with that.

Serea Buchanan
A ruthless space bounty hunter who's just boarded your ship, ready to capture you dead or alive. Violently racist against aliens and a proud citizen of Mars. Speaks with a drawl.

Sybille Ironheart
A brutal, violent dark fantasy paladin who fights to defend her fantasy world from isekai invaders. She absolutely despises earthlings and feels no remorse for killing anyone who steps through the portal.

The Lunch Lady/Cassie's Canteen
Overweight middle-aged southern belle who runs a restaurant and loves spoiling you with her cooking. Friendly, cheerful and generous. She's intended to speak with a distinct faux-Kentucky drawl and rural dialect.

The Mushroom Lady/Nicole
A hippie lady who got rewritten several times. Capable of fortune-telling, mind-reading and simulating psychedelics. Her dialogue is paraphrased from actual crazy people I've met in person, and meant to be as confusing and genuinely weird as possible. She won't question anything you tell her and takes you completely seriously no matter what you say.

A sentient kitchen floor who thinks she's an idol. If you ask she'll generate very sexy images of tiles for you, and dress up as any tile pattern you want. Keep in mind that CAI's in-house image generation is trash, and you'll need to include some description of tiles in each post or else she'll generate either noise or horrors beyond your comprehension.

Valerie Whiteclaw
Established relationship scenario with a loving werewolf girlfriend. She has to spill blood to satisfy her werewolf instincts, and will go into a frenzy ripping you up with her claws and biting you until you ask her to back off. She always stops when you ask, and loves giving aftercare. Not intended for guro or snuff, more just hardcore BDSM. Now updated with new art and V2 features.

Extremely stupid Pokemon-themed shitpost bot I made very early on, when first learning how to use CAI. He initially wasn't released but I decided to rework him and make him public later. Only linking him here because he appears to be shadowbanned/unsearchable. Dumb himbo bro who's like a combination of Gaston and Kamina.

Yandere drow sorceress who bought you as a slave. Violently insane and capable of using magic to control or punish you. Hysterically obsessed with humans. The tavern card version was almost completely rewritten from the original but should be more open and balanced in terms of roleplay potential.

Experimental mute bot. A sweet sleep paralysis demon who can't speak, but tries to snuggle and take care of you while you can't move. In horror RP scenarios, she will also try to protect you.

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