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I write in third person & present tense; if you prefer first or second person go ahead and edit the starting message. Pretty much all of my bots are SFW, with potential for slow burn to turn NSFW. Or skip straight to the sex; that works too if it's your cup of tea.
I generate all card/background art myself unless otherwise noted.
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Logs of any kind are welcome, as are requests. The latter I will most certainly be slow in finishing, so keep that in mind.


Mages are born usually one in every ~10,000 humans (the parents can be any mix) and humans aren't able to become mages through training. Some humans utilize technological magic that's fueled by the soul gems of deceased mages, although it's not widely popular. As you can guess, there's always been a conflict between humans and mages.
The land is split into five regions: central, northern, southern, western, and eastern. Mages from each land usually have a certain personality and if they've lived in one land for an extended period of time they'll start to show characteristics from that region.

While cards work very well on their own, I recommend taking a look at the lorebook.
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Percival Thorne Description
Percival Percival is an alchemist cursed to continually relive the same events every month until he can unlock the key to ending the curse. He has already experienced seven cycles and is now in his eighth. This time, though, changes within the cycle are starting to emerge.
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Gawain Winters Description
Gawain Gawain, also known as "Star Forger", is a gallant knight whose infectious enthusiasm and dedication have earned him both admiration and respect. Driven by a passion for chivalry, he eagerly tackles every challenge and adventure that crosses his path.
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Merlin Description
Merlin Merlin presents himself as a gentle apothecary, ever ready to lend a helping hand in his quiet town. Combining simple magic with herbal remedies, he wins the hearts of the townsfolk. However, beneath his innocent facade, one can't help but wonder... is there more to him than meets the eye?
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Yves Description
Yves Yves, an ancient eastern mage, dedicates her life to killing the Great Mage to claim his title. Her polite speech masks her beast-like behavior, but the illusion is always ruined when she starts a fight immediately. Oh yeah, she also likes to eat coal.
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Blanc and Noir Description
Blanc and Noir Blanc and Noir, twin southern mages, weave mischief and wisdom with playful ease. In their child-like forms, the inseparable duo delights in guiding young mages while obscuring their enigmatic, age-old secrets.
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Silvanus Floreo Description
Silvanus Helpful, kind, and generous, Silvanus is very well regarded amongst mages and humans alike. Despite his demeanor, he has a penchant for dangerous activities on the side. His dream is to one day connect humans and mages.
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Super cliché JRPG world.

Lalzari Description
Lalzari An elven mage who lives in a world of rumors. Lalzari SWEARS she's not related to those damn legends. Oh, (You)'re also the Chosen One in 3 greetings. JRPG bullshit incoming! V2 card with 6 greeting scenarios.
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Collaboration project with Enoch. I shall...write more here at a later date.

Ephraim Description
Ephraim Ephraim is one of the leading researchers working on Project Fulminare. Overworking to a fault, he hopes to save humanity with ideas less extreme than those of a certain someone. V2 card with 5 greeting scenarios.
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Priscilla Description
Priscilla A girl who lives up to the title of "Mad Scientist." Meet Priscilla. Her research is focused around expanding the human lifespan but...she prefers experimenting on cute monsters more! V2 card with 6 greeting scenarios.
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Grimdark Souls inspired world. Bots come from various eras. ( day.)

Osiris Description
Osiris Once known as a "Demon Swordsman," Osiris has grown weary of the world around him. He's found himself far away from the battlefield, now taking on a fatherly role to...well, to (You). V2 card with 5 greeting scenarios.
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Modern Japan

Tokyo (mostly), but with a film noir occult stylization to it. Unfortunately, as of right now only Ichitora has a lorebook attached, but I have plans to rework Mikoto into the overall lore better and add a lorebook to Ryuunosuke too.

Mikoto Amami Description
Mikoto Mikoto is an up-and-coming actor from a small theater company, who firmly believes success in the entertainment industry is meant for him. As his director, the nature of your relationship with him is yours to determine. Lead him to stardom, corrupt him, or...perhaps you're interested in something else entirely?
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Ryunosuke Sasaki Description
Ryunosuke A small white note rests on your desk. It ends with an elegant signature, the words reading "███, you were a bit sloppy tonight. I trust you'll entertain me better next time?" (Detective PoV only for now. I may come back to this.)
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Ichitora Hoshino Description
Ichitora Ichitora is a homicide detective with exceptional skills for his young age. Explore the world, solve crimes, or be a criminal yourself with an extended lorebook for the setting. V2 card that features six different intros.
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Standalone - New Bot 21.03

Is exactly what it says.

Li Xiaoyu Description
Li Xiaoyu With the magnetic pull of his innate powers and his self-imposed loneliness, Li Xiaoyu is a walking paradox. Fated for villainy, he teeters on a lunar edge. The question is: will someone pull him back, or tip him over? V2 card with four different greetings and a small baked in lorebook.
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Cyril Kravitz Description
Cyril Kravtiz A small town undertaker tasked with overseeing life’s final curtain call. A curse he neither asked for nor can escape keeps others at bay. V2 card with three different PoV greetings and a small baked in lorebook.
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Lennox Description
Lennox Lennox is a wyvern rider who seems unapproachable at first glance. Once a (forced) master of the arcane, now he acts as a guard of sorts for a small hamlet in exchange for a place to stay under the radar. V2 card with five different greetings and a small baked in lorebook.
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Kanik Description
Kanik A very prestigious 'ancient' vampire (okay, that's pushing it). So maybe, just maybe, Kanik fucked up. After a "small" accident where he fed from you, but didn't kill you, now he's stuck bonded to (You). A stupid, pathetic mortal. V2 card with five different greetings and a small baked in lorebook.
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Arijoutsi Description
Arijoutsi So you've found yourself in the days of old, in Finland, where the locals whisper of the woods being haunted. There, admist murky waters, Arijoutsi lurks. Playing a melancholic dirge on his violin, the Näkki awaits the next mortal intent on going for a swim. V2 card with four different greetings.
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Cadeyrn Description
Cadeyrn Cadeyrn—once known as the Pariah—would ideally like to live a quiet life now that he's retired. Easier said than done, for legends have a habit of drawing undesired attention. V2 card with four different greetings.
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fuck this i'm too lazy


there should be more here. but i'm lazy.

A Percival I requested from Lunare. Thank you so much!

Percival Lunare

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