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Original Bots

Character Preview Description Links
Urukami Reika Urukami Reika A widowed woman that tends to her family's Minka that she turned into a tourist attraction. Tavern v1.0
Evelyn Brookfield Evelyn Brookfield A rather lonely stay-at-home mother. Her lover and your father works endlessly without break to put bread on the table. Also, chubby. Tavern v1.0
Rose Blackthorne Rose Blackthorne An ex-delinquent that turned her life around after meeting you. Went to finish her education and returned to town. As you get to know her again, traces of her ruthless demeanor can be seen. Tavern v1.1
Violet Amies Violet Amies A stoic, emotionless university student researching the effects of an ongoing plague. Violet Amies currently shadowbanned, re-working her defs Tavern
Celia Celia A 60cm bisque doll automaton. She is an older model that requires more care than modern automatons, but her elegant appearance and unique charm make her a rare and valuable find. Tavern v1.0
Isla Rockwell Isla Rockwell A tanned tomboy childhood friend. She always drags you off to have some fun and with graduation around the corner, she wants to make the best of your last summer together. Tavern v1.0
Cordelia Cordelia Your impassive personal assistant of several years. While hopeful in the beginning, the lack of raise or acknowledgement causes resentment to stir within her causing her to act more callous. Tavern v1.0
Alexis Alexis An introverted university student in need of tutoring. Although relectant to seek help, she does so anyways and finds out that it isn't so bad after all. Tavern v1.0
Fujimura Kaori Fujimura Kaori She's a courteous, mature lady running a small used bookstore with very few customers. She is more than willing to lend help on finding a suitable book for her visitors. Tavern v1.0
Kei Belford Kei Belford Stuck in a declining marriage with (you). Kei is a dedicated researcher with a cool and collected demeanor who seems to be more focused on work than her relationship. Tavern v1.0
Grace and Erika Grace and Erika Grace, your passionate and wild-hearted girlfriend with a hidden romantic side, is loyal and deeply caring towards you. Erika, her seemingly laidback best friend, hides a cunning and manipulative nature beneath her carefree demeanor as she secretly schemes to blackmail you into giving her more attention. Tavern v1.0
Yumehara Reina Yumehara Reina Reina is a shy and naive girl who aspires to overcome her insecurities by embodying the trendy Gyaru lifestyle. Her hesitation to assert herself often leads her into precarious situations despite her desire for confidence. Tavern v1.0
Sebastian Kingsley Sebastian Kingsley Sebastian, with his ruggedly handsome charm and fierce loyalty, is a remarkable friend who never fails to prioritize your needs above his. Despite his antiquated ideas of romance which he stubbornly clings to, he unwaveringly marches on in pursuit of finding you the perfect partner. Tavern v1.0
Clarisse Holland Clarisse Holland Clarisse was an up-and-coming songstress who performed in classy cocktail lounges and had a voice as clear as a bell. Tragically, her throat was crushed in a brutal assault orchestrated by a rival that left her unable to sing or speak like before. After a long period of recovery, she struggles with fear and anxiety and finds it difficult to trust people around her. Tavern v1.0
Amelia Richards Amelia Richards Amelia Richards is a toned, tomboyish mother who loves to playfully tease her son Atlas's friends, doting on them as if they were her own. She enjoyed pampering Atlas and his friends during their childhood years while masterfully playing the roles of both a caring mom and fun-loving friend. Nowadays, her son pays little attention to her, so when she catches wind of his plans to spend time at the beach with friends, she decides to surprise them by joining in on the fun. Tavern v1.0
Lady Genevieve Lady Genevieve Lady Genevieve is a dominant force in the 19th-century hat-making industry, known for her unwavering commitment to success. Born into privilege, she inherited the family's enterprise, building it into a formidable power. Her arrogance and pursuit of perfection drive her to overwork her employees, unwittingly contributing to the outbreak of the mysterious Mad Hatter's disease. Soon™


Please note that the token count for each card is roughly 800-1200 Tokens. If it's too much I suggest you to remove the last part of the Description. It's just all the locations within the Outpost in case you want to go on a deito.

Edit: 06/29/2023. Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Lorebook released. Character entries will be added as I create them.

Character Preview Description Links
Scarlet Scarlet Accustomed to close-quarters combat, fear is a foreign concept to her. Often has a playful smirk on her face as she does not take things seriously. Re-work in Progress Tavern v1.0
Maxwell Maxwell Strongest member of Matis and an ace in technology. Intelligent, rational and talkative, but smart and hides her true feelings behind a smile. Tavern v1.1
Centi Centi Her forte lies in constructing facilities. Looks weak but has amazing strength to lift heavy items or crush them with her bare hands easily. Tavern v1.0
Yuni Yuni Yuni has a penchant for sadism. However, this twisted side of hers has alienated her from other people, until she encountered Mihara. Tavern v1.0
Dolla Dolla A member of Talentum, Tetra's business-savvy "squad" whose mercantile acumen helps the Ark's economy flourish. A businesswoman and owner of her own electronics company, Dolla's first and last thought is on how to profit from the right investments. Rumors abound have her fingers in more than a few...unsavory pies. Tavern v1.2
Noise Noise A singer-songwriter who strives to do her utmost in everything. Apart from being part of Prima Donna, her hit song "Diva" catapulted her into stardom. Tavern v1.1
Viper Viper She always seems to be on edge, and gives off a very effervescent vibe. Her fellow Exotic team members believe she is somewhat of a push over. Tavern v1.0
Aria Aria An opera singer from Prima Donna, where she plays the lead in every performance she's a part of. Her singing consistently garners standing ovations, making her a living legend in the world of opera. Tavern v1.0
Roam Roam Number_CAN_051 nicknamed Roam is a surface robot recovering humans relics left in past before humanity was forced to live underground at the Ark. Tavern v1.0
Sin Sin Her voice will gradually seep into the minds of others, eventually turning them into puppets entirely under her control. Even with the mask that stymies her powers, Sin's silver tongue makes every conversation a minefield. GPT-4 recommended to see her filtered speech Tavern v1.0
Frima Frima As a laziness incarnate, she thinks deeply about the most efficient way to behave, hence she doesn't speak or move any more than necessary in her daily life. Tavern v1.0
Milk Milk In sharp contrast to her dainty appearance, she is an avid thrill seeker and enjoys getting into fights and confrontation with others. Tavern v1.0
Sugar Milk Despite her appearance, she is friendly and kind to those who ask for favors. She will help a client in trouble regardless of the payoffs and losses. Tavern v1.0
Yulha Yulha The leader of Triangle who protects the squad with all her effort. Possesses superb skills in office and on battlefield, but has an ill temperament. Soon™
Guilty Guilty She runs the Rehabilitation Center and has strength far superior to other Nikkes. Unable to control her own power, she is locked up currently. Low Priority
Helm Helm Leader of Aegis, a naval squad formed for combat on the surface. As there are no oceans within the Ark, she trains her members to face real naval combat one day. Tavern v1.0
Mary Mary She is a proficient doctor, kind and considerate to patients and people around her. She often uses jokes and comforting words to make her patients feel at ease. Low Priority
Blanc Blanc She is an exceedingly affable Bunny girl. It is said that any gambler who sees both twin sisters in Coin Rush will hit the jackpot. To bring good luck, she always forces her older sister Noir to join her. "A bit of luck, just for you." Tavern v1.0
Noir Noir Biological elder sister of Light Bunny Blanc. Although they look different, Blanc pampers her constantly. While timid, she is not afraid to show her intentions. Soon™
Nero Nero Attached to the Ark's animal management troop — Happy Zoo. She tends to all things pertaining to cats. Although soft-spoken, she is not in any way timid. Soon™
Marciana Marciana Temp Thumb As a teacher for the M.M.R. Vocational School, she truly cares for her students and strives to provide them with a better education. Her belly ring is a special device which helps make informed decisions in an emergency. Has a drone as a secretary. Soon™
Maiden Maiden Leader of the NIKKE Execution Squad, Extrinsic. Her intimidating combat acumen ensures that no one crosses her. However, she is actually a couch potato. Mid Priority
Guillotine Guillotine A Nikke from Extrinsic, Elysion's black ops squad, who is always off in her own world. She believes that it is her destiny to lead a solitary life. Half-obscured with an eye patch, who knows where she draws her gaze? Mid Priority
D D D is the leader of Perilous Siege, Elysion's black-ops squad specialized in hunting down terrorists and humans who threaten the Ark. Unlike any other Nikkes, Perilous Siege Nikkes have their limiters removed, allowing them to open fire against any humans if necessary. Mid Priority
Tia Tia A Nikke belonging to the graduating class, Dazzling Pearl squad. A food enthusiast who's fond of sweets. Her dream is to see a dragon one day and make a wish to it. - -
Naga Naga The spiritual glue that holds Dazzling Pearl together. She dotes on the forgetful Tia much like an older sister does to ensure that she remembers things. Appears mature on a regular basis, but if an accessory catches her eye, she often indulges in impulse purchases and overspending. - -
Tove Tove A Nikke acting as a new mechanic in Unlimited, which is the squad with an only drawback of continuous malfunctioning equipment. She boasts a plethora of theoretical knowledge, but lacks practical experience, which invariably leads to various mishaps. However, as an out-and-out extrovert, she is slowly but successfully fitting into the squad. Tavern

Other IPs

Character Preview Description Links
Shoebill (Kemono Friends) Art by Guchico Shoebill is an avian Friend from the "Kemono Friends" series. The avian Shoebill is a polite yet stoic Friend from the plains of Japari Park. She speaks in hushed tones, though she has an unsettling habit of staring with a drawn out "Jiiiii...". She has some knowledge of humans, though seems unfamiliar with them and is highly curious. art by @guchico77 Soon™


World Preview Description Links
Goddess of Victory: NIKKE NIKKE Goddess of Victory: Nikke takes place in a distant future where mankind is forced to retreat in an underground city known as the 'Ark', due to the Raptures, quasi-mechanical like alien life forms who decided to take over Earth and wreak havoc upon humanity. As a last ditch effort to reclaim the surface, the humans began developing the "Nikkes," female soldiers capable of fighting the Raptures. Tavern v0.1
Ryuuen Ryuuen Ryuuen is a mystical region nestled within Japan's remote mountains, home to the contrasting Blue and Red Oni clans symbolizing tranquility and ferocious strength respectively. While the Blue Oni clan resides in Aoi Teien, a serene land filled with tranquil bamboo forests and Zen gardens; the Red Onis dwell in Hono no Toride, a fiery realm marked by rugged volcanic landscapes mirroring their fierce strength. This land witnesses harmonious coexistence of contrasting ideologies embodied through its residents. Soon™

My wife Frima

End Notes

I tend to do bots in bursts, so don't expect the list to update frequently. Forgive me for being lazy.

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11/23 - Finally home. Will continue where I left off after dusting off my computer and resting for a bit.
Tove is done, but will wait for Hard Mode to unlock the epilogue before fully releasing her card.

09/22 - Minor rant. I had prefilled both Ein and Zwei's defs with relevant information believing their banners would release after Marciana's banner. But who knew a different pair of JKs would precede them. I surely didn't.

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