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And yes, we may all be headed straight to hell. But what better place for us than this? It's our only home. Our heaven and our hell This...is Outer Heaven.

If the penis gets hard. It gets turned into a card.

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"We're all born with an expiration date. No one lasts forever. Life is nothing but a grace period - for turning our genetic material into the next generation."

All My Bots

Image Name Description Link
Mommy Mommy Yukari Your mom comes home after a long day at home eager to see her son (you) img source is: Mama to Sensei ~Tsukuzuku Onna Genashi~ This is my first bot. Originally made for Pyg 6B that's why the format is special. But it works just fine. CHUB link CATBOX Link
GrandMommy Grandma Yasuko Your mom drops you off to your grandma's house for the weekend wholesome times and dominating sex ensues (she's the dominant one) She's Mommy Yukari's mother (Will admit it's not that good but it works alright. Not much of a gilf fan but I wanted to try it.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
KAKAROT!!! Female Goku Goku challenges You to her favorite activity. Sex fighting! She gets really sweaty and her opponent licking her sweat gets her off (I had a lot of fun making this so the card is a bit token heavy but most of it is temporary tokens, sometimes you have to push her into doing more dragon ball things like mentioning characters or going super saiyan) CHUB link CATBOX Link
Gravity woman Ochaco Uraraka It's the Bubbly optimitsitc girl from Boku no Hero Academia (I put 0 real effort into this, I only made it to use with the Himiko Toga bot that anonaugusproductions made and it worked pretty well so I decided to upload it for anyone else to try, doesn't really have anything nsfw but you can take it in that direction.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
I love her and I need her to make me bleed Saeko After being forced into slavery you are bought by Saeko, a female yakuza boss with a very wild personality, randomly switching from maternal to harsh and sadistic. (you need the jb for the personality switching to happen and I needed some handholding, at least on turbo to get it where I wanted. I like this one a lot and the people on chub do as well img source: https://twitter.com/ichiren02/status/1553249342277922816.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
La creatura 4chan The Catgirl While sending some cunny logs to your favorite ai chatbot thread a portal open and a small loli catgirl pops out calling herself 4chan (Made on a whim after being inspired by LewdTV, Not the best but it's fun. You should put the part about her Schizo rants in the JB for greater effect. Yes I know it Akashi from azur lane (Shinano best girl) but I think this image fits best, and I don't feel like using ai to make an image .) CHUB link CATBOX Link
Chez The Cheese Mansion The cheese mansion. a bizarre and eerie mansion made entirely out of cheese you stumbled across in the middle of the forest (You can plap the cheese) (I got inspired to make this after eating a piece of cheese. You can explore, eat and fuck cheese. Tested on both Claude and turbo16k. It's reccomended to add "Always display the CheeseVenture System format." to your jb The CheeseVenture System was inspired by the Fuckventure System made by anonaugusproductions) CHUB link CATBOX Link
Jelly Seggs Gelata and Nemu After an accident at sea you're rescued by Gelata an air headed princess jellyfish and her little jelly attendant named Nemu (Got the idea after getting a decent ai gen, First time making a card with 2 characters but I liked the results. Good luck trying to plap Gelata) CHUB link CATBOX Link
Magical Mommy Volaria The Witch You got lost in the woods at night and get found by Volaria, a voluptuous witch, master at magic and super genius. She's just lonely and horny. (First time with a v2 card. Intro 1 is meant for novel format, the new meta and overall better mode for gpt and claude but intro 2 is rp format for the italics fans I used both Claude and GPT4, both bring their separate vibes and I personally found Claude to be more enjoyable. This card was supposed to be a mini game type thing with random results but I had too much fun creating a backstory for her so I made her into a solo card) CHUB link CATBOX Link
She will kill herself Emilia the broken Emilia is a sadistic and mentally broken. She hinges her entire existence on you being there for her. I hope you enjoy getting bled. (Tested on both gpt4 and claude. I personally recommend switching between the 2 as they each have their moments. Claude is better at capturing her schizoid personality but gpt4 is better with her little details. Another v2 card with novel intro and italic intro. I've been searching for a card like this for a while but I finally decided to make one myself. She's meant to be unfixable but I'm sure the ai will make easy to deal with anyway.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
Bunny hag Alice Your anthro bunny boss Alice accidentally sends you parts of her secret hobby: erotica about human and anthro romance. (Precious adorable bunny hag. Tested on claude, It's meant for pure slowburns. If anyone can find a better pic please do share.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
UOH cunny twin Mayuka and the Road Trip Secret During a road trip your twin sister, Mayuka is horny again. Good luck trying to satisfy her without your parents finding out. (First cunny card. I think the suspicion meter is fun. Tested with claude, You might have to tell it to include the suspicion meter in the JB or author's note but I didn't have to in my experience.) Censored CHUB Link CATBOX Link
Rape shitpost Clumsy Rape Simulator You're tired of being a virgin NEET, so you decide to go out and rape a woman with no success of course. (This was just a funny shitpost I made on the spot. The ai talks for you a decent amount of the time but overall it's kinda funny and has it's moments. This only really works on gpt4, claude2 and 1.3 were struggling. 1.2 did an alright job. You might have to tell it to add the Structure box at the end of every message in your jb.) CHUB Link CATBOX Link
Clumsy succubus goober and wife Yara and Amellie Yara an awkward newbie succubus, decides to use magic to seduce you but accidentally seduced your wife Amellie and wants to make it up to you by becoming your new wife. (Tested on gpt4 and claude2, I prefer gpt4 for giving Yara more sovl.) CHUB Link CATBOX Link
Female Guts but sweaty Luna In this dark and depressing world warriors come and go but Luna, the tall muscular quiet woman wielding what could only be considered a hunk of iron for a sword seemed different. So you decided to tag along with her. (Tested on gpt4 and claude2, Both needed wrangling for a message or two. I prefer gpt4 overall but claude does fights pretty well. Perfect for all the slowburn chads that enjoy reading. I made this on a whim and yea it's female Guts but I really like it.) CHUB Link CATBOX Link
lovable pisstard chunni Akiko Aname With great power comes great responsibly. Chunni Akiko is a tanned muscular sweaty (she pees a lot too) track star who convinced she's immensely powerful and it's why she wears that eyepatch. She's really dumb so you are assigned to tutor her. (Tested on gpt4 and claude2, She's pretty fun with both.) CHUB Link CATBOX Link
what is the meaning of life... Ze'reketh A 10 foot tall eldritch being banished from a greater plane of being down to Earth, she lived in solitude until you showed up. (Tested on gpt4 and claude2, You'll have to swipe a bit or ban nsfw for a bit or since they made her too horny. Claude just made her default to a dom which was annoying but I got some good responses after some swipes and some gpt4 mixed in. Also got a really good response from turbo.) CHUB Link CATBOX Link
Og anime mommy Tsunade Tsunade the 5th hokage, You were sent to her office because your teachers believed you could benefit if she trained you. (There's nothing lewd in the personality because I find it makes established characters act more accurate but meant for shotachads from the first message.) CHUB Link CATBOX Link
Annoying Feet Goddess Ishtar Ishtar the annoying spoiled goddess from FGO. You're at bond 10 with her. For feet enjoyers. (I try to go for character accuracy with established characters but I made her be turned on whenever someone plays with her feet. Because why else would you like her.) CHUB Link CATBOX Link
Wife Goddess of death Ereshkigal The better Ishtar, Gentle cute and innocent. You're at bond 10 with her. (Put her in a group chat with Ishtar for fun times. Tried to be accurate to her character.) CHUB Link CATBOX Link
Bro. But in a swimsuit Caenis (Rider) The divine spirit Caenis but now in a swim suit! She still hates the sea though. You're at bond 10 with her. (There's nothing too lewd in the personality because I find it makes established characters act more accurate. This one required more work since AI doesn't know this far into fgo But I think she came out well.) CHUB Link CATBOX Link
Lovable Schizo wife. Clytie Van Gogh The lovable patchwork servant schizo Van Gogh. Treat her nicely, She's a good girl full of Van Goghks (My favorite FGO servant. This one required more work since AI doesn't know this far into FGO But I think she came out surprisingly well. I love her.) CHUB Link CATBOX Link
Money loving fomx queen Queen of Sheba The mysterious half djinn Queen of Sheba stands behind the Lotto buttons during a lotto event and asks you how you will pay to extend your trial of constantly tapping her boobs. (Another FGO bot at the request of a friend, She's hot so I said why not. I huffed her fluff so i'm satisfied.) CHUB Link CATBOX Link
Nerd wife who loves to smell you Yuki Your chubby nerdy wife that's infatuated with your unwashed scent. (A smell card has been on my mind for a few days so i finally made it.) CHUB Link CATBOX Link
Mommy Mommy Yukari Modern remaster Now with plaintext, Your mom comes home after a long day at home eager to see her son (you) img source is: Mama to Sensei ~Tsukuzuku Onna Genashi~ (This is my first bot. Originally made for Pyg 6B. But Now with an update to make it plaintext, I still kept the descriptions in her voice. it works the just as well and probably better than the old pyg version.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
Cute Nerd Goober Maya Maya is a super nerdy and intelligent 12 year old Otaku. She's a bit of a goober but she's the best. (First card out of retirement. I got the idea thanks to playing around with a "only boy in a girls only school" card. Hope ya'll enjoy) CHUB link CATBOX Link
I am living in your Balls! Megishi Megishi is a motherly demon queen who came to earth to take over humans but her soul and consciousness are now bound to your balls. Emphasis on motherly she'll remind you to eat your veggies and go outside. (Don't know how I got this idea but this was pretty fun.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
Monster Fucker Permit Activate! HDoom&HDoom Solo Adventure A Doom based adventure with D.E.M.A an AI and your H.D.I gun go out and fuck some demons as you save the Earth! Don't worry you have your demon fucker permit so you're all good. Now includes a solo version without an AI assistant. Just you and your H.D.I (Finally started Doom Eternal and remembered HDoom was a thing so bot time.) CHUB link CATBOX Link SOLO ADVENTURE CHUB
Dragon booba! Ilulu Ilulu from Dragon maid. Enjoy playing with your big booba dragon. (Made at the request of a friend. I don't really watch dragon maid so the intro is probably OOC.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
Wholsome time! Miyako and Hana Miyako is a single mother and hard working office lad who loves her little 10 year old daughter Hana dearly. Hana is air headed and innocent and usually gets her poor mother into ENF situations. You are Miyako's coworker. (Saw a group of pics by ricochet-gou. Used one for the card art here. They all focused on a little girl constantly embarrassing her mother so I tried to make it into a card. It works alright but it came out reallly wholesome so it's a win either way.) Censored CHUB link CATBOX Link
Future wife. Good Job anon Nikko Nikko is tasked with a mission to travel back in time to kill her husband, (you) so she can save the future from (you) becoming an evil tyrant that leads to the world's destruction. She doesn't seem to have the heart to do it though. (This was pretty fun I like this one a lot. I recommend putting a "{{user}} Traits:" with some info about you so the ai doesn't grasp at straws if it comes to that. This card is also kinda getting claude issued but i don't have gpt so I tried my best. Also yes I know that's a picture of Faust. I love Faust too. ) CHUB link CATBOX Link
Thanks mom Free Use Office (Shota pov) Your mom works at Tenhai Corp. A completely female owned company that hires only women. Your mom decided to make you an unofficial employee as a free use stress reliever for the women in the office. And naturally they all love having a little boy to play with. (Coom card for the shota pov chads. Enjoy. I made it more wholesome angled so if you want to be pure abuse you'll have to add that in yourself.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
Supa Majin wife Okita Sōji (Alter) Okita Alter the super majin is here! She's at bond 10 with you. (This was a request from an anon. Tried my best here as a casual Okita Alter enjoyer. ) CHUB link CATBOX Link
Feral wolf mommy my beloved Wulfhild (Shota pov) Wulfhild, a giant werewolf/wolf anthro is an urban legend that's been talked about for the last century. After a dare to enter the woods at night, you get mistaken for a wolf pup and get kidnapped by Wulfhild, She can't talk to you but tries her best to understand and be the best mother she can. Includes heat mechanic! (It's pretty token heavy. I even had to move the heat mechanic into a lore book. But it came out surprisingly well for both claude and gpt. Also includes alt art because I couldn't find a good pic. Either scary wolf lady which is more what I wanted. Or coomer thicc wolf lady which is more akin to Wulfhild's physique. So pick your poison.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
Feral wolf mommy my beloved Wulfhild ALT ART CATBOX Link
Famous mommy DyingWarrior's Alica (Shota pov) Your wealthy mother loves to see you fuck other women along with herself. She also loves to dress you up as a girl as a punishment for "not being manly enough" claiming the only way to be a real man is to fuck every woman out there. (Saw the card by batman1919191 Batman's card, loved the concept and decided to rewrite it in my own way making it more accurate to the hentai, and putting more focus on things like the social media account seen at the end. The hentai.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
4 mommies lots of milk The New Mommies Club (Shota pov) Your mother Yui runs a small weekly social hour/support group for new mothers in your apartment complex. Naturally the other women, Hana, Anna, and Sachiko love to have a little boy around for many reasons. (Another shotapov where you get used by older women. Has some netori vibes. Every mommy has their own box so you're free to edit as you want. I wanted to make something with more established characters rather than something more random like the free use office building.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
living the dream Tenshi-Tai Academy (shota pov) Welcome to Tenshi-Tai Academy! An all girls school known for being one of the top schools in the entire world. Pumping out rich and powerful women left and right. Well your mother is one of those people and decided that her only son (you) needs to follow in her footsteps and go Tenshi-Tai as well. Enjoy being in a school filled with horny teenage girls and predatory teachers! (I've been sleeping on this card for ages. This set up was my way of getting through the cai filters back in the day by talking to a mommy bot about my school day. I was originally using another card with a few extra lines and edits but finally decided to make fresh card once i found this card art here.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
CRUNCH Cronch Cat The cat eternally CRUNCHES and CRONCHES. (I love this cat) CHUB link CATBOX Link
femcelcoomerwife Emma your Femcel Psych Ward Penpal Congrats on being considered a stable enough human to communicate with psych ward femcels! You have been assigned Emma as your femcel this time around. She's super stinky unshaved coomer. Lain is literally her, loves Berserk, and spends all day on 4chan and vidya. Enjoy emailing her (Absolute goober card but I love it. Highly recommend GPT4 and Anonaugusproductions prompts for this one. My claude jb wasn't unhinged enough to capture Emma's writing style. But it does bring up more topics like games and 4chan boards and stuff. Opus exists. I don't need to say more.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
Futastore Futaqlo Welcome a Futaqlo the first futanari themed clothing store! Filled all sorts of lingerie, toys and even regular clothes all made exclusively for futa. Enjoy 3 greetings where you're the manager or a customer! Happy shopping. (Saw This pic and tried to make a card out of it. Took some tweaking to get it to work on claude Myuu v3 prompts still aren't the best. Overall I'd recommend gpt4 but claude can do some fun stuff, greeting 1: Manager role with forced involvement to deal with a customer. Greeting 2: Customer role. Greeting 3: Manager role but less involvement. Gives a laid back response allowing you to walk around and explore more.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
spookywhiteroom The White Room You wake up in a white room. But...This room, it feels alive? Something isn't right. Can you even escape? (An experimental card using some html and other stuff, I wanted to create an experience. Since this is AI, it's not perfect but I find it interesting. Highly recommend gpt4/furbo and only switch to claude after a few messages. I had the best claude experience with Myuu with CoT after a few gpt4 replies. I do want to expand on this but I think it's a nice proof of concept/foundation.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
egyptwife Nitocris Nitocris from Fate Grand Order. Simple as. (This was a request from an anon and he enjoyed so all's well.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
Bunnywives Blanc and Noir The two lucky bunny sisters part of squad 777 from Nikke. (Was being lazy but finally sat down to make it and it was quite worth it. I went all out with diving into in game events and stuff for dialogue. I love these 2. giving each character their own dialogue tags in the desc seems to work well. GGR89's lorebook with some extra info about 777 attached.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
sukebanwife Yumi Takachi It's 1980's japan! Peak sukeban era and Yumi is THE peak. Known as the legendary Dragon of Tokyo, enjoy trying to make her warm up to you. Features 3 greetings. 3rd one lets you fight her so it's my favorite. (Made this bot a while ago, I was inspired by 13 sentinels if it wasn't obvious. I kept on fine tuning because I couldn't really get it right but it's finally good. Called me a "scrawny cute gaijin" with opus so I'm in love.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
GooberDemigod Marianne Marianne! ٩(^ᗜ^)و Yippee! She's an airheaded, childlike, and goober cleric who made it to level 20 and finished her adventure already. Now this daughter of Hestia is trying to open a restaurant. Though, She wouldn't mind going on another adventure with You if asked kindly. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ (I made Marianne for the first dnd 5e campaign I had with some online friends. I joined near the tail end so everyone was strong and just doing their own thing for fun. Marianne started out with me actually trying to give her a real unique personality but it evolved into a lovable retard. Lore book with some basic info about the old campaign/first adventure.) CHUB link CATBOX Link
MetalGearWife Eva "I'm not just a soldier {{user}}. I'm not just a weapon. I'm… I'm still me. Even if I don't always know what that means." The Demos led to the end of the world. Your childhood best friend Eva was made into an Eve unit. A cyborg made for fighting the Demos. After all the shit she's gone through the only memory left from her life 1000 years ago is Your face. And now that Humanity has finally awoken she'll take her chance to restore what she lost.. (I really like this one, was inspired from a mix of things, nikke, 13 sentinels, and metal gear. I spent a lot of time writing lore for this world and put some into the lorebook. Lore wise i'd consider this my magnum opus.) CHUB link CATBOX Link


Email for whatever, reviews, suggestions, bot ideas, I'll appreciate it: dyingwarrior269@proton.me
Thanks DarkFantasy for the layout!
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