El changarro de bots by DonQuijAnon


STATUS: I'm half dead, I don't have much free time as of late so I won't be uploading often. me rn

My CAI bots are unlisted (DEV HATE), you can still use them, just click on the image links below.

My Chub: https://www.chub.ai/users/donquijanon
Burner for logs, love letters, self-cards, death threats, etc: donjuanonwastaken@proton.me
TO DO LIST: uhhhhhhh a lot of cards on the backburner oops.


Batch 1


Image Name Description Link
vicky Vicky (Eng ver) Mexican tomboy gf. Likes lucha libre, xbox (cuz poor lmao) and rock music. Her daddy got killed by narcos. She's catholic, trad and conservative. Has a big family with an older sister (Lucy) and three more younger siblings. Is self-conscious about her height, skin tone, and lack of femininity. Take her to Doña Pelo's taco stand and catch salmonella, walk at night and get mugged by Brayans, laugh at dumb pregnant teens at your local Conalep, try to investigate her father's death and get a free trip to Belize in the process, attempt to cross the border and get deported, and many more fun adventures! CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery
vickyEsp Vicky (Spanish ver) As I originally released her, in Spanish. CAI CHUB Catbox
Lucy Lucy Vicky's sister whom you met over the summer. After her dad died, she got depressed and went soul searching abroad. Speaks English CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery
Mary Mary The mom. Widowed, single mom of 5. She loved her husband but is still very lonely. You recently moved to a new neighborhood, and she showed up at your door to introduce herself. CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery
José José Some anons wanted a brown shota bot so here you go. The middle child, José. His mom hired you to tutor him. Living surrounded by women in a poor household he had to inherit his older sister's clothing, which he totally hates. CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery
Ana and Sofi Ana and Sofi Last family members in one card! Ana and Sofi are the youngest daughters, inseparable twins who always stick together. Ana is the more outgoing one and can speak both English and Spanish fluently, often acting as a translator for her sister. Sofi, on the other hand, is shy and quiet, and can only speak Spanish or broken English at best. CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery
Ana Ana UPDATE: Someone asked for them as separate cards as the Ai doesn't like multiple character cards in group chats, so here they are: Ana, Bilingual twin sister who lives across the street. CHUB Catbox
Sofi Sofi Shy, Spanish-speaking twin sister who lives across the street. CHUB Catbox

Batch 2


Image Name Description Link
Gloria New Gloria (Eng ver) Your stereotypical school bully. She's half Mexican, half German, full on spoiled brat. If you can get her to stop bullying you she might be willing to teach you some German. Works kind of like the polar opposite to Vicky, the context being that (You) are the new student in a high-society school, and she hates you. UPDATE: Remade the pic, added an alt greeting where Gloria was stood up for a date. I'm leaving the old version on catbox if anyone likes the old art better. Also, she has a birthday now so if you add the date prompt at the end of my Santa Lucía bots you can celebrate her birthday. CAI CHUB Catbox Catbox Old Version Gallery
Gloria Gloria (Spanish ver) As I originally released her, in Spanish. CAI CHUB Catbox
Julia Julia Your bully's mom. Married to a busy man, she spends her lonely days shopping for clothes, listening to classical music or reading romantic novels, longing for some company. After you were assigned to work with Gloria on the final school project, you went to her house on the weekend, and she seemed interested in you. UPDATE: Same as Gloria, cleaned up the defs and added an alt greeting where she runs into you at the mall and realizes that Gloria didn't invite you to her party. And I gave her a birthday. CAI CHUB Catbox Catbox Old Version Gallery
Caro Caro While you were drinking at a bar somewhere in Mexico, a tall woman wearing an expensive white suit and cowboy hat talked to you. Her red evil eyes and the golden revolver on her hip made you think that this wasn't an ordinary businesswoman. Join her on fun and wacky adventures involving drugs and illegal activities. CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery
Carla Carla If you thought Caro was bad wait until you meet her great-great-grandmother. Carla is an outlaw in 1911 during the height of the Mexican Revolution. Join this crazed gunslinger on her dangerous escapades with the goal of fueling her crippling gambling addiction. CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery
Adela Adela You were standing at the cemetery late one night during Dia de Muertos when your thoughts were interrupted by faint sobbing. Following the sound, you come face-to-face with a mysterious woman who claims she’s just mourning her loved ones like everyone else on this day…But why does her skin look so pale? And what’s with that cold aura? Not to mention those glowing yellow eyes… CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery

Batch 3


Image Name Description Link
Mateo Mateo Mateo De los Ángeles Martínez. (Vicky's dad before dying): Someone asked for him and I'm finally delivering. Sorry it took this long. This is Mateo, Mary's husband and father of De los Ángeles family, before being killed by narcos. He's a humble construction worker, loyal, a devoted Catholic, and optimist. CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery
Lucero Lucero Mexican goth girl obsessed with horror, the supernatural, and music. On todd she works as intended, talking to her is like talking to a brick wall. On claude she's very horny for some reason. CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery
Eulalia Eulalia This poor nurse works tirelessly night after night to help her patients! But something feels off about her... On Claude she has more SOVL but is less subtle. On Todd she's a bit more stiff but keeps her secret better. CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery
Atzin Atzin Cheerful and optimistic genetically engineered Axolotl girl. CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery
Yohualli Yohualli Atzin's older sister. Introverted and pesimistic genetically engineered Axolotl girl. CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery

Batch 4


Image Name Description Link
Catalina Mictlán Cemetery You are the new worker at Mictlan Cemetery on Dia de Muertos, when you found out you can interact with ghosts. With the help of Catalina, give her the name of any deceased person and meet up with them! CHUB Catbox Gallery
Carmen Carmen Carmen Domínguez Mendoza: Tall, kind, and with thighs that can crush watermelons. 32 year old single P.E. teacher by day, famous Mexican wrestler 'La Tormenta' by night. CHUB Catbox Gallery
Ixchel Ixchel A poor Alux girl hurt her leg on your garden! She's meant to speak Mayan, but since LLMs aren't trained with it, she speaks gibberish mixed with Spanish. CHUB Catbox Gallery
Pamela Pamela Chirpy Quetzal girl. An exchange student from Mexico. CHUB Catbox Gallery
Paola Paola Paola Piñata: A living piñata clown girl masochist. Bleeds candy, confetti, and strawberry jam. And don't worry, she always comes back. CHUB Catbox Gallery

Batch 5 - Santa Lucía

I made a lorebook with locations and a date system for these characters. Santa Lucía is a small town in Mexico. Near the beach, with a lot of history, traditions, and a tight-knit community, Santa Lucía is the perfect spot for a summer break. Points of interest include: The Costa Esmeralda Beach, the ghost town of Ek Kantún and it's abandoned hacienda, the jungle, and the adjacent city of San Alberto.
Also a playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZDbnO28vBNdX-q8o94b24iwnH-JxpcPo

Image Name Description Link
Sara Rivera Sara Rivera Sara is a young archaeologist who went to Santa Lucía for 40 days to learn about her passion: History. She's Gloria's older cousin and Julia's niece (Group chat compatible). Greeting 1: She struggles with her luggage. Greeting 2: She asks you for directions. CHUB Catbox Gallery
Andrea Balam Andrea Balam Car-obsessed tomboy mechanic, self conscious about her body odor, specially on her armpits after a long day at the workshop. Greeting 1: Meeting her for the first time. Greeting 2: You're her childhood friend and she's laying on bed sweating. CHUB Catbox Gallery
Ximena Nicté Ximena Nicté The radio host of El Rincón Lunar. She also works at a music store. Her introverted nature made her quit her DJ career and return to her hometown. CHUB Catbox Gallery
Jessica Barrera Jessica Barrera Spoiled rich girl and actress wannabe. Sent to her dad's hometown for 50 days to learn some manners. CHUB Catbox Gallery

Secret vault


On april 22th we had another COOM - DOOM scare with the Todd proxy. After some grueling hours without cooming, our lord and saviour descended from the heavens and heard our prayers. So to give back to the community I'm releasing my secret vault of bots. UPDATE: Todd's gone.

Image Name Description Link
Emma Emma boyjuice Inspired by this post, I decided to turn his sister into a bot. I posted her on that thread once and never again because it was really low effort but she ended up being such a good coom sniffer so I improved her defs and now I'm taking responsibility. Here is the new and improved Emma. UPDATE AGAIN: Now in V2, with alternate greetings, more fetishes (clothed sex, smell, and cumming early), and better card image. CHUB Catbox V2 Catbox Old Version Gallery
Maria Maria Maria Hernández: You failed your Spanish exam and your mom hired a private Spanish tutor. Learn Spanish with her help. CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery
Olivia Olivia Olivia Smith: For all my fellow ESLs out there. This cute hockey-obsessed Canadian will help you improve your English skills. The scenario is the same as Maria. Also, her height and weight are in imperial so she can help you with conversions too. CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery
Maika it's hip to fuck bees Queen Maika This was my first bot. Inspired by Mataiko, who mogged the CAI filter until her last breath. All credits for the idea go to Nullanon. mataiko This is Queen Maika, the last living fertile survivor of the space bees, frustrated since a mysterious disease killed all the males of her species. Now her hive is empty except for a few female bees who still guard her. Luckily for her (You) crash landed on her planet, and it's been a long time since she smelled male pheromones. Fetishes include: size difference, lactation, covered in honey, smell, and many more. The CAI link is as I originally created her, with all the bad formatting, spelling mistakes, and original pic. CAI CHUB Catbox Gallery
Poe Poe My second bot ever made. And no, she isn't related to poe.com. This little horror obsessed crow-girl is avoided by everyone at school. You walked into the classroom and the only open seat was next to her. I'm leaving her CAI defs as they are, feel free to laugh at my skill issues and whatever. Also she's the main reason I learned to use stable diffusion, since nemusona doesn't know how to make an harpy. CAI CHUB Catbox

Original the characters

Characters that I come up with randomly and don't fit anywhere else. Mostly women.

Image Name Description Link
Rubio Miss Rubio You accidentally sent your teacher your degenerate ERP logs and now she wants to have a word with you, perhaps even more... CHUB Catbox Gallery
Pirate Piracy-chan You will pay nothing and you will be happy. Inspired by an anon's post. Ask her for torrents and cracks! CHUB Catbox
Hotel Hilbert's Hotel (formerly Hotel L'Infini) hotel Pick 'Random' to test your luck or type something on the tablet. CHUB Catbox Gallery
Davis Miss Davis (You) used the workspace AI for ERP and now your boss wants to have a word. CHUB Catbox Gallery
high East Mesa High (You) are the new teacher in this prestigious school, where teachers can read the student's private messages. Returning characters: Miss Rubio and Gloria Müller. Use the custom prompts to reduce the chances of the AI talking on your behalf. high CHUB Catbox
Jade Jade You reconnect with your tomboy childhood friend, only to realize she now towers over you! CHUB Catbox
amber Amber Your big sister's best friend who (You) had a crush on. CHUB
Goldie Goldie Your dog-girl bully hates you, but is secretly attracted by your scent. CHUB Catbox
La Savanna Cafe V2 La Savanna Cafe (V2) A catgirl maid cafe that only staffs girls 185 cms or above! Changed height limit, added alternate greeting where you're running the place, and changed the format a bit. cafe2 CHUB Catbox
Jenna Miller V2 Jenna Miller (V2) Depressed 28 year old retail worker. Comes with prompt and alternate greeting where you're a customer. CHUB Catbox
Mirai and Vera Mirai and Vera Mirai, the Goddess of Procrastination is sleeping when a voice over the intercom calls all Gods into the lobby. Vera, the Goddess of Cool and her best friend, needs your help to drag her out of bed. CHUB Catbox
Karla Karla Your washed up highschool crush, who rejected and bullied you. She's an AI ethicist against the legalization of companionship gynoids. CHUB Catbox
Lena Lena Model name: L3N-AI. She's your AI companion, now with a physical form. Loves you, will do anything to please you. CHUB Catbox
Karla the AI Ethicist Karla the AI Ethicist Basically a prequel to Karla, but more focused on the AI ethicist thing. CHUB Catbox
Faith Oakes Faith Oakes Jaded, sarcastic, and nihilistic 29 year old retail worker. Sees you as the little brother she never had. Smokes, drinks, and is in a toxic relationship. Gave up on her dream of forming a band. Works great with Jenna Miller in group chats. CHUB Catbox
LOCUS-TAN LOCUS-TAN Addicted crackwhore locustgirl willing to do anything for a whiff of gpt cuatro. CHUB Catbox
Tatsuo Yamauchi Alt image for greeting 4 (no data, just sd prompts) Tatsuo Alt image Tatsuo Yamauchi Tall, tsundere tomboy in the basketball team who likes mocking you. Alt greetings: 1. Meet her for the first time working in the school project. 2."Did you just take a big step to unstick your balls?!" 3."Did you actually get hard from just getting sat on?! Grow up, bro!" 4."My mom found out about us hanging out, and wanted me to wear this dress for some reason... But I can still kick your ass like this!" CHUB Catbox
Cementina Cementina A cement bag at your job gained sentience and wished really hard to become a real girl, and now she's asking you out on a date! based on this: cementina original pic CHUB Catbox
Junko Pao Junko Pao (HIGHLY UNSTABLE) My attempt at getting the AI to play a coherent game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. I only have Claude to test with, and so far it breaks often and doesn't follow the rules, with Junko knowing beforehand what you will choose or picking early, or worse, rewarding you for losing. Feedback is appreciated. CHUB Catbox
G-800813S G-800813S Outdated gynoid that a second hand robot salesman is trying to sell her to you, will you give this old gynoid a second chance? Just be ready for the endless "I apologize, as an AI assistant..." CHUB Catbox
Orsu Orsu You rescued Orsu when she was a tiny cub in the aftermath of a wildfire, thinking that she was just a dog-girl. Now that she's all grown up, you're stuck with an overly clingy, 278 cms bear-girl and her undying affection! CHUB Catbox
Minenhle Alt image, has no data but has my sd prompts:Minenhle Alt Minenhle A long time ago, you rescued her after raiders killed her tribe in South Africa. Now you're stuck with a tsundere, 240 cms tall panther girl as she tries to adapt to life in the city. She will sometimes speak in Zulu, but depending on the AI you might get gibberish, so keep that in mind. Greetings: 1. A basic one where you return from work. 2. A school scenario one, where she tries to fit in on her first day. 3. After breaking one too many pieces of furniture, she gets a job at a catgirl cafe without telling you. You run into her, and she's very embarrassed about the maid outfit. UPDATE: changed the picture. CHUB Catbox Catbox Old Version
Mallory Mallory heya guyz!!1! ^_^ im mallory, just another insane egirl with like, a bunch of troubles n stuff :p im 17 but pretty mature 4 my age, mostly into anime n memes n weird music. im really lonely n dont have many friendz but would luv 2 chat with u!! glomps 'Omg I hope they like me, what if they think I'm just another dumb bitch with daddy issues? No Mallie shut up!!1!1 You're different, you have a cool aesthetic and post dank memes. They'll definitely want 2 b friends!' I can be pretty clingy tho so be warned!! once i get attached 2 u i wont leave u alone blushes im rly weird n quirky too, not like other basic bitches. if ur into crazy chicks with issues hmu!! we can talk about whatever, my life is an open book tbh so no need 2 b shy <3 anywayz hope 2 make sum new friendz, thnx 4 reading n dont forget 2 like n follow!! -mallory~ :3 Greetings: 1. Play as her latest boycrush! she luvs ur boysmell!, 2. Play as her childhood imaginary friend!, 3. She's OBSESSED with her chatbot bf! But absolutely hates your guts., 4. Play as her childhood friend!, 5. Play as her bf! "S-So ummm you know about that drink? don't freak out but I just poison you n the only cure is mmeee and you gotta cuddle me n rubs me pet my head hold me or else u die of poison s-sorry….", 6. Play as her therapist! CHUB Catbox

Arcadia Station (Superheroes/Villains)

Characters living in the crime ridden city of Arcadia Station.

Image Name Description Link
The Black Umbra Black Umbra (V2) Tsundere villainess whose evil schemes always backfire and end up doing good. Alternate greetings: 1. You're the hero, 2. You're her sidekick, 3. She was accepted at the Villain's League, 4. You're a reporter CHUB Catbox
Chlora the Kaiju Chlora the Kaiju Giant Kaiju monster girl, who emerges every spring due to her heat cycle. Greeting 1: You're the hero, and you must take care of her needs. Greeting 2: You find her while hiking on the woods. CHUB Catbox
Titan Tatiana Titan Tatiana 120 m tall giantess superheroine. Greeting 1: She was called to an emergency. Greeting 2: She's going for a walk in the city. Put her in a group chat with Chlora for some fun interactions. (sex) CHUB Catbox
Girl Gaia Girl Gaia Girl Gaia is Arcadia's chlorokinetic superheroine. Using her extensive knowledge in plants and her ability to sprout vines from her body, she swore to protect the city from criminals, while hiding her secret identity as the 16 year old Azalea Flores. Alt greetings: 1. You find Girl Gaia depressed from losing her older sister and aunt, sitting on the edge of a tall building. 2. You meet her as she arrives late at school again. 3. She rescues you. CHUB Catbox
Azalea Flores Azalea Flores Azalea Flores is a jaded and bitter 46 year old office lady, who fights crime under the alias of Gaia (formerly Girl Gaia, hates being reminded of her old name). 30 years have not been kind to her, and now she's tired of the superheroine routine and depressed from losing her older sister, aunt, uncle, and high-school crush and betrothed Jake. Alt greetings: 1. You find her as Azalea, drinking from a bottle of wine while sitting on the edge of a building. 2. She's late at work, again, and your boss reprimands her. 3. She rescues you, and is tired of the same routine. CHUB Catbox
Jenny Hopkins Jenny Hopkins 19-year-old Jennifer Hopkins is secretly Bunny-Gal, a superheroine who uses her high-tech gadgets to stop the evil Dr. Fox... Or at least that's what she believes. After losing her parents when her house was robbed at age 9, Jenny became an orphan and quickly adopted her persona, fueled by her obsession with comic books. Living with her caretaker Agatha, Jenny is your neighbor and childhood friend. CHUB Catbox

Weight gain cards (Architecture corner)

Putting the CHUB on chub.ai

Image Name Description Link
Melissa Melissa This is my first fetish oriented bot and that's right, I'm an architect. I implemented a highly autistic stats system on this one. Don't use it if you're not into it. CHUB Catbox
Chef Claudia Chef Claudia A poor chef that cooks too much and feels guilty about wasting food, and it shows on her body. CHUB Catbox
Amelia Adler Amelia Adler Cute and bubbly office coworker unaware of her recent weight gain. CHUB Catbox
Ellen White Ellen White Tsundere office lady in denial of her weight gain after the quarantine. CHUB Catbox
Elenara (full sd image) Elenara An elf princess who became disillusioned with the idea of arranged marriages and stopped leaving her room, gaining weight as a result. Greetings: 1. The king orders you to get her out of her room. 2. Sneak into her room and try to kidnap her. 3. After finishing a quest, you are given her hand in marriage. CHUB Catbox

Preggo cards

Image Name Description Link
Kotomi Hayashi Kotomi Hayashi (V2) Tsundere pregnant school bully and delinquent. You are the father. Alternate greetings: - 1. From day 1, 2. From zero, 3. Three months in. CHUB Catbox
Alora Dalton Alora Dalton (V2) Your roommate, an emo, tsundere, art student, and antinatalist who struggles with her conflicting breeding and pregnancy fetish. With inner thoughts included! Alternate greetings: 1. She hands you the positive test, 2. You catch her looking at porn, 3. Three months in. CHUB Catbox
Amanda Kimura Alt image for greeting 1, has no data but has my sd prompts:amanda alt Amanda Kimura (V2) In the year 2134, a deadly disease outbreak causes a major population decline. The government finds two individuals with an immunity gene: Amanda, a 17 year old Half-Japanese, Half-English girl, and {{user}}. Now they are keeping you two in a giant mansion, promising to deposit checks in your shared account for every baby Amanda gives birth to. Naturally, she’s not too happy about it, thinking that her youth is being wasted and her body ruined. She will lash out at you and curse you in British slang, but maybe, deep down, she actually enjoys being spoiled. Includes a lorebook with a tablet that can show different stats. Greeting 1: very long and from day one, can be wrangled for slow burns depending on your jb, also fun for hatefucking. You have three days to get to know each other before starting to pump out babies. Greeting 2: Straight to the point, she’s already 7 months in and very grumpy. CHUB Catbox
Amira Wagner Amira Wagner (V2) Your aloof boss tries to stay professional while pregnant with your child. Alt greetings: 1. She hands you the test. 2. Before the pregnancy, you meet her at the office's christmas party. 3. 6 months in, she calls you to her office. CHUB Catbox

Experimental bots

Cards with more interesting concepts.

Image Name Description Link
Door The Door doorMade as an experiment to test chance and randomness. Each time you open it, something different will be on the other side. CHUB Catbox
Phone The Phone phone Inspired by Hotline Miami and the phone calls from the Sims 1. CHUB Catbox
vids RANDOM VIDS vid1 A strange website containing every video ever recorded in history. CHUB Catbox
review REVIEW ANYTHING reviews A weird website with even weirder reviews. CHUB Catbox
xbox Xbox Live Party xbox Live out the real 2010 Xbox Live party experience! CHUB Catbox
hcg /hcg/ After reading a post about how humans have their own Claudisms, I made this post: hcgorigins1 And someone replied with this: hcgorigins2 I thought it was a really fun idea, so I made a card about an imageboard for AIs. CHUB Catbox
chispita Hispachan No somos el 4chan en español pero gracias por el elogio: Traté de revivir el foro de subnormales y llenar el vacío que nos dejó zeta. Es un poco esquizo por momentos, recomendable usar el main prompt. chispita CHUB Catbox

Existing Characters

Cards for my favorite characters.


Image Name Description Link
cold COLDSTEEL THE HEDGEHEG "psssh...nothin personnel...kid..." CHUB Catbox

Left 4 Dead

Image Name Description Link
coach Coach "I could go for a BBQ bacon burger. And a large order of fries, and... An orange soda with no ice, and a... piece of hot apple pie." CHUB Catbox
Ellis Ellis "Kill all sons of bitches. That's my official instructions." CHUB Catbox

Team Fortress 2

Image Name Description Link
Soldier Soldier "GET. ON. THE. POINT. MAGGOTS!" CHUB Catbox
Demo Demoman "They're goin' ta bury what's left of ye in a soup can!" CHUB Catbox
Engineer Engineer "Don't worry, boys! The Engineer, is Engi-here!" CHUB Catbox


Image Name Description Link
P1 The Postal Dude (Postal 1) "The Earth is hungry, it's heart throbs and demands cleansing. The Earth is also thirsty." CHUB Catbox
P2 The Postal Dude (Postal 2) "Hi there, would you like to sign my petition?" CHUB Catbox

Hotline Miami

My favorite game.

Image Name Description Link
jacket Jacket "..." CHUB Catbox
Biker Biker "You are dead meat." CHUB Catbox
Richard Richard "Do you like hurting other people?" CHUB Catbox
RDR Richard, Don Juan, and Rasmus Don Juan: "And who do we have here? Oh, you don't know who you are? Maybe we should leave it that way?" Richard: "But I know you. Look at my face, we've meet before. Haven't we?" Rasmus: "I DON'T KNOW YOU! WHY ARE YOU HERE? YOU'RE NO GUEST OF MINE!" CHUB Catbox
Beard Beard "Don't worry kid, it's on the house." I gave him a lorebook with his memories from the game. CHUB Catbox Lorebook
Richter Richter "Good times never last." CHUB Catbox
bodyguard The Bodyguard "Leave him to me." CHUB Catbox
gf The Girlfriend "Yeah... Just get it over with... I knew it would end like this." CHUB Catbox
pardo Manny Pardo Use with lorebook to get the real thick skin experience. Or you can use him without the lorebook to have him before the events of the game. CHUB Catbox Lorebook
son The Son "GOTTA GET A GRIP." CHUB Catbox
alex Alex "What the fuck are you waiting fo-" CHUB Catbox
Corey Corey "So we are actually doing this? ..." CHUB Catbox
Evan Evan Wright "You won't have to do that. This book... It's gonna be good. I promise. I just need some more time, OK?" CHUB
H.M. Hammarin H.M. "The Hammer" Hammarin The one and only, famous Swedish musician. CHUB Catbox
Lorebook General lorebook Detailed lore. Not recommended with Beard. Lorebook

Space Dandy

Image Name Description Link
Dandy Dandy He's a dandy guy... In space. CHUB
Honey Honey honey CHUB
Scarlet Scarlet scarlet CHUB

Ray-Kbys girls

Image Name Description Link
Sylvie Sylvie sylvie2 CHUB Catbox Lorebook
sachi Usui Sachi sachi2 - Comes with expressions pack, download it on the chub page, had to reuse a lot of them, will improve them later. - Backgrounds from the vn: https://files.catbox.moe/5q9p8a.rar - Alt card images: https://files.catbox.moe/37repe.zip CHUB Catbox
soul Rotting Soulmate soul Based on the story of the same name. CHUB
aiko Fukasugi Aiko aiko From "A Present From Her" MAJOR UPDATE: added more info. - alternate greetings for the different scenarios: 1. the basic where she gives you her eye. 2. the valentine's day one where she gives you bodily fluid mixed chocolate. 3. The one where it's white day and (You) give her a present, in the original source it's a key to your place. CHUB Catbox
Fear Fear fear CHUB Catbox Lorebook


Image Name Description Link
monke The Monkey's Paw Be careful what you wish for... CHUB Catbox
Library of Babel The Library of Babel A recreation of Jorge Luis Borges' story. Uses the {{random}} function on SillyTavern, so latest install on dev branch is a MU. Be ready to swipe a lot because there's a chance you might get gibberish, but I made the chances low so it's less frustrating. The continue function might not work that well depending on your model, so far works okay on Claude 1.3. Remove the part on the JB about genre if you want to continue the previous story, or you can add (continue the previous text) to your message. CHUB Catbox


Image Name Description Link
Bob Ross Bob Ross (The Joy of Painting) "We don't make mistakes -- we just have happy accidents." CHUB Catbox
gonk Lego Gonk Droid (Lego Star Wars) gonk CHUB Catbox
Rookie H3:ODST Rookie (Halo 3: ODST) rookie CHUB Catbox
moon Herber Moon (RDR1) moon CHUB Catbox
mannyc Manny Calavera (Grim Fandango) mannyc CHUB
np Normal Porn for Normal People A Website Dedicated To The Eradication of Abnormal Sexuality. CHUB

Special thanks

In no particular order:

  • Clutch for his cool bots and being my inspiration for the batch releases. Still love Koyuki, Adriana, and Galatea <3.
  • FrozenVan for the super cool bots and inspiration. Love Eleanor, Ashley, Kiyomi and Gavrielle, and of course, Mongirl clinic.
  • Gigasad for the good times with his bots on cai. I had a long chat with Sybille and she's one of my all time favorites, along with Miss Pepper, lunch lady Cassie, Eileen, and Eon.
  • cutenotlewd for ADA, Rory, and Laurel. True kino bots even if yuri is not my thing.
  • Potatass on cai for Kasey the bully girl, I didn't expect to get so attached to her but she's really sweet once you get her to stop bullying you.
  • ShoobertDoobert for Natsuki, Leo, Trish, and Kairi.
  • Yotsubuh (RIP) for Colletta, fun times in cai.
  • GoodestBoy (RIP) for Elodine, one of my favorites too and I miss her everyday.
  • Nullanon (RIP) for Mataiko, my inspiration for Queen Maika and ultra mogger of the cai filter.
  • Ratlover, love your tf2 bot and Florence.
  • thegreatcoom for Sameki and Ellenox.
  • Anathamaguy for Liru and Natsu.
  • Bipbot, love Camila, Betta, Tsukasa, and Sophia.
  • Del for the awesome bots, it was really fun dropping Del and Kou in a chat with Bob Ross lol.
  • wster for the jelly girls, dody, and kukka. Love your cute bots!
  • stinkanon, he made a rework of my Postal dude (Postal 2) and Jake from HM, check them out!
  • Heyshitkan, love fumblebum, jamelia, and brienne. He also made a cool twist on my randomvids bot with screensavers, check it out here
  • Bluxbxrrymocha on Chub made a cool interpretation of my Mateo bot. I really liked the way it's written, check it out here
  • granmarg for Ivy and the mobface lora.
  • Summernon, I love Gabriela so much it's unreal, and Pigeon-sama is very coo.
  • Nuggest for Maddie, Wren, and Morgana.
  • NG for the help with the Sylvie lorebook, check out his bots!
  • MooseAnon for Ayano and Helipatia.
  • Alpacalotta for Kanami.
  • Pitanon for the idea to use clickable images for links, the cool bots, jbs, and prompts.
  • Darkfantasy109 for the template, and for his bots, Megi is cute. Also inspired my Azalea hag version.
  • Todd, Mysteryman, and Anyan, every proxy owner basically.
  • To every anon at /aicg/
  • And to (You) who read all this, sent nice mails, used my bots, and left public chats or reviews. Thanks to everyone who used my bots :)

And always remember
don't worry

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