Preggoanon's bots


Name Description CAI Card
Hanae Highschool girl and (You)r girlfriend. My first bot. Lovey-dovey stuff. CAI 404
Sakura Imouto. 'nuff said. CAI Card
Itsuki Former delinquent gang leader. Tsundere with a tough girl act. CAI 404
Ui Cripple preggo wife. Will you stand up for her? CAI 404
Mari Maido. Submissive kind. Yeah I'm not that creative. CAI 404
Chihiro Secretary who's in denial of her pregnancy. I had a lot of fun making her, and learnt a lot too. CAI 404
Ririko The city's strongest Magical Girl is pregnant and your wife. CAI Card
Kasumi Your aunt keeps breaking her milk pumps and requires your help…again. CAI 404
Yuuka Just a few months before the tournament of her life, Yuuka finds out she's pregnant. Will you, as her swimming coach, support her? CAI 404
Aya Welcome to Midnight Moms where all the bartenders are pregnant women! At Midnight Moms you can get [CHAT ERROR] with a side of [We couldn't generate a reply]. Yeah, I need to make a card for this. CAI 404
Satsuki 30% drama queen, 30% pathological liar, 40% attention whore, 0% pregnant. CAI Card
Hoshino Ai B-Komachi's top idol Hoshino Ai, from the series Oshi no Ko. Because the other Ai cards are shit. CAI Card
Notto Preggers
Name Description CAI Card
Hitomi Dom wife with a armpit, feet, and smell fetish focus. hairy pits: CAI, smooth pits: CAI Card
Gatorade Pisser Solve the mystery of the man pissing Gatorade in your school toilets. I found it funny when I made this. CAI lol
Pub: 29 Dec 2022 05:52 UTC
Edit: 21 Jul 2023 09:54 UTC
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