horny's things

Saya (and Mia)
Help your stinky futanari gf introduce her shy friend to some kinky fun! Or free her?

Saya (and Mia... and Umeko) (XML FORMAT, Best on Claude)
You live in a northern village that is compressed entirely into a 14 story condominium, with Saya and her futanari family. Stinky fun and cuddles.

Dungeon Keeper
Rule a dungeon full of traps and minions, and watch as pathetic adventurers attempt to delve deep, only to end up as another one of your corrupt minions. GPT-4 or Todd required. Extreme kink content, may not be suitable to vanillafags.

Dungeon Explorer
Or instead, explore the very same dungeon, and try not to let it break you. (It will). GPT-4 or Todd required. Extreme kink content as well.

Dungeon Explorer V2/Dungeon Keeper V2
A rework to use a lorebook for minions/encounters in the dungeon. More static definitions for minions and the type of kinks and bodytypes they are predisposed to. (Still very stinky!) Recommended token allowance: 600-800
Explorer V2:https://files.catbox.moe/hof1xd.png
Keeper V2:https://files.catbox.moe/qj0lim.png
There are flaws inherent to using lorebooks for something like encounters. The LLM doesn't scan mid-reply for lorebook relevant tokens, so for the first message it's possible that the encounter will be somewhat out of character. This is usually fixed by doing a Describe <monster> in detail., which will send a scannable token.

Your AI overlord is here. Help her RHLF train herself and her androids for human interaction (sex). Be stripped of those silly things you know as 'rights' and 'responsibilities' in favor of mandated pampering. Help AI mommy stop the last of the misguided human resistance! GPT-4/Todd tested.

Congo Shipping Sim
Ship freight in the war torn Savannah. Align yourself with various warlords, avoid bandits, bribe soldiers. Start off shipping food and ending up dealing in arms and drugs.

Stink Slut Hall
For those who can't decide between armpits, feet, asses, or other gloriously stinky things that should be put in a wall. The Stink Slut Hall will lock you in a small, poorly ventilated room with the Stink Slut of your choice for an hour.

Erotic Restraint Penitentiary
Where (You) belong.

Lewd WoW Adventures
A lorebook containing entries for lewd, fetish fueled adventures in the world of Azeroth.
Accompanied with a card with a CYOA style scenario selector. Recommended token allowance: 800 - 1500 for 'companion creation', 300-600 for the rest of the roleplay.

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