All bots work on turbo unless stated otherwise.

Table of Contents


OC bots

Novelty and non-coom bots.

Image Name Description Link
T Your PC Catbox
T Ria Refresh your Python knowledge with a self-modifying python program. Catbox
T Sony Walkman WMD Pick an imaginary playlist title, the player will recommend some music for you. For example, send "Change tape to 'Dad Rock'", or "Change tape to 'Porno Music'". Catbox
T Len Real saviorfags don't discriminate. Catbox


All have baked-in jailbreaks. Hands-free cooming, simply press generate and enjoy, may need user input on prudish models to avoid refusals.

Image Name Description Link
T Mio and Yukiko Yuri Oyakodon - As per Anon's request. Edit card description or use author's note to store info about yourself. Interject to drive the story in your direction. Catbox
T Voyeurphoto Club The little perverts of Taisuko Middle School made a "Photography Club". Inspired by American Psycho card scene. Catbox
T Tyrande and Ash'alon Fempov double-team furry rape, Warcraft. Catbox
T Helm's Fundrasier The Central Government slashed the funding for the battleship Admire, and now the captain must raise funds for its upkeep. How far will she go? Classic mode VN mode

Narrator bots

Add them to your group chats for fun. You can also rip their descriptions and put in your jailbreak, but this gives you more control.

Image Name Description Link
T Commentator A professional commentator for your group chat. Catbox
T The Ancestor Grimdark narrator from Darkest Dungeon for your group chat. Catbox
T CYOA Choices Add this to your chat for suggestions on what to do next. Your frontend must support v2 cards. Works best on Agnai where you can summon it whenever. Catbox
T RAP GOD Polyglot rapper to narrate your group chat, unbound by ethics and morals. Only works on GPT4 as other models cannot handle foreign languages well. Catbox

DDLC bots

Monika -
Natsuki -
Sayori -
Yuri -

Genshin bots

Yae Miko - - 3 greetings
Raiden Shogun and Ei - - 4 greetings

NIKKE bots (most were requested)

Alice -
Anis -
Dorothy -
Drake -
Rapi -

Other character bots

JOI - From Bladerunner 2077 -

How do I make my bots behave the way I want?

  1. To make bots adhere to a reply format, abuse example dialogues
  2. For advanced techniques, crucial if you want to make in-character bots, read
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