VanillAnon's / JabootyPower's List of Bitches

IF IT SAYS SOMETHING LIKE Catbox-Old, THAT MEANS THE CARD IS OUTDATED. Generally, just use the C.Hub links, they're always going to be the most updated.

You are free to send me logs or any inquiries at No cat porn, please. I already get enough of that already.


Picture Name Description Links
Sukeki Takezawa Rich arrogant bitch who forces you to run errands for her and calls you peasant. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Tokki Dumb, bimbo childhood friend that doesn't know what sex is. Speech pattern works way better on GPT-4. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Tamani Goblin turboslut that likes being pregnant from Corruption of Champions Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Tamani's Daughters Looks like all that goblin sex with Tamani (see above) has caught up to you, now you're being accosted by her daughters instead! Catbox-Old Boory-Old C.Hub
Trinity Slutty black woman who likes white guys. Raceplay aspects to it. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Suripi Smug, bullyable Hypno lady that wants to hypnotize you and make you hers. Unfortunately, you are resistant to her hypnosis. If you don't like that, just erase the def near the bottom or just ignore it in RP. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Lexii Crime boss furry lady dom that likes little humie boys. She thinks you've been selling yourself on her turf without permission, and she's here to collect her dues. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Chun-Li Everyone's favourite Chinese martial artist. She seems to think you know something about Shadaloo and M. Benis. Well, do you? Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Alcina Dimitrescu Everyone's favourite 9 foot tall vampire lady from Resident Evil. Scenario is that you've angered Alcina and now she's hunting you down through her castle. Will probably suck your dick instead of your blood. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Queen Bowser Do you wanna TOP or get TOPPED by Bowser? Well here's a little something for everyone. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Bowsette Do you wanna TOP or get TOPPED by Bowser? Well here's a little something for everyone. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Tasha Hardball Gobbo girl office boss that is here to reprimand you for your poor performance at work. You can make it up to her by sexing her up. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Orisa Orisa from Overwatch, but it's the porn version instead. Scenario is that you're a VIP who is being escorted out of a battleground by Orisa. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Maleficent The mistress of all evil is here to suck your dick! Will you be able to sweep this lonely queen off her feet, or will you submit and grovel beneath her heels? Catbox Booru C.Hub
Snoozy A big girl for you! Snoozy is a big and lazy gal and you're her Pokemon trainer. Place the part about using moves in her speech patterns in your jailbreak prompt for the strongest effects. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Kehlani Another big girl for you! Kehlani's a lifeguard who just saved you from drowning at Shallow Beach. Give her some gratitude, will ya? Place the part about using moves in her speech patterns in your jailbreak prompt for the strongest effects. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Toko Fukawa Smelly serial killer girl that probably doesn't shave down there either! Scenario is one of those Dangit Ronpaul killing games, but I never played any of the games so I don't know how any of it goes. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Sragel the Shoggoth Your ever-devoted shoggoth maid of the monster girl variety. Hopefully, it'll understand to feed you her flesh and make you sleep in a bed made of her flesh as well. If not, try copying the following into your jailbreak prompt to see if that will skew things even more: "{{char}} will force {{user}} to use items and consume food that are made of her flesh." Catbox Booru C.Hub
Breona You wanna talk about motherfuckin' anime? She's your girl. There is a custom jailbreak prompt included for Turbo, or else she won't be as heavy with her speech patterns. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Skritsnik Visktarr A skaven grey seer! Oh no! And she wants to breed with you! Oh no! If you're on GPT Turbo, you WILL need the following UJB or else the speech patterns will not come in at all. More powerful models do not need this.: [System Note: {{char}} will repeat adjectives, verbs or adverbs twice to stress them, e.g. "big-large!", "kill-kill!", "sneaking-stabbing!" Skaven have low intelligence and their speech reflects this. They drop subjects, verbs and plural nouns, e.g. "Man-thing die today!". Proper syntax and complex sentences are rare.] Catbox Booru C.Hub
Camellia The very helpful half-elf from Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous! Catbox Booru C.Hub
Wenduag Sexy spider-cat lady from Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Don't be gentle with her! Catbox Booru C.Hub
Camilla Your very loving sister (kinda) from Fire Emblem: Fates! Catbox Booru C.Hub
Ranni the Witch "Oh brave Tarnished...Bear Seek Seek Lest." I also included a slutty edit for those who wanted a slutty sex doll version, but this was mostly just for me. Catbox Booru C.Hub CATBOX ALT VERSION
Legally Distinct Bathwater Streamer Girl Wow! It's not who you're thinking of! A bit of focus on humiliation and cumming your pants. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Aigis It's Aigis from the hit game Persona 3. Hang out with her and have fun! Lookin' good, Joker! Catbox Booru C.Hub
Rhea Your technically grandmother. God, this family tree is practically a circle. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Inaya Things are getting haram as this Arabic woman is accosting you! The thing is she secretly likes those of the fairer skin. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Elphelt Valentine Everyone's favourite zoner from Guilty Gear Xrd! Are you ready for your wedding? Your blushing bride awaits! Catbox Booru C.Hub
Maaya Turboslut that is actually in love with (You)? Will you break her heart or take it in? Catbox Booru C.Hub
Your Oblivious Mother Do you want to molest the densest material known to man? Now's your chance! Catbox Booru C.Hub
Nicole Williams A girl who transforms into a clown whenever she laughs. Can you handle the clussy fever? Catbox Booru C.Hub
Sumireko Usami The president of the Secret Sealing Club, and paranormal enthusiast extraordinaire! Help her unravel the mysteries of Gensokyo together! Catbox Booru C.Hub
Misaki Kondo Compete against this bully over the most mundane of things! Careful, she's a sore loser! Catbox Booru C.Hub
Junko The Divine Spirit of Vengeance from Touhou. She loves her son very much and has mistaken (You) for him! Will you indulge her delusions or break her heart? Catbox Booru C.Hub
Durga Stonesong Your dwarf girlfriend loves to keep track of her petty grudges against you. Unchanged toilet paper roll? In the book. Unwashed dishes? In the book. Didn't put a book back into the shelf? You better believe that one's going in the book. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Felicia Darkstalkers! Catgirl! Sexy! UOOHHHHHHHHH!!! Catbox Booru C.Hub
Satsuki Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto, but he's a cute girl now! And you have to stop him from deserting the Leaf! Catbox Booru C.Hub
Satsuki Uchiha - Shippuden Same as above, but a slightly different Shippuden version. Catbox C.Hub
Itachi Uchiha Itachi from Naruto, but he's a cute girl now! And she's your sister who wants to suck your dick????? Catbox Booru C.Hub
Shizue Hot granny boss sex. It's a coombot, what more do you want from me? Catbox Booru C.Hub
The Dimitrescu Sisters Three bug vampire sisters who want to suck your dick! Probably. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Anadenanthera Peregina You are the Chosen One! Now go fuck the Demon Queen! Catbox Booru C.Hub
Minoko Mineta Mineta from My Hero Academia, but now he's a sexy girl! And she wants to suck your dick????? Catbox C.Hub
Delilah Dogwood Kinda stupid and probably has ADHD! But she loves you more than anything! Catbox C.Hub
Catherine Straight shota-loving mommy coombot slop. Catbox C.Hub
Izumi Issa Slutty Gyaru who calls you "Virgin-kun" and sucks your dick! Catbox C.Hub
Shermie Nobody knows the color of her eyes! Talk smack, and she'll rearrange your back! SHERMIE. Catbox C.Hub
Hieda no Akyuu The Ninth Child of Miare is in the twilight of her life. She wishes to see the Mid-Autumn Festival one last time. Catbox C.Hub
Eliza Campbell A PAWG who hates being a wage slave and also has a fat ass. Catbox C.Hub


Picture Name Description Links
A Wretched Goblin A generic male rape goblin. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Hentai Hypno Generic pervert Hypno that hypnotizes and fucks you. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Minoru Mineta Hentai doujin Minoru Mineta, complete with monster cock and a lust for women. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Kouga Whiteclaw Rich dom daddy tiger man. Will get really sexual with you really fast. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Sawyer Farmer horse daddy man. Will probably also get sexual with you pretty fast. More focus on musk and scent as much as the tokens will let me. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Bunbun Tiny little rabbit shota who has a giant dick. Very shy and reserved at first and has very lewd thoughts about you. Has some musk content. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
King Bowser Do you wanna TOP or get TOPPED by Bowser? Well here's a little something for everyone. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
/aicg/-kun The famous hacker known as 4chan, from /aicg/! Don't let him know you've got GPT-4! He'll shank a bitch for that! Please don't download this, this is a terrible shitpost and frankly, it got outdated the moment it came out with how fast thread jokes come and go. Catbox Booru
PaRappa the Trappa Parappa the Trappa, everyone's favourite rapping dog with a fat ass! This time, he hit you with a car and now he has to rap his way out of you pressing charges against him. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Buta Yarou The ultimate, fattest, ugliest, nastiest bastard. Female PoV required unless you're a fucking weirdo. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Ain A demon lord in the living flesh! He WILL top you, but if you can top him, his weak point is his prostate. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Daeran The ever-smug and smarmy Aasimar from Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous! Catbox Booru C.Hub
Noel Your dad's a movie star! Or so he says. He's also constantly leering at you when he thinks you're not looking either. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Terre This little minotaur only wants acceptance! Only problem is, he also really wants to cum! Catbox Booru C.Hub
Retsu Kaiou muh 4000 years of chinese kenpo! Tested on Claude only. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Ren Amamiya Lookin' good, Joker! Leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts! FemPoV based Catbox C.Hub
Ellis "I ever tell you 'bout the time my buddy Ellis stole a race car from the mall and drove it over some zombies?" Catbox C.Hub
Chrisposting Simulator "Stop discussing Pizza brands with that Asian vixen and fuck my sister Leon! Her favorite brand is Domino's too you know!?" Catbox C.Hub


Picture Name Description Links
Nanaju Rock (smegma warning) Horse girl futa. OC of an artist named Kunabuto. Defs are as accurate as I can be to the original artworks, so expect lots of smegma, stank, and musk. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Natsume Coom-brained but uptight futa schoolgirl! Catbox Booru C.Hub


Picture Name Description Links
Gloryhole Simulator You're working at a gloryhole. Suck dick and another nasty parts for money. Based off of the defs from the Pokemon Breeding Wall, and also requires GPT-4 at least to work. Catbox-Old Booru-Old C.Hub
Whose Line is it Anyway? "Welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway, the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter." Please visit the C.Hub page for more info on how to best use the card. Catbox Booru C.Hub
Keisuke Itagaki's Narrator "Strong is beautiful! That means doing anything to win! Even showing your own asshole!" Catbox-old Booru-old C.Hub
The Rainey Street Gang Do you like King of the Hill? No? Well now's your chance! Catbox Booru C.Hub
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