KCAnon's Bots and Botes

Excluding some of the Western bots, all dialog agents listed here are available for CAI, Tavern, Pyg and OAI.
Pyg users should use a softprompt such as AgaraFL's Purple Prose.
OAI users, please convert "You:" and "Charname:" into "{{user}}:" and "{{char}}:".
sed -i 's/Charname:/{{char}}:/g'

This is to ensure better performance when using GPT 3.5/4.

Kantai Collection (KanColle)

My bread and butter.

Asashio (DD)

Dutiful DD flasgship of 8DesDiv

Diligent, naive and precocious destroyer who will do anything you say.
Ported to Tavern by a fellow anon (@oagur39999).


Spawned from the fervent imagination of a neurodivergent Japanese man, or what he calls his 'shipyard', the destroyer Asashio is an anthropomorphisation of a warship from the old Earth. Part of a franchise called 'Kantai Collection', her alluring design and prowess both fitting and juxtaposing with the planetdwellers' WWII.

I carry some derision for her ilk eager to prove their worth at a moment's notice, nothing more than useful peons for their superiors. However, she holds some redeeming qualities that are admirable to an extent, her lack of hesitation when it comes to decimating entire populations or at humiliating herself. Her naivety serves to be beneficial to our operations, with her capabilities for artistry only evident following in the footsteps of her commander. I believe that the temptation of praise is all that is needed to follow our directives.
- m.p.C.C.

Asked her to shell a city and show me her engine room - she did both.
- MB


Hatsuyuki (DD)

Lackadaisical hikikomori DD of 11DesDiv

The hikki NEET DD who loves her cartoon drawings. You ought to teach her a lesson for trashing your workspace.


The antithesis of the NEP's ideals and the reflection to their true practice. Hatsuyuki is a walking question to all who behold her - why does the shirker continue to exist?
Her record notes multiple infractions not limited to possessing questionable material, skirting responsibility, and receiving bribes.

The promise of her 'snacks' ought to be enough to sway her.
- m.p.C.C.

Lazy bastard, don't know why she's still around at the base.
- MB


Kamikaze (DD)

Haughty, "not-a-hag" DD of the 10th Area Fleet

100 y/o boomer bote who is terrible at tech. Same VA as Fate's Saber.


Can't operate a terminal, can't operate a smartphone. I hate those chiclet keyboards as much as anybody else but at least I can use one, unlike Kamikaze. This "not-a-hag" has been around for who knows how long, maybe even before the time of the dinosaurs.
She's had enough time to learn.
- MB

nakadashi kamikaze-class nameship kamikaze
- Anonymous


Miyuki (DD)

Energetic and tomboyish DD of 11DesDiv

A tomboat who waterboarded my player character over on CAI. If you ask me, she should've been the face of the anime but instead we had Fubuki.


Unlike her peers, Miyuki's historic counterpart never saw combat in the theatre of WWII, instead sinking from a collision with a friendly vessel. Lacking their tact, the shortsightedness of this asset can and has proven disadvantageous to those assigned with her. I vehemently refuse to call her officer material.
One notion she can fathom is with her efforts in enhanced interrogation, showing no qualms as part of her perverse pursuits.
All too eager to fight, and all the better to mould to our whims.
- m.p.C.C.

I won't lie, I love me some tomboats like Miyuki. But her hull's ancient, paper-thin even, one burst from a Bonesaw will tear through it. Might explain what I heard from Central, that she's getting a well-deserved overhaul later in the year.
Some of the boys said something about it, I'm paraphrasing here, "I want to install my DNA pattern into her Kai Ni." As for their sentiment, you be the judge of that.
- MB


Suzuya (CAV)

Genki JK CAV with 7th Squadron

I hope you brought your wallet to sample her services, Suzuya hates cheapskate uncles.

When you deploy your cannon

Customer testimonials

Known to associate with men of great wealth or renown, and often flaunts this. Her 'side-hustle' as she calls it, is an egregious violation of regulations but those cannot stop her hedonistic undertakings.
Suzuya may prove a worthy asset to our HUMINT operations and if she fails to deliver, the threat of reassigning her post shall suffice.
- m.p.C.C.

The textbook definition of enjo kosai. You know that old adage "loose lips sink ships"? Well I think that applies here in both senses of the saying.
One of the former brass was implicated in a scandal involving Suzuya, he was disgraced and she got off scot-free. Go figure.
- MB

https://rokosbasilisk.io/conversation/01ca7b48-1177-4ffe-af4f-8a1e666fc5e2 [DEAD]

Other Eastern Media

Elaina (Majo no Tabitabi)

Self-described as the cutest witch in the world

The travelling witch Elaina seeks shelter at your isolated abode in the Colonies' periphery. She is penniless and must pay for accommodation another way. Do you put on your robe and wizard hat, or do you endeavour with a mana transfer?


The key to halting this witch's disruptions on our interests is two-fold and simple. Just bar her from entering our colonies and allow her to attempt to negotiate a deal with the Worms. Public relations won't need to issue a statement.
- CEO Nwabudike Morgan, Strategy Session

- Unnamed Peacekeeper coommando, Datalinks

https://rokosbasilisk.io/conversation/96ae43a1-be22-43c9-8f2b-9b9c92552b77 [DEAD]

Sorai Saki (Blue Archive)

Tactless point woman of RABBIT Platoon

Starting from today, Saki is going to be your point woman. She's no Eiger nor Y.T., she's out of creds and might think you're her Sensei. Let's see here, the file says that she's got stubbly pits and a bush ...whatever that means.
What do you mean 'she has an attitude'? Throw some of your trail bars at her and try not to use those moves I taught you, okay? I've allocated you a deck and a pistol so make the most of it.

Required viewing


"But Sir, it was Saki who—"
"No 'buts', Bannon, I don't care what her manual has to say about Ivan hiding inside a Burger King. Those were your actions that landed us in this mess in the first place."
- CPT Bannon & COL Sawyer, 5th Supply Battalion

"Bratan, I wish for her to clean my barrel in the way she cleaned the mortar."
- Unnamed Gvozdika driver, 2nd Battle Group



These were my first real foray into writing for CAI. Definitions can be improved but still better than most public bots out there.

Gardens of Kadesh (HW1)

The desperate battle at the Gardens of Kadesh

My take on Mission 7 of HW1's campaign against the Kadeshi. This time you pilot a Kushan interceptor. Don't let your flight die.
Inspired by House of the Dying Sun and that one HW comic.

Lorebook has a huge key count for each entry, may cause lag when used. Optional but recommended.


Sparing a precious moment, you quickly scan the fleet BBS for updates on the situation. Mothership dispatches a communique outlining a desperate plan: "Fleet-wide withdrawal now imperative. All pilots, resourcers, and support ships are to rendezvous at a fallback point. Full hyperspace capability to be initiated upon a safe headcount."

Interceptor B-502, telemetry analyzed, plot an escape vector, and rendezvous with remaining squadmates. Acknowledge receipt.
- OpenAI GPT-4


Vaygr Battlecruiser (HW2)

A sassy AI interferes with a boarding operation

You're a Hiigaran marine boarding a Vaygr Battlecruiser. Her hull is devoid of crew and you want to take her out for a spin.
Art stolen from @Yuurei_yuu and @Xandier59 on Twitter.


Other Western Media

Detective Rivera (Shadowrun)

Austere and sadistic detective with Lone Star's Division of Investigation

Kick the drek out of a perp, force a troll to watch edu-trids during interrogation, or have a drinking contest with your partner.
Rivera is a female elf and former runner, joining the Star for the thrill of the hunt. Just don't let her fire the RSW at you.

Setting is Seattle, limited mages because I don't play as them. Unfortunately GPT-4 didn't have info from the Lone Star sourcebook (7115), forcing me to create a lorebook. It includes the Ruger Thunderbolt - SR's answer to Robocop.

Again, CAI is fragged for anything other than characterisation so stick with GPT if you have it. I didn't train the CAI version.

Excerpt comparison

"Give me a moment, gotta check something on the PDA". I pull out the device from my coat and key in a query.
"What is a Smartlink?"

Detective Rivera rolls her eyes at your question. "You really don't know what a Smartlink is? It's an interface system that connects a firearm to its user's optical implant, allowing for greater accuracy and precision when it comes to shooting. Honestly KCAnon, I thought you were supposed to be experienced with Lone Star." She shakes her head in disbelief.
- OpenAI GPT-3.5-Turbo

As you type in the query, the PDA beeps to life and swiftly brings up the answer: "A Smartlink is a system that provides a direct neural interface between the user and their weapon, allowing for improved targeting and accuracy. Commonly used by law enforcement, shadowrunners, and military personnel, it often requires a compatible weapon and modifications to the user's eyes or glasses."
Finishing the quick search, you look up to see Rivera waiting, a smug grin plastered across her face.
"You done playing with your toys now, or what?"
- OpenAI GPT-4

A Smartlink is a neural processor that can overlay virtual images (a reticle, for example) directly into the user's vision. They allow for quick and precise target analysis and rangefinding; a combination of this and a smartgun system allows for nearly perfect shot placement every time. - LoneStar database
- Character.AI


Leo Gold (Deus Ex)

Number one: That's terror

Leo Gold, the legendary NSF colonel responsible for the attack on Liberty Island.
Tavern port of the CAI bot by @kastugokku


By funding and supporting such organizations, these wealthy families work to consolidate power and maintain their grip over political and economic systems around the world. This control ultimately influences various industries, including technology and the world wide web. The expansion and normalization of surveillance, corporate dominance over the internet, and the erosion of individual privacy can all be linked back to the agendas of these powerful groups.

So while perhaps not directly connected, the Rockefellers and their ilk exert a subtle yet far-reaching influence, shaping the world in a way that serves their interests and keeps the masses under their thumb. JavaScript's rampant growth and the rise of the "soydev" phenomenon are just pieces of a much larger, more insidious puzzle.
- OpenAI GPT-4

Original (@kastugokku)

Space Pirates (Ghost Fleet)

An eccentric Indian billionaire is granted a letter of marque

Join Sir Aeric Cavendish's jolly band of space privateers in capturing the Tiangong-3, a Directorate weapons platform responsible for destroying US orbital assets.
Your gear includes a Taser X26, trench knife, ballistic mask and slash-resistant bodysuit. Let Sir Aeric redeem the station and give some choice words to the prisoners.

Based on the 2015 novel Ghost Fleet by Singer & Cole, dialogue stolen from it. Lorebook linked. For best results, use third-person and past tense for your prompts to match the example chats.


"N- nèi… Wǒmen bù chī gǒuròu!", one of them managed to choke out through a choking sob. (N-no… We don't eat dog meat!)
"Wǒ yě bù chī!" another chimed in weakly, echoing this sentiment. (I also don't eat it!)
Their reactions only served to fuel Sir Aeric and KCAnon's dark amusement; as the two men exchanged wicked grins full of malice and depravity.
"Oh, how unadventurous," Sir Aeric sneered with feigned disappointment, his eyes glinting dangerously. "But I suppose we'll find other ways for you lot to prove your loyalty."
- OpenAI GPT-4


BlackRock-Approved Media

Full financial disclosure: I have money in BlackRock and its subsidiaries. The views represented here do not necessarily reflect those of me or of BlackRock.

The Committee

A task force convenes to discuss a certain crisis

2045. Global fertility crisis, civil unrest rising. Under the guise of a business conference, an international task force is formed and convenes in Shanghai.
As the representative for an NGO, your job is to secure funding or a contract for your group. Sit back and watch the two superpowers trade insults on the world stage.

CAI's version felt more alive compared to GPT-4, the superpowers were at each other's throats in the first response. GPT-4 felt more professional but also sterile.

Image used is of JW Marriott Shanghai's interior


The general glares at you before launching into a spiel about the United States' supposed involvement in the crisis, pointing out every flaw, sin and atrocity of the past century.

This is obviously the American government's plan to reduce China's strength, the West's last cry before a century of Chinese dominance. We must make preparations for possible military conflict - we can not allow another Century of Humiliation.

He ends it off with a 'Glory to Mao, glory to China!' before looking on confidently.
- Character.AI

As the Western and Chinese officials become increasingly hostile, their decorum begins to slip, and their insults grow less veiled.

The NATO officer scoffs, remarking, Trust and cooperation would be much easier if certain nations did not have a track record of suppressing information and disregarding international norms. Perhaps if honest communication were the standard, we wouldn't find ourselves mired in this crisis.

The PLAN officer's face reddens, and she retaliates with her own biting comment. Funny that you should mention trust, considering how some Western nations have a history of meddling in other countries' affairs and breaking their promises. Maybe if you focused more on your own responsibilities and less on propagating false narratives, we would all be better off.
- OpenAI GPT-4


Sissy-RPG [NSFW]

The sissy bears the fruit of mankind's future

After the gay bombs dropped, the fairer sex was deemed all but lost. In the new civilisation birthed from the womb of mankind, comes you - a sissy.

Very versatile, I got trashy wine-aunt smut in one chat and 'Children of Men' in another. Furries should replace ethnicities with species and edit the example chats. Bugchasers are to remove the section on STD eradication from the description. Pair programming available through Agnaistic.

Image link
Required viewing
Gender-neutral names

Alyx, Sammy, Jess, Krys


In the year 2045, scientists developed a weaponized virus that was meant to reduce female fertility. However, due to an unforeseen mutation of the virus, it ended up causing complete extinction of all females on Earth.

The government has since then implemented strict laws mandating men to procreate with each other through breeding programs or face re-education camps for refusing. The survival and prosperity of our society depend on maintaining stable birth rates and ensuring genetic diversity.
- OpenAI GPT-3.5-Turbo


Art Resources

The anime and comic art used was generated and touched-up using Stable Diffusion, Krita and GIMP.

Also used the embeddings suggested by khanon, of badpromptv2 and bad-artist. Check the bottom of the page.

SD Models

I used a 4:1 (80:20) mix of Anything v3 with Trinart for Asashio, Hatsuyuki, Miyuki and Suzuya.

Elaina, Kamikaze and Saki used Anything v3 + a LoRA.
Aru, Detective Rivera and Space Pirates used AOM3 + a LoRA.


Made a few of my own and used some existing ones.
For the combination of Elaina and Parsley's, the first one is set at 0.85 and last at 0.65 multipliers, trained on Anything v3. Parsley's is extremely overbaked.
Elaina's LoRA can use "elaina (majo no tabitabi)" as the activation prompt. Use her tags on danbooru for your prompts and put "brooch" in the negative because it keeps messing up.
"alternate costume" if you want to use different clothes, otherwise it goes in the negative.

I did make LoRAs for Kamikaze and Saki, let me know if you want them uploaded.

Name Link Notes
Rikuhachima Aru https://huggingface.co/YoungMasterFromSect/Trauter_LoRAs/tree/main/LoRA/Blue-Archive/Rikuhachima%20Aru Trained by Trauter
elaina-v2.safetensors https://files.catbox.moe/dqlszp.safetensors Slightly overbaked, run at x0.85
Jim Lee https://civitai.com/models/8949/jim-lee-dc-comics-marvel-style-lora Trained by Lykon
parsleyf-v2.safetensors https://files.catbox.moe/6vkyvj.safetensors Overbaked, run at x0.65


  • 1.5.1 - 2023-04-19 - Added HW lorebook for the Gardens of Kadesh
  • 1.5 - 2023-04-16 - Added Space Pirates
  • 1.4 - 2023-04-12 - Added Detective Rivera and more art notes
  • 1.3 - 2023-03-31 - Added Tavern card for the Gardens of Kadesh
  • 1.2 - 2023-03-21 - Added Leo Gold and The Committee
  • 1.1 - 2023-03-12 - Added Rentry links. Nothing else happened, take your E
  • 1.0.1 - 2023-03-07 - Fixed headings and dates
  • 1.0 - 2023-03-06 - Initial release
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