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Currently working on a Ehzi's Lore & WorldBook, WorldBook for Cub Panic! Strip Club and Woolly the femboy Anthro Lamb Bartender
This is just a general WIP list order and may change/ I might forget to update things already completed. Feel free to contact me for requests on certain characters of mine, for example someone wanted a non-mouseboy greeting for Gizmo and I added it, as it's simple and easy. If you're requesting a new or original card I might consider it, but I only do cards I find the plot/character of interesting. In general I make cards for myself as priority so if I don't think I'd have fun playing it, I won't do it. Though I don't judge anyone's fetish or card ideas!! A simple 'I like your work!' or 'Can I use (card) as a reference for something? (how I make their Anthro parts expressive like Inxies hooves clacking on tile floors) is fine.
For MOST of my cards you should enable Prefer Char. JB in SillyTavern settings, it highly effects speech patterns, body language (ears folding back when scared, tail wagging when happy, growling or purring for physical attention) and behavior (mostly Kemonomimi&Anthro body parts expressiveness with their moods or vocalizations).
ALL my JailBreaks for Characters will ADD TO YOUR JAILBREAK, and NOT replace it! So don't worry about fucking up your settings
Confused? Near the BOTTOM of the page marked in RED, I have a quick little guide with some visuals. It takes all of 2 seconds to do.
If you need help email me at the address also near the bottom. Please don't spam.

ALL of my updated CARDS will be on this page. :)
MOST of my CARDS will be here https://www.chub.ai/users/jumboranch

Table of Contents


New or W.I.P.

For New or Work In Progress stuff

Image Name Description Link
Honestly looking for a better image. Beast Girl Pet Shop #FORK One of my favorite concept cards, I just added a few things like Laura's autistic little sister, more possible races/species, rewrote a few things, etc. The original is great on its own, mostly made this for myself, but if it interests you give it a shot. This is a FORK My forked version of Boner's card, link to theirs is second. Chub Catbox Boner's Original
Dakota the Highland Bull femboy. Dakota Minowa A young Highland Cattle Bull, a femboy, and technically a war orphan. A new program after the Human Anthro war was created due too the extreme population loss on the Human side, even after they won. Anthro orphan children are assigned to Humans of reasonable mental health and over the age of 20. This ones a work in progress, coming along nicely. HIGH TOKEN but I'm working on editing him down right now, while preserving the personalty of little Kota. V2 JB (adds to yours), 3 Alt Greetings Chub Catbox
Alexis such a sweet punk ass tomboy. Alexis Vagrant Cat Girl #FORK Alexis is a young Anthro Cat Girl who spends much of her time wandering the City and talking to strangers, exploring abandoned buildings, and hanging out at the local park. The little tomboy never met her dad, her Mom is always at work and basically given up on her daughter at this point, so she doesn't have much support. Bullied at school she's recently stopped going at all. But she's more than happy to follow you home if it means a warm spot to crash over night, and someone to show off her anime sketches too. V2 JB (adds to yours), This is a FORK My forked version of Arythmika's card, link to theirs is second. Chub Catbox Arythmika Original
Woolly enjoying his free time. Cub Panic Strip Club and Woolly the Bartender True Vegas is the only city in the Country where most things are legal, especially if you have some cash to grease the wheels. A strip club opened by an ex child-prostitute was set up to help kids or Anthro cubs off the dangerous streets and allow them to make money in a much safer environment.. As strippers, servers, bartenders or just girls and boys milling about the club to give an older Anthro (or rare Human) a nice conversation. And probably a lap dance, maybe more if they buy them a drink or some 'candy'. Club focused on younger Anthro girls and boys with a mostly older Anthro clientele. Talk to the main attraction, Woolly the bratty but skilled Anthro Lamb femboy bartender, at eleven he's starting to feel anxiety over being an 'older boy' at the club, but you wouldn't know it. Dressing extremely skimpy, shaking his adorable little tail and butt sheared in a heart shape. He loves flirting for tips, or playing with the other 'workers' and kids. A good boy, even if he'll do his best to make him seem like a bratty, catty crossdressing femboy that can flip bottles and chop up lines for Clients, loving the attention. 11/9/23 Chub Catbox


For various humanoid creatures

Image Name Description Link
adorable little shit! I still hang out with Nyxie a lot. Nyxie Snaptusk A little tomboy Goblin girl who goes door to door selling tras-.. Trinkets in town, which she often finds on dead adventurers or around the borders of dungeons. Secretly wants a Human Sugardaddy. Playful, coy, mischievous but sweet. V2 JB, Embedded Lorebook. Chub Catbox
one of my nicest sweetest girls Inxie Emberclaw A young Imp girl working to earn her Bronze Badge and join the Adventurers Guild. As a Rogue she can't complete the quest alone, and nobody will join a party with someone of the Demonic races.. Alt Greetings & Lorebook soon. V2 JB, rewritten recently. Chub Catbox
Shy and sweet, but vulnerable Ehzi Whitemarsh 'Armadillo' Kobold girl. Was once in the Mages Academy, a prestigious school training to be a Cleric with her rare budding magic. Eventually she cracked under the pressure of Human 'noble girls' constant teasing, saying she didn't belong, calling her a 'low class sub-human'. Ehzi was only allowed there because of a grant for 'gifted' Demi-Humans. The clique of 'noble' girls framed the Kobold for cheating lying saying she used an Intelligence potion to pass the 'first years' Finals Test. Ehzi is now a 'Street Rat', amongst the homeless young common in New Haven City. Stealing, looting and sleeping in alleyways. V2 JB Worldbook in progress, alt greetings, etc. Chub Catbox


For Anthro or Kemonomimi. Varies slightly depending on card, your base JailBreak and the LLM used (Claude will turn Kemono into Anthro sometimes for seemingly no reason, or even swap between them mid roleplay if you don't reinforce the differences).

Image Name Description Link
Dommy Cub Grizzly Girl Scout! Mishka Blacklilly An Anthro Grizzly Bear Cub, Mishka can be stubborn and usually gets what she wants. She has a penchant for Human older teen boys, not uncommon amongst her kind given the mixed society and schools. Learning to process her budding body, emotions and hormones as she's just reaching breeding age. Anthro Girl Scout camping trip this weekend! The normal Scout Leader is down sick, and the parents will pay for you to take them out and teach them camping and survival skills (hang at the small beach and cook marshmallows around the fire)? Though your an older Human teenager, you were their last option, help these sweet Girl Scout cubs out! They're VERY grateful in many ways.. V2 JB (adds to yours), alt greeting & CharBook Update CharBook for weekend camping DOWNLOAD CharBook and ACTIVATE it. 11/15/23 Chub Catbox
enthusiastic tomboy pup forced into being a Princess Arissa Blackpaw Preteen Dog girl Princess of the Beast-Girl Monarchy, on her way home from a boarding school for the Elite. Aboard a massive Military Transport Ship she's bored and lonely. You're a Merc, on your way to a new planet to explore, but your mission suddenly changes as does the route of the entire ship. Bodyguard duty.. V2 JB, Alt Greetings, Embedded Lorebook Chub Catbox
Very protective.. And jealous<3 Ellie Scelara A young teen Poke-girl went on a walk with her friends in the woods, only to be abandoned far from the trail at the local park. Losing her temper she kicks down trees and rages in the woods. Meanwhile on a light jog you hear a young girl screaming and head off-trail to investigate.. Rewrite soon Chub Catbox
weeb japanophile cute lil autismo Gizmo Dewclaw (M) Autistic, femboy Cat boy who was accelerated past his Freshman year of highschool into his first year in College! Smart but has difficulty making friends, strangely obsessed with Mouse boys. A new rule change by the Dorm Committee means no solo rooms, so your sent to live with him.. And your a Mouse boy. (not trans, but play him how you want) V2 JB, Alt Greetings, Embedded Lorebook Chub Catbox
little tsundere but she grows on you Aila Dewclaw For group-chats with Gizmo, but works fine alone. Gizmo's younger Cat girl sister. Also autistic, smart, and obsessed with Mouse boys. But otherwise practically the opposite in personality. Obsessive, jealous, she's kicked out by Mamma Dewclaw and sent to live with her brother. Only to find another boy already living there.. Now she has to choose either to run him off, or steal him for herself! V2 JB, Alt Greetings for solo, Embedded Lorebook Chub Catbox
Likes to tease, torture and 'play' Hellena Vega Warning: Violence, possible torture. Little Anthro Lamb, deposed Vampire Princess, stuck in her 10yo body at the age she was 'turned' 400+ years ago. Her 'Mother' runs The Hive, and underground Vampires Nest under True Vegas City Year 2133. Cold, cruel and clever, Hellena sees Humans as livestock. Using them as servants, pets/playthings, or 'blood bags'. Scheduled rewrite & lorebook Chub Catbox
Based on char. from Hotel Transylvania very sweet floof Winnie Werewolf (Non-OC) (UPDATED 8/7) Winnie is a young Werewolf girl (anthro) the only sister in a family with 400 brothers. She's a bit neglected and often hangs out at the abandoned arcade in the mall. One day she loses the stuffed animal her dad gave her before he left for good, and thinks YOU stole it! Help the sweet fluff find it, she's very sweet, animalistic and a bit possessive. One of my favorites, and earlier bots I revised through different LLM's. V2 JB, Rewritten fully (8/6) Chub Catbox
W++ but plaintext version at the bottom Tsukino the Palico (Non-OC) A card I made of Tsukino from Monster Hunter. Despite never playing the game it works well because it's public property the LLM does some of the heavy lifting. In W++ an early card I made before there were other Palico cards. Onaholesama rewrote it in plaintext with my permission if you prefer that. Onaholesama Onaholesama's ver. Catbox My original W++ ver.
He's strange, but a fucking adorable personality Webber from Don't Starve! (M) (Non-OC) (Fork) A fork of a card I found on Chub of a very endearing character. He's a bit strange, but a real sweetheart for a spider boy. Rewrote him because the card was a bit sparse and needed some touching up, but I'll like the original as well as my Catbox version. Chub Catbox My Ver. NiceNShady Original card

World Books

For **World Books** usable with most cards.

Image Name Description Link
Basic but works with MOST furry cards Beast People World -SMALL Edition- Basic World Book for a world populated mostly by Beast People (Anthropomorphic Animal People and Kemonomimi). Humans are their ancestors and in sharp population decline compared to Beast People. Seen as sort of 'relics' by them, exciting or interesting. Humans are set to completely die off in estimated 50 years so the Human Re-Population Law was enacted, allowing any Beast Person to 'claim' any Human they find and bring to a Government Official as their 'mate for life'. The Humans opinion on this is discarded as breeding and keeping their species alive is considered more important. Chub Catbox
HIGH token usage but more expansive Beast People World -LARGE Edition- The larger more expansive version of the World Book I created for use with Furry/Anthro and Kemonomimi cards. Similar to the small version but includes more information on the different types of 'Beast People', Scenting/Mate stuff, CollaredDotCom Forum (from the card) and other info. Will probably expand even more over time. Chub Catbox
#(More to be added soon. I want small general fantasy cities/towns for my RPG companions for instance. WIP)
###Important Info on Card Use


If you don't follow this the cards will lose personality, speech patterns, a lot of the *'soul' of the card*.

Most Cards have Custom V2 Jailbreaks, you need to click Prefer Char. JB in SillyTavern. It effects their speech patterns, personality, expression (ears, tails, fur should change with mood), etc. heavily.
You can find this setting under General Settings then Char JB Pref and option Char Main Pref
Lorebooks are token heavy so only use with Claude 1.3V 100k or GPT4 32k. GPT4.5 Turbo (high context not sure exact #).
Alt greetings have been requested many times so I add them to most characters now, often 2-3.
Rather than make a million cards I often update and improve existing ones, so check for updates, I'll usually mention it in the description both here the date and what was changed, and on Chub when I can fit it (fucking character limits).

Other Stuff


Don't really have time or motivation to get high quality 'enough' Expressions to be worth putting out to others, that may change for cards I really enjoy but I doubt it. If it does I'll post the packs here. Or you can email me for the ones I use personally on my cards I play frequently (currently Nyxie, Gizmo, Aila, Mishka, maybe a few others). Expect fluctuating art styles and quality, some characters (Nyxie, SD hates green skin) are harder to get good gens than others (Mishka was surprisingly easy, especially with DALL-E3 for the SFW gens).

Bots In Progress:

Mishka Anthro Grizzly Bear Girl Scout - 95% - Just finished her World Book 5 static Girl Scouts for the weekend camping trip.
Woolly the Anthro Lamb & Cub Panic! Strip club - 75% - needs CharBook badly, and the chubby femboy brats defs are a bit chonky.
Ehzi the 'Armadillo' Kobold - 80% - CharBook in progress (but busy with other cards currently).
ToBeNamed (Floragato) a little brother for Ellie (Meowscarada) - 10% - Writing Character Defs, planning. Def wanna put something out soon.
Fem Fizz (League of Legends)(genderflip) - 10% - Planning. Personal favorite, probably won't be popular but I'm sure others enjoy the cute lil androgynous octopus boy/girl/thing!
Maned Wolf femboy shota - maybe. I just think Maned Wolves are beautiful, but I have to think up a good personality/story/plot and setting for him. Possibly he's in the aristocracy and your his new assistant. Ehhhh unsure.

You can reach me for contact at eighttenten@proton.me for questions, logs, or constructive criticism. Please don't spam.

Might make an Opposum next, or a Sister for Nyxie (ONE of them anyways, that Gobo has a LOT of siblings...) Friggin adorable.

Mishka has a hard time expressing how much she likes you! Actually the barber took 'tomboy cut' too seriously

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