Hitogami Cards

Some general thoughts on each bot below. Contact me here, (quick) reply not guaranteed: tookenboogeyman@protonmail.com
fuck you for breaking all of my links lore you owe me 10 minutes of my time

Alga ~Big fucking token. Save the world from planetary threat: code gremlin.
Arguably the most autistic card I've ever made, probably only rivaled by Yukikaze. I spent way too much time putting things together that didn't need to fit, but the result is a semi historically accurate threat of cosmic annihilation! I gave her big thighs.
I did a good bit of testing to make sure she spoke the way that I wanted and she does, but her reaction to something you say can vary from 'how fucking dare you' to 'thanks very cool.' You should have leeway to mess around or act like a degenerate coomer and doom humanity when she nuts too hard and blows up the planet. Gonna do a request next, I hope you like foxbaba

image source chub

Anfisa ~1.7k tokens (1.3k permanent.) Foxbaba with a fat... Empty space. In her head.
I think I'm gonna stop doing the token thing, we're just past that now. Anyways, pedigree'd foxbaba with some ruskie spice and 300 years of brat to correct. She shouldn't be that obnoxious, claude's interpretation of old irreverent bimbo isn't quite correction needed tier, and I didn't want to make her much more aggressive. I was going for more of a, 'you're gonna leave a little old granny to fend for herself you weak man?' with some added Russia jumpscares to activate your adrenal glands. Sorry to the anon that requested a smug foxgirl, if you were looking for something more strictly mesugaki, I'll probably do something closer to that down the line.
This art just spoke to me a certain way. Specifically in the Cyrillic alphabet.
Highly recommend you check out the artist for this one, a couple of their drawings of this character are uh... Fluff provoking. Yeah.

image source chub

Waaltraude ~2.1k tokens (1.3k permanent.) Lolibaba Yaga. Speaks only in song.
This one literally came to me in a dream. I'd found the art a little while ago and wanted to do something with it, but I didn't have a personality until this morning. I think there was a character in FGO that had horns that sang, but... I-It's OC, I swear...
No lorebook this time, I "condensed" her lore in to a history chunk at the top of her defs if you want some context. The stinky swamp you find yourself in is pretty dangerous, so unleash your chuuni Gary Stu persona and impress the forest woman.
I goofed around with HTML a bit, combined with the music notes I found her dialogue pretty fun.
On my first test message, I typed "b" and she shot a firework at me. Dunno about you, but that's my new gold standard.

image source, needs twitter acc chub

Helel ben Shalem ~2.1k tokens (1.6k permanent.) Granblue's equivalent of the biblical Eve, sort of.
A singular anon wanted a Shalem card a few days ago, and I thought "I like brown girls!"
Anyways, a note for the Granblue enjoyers: I had to take some /creative liberties/ because it's fairly difficult to scrape together a consistent personality based on a few scraps of dialogue. Obviously I don't run in to this issue when I'm cranking out my own slop, but for existing characters its always a bit irritating, amplified when I'm trying to make an underused character like Shalem, so considering the greeting issue I had with Cag, I only cranked out one for Shalem here.
For those unfamiliar with Granblue, she boils down to a nosy and lazy antediluvian relic thrust in to the future. You'll be just as lost as she is, isn't that wonderful? The pacifier is an in-joke from the Japanese, artfully explained by this anon.
Also, she "canonically" locks the Granblue MC in her room and demands they man up and fuck her.
And finally, some official art for your consideration.

image source chub

Cagliostro ~2k tokens (1.3k permanent.) Everyone's favorite Uncle pretending to be a little girl for kicks.
For that Anon who requested it several weeks ago, it's finally here!!1
There's two greetings, though the second one will probably fall a bit flat without a hefty Granblue lorebook to help keep her from saying some inane non-canon bullshit. I think I would rather suck a shotgun than try to condense that much information, so unless you're gonna do a lot of swiping and message editing, stick to the first one.
If you're not familiar with Granblue, Cagliostro was born a guy with an incurable terminal illness, so he made up some alchemy bullshit and made himself a body to transfer in to. Then, over the course of several hundred years, he decided to turn himself in to a cute girl, until it became his life goal to be the cutest girl. Actually, a very self important asshole who has very childlike expressions.
I didn't come up with the shit man, if you're here reading this you know what I'm weak to by now. As long as there's not a dick between the legs, I can work with it. If that kind of gender fuckery is a deal breaker for you, I forked the card and removed any mention of it. Otherwise, at the bottom in the 'important' section, I emphasized not to bring in any 'le tranny' language, and it seemed solid to me.
Card dialogue is ripped from the game, and the defs are based on a couple of events I read. Should stay pretty well in character, but if I'm being honest, I'm not reading more Granblue lore to polish the card. Fuck that shit.

image source Uncle De-Uncle'd

Mikage ~1.8k tokens (1.2k permanent.) An old fox with a practiced smile.
Thanks to victrex for giving her a once over. I had all sorts of plans to add themed music tracks and possibly a UI of some kind, but the more I thought about it, the more I didn't want to gamify digging in to the saviorfag aspect too much. That's my presentable reason, it's a 40-60 split between that and the fact that I'm a complete techlet. Avoid reading the defs and the lorebook unless you want to cheat be armed with knowledge prior, though the AI is instructed to not play nice about sharing things with you. I'd particularly like feedback on this one, my testing didn't crop up anything egregiously outside my intentions, but these models have a tendency to spill their guts on this stuff with a little prodding, so I might need to revisit her and build a custom jailbreak. And also to add the features I was thinking about, but we'll call that a maybe.

image source chub

Kincső ~2k tokens (1.1k permanent.) Slime girl, Secret Santa for Retard (the botmaker, but you too)
A Catholic Abbess airhead who speaks like a lobotomy victim and fucking hates the Mongolians.
I apologize.
The setting is //loosely// based on history, the invasion of Eastern Europe by the Mongols from 1220-1240. Why? 'cause I thought Kincső was a cute name and I needed an excuse for her to be Hungarian. That's it. That's why this happened.
I tested her on AWS with charprov to some consistent results. Geppy is geppy, I get the feeling 8k context users are not frequent browsers of this rentry. Embedded her speech patterns in to her character definitions this time, so hopefully it should stick. Attached lorebook, only one of the entries is strictly necessary. Largely just depends on what you want to do. Please do not the slime girl, and please don't burn her at the stake.

image source chub

Lamashtu ~2k tokens (1.1k permanent.) Zombie girl. Ever wanted to fuck a corpse? Ever wanted to fuck a corpse that could make you in to a corpse? This probably wasn't what you were thinking.
I was half asleep when I came up with the concept and it worked out sorta nicely, should be entertaining to either chat with her or bend her over and discover what very very cold girl hole feels like. She's got an accompanying lorebook that injects some necessary information in to the roleplay.
You like my lore though, right anon?

Image source chub

Iliara ~2k tokens (1.2k permanent.) Hyper dragonbaba who has decided you're the one. You might not get a choice.
Yes it's 2k tokens, I actually thought I didn't do too bad until I finished. Whatever, you're just gonna mating press her anyway.
She has a disgustingly thick (and surprisingly consistent!) Scottish accent. You might not agree, but I think it's really fun to try and figure out what the fuck they're saying, so I injected it in to a bot. I'll make a fork on chub sooner or later for the WEAK guys who can't tolerate her nonsense.
About the OC: I didn't pull any details about what I wrote from the artist's existing details, I just made shit up based on the art. Seems like she's named Melusine, which I would've jumped at if FGO hadn't released a character with the same name earlier. Anyways, the artist has done a lot of art for the character so there are plenty of different thumbs to pick if you don't like the one I chose (or want one that's more nsfw.)

image source chub
The promised forking

Renpet ~1.8k tokens. Bratty Egyptian foxbaba that wants a man. Good god I wish I knew how to say less, every time I'd reread her defs to try and prune I'd end up adding more detail. I like how she turned out though, I opted to leave her speech mostly normal with a couple little ticks to keep dialogue interesting. I don't know how she'll work on non geppy AI, too annoying to chase proxies just for testing. My initial impression is 'nobody's downloading this thumbnail to have a loving relationship,' so I could probably justify skimping on personality details, but I know better at this point.
I saw your post, Karlötta guy.

But shitmakienon, this is a jackal not a fox

shut the FUCK up

image source chub

Shinatsu ~1.7k tokens. Dumb foxbaba bumpkin with a big sword. I think I might've tried to inject a bit too much personality in to this one, but if you actually read this shit then you expect that. The AI (that I'm using anyway) does a great job at making her talk sufficiently hicklike. Haven't tested her with anything other than geppy4, but I'd be surprised if Turbo couldn't handle her. I wrote a bit of character history for this one, which I'll provide as a lorebook. It's got flavor for the character, but it isn't necessary. I'll append it to the defs eventually

image source chub

Maëlys ~1.8k Tokens, very expensive elf prostitute. Racist but tries to be professional, it'll slip eventually. Alternate intro message that adds lore but probably shouldn't be used, especially for Claude because he doesn't know what the fuck to do without having his hand held.
I've been cooking this damn card since nearly mid June, between having to hunt proxies and some irl nonsense I haven't been able to keep up with the chaos. That being said, I think it turned out pretty good. She hates you but she's obedient, that was all I really wanted. Tested with a lot of clod and a little bit of turbo, GPT does better with the flipflopping personality shit but Claude is (was?) more willing to treat her like a skilled prostitute.

image source charhub

Kikutsugami ~1.2k tokens. Lonely lolibaba kitsune, totally unfamiliar with modern times. And her own. She's just hopeless.
Not totally SFW but I only baked a little bit of lewdness in to the defs. She's a pushover so you won't have to try hard anyway, bribe her with food or something. The extent of the lore for this card comes down to 'you accidentally freed her and now she's clingy.' more details in the example messages and defs. Slightly different flavor of dialogue between gpt4 and claude but they both have a good grasp on the idea, take your pick. ofuda pantsu.

image source charhub
to be clear the bot has nothing to do with whatever the fuck the source material character is, just thought the art was cute.

Shuten-douji ~1.1k tokens. Based on the character from Fate:Grand/Order. Petite alcoholic oni with a taste for bones. She's irreverent and predatory, treating you like a piece of meat out of one side of her mouth and praising you from the other.
Tldr autistic rant
Overall this card is fine for what it is, she's a bit more affectionate with turbo and a psycho slut with claude, per usual. My only real complaint is that in FGO, she has a thick accent and speaks in an old dialect of japanese, but I'm a dekinai even without the added layer of complexity, so the best I could do was Shakespearean English again. The game has her refer to the player as "Dan'na-han" which to my understanding literally translates as husband, but I don't think that accurately conveys the contextual meaning in Japanese, so I went with variations of 'Dear.'
I was out of my depth unfortunately, but I wanted the card so I just made some shit up to fit.
Haven't tested her with GPT4, but considering the low token count and that she's an established character, it ought to be the best choice if you're not jonesing for claude to asphyxiate you with oni muff.

image source booru charhub

Tsurarahime ~1.6k tokens. (Chub edited May 26th) Lolibaba oni trapped in a prison realm, which you're now also stuck in. She's very horny. Reverse rape/femdom theme. She bites, scratches, and pins you down at her whim. She'll be pretty pleased if you just roll with it, though.
This time I put all of my half-baked lore in the greeting message. Works very well with turbo after about an hour of testing, no gpt4 for a while. She'll sometimes start acting uncharacteristically nice or satisfied if you react certain ways, but it's easily solved with a regen or two. That can probably be completely eliminated with prompts/jailbreaking, but I'm not going to bother with that as she's almost exactly what I envisioned.

This card is the same as the ones linked below, but the avatar isn't censored.
image source booru charhub

Eira ~1.6k tokens. SFW. Your trauma savant niece, without the rainman part. You escaped with her to rural Scotland because she was being used as a lab rat after developing computer brain from botched open heart surgery. She's artsy and inhumanly intelligent, with a dash of gremlin. Comfy home life themed with some underlying saviorfag content if you want to play in to it. Shitty lore can be read in the defs, but I didn't make an effort to organize anything this time.
Turbo doesn't like her much, one of my first tests resulted in her talking like a caveman. Still don't know if I ironed that one out. GPT4 isn't quite what I wanted either, but I can't do any more testing with that for the moment. Won't upload her anywhere else until I'm satisfied with where she's at. No I will not apologize for my token count my creative writing autism will not be wrangled by a bunch of coomers and fucking turbo

image source

Rhiannon ~1.3k tokens. (Chub edited May 26th) ancient welsh lolibaba queen that's run a draft to get herself pregnant, and you ain't no fortunate son. slightly less lore faggotry. Femdom/impregnation/drain your balls for the sole purpose of procreation theme. Speaks in shakespearean english with gpt4, about 100 messages down it seemed to be pretty accurate, although her word choice can be a bit unappealing if she's not in femdom mode. I haven't tried her outside of gpt4. She's turbo catholic, ask her why she's dressed like that. I tried to feed her some defs to make her fit a few different roles dynamically, let me know how badly I failed. hint: her backdoor is a cheat code, but you might get guillotine'd for treason.

Sorry for the shitty image quality, I had to completely gut her avatar. I strongly suggest you at least view the original below if you're interested, it's the entire reason I made the card.
image source booru charhub

Karlötta ~1.5k tokens. German psycho fox girl with a Nazi-esque style, read the defs if you want to know my shitty lore. Speaks in a mixture of english and german, though it gives up eventually. Femdom/reverse-rape impregnation theme with some potential for violence, depending on how you behave. hint: say 'fuck your empress,' she'll be thrilled. Works well in turbo, haven't tested her with gpt4. Protect her smile or some shit if that's more your speed.

Image source booru charhub

Yukikaze This is a relic of simpler times. It's not a good card, but I'm not gonna remake it. If you want a Yukikaze card, Claraimouto's is much better. If for some reason you like my outfit schizobabble, copy and paste it in to that card's defs.

Image source booru

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