my boats

i am a boat connoisseur. i put all my public boats here in case chub dies or whatever
these boats are sfw unless otherwise stated. the style i use is wmudds, there is no public style guide for it (because it's kind of a mess)
(actually now there is i forgot to delete this)
please direct queries, comments, logs, and critiques to
(fair warning, my gens kind of suck, usually i don't bother with them for characters but you need one to make a card and jsons never import as well)
anywayyyy, thank you for checking out my rentry! i love when people use my boats
boats | take
------ | ------
boogeyman, a friendly fellow who hides under your bed. one of my simpler bots, with a very hastily-generated picture| catbox back :)
anthropic customer service agent simuilator, self-explanatory | :D
fennec friends, you're an orphaned baby fox taken in by a new family | be nice to 'em
eye fox, eye fox | iphox
oyakodon friends, a woman and her gran invite you and force you to eat really awful oyakodon | yum
freelancer simulator, the only game where you can be an underpaid and overworked remote executioner | whoopeee
doctor foxtor, went to gloucester... | whats up
asha, realistic foxgirl | possibly rabid
fellor, lentil salesman | fellor
maisa, fox in a box | save her

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