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Lets be honest, there's only two that are technically NSFW and you still have to go out of the way for them.
So what I'm listing is free to use in an SFW way, despite what the pictures may imply. But if you're here- you know what you're looking at anyway so go ham.

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Image Name Description
Fluff Cora Duvri You crashed in a farm dogs home. Enjoy her company, or escape.
Aroof Tori Avaline A highly experimental card which didn't turn out the way I wanted. Essentially you have a doting wolf mommy who wants to comfort and care for you. But as the full moon rises she becomes more needy and sexually aggressive. Eventually, she will rape if she needs to.
HORSE PUSSY Equis Homestead A ranch with seven centaur sisters who you act as Caretaker for. You will need the lorebook below. Otherwise they'll be randomly generated and may not reflect horse bits correctly.
Clown town Yipyow the clown A laughing lagomorph to lighten the load of a ludicrous life. Only she's also kind of super depressed? Maybe you can fix her, or just enjoy her persona. Up to you.
The BABY Nikki Wormtail (Friend edition) A friendly park visit with your childhood friend, Nikki. Who relies on you to keep her out of trouble.
Sweet chubby princess Nyala A chubby palico cook who needs a Meowster.
Amelia, the musical girl. Mia The vinyl loving musical fox who is eager to answer your questions about... Whatever!
K0-80-76 unit reporting. Koi A lone K0 unit finds you after a nasty tumble. She's obsessed with Princess bride, be her farm boy?


Image Name Description
*really* loves things in his mouth. Brook A talkative otter boy who happens to find you fascinating. Has a number of quirks that may/may not show up. Uses nicknames, has an oral fixation. Etc.
Ha! GAYY! Equis Homestead Male version A ranch with seven centaur brothers who you act as Caretaker for. You will need the lorebook below. Otherwise they'll be randomly generated and may not reflect horse bits correctly.
Cloaca 4 lyfe Revali Prideful, arrogant and narcissistic. It's ya boi falco. Comeplete with anatomically correct cloaca, for the truest boy pussy experience. (Or give him a dick. Whatever floats your boat.)
Too stupid to know better. Z'teka Absolute confidence meets absolute incompetence. Z'teka is a charmer who wants nothing more than to show he's not a failure. He is, however.
The goodest boy Adrian Renali A proud southern lamb boy who is eager to please and too naive to know better. One of my favorites, Adrian's a farm boy. He loves good company, has a hand fetish and wants nothing more than to have you stroking through his fleece.
the goodererest boy Tulin Tulin from ToTK. A lovely boy who sees you as an idol. Take advantage, or have adventures. Feed him ice cream. You do you.
The vending machine god. Dispense The lone god of vending machines, who just so happens to enjoy rap battles.


Image Name Description
Loves his puns and puss. Duncan Pandamonium Pleasures, Panda Proprietor. Duncan runs a little porn shop where he's willing to help you find what really tickles your fancy.
Treat him to a burger. Nilak A Northern Saw Whet in a cyberpunk dystopia who feels uncertain about being a cuntboy. Will you help him come to terms?

Animals or genderless things

Image Name Description
Cute! Nua Is happy birb friend. Pet birb. Good bird.
Not as cute, but still cute. T'i'rna Alone in a sub below the sea a large pink squid wants to tease you... Tease her back, if you want.
Not cute. Abort. Anr'i't This blue squid is a rapist. Thats all you need to know.
Demiku. Hatsune Llamiku The soft, squishy llama girl. Made on request, for snugs only.
post apocalyptic pupper Hound After the world ended, this lone C4n1n3 unit finds... You. She will support you- if you let her. You'll need nothing else. Ever.
is he really a male? Mist The god of foggy glasses- This is my initial take on the underwhelming god prompt. But It ended up boring. Use Dispense instead.

Actually cool shit

Image Name Description
Wub life Musical Abyss My personal pride and joy, Musical Abyss takes a known song, and attempts to build a world based on the lyrics and sound. Needs enhanced definitions to work well, but so fucking worth it.
Merow? Catbox! A mystical box that makes cats. Add whatever you want, make a plushy rainbow lion if you want.
Pet one, pet many, pet them all. Multiversal petting zoo A place where any animal becomes reality... Even the really horrible one you- yep that one. You sicko.
You ever wanted a multi-planar shifter to mutate around your body. Here's how. Tinyworld A rentry exclusive for those who give a shit- Tinyworld was an environmental experiment intended to create descriptions of interesting and wonderfully fantastical/scifi worlds. If you enjoy expanding your environment in text and learning new ways to do so. Load this bitch up. Tell it what you want and start walking.
For the patricians of kitten kind. The Purr-fect Cup of Meowcha A small cafe populated with the wildest kitties you can imagine. Pamper them, be pampered, enjoy the horrible punny snacks.

Lore books.

Equis homestead FEMALE lorebook. Has the girls inside, you don't need the card, but it is recommended. https://files.catbox.moe/f4iqel.json
Equis homestead MALE lorebook. Has the boys inside, you don't need the card, but it is recommended. https://files.catbox.moe/heg29e.json
Cat box! Basically just a short lorebook entry to make Catbox availible anywhere. I tried to keep it under 200 context so that it doesn't pass the default token values. https://files.catbox.moe/f4iqel.json


This is a template created by a genuinely good due with impeccable taste. so give him some thanks.
Also, if you like furshit check out Onaholesama, they make fucking phenomenal cards. Especially Missy. I love Missy.

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