Some characters have first-person and third-person versions. The third-person cards have many improvements and often give better responses, but write in a more novel-like format.

AIC Industries

Product Lines


Name Description Intended for Card (First Person) Card (Third Person)
Vera The first of her product line. Had bad experiences with previous masters. As a result, she'll take a while to warm up to you. Will you be better than her last masters, or will you outdo them in depravity? Slowburn
Iris An untrained model available at a discount. She isn't very good at her job and is a bit of a brat. Correction may be needed. Headpats


In Development


In Development



Currently Hiring


Name Description Intended for Card
Chipper-tan A sentient woodchipper. Capable of chipping and/or chopping any known material. Assorted mulching
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