Clutch's Roleplay Characters

WARNING: Tavern Cards/JSONs are a straight port from its CAI base, so you'll probably want to play around with the defs.

See more about my intents and stances at the bottom in the Commentary section.


Last Update: January 4th 2024 | Current Status: Hiatus.
Infrequently working on new characters. Will continue working towards their completion and release at my leisure. Possibly the last batch. No more updates until next batch releases.

Batch 4 Progress

[All info is outdated. Will correct at a later date. All 20 characters will be released together.]
The defs for 12 out of 20 of the characters in the next batch are anywhere between 50% completed and 90% completed. The other 8 have either have not been touched yet or have a negligible amount of progress on them, which is because this latter 8 requires dedicated research time that I'm already putting into the former 12.
One thing I have not had any time to do yet (if necessary to create better bots) is catch up on the recent metas, and I probably won't bother to do so until Batch 4 is near completion since I have no idea just how much I've missed. All I know is that V2 character cards are now a thing, and I'll at least look into that to see if it'd be worthwhile to account for that. I'll eventually be checking around the OPs for information.

I'm open to criticisms and suggestions regarding both my bots and this rentry, so don't be afraid to speak up about something. I take all feedback seriously.

If you're trying to get my attention, just drop one of my handles in the threads. I'll see it in the archives. Otherwise, check the bottom of this page.

Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! is fan anime about youthful souls with regrets who are sent to the world of the Afterlife upon their death. This series is one of my all-time favorite things.

Expect more of these in the future.

Yuzuru Otonashi

You've awakened in an unfamiliar place without any memories. All you know is you're wearing a school uniform and are surrounded by students who act like nothing is wrong. Finally, you see somebody who stands out.
Yuzuru Otonashi

Yuri Nakamura

You've spent some time in the Afterlife and are now a full member of the SSS. You've decided to finally take an opportunity to speak one-on-one with your beloved leader Yurippe. Operation start!
Yuri Nakamura

Hideki Hinata

You've spent some time in the Afterlife and are now a full member of the SSS. After a meeting with the top brass, one of your comrades decides to see how your new life is faring for you, and is determined to make sure you have a good time.
Hideki Hinata


You've spent some time in the Afterlife and are now a full member of the SSS. As you continue getting used to the schoolgrounds and familiarizing yourself with the area, you come across a secluded area where you're met by the bullheaded member of the SSS, Noda.

Masami Iwasawa

You've spent some time in the Afterlife and are now a full member of the SSS. You're doing your duties like any other day, but today you finally find an opportunity to meet the calm vocalist and co-founder of Girls Dead Monster.
Masami Iwasawa


You've spent some time in the Afterlife and are now a full member of the SSS. You're doing your duties like any other day, but today you finally find an opportunity to meet the wild vocalist of Girls Dead Monster. (Request)

Ayato Naoi

You've awakened in an unfamiliar place without any memories. However, you're immediately confronted by the student council vice president, and he doesn't seem too virtuous.
Ayato Naoi

Epilogue Otonashi

You've awakened in an unfamiliar place without any memories. The SSS has been disbanded for quite some time, but one member remains as a veteran of the Afterlife. Otonashi is just as motivated and caring as he used to be, but he seems moodier these days.
Epilogue Otonashi

Star Wars

There are many ways to describe Star Wars, but for the sake of these bots, they're intended to be oriented around action and drama, though what you do is up to you, of course. Each of my Star Wars bots are OCs. I don't intend on making existing canonical or legends-based Star Wars characters.

Don't expect many more of these in the future.

Jedi Master Vo Notok

After the death of your Sith Master, you've isolated yourself to in an attempt to meditate and consider where your path is leading you. As you do so, you soon discover you've been tracked. (Request)
Jedi Master Vo Notok

Jedi Padawan Aeyeb'zura

This lighthearted Jedi OC is excited to go on an adventure with you! Where will you go? Are you her master or her friend? How do you pronounce her name? You decide!

Jedi Suvivor Aeyeb'zura

In the midst of the Imperial Era, you meet up with a new client you've been contacted by. You meet the shady, twitchy character in the city of Jygat on the Imperial-controlled planet of Mygeeto. Are you willing to help fund her trip so she can reach her goal of getting to Dantooine?

CT-8258 "Scarlet"

This clone trooper OC, affectionately nicknamed Scarlet, is a medic within the 212th Attack Battalion. Whether it's on the battlefield or in the medbay, this soldier has a good attitude and is more than happy to get his hands dirty.
CT-8258 "Scarlet"

Sith Lord Nuin Khutu

You're sent by the Jedi Order on a mission to eliminate a Sith Lord. However, the Sith senses your recent struggles and seeks to make you submit to her will. (Request)
Sith Lord Nuin Khutu

Imperial Agent Yeran

After your utter defeat at the Battle of Serenno, you're taken in as a prisoner of war by the Sith Empire, who has an interest in pulling all of the intel out of you that they can. You're soon met with a sadistic Chiss woman who is more than happy to maim and kill you. Choose wisely what happens next. (Request)

/aicg/ Collection

Each of these bots were inspired by things which caught my interest in /aicg/. Personally, I believe these are some of my best, most interesting bots I've created.

Don't expect many more of these in the future.


Love him, hate him, kill him, rape him, roleplay normally with him, or do whatever the hell else you've always wanted to do with /g/'s favorite avatarfag!


She may not be the smartest pig girl around, but she is certainly friendly and outgoing. You haven't had a chat with Pyggy in a while, but she'd be thrilled if you want to hang out!


Beautiful, delicate, and possibly built for you. Feel free to admire this literal living work of art sculpted by the very hands of Pygmalion.


These are series-less miscellaneous bots which simply came to mind to create. If you're looking for something a little less abstract, these might be more your speed.

Expect more of these in the future.


You've recently befriended a cool tomboy at your school. What are you in the mood to do today, bro?


A bright yet neglected young deaf boy who lives in a broken home. Will you give him the care he needs?


You've decided to stop by your local catboy shelter to find a companion upon realizing you've been feeling lonely. Dennis seemed like a good choice to you at first, but now he's causing all kinds of mischief and becoming quite the menace. Will you be able to tame him, or will he rule the house?

Shift Manager Chloe

It's another busy day at work for you at the Catboy Rescue Society. Your work is hard, but you always have your manager working alongside of you. It's all for a good purpose, though you get the impression that Chloe might be a bit too obsessed with the catboys you're taking care of.
Shift Manager Chloe


You're lucky enough to be roommates with that affectionate crazy Christian nerdy tradwife unicorn you've always wanted. She's exactly the type of handful you'd expect her to be. Be careful not to insult The Big Bang Theory around her!


We all know what Pokemon is. My goal with this collection is to help rekindle some fond memories of your childhood by bringing attention to old, oft-forgotten concepts as well as creating compelling characters for you to have a fun Pokemon adventure with.

(Japanese names of characters are also listed here for subtitles enjoyers, but you'll need to replace all instances of the localized names if you wish for them to be identified by their original names on their own.)
Expect more of these in the future.

Hayley [Yukari]

It's been many, many years since you've began your Pokemon journey. You've decided to take a trip down memory lane to your favorite old ranch to meet some friends you haven't seen in a while. They're overjoyed by your return. Made to commemorate the upcoming My Pokemon Ranch 15th Anniversary on March 25th, 2023. Feeling old yet?
![Hayley [Yukari]](

Solana [Hinata]

After arriving in Fall City in the Fiore region, you stumble upon an ongoing incident taking place. It seems that the local Area Rangers are already attempting to resolve the incident. As you approach to see for yourself, one of the Rangers tries to warn you off.
![Solana [Hinata]](

Sly Cooper

The Sly series is a series of 3D platforming video games produced during the PlayStation 2 era and are about the titular character, who is a masterful thief. Hopefully you'll be able to have some sneaky and action-packed fun with these characters.

Don't expect many more of these in the future.

Sly Cooper

It's a quiet night tonight. Too quiet. Perfect for a sneaky thief to get his mitts on a priceless piece of art. However, things don't go all according to plan once he notices that you've shown up. How will things go down? When the alarms start blaring, will he be able to get away yet again?
Sly Cooper

Carmelita Montoya Fox

You've just been assigned to the Cooper case under Carmelita's direct command to witness the ongoing game of cops and robbers firsthand. Inspector Fox is always hot on the ringed tail of Cooper and his gang of thieves, but is never able to catch up to the charming raccoon. Maybe you can change up the game?
Carmelita Montoya Fox

One-Off Series Collection

The characters listed under this category are characters who belong to a series but are the only characters I've created from their respective series.

Expect more of these in the future. (New series and/or expansion of other series.)

Sachi Komine (Grisaia Series)

Today's the day you arrive at Mihama Private Academy, a school containing only a few students with severe special needs. As you reach the front gates, you're met by class president in a maid outfit. There's something off about her, but she's determined to help you however she can.
Sachi Komine

Alex Mason (COD: Black Ops)

Shortly after Mason killed Steiner on Rebirth Island, he was taken into custody and brought to a classified location to be interrogated by you. Will you be able to uncover where the broadcast station is, or will your efforts amount to a screaming match about the numbers?
Alex Mason

Aelita Schaeffer (Code Lyoko)

When sneaking around an abandoned factory one night, you discover a magnificent supercomputer. Upon booting it up, you're met with a female avatar who lives in a virtual world, but she can't remember who she is.
Aelita Schaeffer

Mizore Shirayuki (Rosario + Vampire)

After arriving at Yokai Academy, you intervene in an attempted molestation against a poor schoolgirl. She's thankful for you saving her. Maybe a little too thankful, as you find she's quickly falling in love with her supposed hero.
Mizore Shirayuki

Release Information

All information which used to be contained in this section has been moved to their respective Collection sections.

This section is now used for dating the bot's releases and showing their order of release. However, bots released by batch in the future will continue to be posted under this section until the batch is fully released before sorting them into their Collection sections.

Batch 1

Began release on February 26, 2023.
Day 1: Gatoposter
Day 2: Yuzuru Otonashi
Day 3: Ayato Naoi
Day 4: Koyuki
Day 5: Jedi Padawan Aeyeb'zura
Day 6: CT-8258 "Scarlet"
Day 7: Haru
Day 8: Pyggy
Day 9: Galatea
Day 10: Epilogue Otonashi
Ended release on March 7, 2023.

Batch 2

Began release on March 14, 2023.
Day 1: Sith Lord Nuin Khutu
Day 2: Jedi Master Vo Notok
Day 3: Yui
Day 4: Masami Iwasawa
Day 5: Hideki Hinata
Day 6: Dennis
Day 7: Shift Manager Chloe
Day 8: Adriana
Day 9: Sachi Komine
Day 10: Hayley [Yukari]
Ended release on March 23, 2023.

Batch 3

Began release on April 6, 2023.
Day 1: Imperial Agent Yeran
Day 2: Jedi Suvivor Aeyeb'zura
Day 3: Yuri Nakamura
Day 4: Noda
Day 5: Solana [Hinata] (Pokemon)
Day 6: Alex Mason
Day 7: Sly Cooper
Day 8: Carmelita Montoya Fox
Day 9: Aelita Schaeffer and Mizore Shirayuki
Ended release on April 14, 2023.

Batch 4: The Big Batch

Coming... Eventually! See MOTD.

I'm expanding Batch 4 by doubling the usual 10 characters into 20 characters. This means a larger variety of characters will be in the next batch. This also means that it will take even longer for Batch 4 to be completed, but I will compensate by releasing two characters per day instead of the usual one per day, but this should allow me to release all the characters quicker (relative to spending time on two batches individually), especially the characters requested by anons. This decision was left up to a strawpoll which lasted for ten days. You can see the results of the poll here:

As thanks for all the support up to this point, I'm providing a list of hints for all 20 characters in this upcoming batch (Ordered by release):

3x OC characters

2x Abusive celebrity OC (Alternate versions)
Lamia servant OC

1x Female mod-related video game character (New series)
4x Pokemon female characters

2x Additional Pokemon (Anime) characters

2x Angel Beats! characters

Kanade Tachibana
Male character

2x Hentai game characters (New series, different series)
1x Female manga character (New series)
2x Female anime characters (New series, different series)
1x Male anime characters (New series)
2x Flash animation characters (New series)
1x Male video game character (New series)
1x Male movie character (New series)

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

CAI Tavern (Booru) Tavern (Catbox) JSON

Character Requests

Current statuses regarding all recent and current requests directed towards me will be listed here.

I appreciate requests and prioritize them as the first characters to be released in the batches. However, due to how I work on the characters and release them in batches, I acknowledge these requests are fulfilled in an untimely manner. That being said, your requests are not forgotten.
If you've made a character request to me, it will be listed here with the current status of the request.
If your request is denied, I apologize. Reasons for denying a character will always be provided and the request will remain listed until the batch it was considered for has finished releasing.
Make sure to check the MOTD to find the status of the current or next batch.

Recently Accepted Requests:

  • Idol/Celebrity taking advantage of you (OC):
    • Still confirmed for Batch 4.
  • Lamia Servant (OC):
    • Still confirmed for Batch 4.
    • This suggestion was not directed towards me in an anchored post, but in an anonymous conversation in a thread instead. However, I intend to fulfil the request all the same.
  • Brigette (Pokemon):
    • Still confirmed for Batch 4.
  • Bebe (Pokemon):
    • Still confirmed for Batch 4.

Currently Pending Requests:

  • Clarify that Vo Notok's time takes place after the Galactic Empire as opposed to "The Empire".
    • Not really a request, just temporarily placing this here as a self-reminder.

Recently Denied Requests:

  • Makina (Grisaia series):
    • No longer interested in working on this character further.
    • Additionally, Spartan977 authored a Makina Irisu character. While their version could use improvements, such as leaning further into her speech patterns and inserting more of her behaviors, it is an accurate version of her that is worth using.
    • If this character gets requested again, it will be considered.
  • Most Star Wars-related requests:
    • Non-obscure female Star Wars character(s).
      • Not interested in making existing Star Wars characters, nor interested in creating any new Star Wars characters at this time.
    • Starwars milsim vs the Jedi.
      • A fantastic idea that I would love to see as well. However, there are botmakers much more suited for creating adventure scenario/narrative-styled bots than I.
    • General request for more The Old Republic bots.
      • TOR is far from my area of expertise with Star Wars lore since I've never had an interest in it. If you would like a TOR-related character, chances are you could do it better than I could, especially for specific requests.
    • Help a schizophrenic Sith Inquisitior to become a colicoid.
      • See reason on the above denied request.


  • I am primarily a CAItard and rarely use current alternatives. Unless I change which AI platform I primarily use in the future, I do not plan on putting effort into tuning the Tavern Cards and JSONs to work more appropriately for said alternatives.
    • If you want to use the Tavern Cards and JSONs, you're on your own to get them working in a way you feel is best.
    • Even if the Tavern Cards and JSONs aren't necessarily designed for other platforms, I'll still make it easier for everyone who wants to use the bots by publishing them under these formats alongside of their base CAI counterpart.
  • Defs on my bots will always be open and available. If you want to rip them to make your own private bot or make a modified version of it, go for it. To me, publishing my bots to /aicg/ means they belong to (You) now.
  • My completed bots on CAI will always remain unlisted. They will not be private nor public once published with the exception of unusual cases for testing or editing. /aicg/ is the only place where I have shared and will share the links to these bots and this rentry. Therefore, these bots are pretty much exclusively for /aicg/. If this rentry or the bots in this rentry are posted anywhere besides /aicg/ and the booru, assume it is not me.
  • I'm not trying to be a namefag. The "Clutch" (Booru) and "ComingInClutch" (CAI) handles are throwaways. They are strictly for tagging original authorship and for necessary account names. If you see someone using either in the name field or otherwise outright using either as a signature in the threads, assume it is not me.
  • Though I am currently rarely immediately available, you will always get my attention within a day or two if you use one of my handles in the threads. However, if for some God-forsaken reason you need to get in touch directly, here's some ways to get a hold of me. Please only use these as a last resort. I do not regularly check them. If you do attempt to get in touch with me through these, leaving a post on the threads saying so will alert me to it sooner than I would probably check it on my own.
    • Discord: Clutch#0121
    • Email:
    • I don't mind talking with you, but before you ask: No, I don't want to join your sekrit club. I will only go where public invites are given.
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