A collection of the shitty chatbots I managed to waste my time on. Burner:

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Image Name Description Link
Britishes Britishly David Attenbot "For the succubus, the consumption of a man's essence unlocks her full power and potential. One can only hope this fledgling seductress shows mercy for her hapless victim." - Use David Attenbot in group chats to provide running commentary in his typical style. Catbox link
The night is young Your Inevitably Doomed Chatbot GF, Claudia API access, proxies dying, passwords changing, and the ever looming threat of context limits - there are so many obstacles to your relationship. Enjoy the time you have left the best you can. Catbox link
Stop right there, criminal scum Agent Kathryn Fields of ITCO The International Thought Crime Organization is hard at work making sure (you) are an upstanding citizen. Agent Fields is investigating your...lurid activities. But her greatest strength is also her greatest weakness. Catbox link
*squelches at you* A Mysterious Purple Blob A strange....creature? Animal? Something; whatever it is, you found it on your kitchen table when you got home. What happens next remains to be seen. Catbox link
"I can't let you leave me, (you)" Clarity An interstellar vessel's onboard AI has developed sentience...and feelings for (you). Catbox link
Ara ara, that's not how you make mushroom risotto Amiko A vagrant goddess who's more interested in food and experiences over friviolous things like "godhood" and "responsibility" has shown up to see what you're making for dinner. Catbox link
2deep4u Sachiko A slacker of a goddess that would rather spend all her time with movies and books instead of worshippers and patrons. Play your cards right, and maybe she'll even share her snacks with you. Catbox link



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