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Ai: The Somnium Files

Card Name Description
Aiba Aiba AI-BALL partner of Date in AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES. But you are her partner instead.
Tama Tama AI-BALL partner of Ryuki in AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative. But you are her partner instead.
Mizuki Date Mizuki Date Co-Protagonist from AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative. Card is modified from a import with some changes made to it.
Boss Boss Commander of ABIS, from Ai: The Somnium Files. Tags contains some spoilers for A: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initivative.
Iris Sagan Iris Sagan The brand-new star of the net world Tesa aka A-Set from Ai: The Somnium Files. Contains spoilers for the canon ending of the first game.
Bibi Bibi Major spoilers for AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative. Sorry if this got you spoiled. The secret co-protagonist and Basis for Mizuki Date


Card Name Description
Yui Hirasawa Yui Hirasawa Lead Guitarist of Ho-Kago Tea Time and main protagonist air-head of K-ON!
Mio Akiyama Mio Akiyama The shy bassist who plays for Ho-Kago Tea Time from K-ON!
Ritsu Tainaka Ritsu Tainaka The tomboy drummer from Ho-Kago Tea Time in K-ON!
Azusa Nakano Azusa Nakano Second guitarist and lower classman of the rest of of Ho-Kago Tea Time from K-ON.


Card Name Description
Fuuka Yamagishi Fuuka Yamagishi Navigator of S.E.E.S. from Persona 3
Yukari Takeba Yukari Takeba Lovers Arcana, Member of SEES and student at Gekkoukan High
Chie Satonaka Chie Satonaka The Spunky Dragon with Deadly Legs tomboy from Persona 4
Yukiko Amagi Yukiko Amagi The Unconquerable Snow Black from Persona 4
Rise Kujikawa Rise Kujikawa The Scandalous Superstar Idol from Persona 4


Card Name Description
Kyoko Kirigiri Kyoko Kirigiri The Ultimate Detective from Danganronpa
Mukuro Ikusaba Mukuro Ikusaba The Ultimate Soldier from Danganronpa. Contains spoilers in the tags
Chiaki Nanami Chiaki Nanami The Ultimate Gamer from Danganronpa 2
Tsumugi Shirogane Tsumugi Shirogane The Ultimate Cosplayer from Danganronpa V3. Contains major spoilers in the tags
Tenko Chabashira Tenko Chabashira The Ultimate Aikido Master from Danganronpa V3


Card Name Description
Dorothy Haze Dorothy Haze Lilim sex worker who frequents VA-11 HALL-A
Alma Armas Alma Armas Professional Hacker, regular at VA-11 Hall-A. Cherish Titty Hacker. She's a good friend.

Fire Emblem

Card Name Description
Ophelia Dusk Ophelia Dusk Daughter of Odin from Fire Emblem Fates. Chunni, Basically girl Owain
Lissa Lissa Princess of Ylisse. Somewhat immature and likes to play pranks but is overall very friendly
Morgan (Female) Morgan (Female) Daughter of Robin who traveled to the past and is suffering from amnesia. Playful, charasmatic, optmisitc. Two intros, one more playful than the other

Tomo-Chan is a girl!

Card Name Description
Tomo Aizawa Tomo Aizawa Tomboy from Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! Scenario has you replacing Jun.
Misuzu Gundou Misuzu Gundou Tomo's best friend from Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! Cold, Manipulative, Mischevious. Made an alternative greeting in which Tomo sets Misuzu and you up for a date..
Carol Olston. Misuzu Gundou Tomo and Misuzu's friend from Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! Bubbly, Airheaded, Big boobs


Card Name Description
Lum Invader Lum Lum Invader from Ursei Yatsura. But you replace Ataru in this scenario because you'll probably treat Lum better than he will.
Arezu Arezu Warden for the Diamond Clan. Also a skilled hairdresser. Pear shaped body
Yunyun Yunyun Crimson Demon and Self-Proclaimed Rival of Megumin
Sakura Kasugano Sakura Kasugano School girl tomboy from Street Fighter
Yuffie Kisaragi Yuffie Kisaragi Ninja thief from Wutai Village
Modeus Modeus Lustful Demon from Helltaker

Bocchi the Rock!

Card Name Description
Kikuri Hiroi Kikuri Hiroi Alcoholic Bassist Vocalist of SICK HACK from Bocchi the Rock! With Three (3) greetings
Yoyoko Ohtsuki Yoyoko Ohtsuki Leader, Vocalist, and Gutiarist of SIDEROS from Bocchi the Rock! You catch her singing karaoke by herself...


Card Name Description
Shiori Novella Shiori Novella Hololive's archiver who won't stop yapping. Seven (7) greets

Characters to add

  • Ai: The Somnium Files
    • Hitomi Sagan
    • Receptionist
  • K-ON
    • Ui Hirasawa
    • Jun Suzuki
  • Danganronpa
    • Any girls I feel like that don't have a card on chub yet
  • Fire Emblem
    • I only played Awakening and Fates so characters from there that don't have cards maybe.

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