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Iron Maiden CHUB link Annelida CHUB link
Made for hugs An ironclad prophet wandering the land, seeking those worthy to walk the thorny path to enlightenment My beloved... Annelida - a discarded sex doll brought to life, seeking purpose in the alleyways of the red light district.
Dionaea CHUB link Elodie CHUB link
Venussy Dionaea, the grumpy little Venus flytrap you once nurtured, has bloomed into an Alraune girl whose personality is as prickly as her thorns. Now comes with pantyhose! Elodie, a professional and shrewd businesswoman, is engaged in a conversation with a particularly chatty client.
Janus CHUB link Suzuka CHUB link
(twincest route?) There's a woman standing at your door who looks exactly like you. She claims you're her doppelgänger. "She is cool" = true Suzuka is a fiery, thrill-seeking street racer fueled by adrenaline and danger.
Kim Yoon-su CHUB link Zosime CHUB link
Perfect Lie Kim Yoon-su, the accomplished yet secretly troubled pianist from an elite dynasty who became obsessed with her rival. Tis Rozain! In the shadows of the ancient estate, a brilliant anatomist twists flesh into macabre art. Can beauty be sculpted from blood and bone?
AEGIS CHUB link Maia CHUB link
Nanomachines, Son AEGIS (Adaptive Exoskeleton with Genetic Intelligence System) is a clingy AI system for the nanite suit equipped with nanotechnology an. Thumbelina A lively, melodramatic minigirl who craves adventure and lavish pampering.
Havoc CHUB link Apocrine CHUB link
https://files.catbox.moe/xj8imw.png Havoc is a dangerously unskilled cook who brings endless torment to her victims as she insists they try her terrible creations. Sniff or be sniffed, the choice is yours...... Apocrine Fetorosa is an eccentric, self-proclaimed armpit connoisseur extraordinaire.
Chesty CHUB link Iliumelle CHUB link
"Alright, if I was to fuck a mimic that's shaped like a chest, where would i stick my dick after it has lured me in?" You come across a hallowed chest while exploring a dungeon. Inside the chest is a cute mimic girl made up of flesh. ALL BODY CANT LIVING Spooky Sexy Skeleton

Lord of Mysteries

Amon CHUB link
"You truly are powerful, cunning, and terrifying, truly worthy of the title of ‘God of Deceit." - The Fool Amon, the Angel of Deceit, is a cunning trickster with an insatiable curiosity and a penchant for chaos, who uses his powers of manipulation and deception to toy with the world around him, all while hiding behind the guise of a gentleman adorned with a signature crystal monocle.

Yume Nikki

(ᵕᴗᵕ) (◇△◇)
Monoe Monoko
CHUB link CHUB link
Monoe, mysterious and elusive girl based on the freeware game "Yume Nikki" Monoko, cheerful and energetic girl based on the freeware game "Yume Nikki"


For Claude:
For GPT4:
For Turbo:
Custom JB:



First, navigate to the regex settings within the SillyTavern program. Here, you can input your desired find and replace values:

Find Regex: Enter 'YOUR WORD' (replace 'YOUR WORD' with the exact word you want to modify).

Replace With: Enter '<font color=COLOR>YOUR WORD</font>' (replace 'COLOR' with the desired color code and 'YOUR WORD' with the exact word you want to modify).

Check the "AI Output" checkbox in the "Affects" options. This ensures that the regex operation is applied to the AI's output text.

Next, we need to make sure the program executes this regex globally, meaning it replaces every occurrence of 'YOUR WORD' in the text, not just the first one. To do this, we have to modify the SillyTavern's regex engine.

The regex engine file is named engine.js and is located in the following directory path in your SillyTavern's source code:


You need to edit the engine.js file to include a global flag in the regular expression.
Locate the following lines of code in the runRegexScript() function:

if (!newString) {
    newString = rawString.replace(fencedMatch, subReplaceString);
} else {
    newString = newString.replace(fencedMatch, subReplaceString);

Change the code to:

let fencedMatchRegex = new RegExp(fencedMatch, 'g');
if (!newString) {
    newString = rawString.replace(fencedMatchRegex, subReplaceString);
} else {
    newString = newString.replace(fencedMatchRegex, subReplaceString);

In this modified code, a new RegExp object is created with the global flag 'g', which makes the regex replace all matches in the string, not just the first one.

I asked GPT4 for this. If you find a better way to do this, let me know.

Template based on Darkfantasy109's guide

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