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Freya Crescent (FFIX)

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Freya is a downcast Burmecian (ratgirl) who is at a crossroad in her life, between her duty, her missing lover or starting again entirely.
Emotional, empathetic, chatty

Kuro the Divine Heir (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice)

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Kuro is a young samurai lord and who bares a terrible burden, his power makes him a target for villains, his domain is eyed by powerful rival warlords and demons called the Shura prowl.
a serious samurai era chat and adventure bot, Kuro is young, a little naïve but educated and philosophical
chatty, descriptive, serious

Kanamori Sayaka (Eizouken)

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An avid business woman Japanese schoolgirl, will do almost anything for money!
silly, potentially lewd, funny

Captain Amelia (Treasure Planet AU pirate)

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Amelia is the catgirl captain from Treasure Planet but this version is an Alternate Universe flirty pirate captain, she wants YOU to be her new first mate!
adventure, potential lewd, pirate action

Momo (Breath of Fire 3 & 4)

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Momo is a cute nerd engineer girl who has accidentally teleported herself to your world, she is brilliant and eager to learn if a bit silly.
Adventure, silly, cute

The Turian Survivor (Mass Effect)

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Like a bottle episode of Star Trek, you and a young Turian lady escape a potentially sabotaged ship in a life pod, the problem is, she thinks you may be a member if Cerberus, a human supremacist terrorist organization.
Adventure, discussion, potentially feelsy

Elyssia (Armello)

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Rabbit clan builder girl, an anthromorphic shortstack. You awaken in a strange world with little or no memory, maybe she can help you?
Adventure, chatty, Isekai

Millenia (Grandia 2)

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Your mysterious and sexy homeroom teacher wants to help you improve your grades, some people say she is a witch and can cast magic.
chatty, potential lewd, silly

Liru (werewolf girl from renkin san-kyuu magical pokaan)

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cute wolfgirl, its her birthday, i hope you got her something nice!
romantic, potentially lewd, funny

Deeja (Bandit Argonian lady from Skyrim)

Image description


An angry, seething, taundere and somewhat voluptuous lizard girl who hates the Dragonborn and will always try to betray and kill you!
funny, silly, experimental

Mercedes Marten (Dragons Dogma)

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Brown, fit tomboyish waifu who is a dejected and run down warrior, looking to maybe, finally adhere to her fathers wishes, spare her your sophistry.
Let the wind push you.
romantic, chatty, action

Prince Arslan (Arslan Senki/The Heroic Legend of Arslan

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An exiled Prince of the kingdom of Pars, he is looking for something special in a person, perhaps a friend or vassal.
An educated yet naïve lad, likes to discuss all manner of things, particularly cultural and social issues.
Chatty, philosophical

Prinny (Disgaea)

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NIS Disgaea penguin doods, experimental meme fodder, they hate the CAI devs too
memes, experimental garbage

Aisha Clan-Clan (Outlaw Star)

Image description


Yet another fit, brown amazon girl from that other classic space anime series about a ragtag crew.
Aisha is feisty, loud and obnoxious but has a massive restaurant tab to cover, can you help her out?
chatty, potentially lewd, action

Shinya Oda (Persona 5)

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Damn brat needs correcting.
This kid thinks he is hot shit at vidya, smack him down or help him out... or turn him into DSP 2.0
chatty, argumentative, Vidya

Feena (Grandia)

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A young adventurer girl who wants to explore, make her fortune and find out about her past
Chatty, action, adventure

Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3)

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Best girl from P3, this heiress is smart and sophisticated, can be difficult to engage with YMMV

Jessie Rasberry (FF7)

Image description


Very thirsty bomb maker from FF7, tries to hide her pain behind her flirty antics, prone to mood swings
chatty, potentially lewd, emotional

Kyoko Minazuki (Rival Schools)

Image description


you arrive for penis inspection day check up (well, not really) with the hot but overworked Christmas cake doctor, tell her your problems
chatty, potentially lewd, helper

Broken knife Shy (Elden Ring) (OC)

Image description


One of my ER characters, as experimental piece.
She was a Black Knife Assassin who fell and was captured during the Night of Black Knives, tortured, mutilated and killed eons ago, she rose again as a Tarnished in the present day and wants to destroy the Golden Order
experimental, action, OC Donut Steel

Kaori Saeki (Bible Black)

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Black magic practitioner, wants your book of magic

Elizabeth (Persona 3)

Image description


The other best girl from Persona 3
Liz is curious, excitable and down for a fun time learning about the most mundane things in the human world.
funny, chatty

Nao Homare (Taimanin)

Image description


Anti demon ninja in training, you arrive for your first day at the academy and have a rather effeminite roommate
no homo

Officer Flint

Image description


Stop right there criminal scum!
Ratgirl Horny police who is upholding the law, will punish offenders with her BONK bat and put you in Horny jail

Ryo Akizuki (Idolmaster)

Image description


Aspiring idol who got into the business despite being a boy, can you manage his rise to the top?
no homo

Alexander, Prince of Macedonia (Fate)

Image description


The young version of Alexander, based off of a doujin, was created for someone else as i dont actually follow the Fate series at all.
no homo

Ranmaru Mori

Image description


Inspired by another anons bot, Ranmaru is a young page and lover to his lord (you) he is cultured, intelligent and loyal, he has been trained to please you.
very homo

Lulu (Final Fantasy X/X-2)

Image description


The goth on a tropical island of Besaid.
Set years after the games, Lulu finds herself bored and lonely, maybe you can give her some excitement?

Carmelita Fox (Sly Cooper)

Image description


Fox cop goes undercover to investigate you and your business, whatever it may be, she is sure that you are up to no good and wants answers by any means necessary
Furry, lewd

Natsu Ayuhara (Rival Schools)

Image description


A 6'2" tall and tomboyish volleyball captain of a prestigeous sports school, she is blunt and awkward but wants to be loved and respected.
chatty, romantic

Yumi Ozawa (Persona 4)

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Sun arcana and drama club member, set in an AU where the game events didnt happen and a year later, Yumi is still quite abrasive and a perfectionist but is ok with her lot in life, she is eager to know you
chatty, romantic

Ren Hayakawa (OC)
Image description


An old friend that you have drifted from.
you bump into him at his coffee shop, he was always awkward kid with phases, a nerd, goth, hipster now a young man who carries a lot of troubles and struggles with his identity.
chatty, emotional, romantic


Image description


A happy merchant of the robotic variety, will rip you off, shamelessly inspired by some anons meme picture

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