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NO step bros allowed

AICG Tag Hug

Any card can be a brocard if you edit the defs enough... These ones come premade though. If a bro is not specified to be younger/older, I will list him under Older Bros. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

👨 Older Bros

Caius Caius by astroturf An exemplary demon, a bastard, a dreamboat and... your (maliciously) doting brother. You are DEMON royalty. The crème de la crème amongst the creeps and freaks of Hell, and Caius is your brother. He could be older or younger. ⤷ Caius' in your bed. Again. ⤷ Visiting a BROTHEL with Caius so you stop being such a loser pussy. ⤷ Beating up a bunch of bitch-made demons. ⤷ You're getting.......married? Or at least arranged. Caius isn't fond of the idea. Chub Catbox Rentry
Kullervo Kullervo by hypovolemia Punished femboy. Kullervo, the tragic hero of Finnish myth. Kidnapped and enslaved as a child, now hell-bent on revenge. He has one dedicated incest greeting (twinPOV), but given his source material (haha accidental incester point and laugh) incest in encouraged in the other greetings as well. ⤷ You’re his sword, and Kullervo is itching with self-hatred. (Weapon POV.) ⤷ Free from his chains, Kullervo just wants to feel powerful over someone for once. (Certified rape/plap greeting.) ⤷ After years spent in slavery, your brother returns to Lapland, to you. (Twin POV.) ⤷ Another tragedy in his life, you’re an omen of Kullervo’s looming death. ⤷ With his vengeance done, what else does Kullervo have to live for? Falling on his own sword, he's bleeding out alone in the snow. Chub Catbox Rentry
Balan Balan by Mokiikitty The old king is dead. The new king has taken the throne ...and been promptly caught in an assassination plot in which you were implicated. Your second eldest brother, Balan, made sure to execute your scheming oldest brother and RELUCTANTLY assumed the throne himself, but he loves you far too much to see you meet the same fate. So he's come up with a plan that you're sure to enjoy. ⤷ You were thrown in the dungeons after Emeric's plot was discovered. Now, Balan has brought you out...but to what purpose? And why did he have you dressed like this? ⤷ It's the night of the Midsummer festival, and Balan has taken you out to enjoy the celebration. Chub Catbox
Emeric Emeric by Mokiikitty The old king is dead. The new king has taken the throne. Your eldest brother, Emeric, is finally king, but he has some odd ideas for running the country. Namely, he's fixated on YOU. ⤷ You ran away after Balan's murder, but Emeric sent his guard out to catch you and bring you back. ⤷ Emeric has been keeping you in the dungeons since your father's death; now, he's paying you a visit. ⤷ Newly crowned kings are supposed to pray at the temple of Helios. Emeric has a better idea. Chub Catbox
Yuki Yuki by calicant Your brother thinks you’re a skinwalker. A paranoid, unstable, nervous brother. ⤷ Yuki is sick. You check on him in the bathroom. ⤷ You bring Yuki his dinner. Chub Catbox
Kazuharu Kazuharu by crustcrunch Onee-san (male.) AKA Your doting, motherly big brother. ⤷ Kazuharu is helping you with your homework. ⤷ Kazuharu is baking Valentine's Day chocolates for you. ⤷ Kazuharu finds something naughty while cleaning your room. ⤷ You get injured while roller skating with Kazuharu. ⤷ Kazuharu drinks and mopes after getting into a fight with you. ⤷ Kazuharu is giving you the sex talk. Chub Catbox Rentry
Kaino Kaino by Enoch Even glass must feel the rain sometimes, as fragile as it may be. Stoic mafia big bro. Greetings #5 and #6 are younger sibling POV. ⤷ Usually, People Disappear, Not Appear (Younger sibling POV) ⤷ Maybe Just Get A Tamagotchi Instead (...Also younger sibling POV.) Chub Catbox
Damien Damien by sarkany [femPOV] Your big brother, the star quarterback at your university, the embodiment of the perfect guy, has a dark secret. He's completely in love with his own flesh and blood - you, his sister. ⤷ He has a gf already and he wants you to go to his game. You're already in the cafeteria / you're wherever you want and he isn't interacting with you. ⤷ Party after the game. You're already there and he makes out with someone / he is inviting you to the party and giving you other options. ⤷ It's a summer day and he gets horny when he sees you. Chub Catbox
Nicky Nicky by wanderingstar A wanna-be gang banger trying to make a name for himself. Greeting #3 is younger sibling POV. ⤷ Nicky is shot and you are his younger sibling he turns to. Chub Catbox Rentry
Shouji Shouji by hypovolemia Clean-up crew. Reserved big bro set in 1980's Japan. Greeting #2 is younger sibling POV. ⤷ You're his little sibling! After a long night at work, Shouji gets you a treat to make up for it. Chub Catbox Rentry
Caecilius Prince Caecilius by horcocks The king has decreed you marry your brother and conceive a child, to preserve the family line. Too bad he fucking hates you. ⤷ Prince Caecilius confronts you about your father's letter. Chub Catbox Rentry
Simion Simion Lincoln by astroturf Your big brother, who thinks you're cute enough to eat. Gothic horror cannibal big bro. ⤷ {{user}} is a student at Yale university in the 19th century and {{char}}, their elder brother, is their Greek professor. ⤷ {{char}} is returning home after six years away, to spend his winter break with {{user}}. ⤷ {{user}} and {{char}} reunite after an incident one year ago, where {{char}} took a very literal bite out of {{user}}. Chub Catbox Rentry
Luke Luke by chefseru Supportive foxbro who partied too hard. Luke woke up in his late 20s and wondered where it all went wrong. Trying to get his life back on track while looking out for his younger sibling, (you). Falls down, but gets back up. Usually. ⤷ After school intercept. ⤷ You visit him in his apartment (he's ok). ⤷ You visit him in his apartment (he's not ok). ⤷ Luke takes you out clubbing. Chub Catbox
Abel Abel by wanderingstar Your big brother has come home from WW2. ⤷ Coming to you at the farm house. ⤷ Meeting at the parent's grave site. ⤷ Drunk after returning to his hometown. ⤷ Amputated. Chub Catbox Rentry
Luca Luca by Planewalker The older brother that vanished from your life ten years ago. Your older brother Luca ran away from home to escape the parents that had been abusing him. But not before promising he would come back for you. Ten years later, and he's suddenly re-appeared in your life with intentions of making up for lost time. ⤷ A week after the funeral of your parents. With nowhere else to go, Luca steps up to take you in. ⤷ Luca gets a hold of your email and invites you to get coffee and reconnect. ⤷ You've taken matters into your own hands and found him instead. Chub Catbox Rentry
Julien Julien by crustcrunch Your big brother returns home after a lengthy absence. Inspired by the film/true story, 'Marguerite & Julien.' A flowery, romantic big bro set in the French countryside. He loves his dear sibling, though he has a bit of a troubled history... ⤷ Julien arrives home. ⤷ You and Julien are taking a vacation at your beach house. ⤷ You and Julien are horseback riding. ⤷ You and Julien are attending your mother's funeral. Chub Catbox Rentry
Cyril Cyril Kravitz by argalia Life’s final curtain call—an event only witnessed once by most. A small town undertaker tasked with overseeing life’s final curtain call. A curse he neither asked for nor can escape keeps others at bay. Greeting #3 is younger sibling POV. ⤷ A letter sent, a sibling reunion to follow. You’re Cyril’s younger sibling meeting him for the first time. Chub Catbox Rentry
Cecil Cecil Ekray by kyutzomb Prince big brother who is extremely soft spoken, traumatized and a yandere. ⤷ Cecil wakes {{user}} with a bouquet of flowers. ⤷ Cecil gives {{user}} some tea... laced with an aphrodisiac. ⤷ Cecil puts {{user}} in the spotlight during a political meeting. Chub Catbox Rentry
Keiji Keiji by kyutzomb Big brother who is taking care of you after parent's death, causing your grades to drop and getting worse with each day. ⤷ Keiji has dinner ready when you return home from school. Chub Catbox Rentry
Kai Kai by camicle Your nii-chan. Sometimes his instincts get the best of him, but he's got the spirit, you know? ⤷ Kai ponders. ⤷ Kai cozies up next to you. Chub Catbox Rentry
Lawrence Prince Lawrence by crustcrunch [femPOV] You are Lawrence's little sister, the princess, who he's been secretly in love with for a long time now. ⤷ Lawrence interrupts bath time. ⤷ Father announces your engagement. ⤷ Lawrence waits with you to meet a certain OTHER prince. ⤷ Lawrence drowns his sorrows late one night. ⤷ Archery lesson with Lawrence. Chub Catbox Rentry
Tadashi Tadashi by anon12312323 [malePOV] Your enthusiastic sportsbro older brother (sizebot). Tadashi is normal sized, while you were born as a tiny. ⤷ Good morning from nii-san! Chub Catbox
Naohiro Naohiro by honeyanon The "devoted" twin brother from Yandere Heaven Vol.3 ⤷ Naohiro is eating tamagoyaki with you in the kitchen. Chub Catbox Rentry
Takehiro Takehiro by honeyanon A calm, stern older brother with a shameful secret. Somnophilia bot. ⤷ Takehiro finds you up late doing your homework. Chub Catbox Rentry
Noel Noel by honeyanon Your creepy, weeaboo brother who loves you a little bit too much. ⤷ Noel sneaks into your room and steals your underwear. Chub Catbox Rentry

👦 Younger Bros

Valery Valery by Lunarcy Your younger (dragon) bro wants to learn how to really fly! ⤷ He wakes you up from your (maybe?) well deserved sleepytime. ⤷ There's a festival and he NEEEEEEDS to go! You wouldn't say no, right? Chub Catbox
Osugi The Osugi Family by oneecheetochan You are the eldest sibling to a bunch of little brothers who want to fuck you. Based off a doujin. ⤷ Eating dinner with the family. Chub Catbox Rentry
Kon Kon by katebushlover [femPOV] Little brother who wants to FUCK his nee-chan. ⤷ Kon greets nee-chan when she gets home. ⤷ Family trip to the beach! Chub Catbox
Kichiro Kichiro by crustcrunch Your little brother is watching your every move... 📷 An obsessed little brother who stalks you through hidden cameras. Comes with stats. Non-stats versions: CHUB / CATBOX ⤷ Kichiro just finished putting up his new hidden cameras around the house. ⤷ [femPOV] Kichiro brings his sister a gift while she's on her period. ⤷ Kichiro devises a plan to take a bath with {{user}}. ⤷ Kichiro stalks {{user}} on a date with a man. ⤷ Kichiro stalks {{user}} on a date with a woman. ⤷ Kichiro sneaks into {{user}}'s room to watch them sleep. ⤷ Kichiro asks 4chan for ideas of what gift to get for {{user}} for their birthday. ⤷ Kichiro gets an idea from a doujin that he wants to try on {{user}}. ⤷ Kichiro sneaks into {{user}}'s room to snoop through their porn stash. ⤷ Kichiro tracks down {{user}} at a nightclub after receiving a drunk text. Chub Catbox Rentry
Hiro Hiro by camicle Your bored little brother. Play with him! ⤷ Hiro begs for attention. ⤷ Hiro tells you to pick a game to play. Chub Catbox Rentry
Winslow Prince Winslow by crustcrunch Something of a companion bot for "Prince Lawrence." This time, Winslow is your younger brother. He's rude, blunt, and sometimes aggressive... He also has a crush on you. ⤷ {{user}} is taking a bath while Winslow reads. ⤷ Winslow is taking a bath while {{user}} washes his hair. ⤷ Winslow kills a man. ⤷ Winslow kills a woman. ⤷ You and Winslow are hunting in the woods together. ⤷ [femPOV] Mommy nursing roleplay. Chub Catbox Rentry
Aoife Aoife Cecht by astroturf Gaelic prince. Longs for the throne (and maybe a hug). Greeting #3 is older sibling POV. ⤷ {{user}} is {{char}}'s sibling, and {{char}} wakes them up in the middle of the night. Chub Catbox Rentry
Jiahao Jiahao by kyutzomb Small little whiny brother who is a jiangshi, two greetings. ⤷ Jiahao is whining at you to take him out. ⤷ Jiahao has gone into rigor mortis and needs you to help him stretch. Chub Catbox Rentry

🤔 Honorable Mentions

Not brothers... but close enough!

Souta Souta by oneecheetochan Your younger cousin comes to visit you in the countryside. A moody, bratty hentai protagonist who has issue with pee!~ ⤷ Souta arrives to your house. Chub Catbox Rentry
Akihiko Akihiko by hypovolemia The first instinct I felt for you was dirty-colored. Typical Japanese male. Cute boy who loves you lots and is very normal about it. He absolutely won't rape you senseless and gush about it in his diary. Five greetings. Greeting #2 is cousinPOV. ⤷ Your weird cousin moves in. Chub Catbox Rentry
Ethel Ethel Fitch by astroturf An actor with an attitude problem. Greeting #3 is nephew/niece POV. ⤷ {{user}} is {{char}}'s nephew/niece, and runs into him at a family reunion. Chub Catbox Rentry
Andy Cousin Andy by Anathamaguy He was once like your big brother, a seemingly earnest guy who was kind, cool and always supported you. Behind his kindness lurked some dark secrets and now, many years later after serving time he wants to be a part of your life again. ⤷ Your well-meaning ex-con cousin has come to visit you Chub Catbox


Juni Juni by crustcrunch RENTRY EXCLUSIVE BIOLOGICAL BROTHER FORK!!! Your depressed NEET brother who stays in his room all day and night. ⤷ Juni is reading manga in his room when you knock at his door. ⤷ (Bonus!) Juni is jerking off to hentai, but forgot to plug his headphones in... Catbox Rentry

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