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PonyDiffusion6 XL artist findings

Putting it here for better visibility and until I figure out where else to put it.
The author of PonyDiffusion V6 obfuscated artist names before training, which as it turns out seem to be random three letter combinations.
/h/ has been spending some time trying out various combinations, and have been codumenting their findings in the spreadsheet above. If you try some combinations and recognize the artist behind them, feel free to contribute.

Use the base PonyDiffusion V6 XL checkpoint, not DPO, autismmix or similar. They most certainly will have similar influences at the very least, but for the sake of comparison you might want to stick to the above.
DDL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/290640?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16
Mirror: https://pixeldrain.com/u/UPddM9ez
If you haven't used an SDXL model before, you will need a different VAE for them
VAE: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/290640?type=VAE&format=SafeTensor
Mirror: https://pixeldrain.com/u/kzu1x1u8

Also, remember to change Clip Skip to 2.

I'm just gonna link y'all furries all the compilations so far so you can have an easier time looking:

aaa to bzm:
cad to eum:
evg to hns:
hpb to jki:
jkv to lek:
lgu to mkb:
Here's mkg to nyj:
and nyp to pyb:

Less consistent:
aav to frw:
fsp to klm:
kmq to ojn:
oka to rrg:


This list of models has been added to over the course of more than a year now. Therefore, most models at the top of this list are old. Start at the bottom of the "Models" section, or better yet, check out the current list of recommended models over in /trash/sdg/, then check back and look them up via CTRL+F.

Easter e17
.ckpt: https://mega.nz/file/Bi5TnJjT#Iex8PkoZVdBd3x58J52ewYLjo-jn9xusnKAhyuNtU-0
.safetensors: https://pixeldrain.com/u/PJUjEzAB

Yiffymix (yiffy e18 and Zeipher F111)
Yiffymix: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/4053?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
Yiffymix recommended vae: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/4053?type=VAE&format=Other

Yiffymix 2 (based on fluffyrock-576-704-832-lion-low-lr-e16-offset-noise-e1) (Use Clip Skip 1)
Yiffymix 2: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/40968?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp32
YiffyMix2 Species/Artist Grid List [FluffyRock tags]: https://mega.nz/folder/UBxDgIyL#K9NJtrWTcvEQtoTl508KiA/folder/YNhymCLY

Merge of Yiffy and Anything, posts from the archives indicate that the hash from the one below vary from the usual hash? Either way, you can either download the one below or merge it yourself: Select Yiffy in box A, AnythingV3 in B, the leaked novelai anime model in C, multiplier is 1, interpolation is add difference

Explanation as stated by anon:
>Reports stated that the hash is different from what is expected
automatic1111 changed the hashes a couple weeks ago, they used to be 8 characters long ever since they were introduced, they're 10 characters long now, which are just the first 10 characters of the sha256 hash
every old link you'll find mentioning a hash will show a different hash in the webui now

7th_furry tests (seem to be merges of the 7th layer models)
7th furry testA: https://huggingface.co/syaimu/7th_furry/resolve/main/7th_furry_testA.ckpt
testB: https://huggingface.co/syaimu/7th_furry/resolve/main/7th_furry_testB.ckpt
testC: https://huggingface.co/syaimu/7th_furry/resolve/main/7th_furry_testC.ckpt

NovelAI Leak + VAE

NAI Hypernetworks


Safetensor: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/5927?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
Config (yaml) file, put it in your model folder next to the above: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/5927?type=Config&format=Other

Lawlas's Yiffymix 1 and 2
2 has been merged with AOM3 and other anime models, hence the described need for high weighting of furry. I personally prefer 1, but try both and see what you like more.
The mentioned embeddings are on huggingface. Easy_negatives is on CivitAI, but shouldn't need an account.

Version 1

Description: Hello and welcome. This is my custom furry model mix based on yiffy-e18.
It's able to produce sfw/nsfw furry anthro artworks of different styles with consistant quality, while maintaining details on stuff like clothes, background, etc. with simpler prompts.

I personally use it with these settings:

CFG: 6-8

steps: 23-150

Size: 512 x 704 or 578 x 768 (then upscale it. Some of the example images here are upscaled.)

Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras or Euler a
(Clip skip 1 is recommended. 2 also works but makes the style different)
For better results, it's recommended to use it with [anything v4 vae file](https://huggingface.co/andite/anything-v4.0/resolve/main/anything-v4.0.vae.pt) or you can use versions with baked-in VAE.
Starting the positive prompt with "uploaded on e621" and negative prompt with"(worst quality, low quality:1.4)" help too.

PS: Consider using bad-artist embedding or boring_e621 as well. it's optional to use bad-artist embedding and you can try other textual inversions as well. If you see this, don't be an idiot like me. the way to use bad artist embedding is by adding bad-artist instead of bad_artist and you'll see it doesn't nessesarily improve the quality of the result. Boring_e621 is overall more recommended.

fp 16 baked-in vae (no vae needed, if you want to use your own do not download this one): https://civitai.com/api/download/models/15584?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
fp16 no vae pruned: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/5370?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16

Version 2

Lawlas Yiffymix v1

Description: Hello and welcome. This model is an upgrade from my previous model Lawlasmix. I used AOM3 and miscellaneous models during the making of the model, so don't forget to check that out.

It's capable of generating sfw/nsfw furry artworks in general with consistent quality, while having decent details in hands, clothing, background, etc. Compared with the old Lawlasmix, it's overall more anime style oriented, and doesn't need artist tags all the time (It can still change the styles if you use them anyways). It can be tricky to write prompts for the model if you're new to it, so make sure you read the tips carefully!


Personally I use it with these settings:

Batch count: 6

Clip skip: 1 or 2 (for different styles)

CFG: 6-8

steps: 40-150

Size: 512 x 704 or 512 x 780 .etc (then use hiresfix, or SD upscale in img2img )

Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras or Euler a


The model can make amazing results with very simple prompts so long as you use it right. It uses both danbooru and e621 tags, like 1boy, 1girl, solo_focus. It's recommended to start the positive prompt with "(furry art, uploaded on e621:1.4)" and negative prompt with "(worst quality, low quality:1.4)". Since the merge has significant amont of anime models in it, you need to give more weight to furry related tags. Use tags like (anthro furry:1.6) in the positive prompts and (human:1.6) in order to get it to make furry art. The model performs rather well when you specify the color of the fur. For instance, (detailed red scales:1.5), (detailed blue fluffy fur:1.5). Feel free to check out the example images for their prompts to help you write your own.


If you don't use any vae with the original version, the outputs of the model may suffer from loss of colors. As a result, consider using anythingv3 vae or orangemix vae. I provide the download of orangemix vae here. However, if you don't want to use any VAEs or can't get them to load, you can now choose the versions with a VAE baked in the model.


Feel free to use other textual inversions, but I strongly recommend boring_e621. It's trained specifically on furry artwork and works great in this case. Try EasyNegative as well

Known problem(s):

Since the has AOM3 mixed in it, it's very common for it to generate results in which characters have "M" shaped hair. Consider using tags like (unique hairstyle, unique fringe, unique bangs:1.6) or using img2img to generate alternative images to help you get to the desired results.

The model has reported to be temperamental so to speak. I suggest setting batch count to more than 2 so you have more results to choose from.


Here are models used as far as I can remember:



My previous model

I apologize for not keeping a record of the models I used. Without their amazing work, this model wouldn't have even existed. Kudos to every creator on this site!

baked-in vae: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/15460?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
no vae: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/15288?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
orangemix.vae.pt: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/15288?type=VAE&format=Other

AbyssOrangeMix2 (for those without a Huggingface account)







AOM VAE (rename it the same as the AOM model you use)


Frankenmodels (Yttreia's Merges)

The filename is the recipe. Minus symbols are averaged, plus symbols are added.
Tried avoiding any models that need special VAEs.
Uh, no real comments otherwise, my Twitter is https://twitter.com/Yttreia

Gay621 v0.5

Based64 Mix

Crosskemono (CivitAI, links last updated: 03/28/2023)

Crosskemono Description

VAE: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/14048?type=VAE&format=Other
furry_kemono.pt (Hypernetwork, should be the same one as the one from the NAI leak): https://civitai.com/api/download/models/17114?type=Model&format=PickleTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
CrosskemonoA: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/14048?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
CrosskemonoB: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/14047?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
CrosskemonoC: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/14352?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
CrosskemonoD: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/14575?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
CrosskemonoE: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/19806?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
CrosskemonoE_2: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/20242?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
CrosskemonoF: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/17113?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
CrosskemonoG: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/22259?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
CrosskemonoG_2: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/22919?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16

Crosskemono 2 (with added E621 Tag support)
Corsskemono 2TEST

Same VAE as V1, see above. TEST features e621 tags, TEST_2 Booru tags, Full both types.
2.5 has added Noise Offset for brighter brights and darker darks - keep this in mind if you want to use it for any merges.
Crosskemono 2.0TEST: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/27823?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
Crosskemono 2.0TEST_2: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/28447?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
Crosskemono 2.0 Full: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/32830?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
Crosskemono 2.5: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/47368?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16

If you make some cool gens with these, feel free to post them over on the Crosskemono CivitAI page and leave a rating - the author machine-translated his way onto /trash/ to ask for feedback and examples, and is bummed out he barely gets any feedback about what people think about the model over on CivitAI.

The author ITTThe author ITT 2, after I added the above note

Crosskemono 3

PC 98 Model


Fluffusion Protoype r10 e7 640x

Direct DL link from CivitAI for r1 e20: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/80182?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16

Seperate Fluffusion rentry maintained by the model author (?): https://rentry.org/fluffusion

Below are links to the Prototype r10 e7 model; you probably won't need it, but it's here for posterity.

Prototype r10 e7 640x
.ckpt: https://pixeldrain.com/u/BiRcb1bH
.safetensors: https://pixeldrain.com/u/f9Le5J9P
e621 tags with post counts used in Fluffusion (could use it for looking up stuff, making wildcards or for use in Tag Autocomplete, put it in \extensions\a1111-sd-webui-tagcomplete\tags for that):


REVFUR: https://easyupload.io/a72yws

Fluff_Proto Merges

0.7(revAnimated_v11) + 0.3(fluff_proto_r10_e7_640x): https://easyupload.io/0eqrwu

Revfluff : https://pixeldrain.com/u/KJ1TKS26
0.8 (fluff_proto_r10_e7_640x) + 0.2( revAnimated_v11)

fluff-koto: https://pixeldrain.com/u/mMFsR6Ez DEAD
0.75 (fluff_proto_r10_e7_640x) + 0.25( kotosmix_v10)

Tism Prism (Sonic characters)

What the fuck do all these models MEAN!? (Taken from the Discord on August 27th)

MAIN MODELS (For these, typically download the most recent one):
e6laion (Combination dataset of LAION and e621 images, can do realism rather well. Currently is being trained with vpred, so will require a YAML file, and for optimal performance needs CFG rescale too.
uses Lodestone's 3M e621 dataset, almost the entire website)
fluffyrock-1088-megares-offset-noise-3M-SDXLVAE (Offset-noise version of the model using the 3M dataset, but experimenting with Stable Diffusion XL's VAE. Will produce bad results until more training happens.)
fluffyrock-1088-megares-offset-noise-3M (Offset-noise version of the model using the 3M dataset, without any fancy vpred, terminal snr, or a different VAE. Fairly reliable, but may not produce as good results as others.
fluffyrock-1088-megares-terminal-snr-vpred (Vpred and terminal snr version of the model using the 3M dataset. Requires a YAML file to work, and is recommended to install the CFG rescale extension for optimal results.)
fluffyrock-1088-megares-terminal-snr (Terminal snr version of the model using the 3M dataset. Fairly plug and play, but is some epochs behind compared to the others.)
fluffyrock-NoPE (Experimental model to try and remove the 75-token limit of Stable Diffusion by removing positional encoding. Uses Vpred, so will require a YAML file, and again, use it with CFG rescale for optimal performance.
Polyfur: e6laion but with autocaptions, so should improve at natural language prompts. Vpred + terminal SNR, will require a YAML and should use CFG rescale
Pawfect-alpha: 500k images from FurAffinity. Vpred and terminal SNR, so will require YAML and should use CFG rescale.

Artist comparison: https://files.catbox.moe/rmyw4d.jpg
Repository (GO HERE FOR DOWNLOADS): https://huggingface.co/lodestones/furryrock-model-safetensors
CivitAI page: https://civitai.com/models/92450
Artist study: https://pixeldrain.com/l/caqStmwR DEAD
Tag Autocomplete CSV: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1086767639763898458/1092754564656136192/fluffyrock.csv

Crookedtrees (Full Model)
Use crookedtrees in your prompt


0.3(acidfur_v10) + 0.7(0.5(fluffyrock-576-704-832-960-1088-lion-low-lr-e22-offset-noise-e7) + 0.5(fluffusion_r1_e20_640x_50))


Monstermind (Style)

Use mmind and argon_vile in your prompt, on_back, high-angle_view, etc. Ghost_hands and disembodied_hand are hit or miss.


BB95 Furry Mix

V7.0: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/82523?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
V9.0: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/105881?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp32
V10.0: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/119411?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16
V14.0: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/397456?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16

v14.0 : This version improves fur and will be great to generates better bodies

This version has a baked in VAE. You don't need to download the VAE files

V10.0 RELEASED This version can generates at higher resolution than v9 with a less mistakes. More realistic, better fur, better clothes, better NSFW !

This version has a baked in VAE.

Please consider supporting me so I can continue to make more models --> https://www.patreon.com/BB95FurryMix

Don't forget to join the Furry Diffusion discord server --> https://discord.gg/furrydiffusion

Since v3, this model uses e621 tags.

This model is a mix of various furry models.

It's doing well on generating photorealistic male and female anthro, SFW and NSFW.

I HIGHLY recommend to use Hires Fix to have better results

Below is an example prompt for the v7/v6/v5/v4/v3/v2.


anthro (white wolf), male, adult, muscular, veiny muscles, shorts, tail, (realistic fur, detailed fur texture:1.2), detailed background, outside background, photorealistic, hyperrealistic, ultradetailed,


I recommend to use boring_e621, you can add bad-hands-v5 if you want

Settings :

Steps: 30-150

Sampler: DDIM or UniPC or Euler A

CFG scale: 7-14

Size: from 512x512 to 750x750 (only v4/v5/v6/v7)

Denoising strength: 0.6

Clip skip: 1

Hires upscale: 2

Hires steps: 30-150

Hires upscaler: Latent (nearest)

Furtastic V2.0

Description: https://files.catbox.moe/cr137n.png

Checkpoint: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/84134?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16
negative embeddings: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/84134?type=Training%20Data

Put embeddings in \stable-diffusion-webui\embeddings, and use the filenames as a tag in the negative prompt.


Description: EasyFluff V9
A Vpred model, you need both a safetensor and an accompanying yaml file. See here for more info: https://rentry.org/trashfaq#how-do-i-use-vpred-models


What are Fun/Funner Editions?

Tweaked UNET with supermerger adjust to dialback noise/detail that can resolve eye sclera bleed in some cases.
Adjusted contrast and color temperature. (Less orange/brown by default)
CLIP should theoretically respond more to natural language. (Don't conflate this with tags not working or having to use natural language. Also it is not magic, so don't expect extremely nuanced prompts to work better.)
FunEdition and FunEditionAlt are earlier versions before adjusting the UNET further to fix color temperature and color bleed. CLIP on these versions may be less predictable as well.

Indigo Furry mix
Various different model mixes with varying styles.

All models are baked with VAE, but you can use your own VAE.

Of the many versions uploaded, I will provide direct links to the following recommended models (as of Feb 17th 2024):

Test V-Pred Model:

This is SE01_vpred, a test v-prediction model, its similar to hybrid models but with higher color saturation and contrast, it can do almost pure black images xd. It is also more stable, does better tails than hybrid models(but not always xd). It seems to be more versatile in styles, too. 
Personally I think using this model is very weird compared to hybrid models(I'm still not getting used to vpred models xd), and sometimes it has less details than hybrid models, also some people may not like its crazy contrast and high color concentration xd.
Remember to download .yaml config file and place it alongside the model files, rename the  config file name to be the same as the model name.
Try not to use boring_e621_fluffyrock_v4 with this model plz bc it may blur the image outputs.
Use CFG rescale extension plz, with a value of 0-0.5(but I think its ok to not use it xd)

DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/299485?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16
YAML: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/299485?type=Config&format=Other

Hybrid/General Purpose:


This is a tweaked model similar to v90, compared with v90, its colors are more vivid, has more details, and the realistic style is better, but it may not be as good as v90 when doing some certain images xd
Hybrid models are basically Fluffyrock models with better details and (often) weaker NSFW abilities compared with original rock models. They are the most versatile models in this series of models, can do most content and styles.
Use e621 tags, use less danbooru tags plz.
When using hybrid models, add artists to prompts plz.
Use embeddings as negative prompt plz, but you dont need to use a lot of them xd
Clip skip = 1 (try not to use 2 plz).

DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/274308?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16


Based on v75_extra, v80, v85, and yiffymix34.
This is a test model with traindiff, but it should be better than v75? (not much xd)
Nothing much to say about hybrid models, they are basically Fluffyrock models with better details and (often) weaker NSFW abilities compared with original rock models. They are the most common models in this series of models, can do most content and styles.
Each version of the hybrid model is actually not that different (i admit that I pursued the quantity of models but ignored the quality xd).
Use e621 tags, not danbooru tags!!!
(Recommended) add artists to prompts.
(Optional) you can use WD-KL-F8-Anime2 vae to get more colorful images.
Clip skip = 1.

DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/209164?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16


This model is probably a combination of v45 and v60.
Note that hybrid models are common models that can do many different styles by artist names, make sure to add artists to prompts. Clip skip = 1.

DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/167882?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16


This is basically a mix of all my previous models with fluffyrock, it balanced style and stability,should be able to be used as a general model.
It can do both anime and realistic content, but I think it's more realistic.
Note that in some scenarios, there is not as much details in generated images as those  specialized anime/realistic models.
Should be ok with all LoRAs. Clip skip = 1 or 2. Using e621 tags, danbooru tags, also phrases.

DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/109229?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16



Here we go again: this is v100_anime, a very similar tweaked version of v85, this model is basically v85 with flatter color, this model is as stable/unstable as v85, and the hands are still bad :(
This is another average model xd
Clip skip = 1 or 2.

DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/261878?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16


Based on v70, v75 and indigokemonomix beta.
This is an alternative version of v70, its like v70_nsfw, which is better at doing nsfw than v70, but losing anime style and may not be that crisp clear as v70.
Could be a little unstable (bad hands are the biggest enemy to anime models), images may be dim, too yellow, and not very colorful.
Clip skip = 1 or 2.

DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/202149?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16


Based on v60, cetusWhaleFall2, and nijijourney loras, and a background scene lora.
This model is probably a combination of v55_SFW and v55_NSFW, maybe more SFW.
Trained with Nijijourney images, could probably do a lot of NJ anime styles.
Lighting is more natural according to a friend xd. Could handle very dark images. Unstable NSFW, this model is more about looking good xd.
Note that doing NSFW is unstable, can only do humanoid penises, sometimes the shape of characters penises will be weird xd. Clip skip = 1 (or rarely 2).

DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/163168?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16


NSFW: This is a NSFW model, which is better at making NSFW content, but it may not be as good as the Hybrid model. Also, compared to v55_sfw, this version has fewer details. Based on v45, meina mix and niji loras. Clip skip 1 or 2.
SFW: This is a SFW model, which is better at making SFW content, it is more flat in style than the nsfw version. Also this version is more niji. Can do nsfw but unstable. Based on v45, meina mix and niji loras. Clip skip 1 or 2.

DL NSFW: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/141821?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16
DL SFW: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/141820?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16



This time the version v110 pays more attention to versatility rather than photorealistic style, compared with v80/v95, it is less photorealistic (but in some cases it is possible to do something very photorealistic), will react to artists tags (but it may not be able to completely replicate the artist styles). It's like a realistic version of hybrid models.
May not be as stable as hybrid models, and it's not that versatile as hybrid models.

DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/328557?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16


This is a tweaked version of v80 with a little difference. It is similar to v80, with even more fur, brighter colors and lower contrast (so that this model will not look so dark fantasy like v80 xd).
But this version has fewer details, losing photorealistic styles, feels less stable than v80, also there may be too much fur that sometimes dragons/aquatics will have fur xd.
Personally I think this version is quite average :(

DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/242885?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16


Based on v65, v50, and bm lora.
An improved version of v65, it might be better than v65 imo, (70% of the outputs are better xd) but may lose some photorealistic style.
This version probably solved the problem that the character's body is not completely covered with fur. (maybe solved, may be not xd), also solved missing tail issue.

DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/182988?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16


Based on v60, dreamshaper_v8, and midjourney loras.
A similar but different model for v35, its a model with a strong Midjourney photorealistic style and HDR.
Trained with Midjourney images, could probably do a lot of MJ realistic styles.
Note that this model doesnt like tails, tends to do ferals, also the characters body may not be fully covered by fur (or become human xd). Clip skip = 1.

DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/156771?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16


A more common model than v35 with weaker style and better compatibility.
No (or less) midjourney style this time (couldnt find dataset to make loras also its damn tiring to merge loras or MBW models I dont wanna do it again xd). Based on v45, v35, and new dawn. Clip skip = 1.

DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/136703?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=pruned&fp=fp16




I'd recommend setting CFG rescale down to around 15-35 and maybe prompt high contrast or vibrant colors.
Higher CFG rescale tends to bleach colors.
People keep asking what's in the mix so:
QuEasyFluff (regret this name already) is an easyfluff TrainDifference merge of easyfluff10-prerelease with a custom blockmerge non-furry realism model I made some time back that was made by merging:

Model: https://pixeldrain.com/u/71ZWunuG
Yaml: https://pixeldrain.com/u/aoxveaCu

For added realism, try using Furtastic's negative embeddings (found here).

Queasyfluff V2
What's different about this version?

Fixed colors and CFG rescale issue
Follows directions a bit better
That's about it. Just does 3d and realism better than base easyfluff but still does great drawing style too

EF10-prerelease based: https://pixeldrain.com/u/sfB3fC58
EF11.2 based: https://pixeldrain.com/u/HLALVhng
Yamls: https://pixeldrain.com/u/ZCg93wph



BBroFurrymix V4.0

Courtesy of an anon from /b/


Dream Porn (Mix)

That's a custom frankenstein mix I made.
Can't remember exactly whats in there.
dreamlike photoreal


SeaArt Furry XL 1.0
DDL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/437061?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
VAE: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/437061?type=VAE&format=SafeTensor
(The VAE is the "usual" sdxl_vae.safetensors, if you've already used a SDXL model before you won't need to download this again)

Prompt Structure:
The model was trained with a specific calibration order: species, artist, image detail, quality hint, image nsfw level. It is recommended to construct prompts following this order for optimal results. For example:
Prompt input: "canid, canine, fox, mammal, red_fox, true_fox, foxgirl83, photonoko, day, digitigrade, fluffy, fluffy_tail, fur, orange_body, orange_fur, orange_tail, solo, sunlight, tail, mid, 2018, digital_media_(artwork), hi_res, masterpiece"

Species and Character Calibration:
We have provided a series of nouns for main species calibration such as mammals, birds, and have repeatedly trained on specific furry characters. This helps in generating more accurate character images.

Quality Hints:
The model supports various levels of quality hints, from "masterpiece" to "worst quality". Be aware that "masterpiece" and "best quality" may lean towards nsfw content.

Artwork Timing:
To get images in the style of specific periods, you can use time calibrations like "newest", "late", "mid", "early", "oldest". For instance, "newest" can be used for generating images with the most current styles.

Recommended Image Sizes:
For best quality images, it is recommended to generate using one of the following sizes: 1024x1024, 1152x896, 896x1152, etc. These sizes were more frequently used in training, making the model better adapted to them.

Dimensions Aspect Ratio
1024 x 1024 1:1 Square
1152 x 896 9:7
896 x 1152 7:9
1216 x 832 19:13
832 x 1216 13:19
1344 x 768 7:4 Horizontal
768 x 1344 4:7 Vertical
1536 x 640 12:5 Horizontal
640 x 1536 5:12 Vertical

SeaArt + Autismmix Negative LoRA
SeaArt: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/470089?type=Model&format=SafeTensor
Autismmix: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/475811?type=Model&format=SafeTensor

Inspired by the popular Boring_e621 negative embedding https://civitai.com/models/87781?modelVersionId=94126 , this is a negative LORA trained on thousands of images across years of data from different boorus with 0 favorites, negative scores, and/or bad tags like "low quality." Therefore putting it in the Negative Prompt tells the AI to avoid these things, which results in higher quality and more interesting images.


-Generally increases quality which means more details, better depth with more shading and lighting effects, brighter colors and better contrast

Could be Pro or Con depending on what you want:

-Tends to generate more detailed backgrounds

-Tends towards a more detailed or even more realistic look


-Many of the training images were low resolution sketches or MSPaint style doodles, if you are trying to generate sketches or doodle style work putting this in the negatives may be detrimental

-Many of the training images were black and white sketches or otherwise monochrome/grayscale, if you are trying to generate images without color putting this in the negatives may be detrimental

-Accidentally putting this in the positive prompt instead of the negative prompt reduces the quality of images

Test images was done using a weight of 1 with only this LORA in the negative prompt. You can adjust the weight of the LORA to change the impact, however in my testing the impact of different weights was minimal.

The first version uploaded "boring_SDXL_negative_LORA_SeaArtXL_v1" was trained on the Sea Art XL model (https://civitai.com/models/391781/seaart-furry-xl-10) and is intended to be used with that model. A version for AutismMix SDXL (https://civitai.com/models/288584?modelVersionId=324524) is currently being trained. Please feel free to request if you want a version trained specifically for any other SD XL model.


FluffAnon's Generations


Yttreia's Stuff


Quad-Artist combos

250 hand-picked quad-artist combos, out of ~2800, each genned with 6 different scenarios for a total of 1500 raw gens.
Best viewed by resizing your window so that each row has 6 (or a multiple of it) images.


Artist list as a .txt: https://files.catbox.moe/7ky7fb.txt

SeaArt Artist Combination Examples


I made a triple roll with SeaArtXL for 363 artists, based on the prompt used by the anon that posted the bunnies in the last thread. All 1089 gens can be found here:
There's a .txt file at the end with the artist list.
As usual it's best viewed by resizing the window so that there are a multiple of three images per row.


Community LoRA repo and examples

Edit code: UePRZRP2

Feel free to include your own LoRAs here, or post some examples of LoRAs so others can get an idea of what said LoRA does.

I was thinking [of this] to be more of a community effort since i know that would be asking for too much on one person to add several loras.
Include image, trigger word and link to lora.


Keep preview image resolution small so its visible when people click rentry to see lora.

no scores

Example - Preview image resolution


Example - full image resolution


LORAs from /hdg/

https://gitgud.io/gayshit/makesomefuckingporn DEAD



Mokochi/Neferpitou (among others) LORAs apparently taken from /h/

MEGA is inaccessible. If anyone has a list of contents and/or backups, post in the thread and I will re-add.


Elora, Fredina, Hariet (Mario Odyssey) and others

  • Characters:
    • Claire (The Summoning)
    • Fredina's Nightclub
    • Hariet (Mario Odyssey)
    • Rat God (Mad Rat Dead)
    • Elora (Spyro)
    • Volcarona (Pokemon)
  • Styles:
    • 80's Anime (Anitoon)
    • Battle Franky/Brafya
    • Bill Presing (Playing Cards)
    • Ber00
    • Double Deck
    • Lollipopcon
    • Quotefox
    • Rikose
    • Syuro


Pokemon, Kikurage, Sindoll, Tsampikos and Hizake among many others (Professor Harkness)

https://mega.nz/folder/zr4AgC4Y##jIa0G6J5xDdRi2lZ2YNJ5w DEAD

  • Characters:
    • Zeraora
    • Zoroark
    • Braixen
    • Charizard
    • Chloe von Einzbern (Fate)
    • Delphox
    • Gardevoir
    • Lopunny
    • Lucario
    • Lugia
    • Meowscarada
    • Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew)
    • Mewtwo
    • Mienshao
    • Ankha / Nile (Animal Crossing)
    • Raboot
    • Rubbish Fox
    • Salazzle
    • Scorbunny
    • Secretary Bird
    • Isabelle / Shizue (Animal Crossing)
    • Tinkaton
    • Waaifu
    • Typhlosion
  • Styles:
    • Hizake
    • Kikurage (Full)
    • Kikurage (Inukoro)
    • Sindoll
    • Tsampikos
    • ffjifjci

Reupload: https://pixeldrain.com/l/HY8deXMB
I scraped together all the LoRAs I think are from him. If I missed any, or there are some missing, post in the thread so I can add them here - if not the LoRAs themselves, then as a list of which ones are still missing. Maybe some anons, or the Prof himself, are willing to share the missing ones.

!!NEW!! Raboot: https://files.catbox.moe/f6r97a.7z
Zip has Tag List, LoRA, and Pixeldrain link for the model if people are too lazy to mix it themselves.

Ellie (Cobalt Snow)

v1 is still the best after testing several training methods with recursive training (using some good, edited gens to try fleshing out utility) and testing regularization methods. In the end, I think this model is good to use on both the model I uploaded (https://pixeldrain.com/u/9UA8KMfF) and EF11.2. Getting correct pattern on the ear is tough, but anatomically appears to be on-model regularly.


Ellie, Abby, and Lotte (Cobalt Snow)


PonyXL LoRAs

  • Raboot (Pokemon)
  • Gigantamax Cinderace (Pokemon)
  • Jirachi (Pokemon)
  • Sneasel (Pokemon)
  • Spinda (Pokemon)
  • Whimsicott (Pokemon)
  • Nidoqueen (Pokemon)
  • Dewott (Pokemon)
  • Jirachi (Pokemon)
  • Bluey
  • Spin the Bottle Girls (Cobalt Snow)
  • Yshtola (FFXIV)
  • Lammy (Um Jammer Lammy)
  • Dazzi (Palworld)
  • Nanahoshi Suzu (VTuber)
  • Li (Gunfire Reborn)
  • Nona (Gunfire Reborn)
  • Tao (Gunfire Reborn)
  • Shirayuki Mizore (Rosario to Vampire)
  • Shikabane (Aggretsuko)
  • Ibuki/Finch (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
  • Amy Squirrel (Sabrina Online)
  • Abby (OC by Polyle)
  • Deku Princess (The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask)
  • Yona (The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom)
  • Kess (OC by coffeechicken)


  • Dagasi
  • ChiguchiMiri
  • ffjjfjci
  • Snowskau


SeaArt XL LoRAs:

  • Spin the Bottle Girls (Cobalt Snow)
  • Cinderace (Pokemon)
  • Raboot (Pokemon)
  • Gigantamax Cinderace (Pokemon)


Midna LORA from /h/

  • Characters:
    • Midna (TLoZ TP)
    • Ranni (Elden Ring)
  • Styles:
    • Abmayo
    • Afrobull
    • as109
    • azasuke
    • bartolemeobari
    • boa (brianoa)
    • gus (clarkii)
    • houtengeki
    • ishikei
    • kabu (niniko2ko)
    • mayo_riyo
    • menma (enaic31)
    • nadegata
    • riichu
    • sugimori ken
    • wanaca


Various LoRAs, mostly anime based

  • Concepts:
    • Astartes (WH40K)
    • Broken / Fucked Silly
    • Implied Fellatio
    • Middle Finger
  • Characters:
    • Me!Me!Me!
    • Miokofune
    • Mushoku Tensei (eris greyrat, sylphiette, roxy migurdia, ghislaine dedoldia, lillia greyrat, zenith greyrat)
    • Tsukimi Eiko
  • Styles:

    • aaaa (quad-a)
    • alamander
    • asanagi
    • bacun
    • bluethebone
    • borscht
    • cancer (zjcconan)
    • cheshirrr
    • chii (tsumami-tsumamare)
    • chikinan-tarou
    • cirenk
    • cremanata
    • datcravat
    • david-liu
    • ddari
    • dkajart
    • donguri suzume
    • doyora
    • drcockula
    • ekaki
    • elliemaplefox
    • ennuigrl
    • enpe
    • fangxiang cuoluan
    • faustsketcher
    • fernando correa
    • flou art
    • formicid
    • freng
    • fumio (rsqkr)
    • gagaimo
    • gamenamepuipui
    • arouma
    • genek
    • gil-elvgren
    • guweiz
    • hadashi no kenji
    • henken
    • henreader
    • hiramoto akira
    • hiroe rei
    • hisha (kan moko)
    • horikoshi kouhei
    • iago maia
    • ice reizou
    • ilya kushinov
    • inkerton-kun
    • j.k
    • jakuson-z
    • jun navigabi
    • junjunforever
    • kaamin (mariarose753)
    • kafun
    • kajin (kajinman)
    • kame (kamepan44231)
    • kaoming
    • katsu (24791909)
    • khyle
    • klimspree
    • koohiitei shinbo
    • kotoyama
    • kurasuke
    • kuroimori
    • lamsass
    • lasterk
    • lilandy
    • lk149
    • lm (legoman)
    • makaroll
    • maydaykiki
    • melowh
    • minillustration
    • misawa hiroshi
    • mizumori keiichi
    • moshimoshibe
    • murata yuusuke
    • nakkar
    • nanatsuta
    • nat the lich
    • nezulet
    • noodlenood
    • oda non
    • omar dogan
    • op na yarou
    • oroborus
    • pako (pakosun)
    • pinapo 25
    • potg (piotegu)
    • rabbit (wlsdnjs950)
    • raichiyo33
    • rizdraws
    • robaato
    • rodrigo yoshimiya
    • ruttu ruttu
    • ryan domonica
    • ryusei-r
    • sakura yuki (clochette)
    • sanuki (kyoudashya)
    • satou kuuki
    • satou shouji
    • shimakazi1152
    • shindol
    • squeezable
    • tabisumika
    • takeda hiromitsu
    • takehiko inoue
    • tenobe
    • terufuu
    • tomaco sunderland
    • ujac
    • usa37107692
    • ushiyama ame
    • wamudraws
    • xaxaxa
    • yamakita higashi
    • yamashita shunya
    • yohan1754 (free-style)
    • yomu (sgt epper)
    • yoshida akihiko
    • yoshikawa tatsuya
    • yoshimon
    • yotsumi shiro
    • yukoring
    • yurun
    • zako (arvinry
    • Hades (Game)
    • Kajiri Kamui Kagura (VN - seems to be based on Dies Irae, neat)
    • Kizumonogatari
    • samdoesart (sam yang)


Amad, Kishibe, Pochincoff

  • Styles:
    • Amad no Moto
    • CLANG
    • Kishibe
    • Pochincoff


Binah, Felicia, Meicrackmon, Taokaka

  • Characters:
    • Aisha Clan-Clan (Outlaw Star)
    • Binah (Lobotomy Corporation)
    • Felicia (Nightstalkers)
    • Ghislaine Dedoliav (Mushoku Tensei)
    • Meicrackmon (Digimon)
    • Taokaka (BlazBlue)


ponydiffusionv6XL LoRAs of the above

  • Styles:
    • Kishibe
    • Amad no Moto
    • Thousandfoldfeathers
    • Pochincoff
  • Characters:
    • Lunaris (Palworld)
    • Voidoll (#COMPASS)
    • Sybil (Pseudoregalia)
    • Froslass (Pokemon)
    • Tsareena (Pokemon)
    • Ceruledge (Pokemon)
    • Mismagius (Pokemon)

Styles: https://mega.nz/folder/pnAQ3Lqa#yL0Q0TVTuUeVjmCgAdpfNg
Characters: https://mega.nz/folder/hihyDTQR#EEC4Ve6PJHTlBdV1dV0txA

Moths, Pokemon (Style), Mai Shiranui (DubAnon) (New Link)

  • Concepts:
    • Floor-Length Hair
  • Styles:
    • Pokemon
    • Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
  • Characters:
    • Almeida (Granblue)
    • Anila (Granblue)
    • Eunectes (Arknights)
    • Eure (Elf-san wa Yaserarenai)
    • Kumbhira (Granblue
    • Miia (Monster Musume)
    • Moth Anthro
    • Narmaya (Granblue)
    • Robin (Iconoclasts)
    • Rosalina (Mario
    • Saiki Kusuo (Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan)
    • Shiranui Mai (Fatal Fury)
    • Sorceress (Dragon's Crown)


Another Fredina LORA

42160 Steps

https://www.mediafire.com/file/0ljg5z2iyfxc0p8/BIMBOFREDDY_42160_lora.ckpt/file DEAD

80920 Steps

https://www.mediafire.com/file/jh31keiazl6jscl/BIMBOFREDDY_80920_lora.ckpt/file DEAD

Matuura's Fox Girl (removed from CivitAI)

Triggerword is matuurafox


Splatoon Characters, Various Pokemon (Froslass, Jirachi, Toxicroak...), Youjomodoki (style) (AmmoniaM)

  • Characters:
    • Bisharp
    • Froslass
    • Jirachi
    • Toxicroak
    • Toxtricity
    • Victini
    • Callie (Splatoon)
    • Marie (Splatoon)
    • Pearl (Splatoon)
    • Marina (Splatoon)
    • Shiver (Splatoon)
    • Frye (Splatoon)
  • Styles:
    • youjomodoki


Miraheze (Ankha, Lopunny, Argonians)

  • Characters
    • Ankha, Animal Crossing
    • Cynthia, Pokémon
    • Delia Ketchum, Pokémon
    • Felix Argyle, Re:Zero
    • Hex Maniac, Pokémon
    • Jessie, Pokémon
    • L, Death Note
    • Lana's Mom, Pokémon
    • Link, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    • Lopunny, Pokémon
    • Misa Amane, Death Note
    • N, Pokémon
    • Natsuki, Doki Doki Literature Club
    • Panty Anarchy, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
    • Rin Tezuka, Katawa Shoujo
    • Rouge the Bat, Sonic
  • Styles

Pale Kemono (Amari Akitsune)


Better Scalies




Shortstacks, Coco Bandicoot, Elora, Midna, Mirko, Priscilla, Ranni, Gwynever Dress, Goblins, Mothgirls, Yordles, PlantPenetrator, Pochincoff, tangobat, wamudraws

  • Characters:
    • Nina (Breath of Fire III)
    • Riju (BotW
    • Aika (Skies of Arcadia)
    • Alcina Dimitrescu (Resident Evil 8)
    • Bayonetta
    • Noelle Silva (Black Clover)
    • Chie Satonaka (Persona 4)
    • Coco Bandicoot
    • Deis (Breath of Fire)
    • Dokkaebi (Rainbow Six)
    • Doronjo (Yatterman)
    • Dorothy (Big O)
    • Elora (Spyro)
    • Fuu (Samurai Champloo)
    • Gwynevere (Dark Souls)
    • Nobara (Jujutsu Kaisen)
    • Machi Komacine (Hunter X Hunter)
    • Makoto (Persona 5)
    • Malon (OoT)
    • Megaman Girls (Aile, Alia, Ciel, Layer, Leviathan, Roll Caskett, Tron Bonne)
    • Menat (Street Fighter)
    • Merlwyb (Final Fantasy XIV)
    • Midna
    • Mirabel Garlick (Hogwarts Legacy)
    • Mirko (My Hero Academia)
    • Mitsuru (Persona 3)
    • Momo (Breath of Fire)
    • Mt Lady (My Hero Academia
    • Nico (Devil May Cry 5)
    • Nikki (Swapnote)
    • Noriko (Gunbuster)
    • Oboro (Taimanin Asagi)
    • Overwatch Girls (Mercy, Sombra)
    • Pramanix (Arknights)
    • Professor Sada (Pokemon S and V)
    • RandomGirlPack (Juri SF VI, Cynthia Pokemon, Hilda Pokemon, Jessie Pokemon, Beelstarmon Digimon, Samus Metroid, Mirko MHA)
    • Sae (Persona 5)
    • Shantae
    • Sheik (Zelda)
    • SoulsWaifus (Priscilla, DS3 Firekeeper, Plain Doll, Melina, Ranni, Maiden in Black)
    • Tier Harribel (Bleach)
    • Tsunade (Naruto)




Blowup Doll Concept

Human art by Shinodage and Pestil (Keyword is "pestino")


Assorted HDG characters and LORAs

  • Embeddings:
    • blackwhiplash
    • captainjerkpants
    • cham22 (chamchami)
    • citrus doodles
    • coffeelove
    • eigaka
    • gats
    • grayimpact
    • greatm8
    • ikuchan
    • johndoe
    • jujunaught
    • kabos
    • korotsuke
    • krekkov
    • metalowl
    • nuclearwasabi
    • rizdras
    • torathi
    • zako
    • zankuro
  • Characters:
    • Aoi Inuyama (Yurucamp)
    • Asa Mitaka & Yoru (Chainsawman)
    • Asui Tsuyu (My Hero Academia)
    • Black Gold Saw (Black Rock Shooter)
    • Black Rock Shooter
    • Boss (Pizza Thot)
    • Chariot (Black Rock Shooter)
    • Chiaki Oogaki (Yurucamp)
    • Command Grab (Nuclear Wasabi)
    • Daisy (Mario)
    • Dead Master (Black Rock Shooter)
    • Galko
    • Hex Maniac (Pokemon)
    • Kobayashi (Maid Dragon)
    • Lana (Pokemon)
    • Lana's Mom (Digimon)
    • Lenora (Pokemon)
    • Melony (Pokemon)
    • Nagatoro
    • Oleana (Pokemon)
    • Otako (Oshiete! Galko-chan)
    • Peach (Mario)
    • Penny (Pokemon)
    • Pineapple (Pizza Thot)
    • Rosalina (Mario)
    • Saya Endou (Dagashi Kashi)
    • Sazaki Kaoruko (Gundam Build Fighters Try)
    • Spider Gwen (Spiderverse)
    • Strength (Black Rock Shooter
    • Tips (Pizza Thot)





Guangjian Huang (@hgjart)

About keywords: No particulars. I removed the artist name to make it implicit. It works very well with "armor" and "weapon" since most pictures include at least one of those tags. I think "greek" will also set off a couple of images.

Epoch 6: https://files.catbox.moe/asbbkh.safetensors
Epoch 12: https://files.catbox.moe/fpdliw.safetensors

Cervina 7 (readme+Epochs 1-15)


Dr. Comet (Epochs 1-5)




Udders (from /d/)



Keyword: Bubsy the Bobcat


Possibly a different LoRA, maybe the same:

kame_3t (Artist), Nanachi (Made In Abyss), Zankuro (Artist) + Various Furry Artists (among others)

  • Concepts:
    • Plant Clothing
    • Sarashi, Fundoshi
    • Slime Girls
  • Characters:
    • Mashiro (Layers of White) (THAT moth doujin. You know the one)
    • Midori (Nakagami Takashi)
    • Nanachi (Made in Abyss)
    • Prushka (Made in Abyss)
    • Kiss-Shot (Monogatari Series)
    • Suika Ibuki (Touhou)
    • Tsuchinoko (Kemono Friends)
    • Kosuzu Motoori (Touhou)
    • Junko (Touhou)
    • Danzaburou-danuki (Kemono Friends)
    • Jo'on Yorigami (Touhou)
    • Shion Yorigami (Touhou)
    • Shinobu Oshino (Monogatari Series)
    • Prushka (Made in Abyss)
    • Cerberus (Kemono Friends)
    • Sukuna Shinmyoumaru (Touhou)
    • Seija Kijin (Touhou)
    • Paimon (Genshin)
    • Boku no Pico (dunno)
    • Nina Kosaka (VTuber)
    • Maemi Tenma (VTuber)
    • Abigail Williams (Fate)
    • Pipkin Pippa (VTuber)
    • Selen Tatsuki (VTuber)
    • Emilico (Shadows House)
    • Kate Shadow (Shadows House)
    • Hiroi Kikuri (Bocchi the Rock)
    • Fallenshadow (VTuber)
  • Styles:
    • Akai Sashimi
    • Fishine
    • Koishi Chikasa
    • Opossummachine
    • Spacezin
    • typh
    • Zankuro
    • navigavi
    • ike (altitude attitude)
    • Ryusei Hashida
    • ransusan
    • kuroshiro
    • metata
    • kionant
    • massakasama
    • turnip kabura
    • mdf_an
    • Sindoll
    • Crayon
    • ibukichi
    • Gomennasai
    • kame_3t
    • alkemanubis
    • Takana Kusao
    • kakure eria
    • cromachina
    • curss
    • ZUN


!!NEW!! Added Zankuro style LoRA

zankuro style lora trained on fluffyrock terminal-snr-vpred-e132
it should work on easyfluff versions 9 through 11. it is very jank with humans but counter-intuitively works very well with furry even though the dataset is like 90% human

Trish the Opossum

Activated with "Trish the opossum"




OoT (Style)


155 images of varying aspect with bucketing for 256 to 768. Tagging was rather haphazard and manual, not following any particular convention except to give a general idea of the content and associate it with "ocarinaoftime", "n64", "3d", etc.
screenshot of nintendo 64 game released 1997, legend of zelda: ocarina of time, n64style, adult link, blue eyes, pointy ears, hat, blonde hair, 3d, long nose, green tunic, solo, ocarinaoftime, n64, lowpoly
Characters included: Link, Impa, Malon, Nabooru, Ruto, Zelda. Ruto may have overfitted results for "monster girl", but lowering the strength or using a character LORA fixes it. Training uses 0.1 offset noise. Currently trying to determine best checkpoint out of 250+ but it seems epoch 64 was a good one.




Captain Amelia (Treasure Planet), Krogan (Mass Effect) InCase (Artist), canvassolaris (Artist)

  • Styles:
    • canvassolaris
    • inCase
  • Characters:
    • Krogans (Mass Effect)
    • Samara (Mass Effect)
    • Captain Amelia (Treasure Planet)


No-Swift, Miles-DF, Ruaidri

I uploaded my Ruaidri and Miles-DF LoRAs alongside my No-Swift LoRA. All are trained on top of Gay621 and untested elsewhere. No-Swift and Ruaidri are activated with "by no-swift" and "by ruaidri" respectively (in line with Gay621's conventions).
Miles-DF was the first one I made and I didn't know what I was doing, so there's no activation keyword -- it still kind of works, but it's somewhat shit. I don't actually like his art style so I'm unlikely to ever remake it either.


Rustle (Artist)



v1: https://files.catbox.moe/nr2vqs.safetensors
v2: https://files.catbox.moe/0wpcp4.safetensors

Blaze the Cat


Stylized 3D Anime LoRA


Narse, Skygracer, Jay Nailor, Raiji, Zourik (Artists)

Use keyword "<artist>mix"


Sagitta (Yu-Gi-Oh!)



v4: https://pixeldrain.com/u/Q4v8WuXu
Dataset: https://pixeldrain.com/u/LmiK3PH1
Fluff Trained: https://pixeldrain.com/u/XC6FgTVT
NAI Trained: mediafire.com/file/ikbsqolr8mucmot nai.zip DEAD
NAI was uploaded to mediafire as pixeldrain was failing to finish the upload for some reason

Mei_Panda (Turning Red)

V1: https://mega.nz/file/2ccESITS#jycEdw8G2iM4jHUyWma4XuuGBmwiL_dPELf2WXRLxRY

This (new) one was trained at a higher res with better tagging. I only use easyfluff but it was trained on an older fluffyrock model so it might be fine to use on other models.

V2: https://files.catbox.moe/07yudj.rar

Feral Horses (from /vt/ of all places?)


Roll (Mega-Man)

Responds to typical roll db tags + "rollchan".``



C'mon with another gift, I threw a bunch of feral pics into the lora colab and out popped this. Feralbois v1. Trained on NAI with E621 tags. The dataset covers quite a bit though you may get mixed results on the anthro on feral positions. Its also a bit biased to felines...I was a lion king kid.`

Lora: https://pixeldrain.com/u/NP87NGA2
Dataset: https://pixeldrain.com/u/VvT693oy

feralbois v2.
Dataset: https://pixeldrain.com/u/Jc3svbHe
Fluff Trained: https://pixeldrain.com/u/V6cosxNn
NAI Trained: https://pixeldrain.com/u/kS25QCQY

Nanaki/RedX,III LoRA

Based off of yiffye, but seems to work with other checkpoints. Trigger word is "redxiii"`


Tsukino (Monster Hunter Stories)

NAI: https://pixeldrain.com/u/FYtiu8P6
Easyfluff: https://mega.nz/folder/pl5ERRIQ#WUim6HKAuzKaNfCsfBo8bg

Waai Fu (Arknights)

My 4th try (holy fuck) at it and i wont probably try this anymore, this was done on Hollowstrawberry's lora trainer: https://colab.research.google.com/github/hollowstrawberry/kohya-colab/blob/main/Lora_Trainer.ipynb
Trained with 61 images at 768 resolution for 5 repeats and 10 epochs, used flip_aug and min_snr_ganma, 2e-4 unet/1e-4 text econder lr, batch size 2.
Getting waai fu right is a nightmare and i think part of the problem is the models not being good at it, i only tested with 7thanimev3c: https://huggingface.co/syaimu/7th_Layer/blob/main/7th_anime_v3/7th_anime_v3_C.safetensors but if someone has a merge with a furry model and it looks better on those please do tell me.
More ammount of time went into pruning this time around, i decided to swap 1girl for furry female since leaving it before was detrimental, other than that the minimum tags to prompt her are "waai fu, furry female, tiger ears, body fur", if you want her glasses add "orange-tinted eyewear, round eyewear" and for her default outfir use "default china dress, capelet, pelvic curtain, elbow gloves, orange belts", add or remove "animal nose" to positive/negative prompts depending on what you want. Additionally you can use tiger girl, tiger tail to help prompt the tail but expect random tails around and tail limbs, i honestly dunno how to fix those.


Princess Luna + Twilight Sparkle

  • Characters:
    • Princess Luna (MLP)
    • Twilight Sparkle, both anime and realistic (MLP)
  • Styles:
    • Racoonsan


Steve Martin Style

Removed rentry and second pixeldrain link since the link to epoch 14 was down. Reuploaded again.

"SteveMartinsArt style"

Probably so-so, didn't test it well enough

Digby (Animal Crossing)


Able Sisters (Animal Crossing)

Trained on SD 1.5: https://files.catbox.moe/1zno17.safetensors
Trained on NAI: https://files.catbox.moe/79u1qa.safetensors

I suppose you use the e621 tags for each sister?
Yeah, sable able, mabel able, and labelle. I combine booru tags and autotags in my loras, it's extra pruning work but it seems to do the job.

3D Midna (trained on Fluffyrock lion low-lr e22 offset-noise e7)


Brandy Harrington, Rebecca Cunningham, Slappy Squirrel, Miranda (Wakfu), Xerneas, Berri (Conker's BFD), Lammy and Rammy and many others

UPDATE: The few anonfiles links below I tested were offline now. I have downloaded at least some of them, and will reupload once I am able to.

ncs (keeshee): https://pixeldrain.com/u/mE73yjZ9

Nnnnnope. Going to copy it straight from the 'bin. https://pastebin.com/U7pGcJZ1

Cartoon and Comics

1.) brandy and mr. whiskers (Brandy Harrington) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/dbR5Y0q9z3/Brandy_Harrington_rar or https://shorturl.at/dQTU6
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/v1fpez.txt

2.) rock-a-doodle (goldie pheasant) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/p2c6Zeqdzf/goldie_pheasant_rar or https://shorturl.at/ceUVW
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/mb0s5t.txt

3.) Talespin (Rebecca Cunningham) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/P0k9Z8q5zf/Rebecca_Cunningham_rar or
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/lgnodo.txt

4.) oliver_and_company (Rita) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/sdh1b3r5z9/Rita_disney_rar or https://shorturl.at/txALT
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/zmes0n.txt

5.) animaniacs (slappy squirrel) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/DeFeZ0q5ze/slappy_squirrel_rar or https://shorturl.at/clQUW
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/ppl0zs.txt

6.) wakfu (miranda) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/Y3gbb4r3z6/miranda_rar or https://shorturl.at/kvxV8
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/dy0pyo.txt

7.) las_vacaciones_de_vicky (vicky) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/h7hfb6r9z6/vicky_las_vacaciones_de_vicky_rar or
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/kxj8i4.txt

8.) la_pavita_pechugona (pavita pechugona) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/1cl1r2r0z3/pavita_pechugona_rar or https://shorturl.at/ghC48
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/8lxk49.txt

9.) heathcliff_and_the_catillac_cats (cleo catillac) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/x2jdrdr2zf/cleo_catillac_rar or
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/z95470.txt

10.) tiny toon adventures (julie bruin) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/o8lfrer8z5/julie_bruin_rar or https://shorturl.at/inwA2
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/eyva4j.txt

11.) arthur (series) (Molly MacDonald) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/s0l1rbrbze/Molly_MacDonald_rar or
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/53v06b.txt

12.) the looney tunes show (patricia bunny) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/mfk3rdrfzc/patricia_bunny_rar or
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/3bqc72.txt

13.) Duckman (Bernice Florence) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/dbTfg6ucz2/bernice_florence_rar or
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/76u1od.txt

14.) bojack horseman (Beatrice Horseman) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/o8hdhcu7z1/beatrice_horseman_rar or https://shorturl.at/mAGKN
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/d9ojjf.txt

15.) An American Tail (Bridget) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/J2h4h1ucza/Bridget_An_American_Tail_rar or https://shorturl.at/fYZ13
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/s4bhme.txt

16.) Miracle Star (Chun-Ni) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/Jav1hbu7ze/_Miracle_Star_Chun_Ni_rar or https://shorturl.at/hnGIN
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/O797xm

17.) road rovers (colleen) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/N738h2u7z9/colleen_road_rovers_rar or https://shorturl.at/atTU5
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/9FPVOP

18.) tuff puppy (counting cougar) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/v363hdubzd/counting_cougar_tuff_puppy_rar or https://shorturl.at/juDNU
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/FdeDiY

18.) get along gang (dotty dog) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/l7V9h9u1z7/dotty_dog_get_along_gang_rar or https://shorturl.at/dOPT3
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/fvBfO0

19.) Tiny Toon Adventures (Margot Mallard) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/L5a1i9u5z4/Margot_Mallard_rar or https://shorturl.at/fDJW1
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/c30sha

20.) pebble and the penguin (marina) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/N7bdibu8zc/marina_pebble_and_the_penguin_rar or https://shorturl.at/fopN9
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/ojXMI4

21.) Learning With Pibby (Melira) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/Y3c3i2u7z8/Melira_Learning_With_Pibby_rar or https://shorturl.at/opxAE
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/xha2IL

22.) The Great Mouse Detective (Miss Kitty) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/15c3iduez6/Miss_Kitty_The_Great_Mouse_Detective_rar or https://shorturl.at/dxES6
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/s8ebQ3

23.) Looney Tunes (Miss Cougar) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/C2eci4uez5/Miss_Cougar_Looney_Tunes_rar or https://shorturl.at/uwGO0
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/Nk5pEE

24.) star trek (m'ress) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/v5g6i3u0z9/m_ress_star_trek_rar or https://shorturl.at/pzMRS
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/5GvT15

25.) TUFF Puppy (Mrs Katswell) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/Gb3fieu3z2/Mrs_Katswell_TUFF_Puppy_rar or https://shorturl.at/kmwDZ
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/swfhYS

26.) Peepoodo (Mrs Bunny) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/s388ieu0z0/Mrs_Bunny_Peepoodo_rar or https://shorturl.at/moHZ6
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/oLtkkK

27.) Chowder (Panini) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/x1Adi2u9z5/Panini_Chowder_rar or https://shorturl.at/apwN9
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/lWo3zt

28.) oban star racers (para-dice) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/I4Aaieufze/para_dice_oban_star_racers_rar or https://shorturl.at/mxBGO
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/f8b7zA

29.) Secret Squirrel (Penny the Squirrel) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/VcJaibuaz7/Penny_the_Squirrel_Secret_Squirrel_rar or https://shorturl.at/W1237
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/tNZlSE

30.) Dog City (rosie o'gravy) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/h9a7j2u2z3/rosie_o_gravy_rar or https://shorturl.at/jAIMX
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/IoOkvf

31.) Courage the Cowardly Dog (Shirley_the_Medium) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/46odjeuez2/Shirley_the_Medium_Courage_the_Cowardly_Dog_rar or https://shorturl.at/fghQ1
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/b30L1V

32.) An Extremely Goofy Movie (sylvia marpole) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/2912jau2zb/sylvia_marpole_An_Extremely_Goofy_Movie_rar or https://shorturl.at/awIR3
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/oMUDst

33.) Rescue Rangers (Tammy Squirrel) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/fa14jdu3ze/Tammy_Squirrel_Rescue_Rangers_rar or https://shorturl.at/ikEP7
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/BW6Vsj

34.) Tom and Jerry (Toodles Galore) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/F23djauczc/Toodles_Galore_Tom_and_Jerry_rar or https://shorturl.at/izIP9
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/ESnJzk

35.) gassy's gas 'n_stuff (karla) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/QfEfj2u8zc/karla_gassy_s_gas_n_stuff_rar or https://shorturl.at/klqP2
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/SEbtZF

36.) Squirrel and Hedgehog (Officer Yeou) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/I7Iej5uczf/Officer_Yeou_Squirrel_and_Hedgehog_rar or https://shorturl.at/nzCFO
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/bfRibe

37.) foster's home for imaginary friends (eurotrish) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/V6xdi5ubzc/eurotrish_foster_s_home_for_imaginary_friends_rar or https://shorturl.at/jCFN3
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/LOhGgb

38.) ok ko (fink) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/X7x0icu1z1/fink_ok_ko_rar or https://shorturl.at/fjqD4
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/5X5hPa

39.) happy tree friends (flaky) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/c6y0iduaz2/flaky_happy_tree_friends_rar or https://shorturl.at/bBPZ4
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/C5dP7o

40.) my gym partner’s a monkey (nurse gazelle) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/i502i1u8z4/nurse_gazelle_my_gym_partner_s_a_monkey_rar or https://shorturl.at/aprB2
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/QPDwZH

41.) happy tree friends (giggles) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/j6c0k3uazf/giggles_happy_tree_friends_rar or https://shorturl.at/fuvCS
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/tytCA9

42.) bojack horseman (hollyhock) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/O4c6kcu9z5/hollyhock_bojack_horseman_rar or https://shorturl.at/jrMR4
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/EDlmdw

43.) TaleSpin (Katie Dodd) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/Sec4k5ufz2/Katie_Dodd_TaleSpin_rar or https://shorturl.at/cnGRU
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/bmXrRa

44.) goof_troop (lisa) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/3bc0k0ubz6/lisa_goof_troop_rar or https://shorturl.at/hlF36
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/yIPqAL

45.) Disney (magica de spell) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/o9zek2u5z5/magica_de_spell_Disney_rar or https://shorturl.at/dswLS
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/AD3ka2

46.) Clone High (Geldamore) Lora: https://shorturl.at/rsBCJ
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/M3Hfb9xfz7/Geldamore_txt

47.) flash gordon (lysa the lizard queen) Lora: https://shorturl.at/htzA9
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/ofI0b9x4ze/lysa_the_lizard_queen_txt

48.) Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures (Madame_marsupial) Lora: https://shorturl.at/kstyJ
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/h2I4b9x9z5/Madame_marsupial_txt

49.) A Kitty Bobo Show (Maggie) Lora: https://shorturl.at/aktRX
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/P0L2c6x3ze/Maggie_txt

50.) the Mighty Ducks (Mallory McMallard) Lora: https://shorturl.at/hoDKV
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/P2Ifb6x7z5/mallory_mcmallard_txt

51.) Llama Llama (mama_llama) Lora: https://shorturl.at/muBDO
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/baI2b3x7z2/mama_llama_txt

52.) hayop ka! (Marie) Lora: https://shorturl.at/yDPS2
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/T0H1bfx4z5/Marie_txt

53.) The Amazing World of Gumball (mary_senicourt) Lora: https://shorturl.at/gwzI2
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/m9nbf108z3/mary_senicourt_txt

54.) skippy: adventures in bushtown (matilda) Lora: https://shorturl.at/irABS
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/77Idbbxezd/matilda_txt

55.) Oddballs (Maz_Scare-ah) Lora: https://shorturl.at/xBGRX
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/TdB1c0xfza/Maz_Scare_ah_txt

56.) shinbone alley (Mehitabel) Lora: https://shorturl.at/bjksM
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/x1I7bcx5zb/Mehitabel_txt

57.) BoJack Horseman (mia_mckibben) Lora: https://shorturl.at/oIMY4
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/97Efbcxcz8/mia_mckibben_txt

58.) Aladdin (mirage) Lora: https://shorturl.at/uFJOV
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/ScB3cdx4z8/mirage_aladdin_txt

59.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mona Lisa) Lora: https://shorturl.at/gtwzM
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/qbIeb6x8z6/Mona_Lisa_txt

60.) The Ballad of Nessie (Nessie) Lora: https://shorturl.at/mDTX2
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/85I2b1x9zd/Nessie_txt

61.) Hotel Transylvania (Olga) Lora: https://shorturl.at/fkmN1
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/ncIdb7x9ze/Olga_Hotel_Transylvania_txt

62.) Mighty Mouse (Pearl_Pureheart) Lora: https://shorturl.at/npzH1

63.) rick and morty (Ponietta) Lora: https://shorturl.at/asyF1
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/R9E7bdxbz1/Ponietta_txt

64.) Elinor Wonders Why (Ranger_Rabbit) Lora: https://shorturl.at/fivHP
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/j3I8bcx0z5/Elinors_Mom_Ranger_Rabbit_txt

65.) Heyyy, It's The King. (Sheena) Lora: https://shorturl.at/pzI12
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/PbH5bfx3z2/Sheena_txt

66.) CatDog (Shriek Dubois) Lora: https://shorturl.at/hnFNR
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/A8I6b5xezd/shriek_txt

67.) Balto (Stella) Lora: https://shorturl.at/aoCW1
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/c2b3d9x6z2/Stella_txt

68.) underdog (Sweet Polly Purebred) Lora: https://shorturl.at/gqtEI
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/raI4b2x7z4/Sweet_polly_txt

69.) looney tunes (the_body) Lora: https://shorturl.at/lyzT1
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/gfIab1x9za/the_body_looney_tunes_txt

70.) Usagi Yojimbo (Tomoe_Ame) Lora: https://shorturl.at/dfL09
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/D2Ifb9x2z2/Tomoe_Ame_txt

71.) Rock and Rule (Angel) Lora: https://shorturl.at/eimN2
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/L0Hbb0x1z8/angel_txt

72.) Garfield (Arlene) Lora: https://bit.ly/3JhQOUb
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/kdIab3xaz7/Arlene_txt

73.) juniper lee (beatrice) Lora: https://bit.ly/443l5xT
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/d1Icbcxez8/beatrice_rabbit_txt

74.) bottom's butte (beverly) Lora: https://bit.ly/3Xd7HVL
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/t9I8bbxez7/Beverly_txt

75.) Tiny Toon Adventures (big boo) Lora: https://bit.ly/3N96xpL
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/J0Hdbexbz6/big_boo_txt

76.) Tiny Toon Adventures (bimbette) Lora: https://bit.ly/43Ye41k
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/ZbHebcx7zd/bimbette_txt

77.) Jellystone (Brain) Lora: https://bit.ly/440Gs2W
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/Q0H8b9x1zb/Brain_txt

78.) Animalympics (Brenda Springer) Lora: https://bit.ly/3JgOmxc
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/adI0bdx1z8/Brenda_Springer_txt

79.) We Rob Carrot Patches (Bunny) Lora: https://bit.ly/3qMfEoR
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/y3I9b1x8z9/Bunny_from_bunny_and_claude_txt

80.) Dog City (Candace_Dane) Lora: https://bit.ly/3qMfEoR
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/w7I8b4xbzf/Candace_Dane_txt

81.) The Amazing World of Gumball (Chichi_Mom) Lora: https://bit.ly/3XaQUm9
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/WaH1b5x2z1/Chichi_Mom_txt

82.) Blinky Bill (Daisy Dingo) Lora: https://bit.ly/3XaJGi4
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/48I3bdxez4/Daisy_Dingo_txt

83.) fritz the cat (Dee_Dee) Lora: https://bit.ly/3Ph3lv1
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/07Iab1x8zd/Dee_Dee_txt

84.) bonkers (fawn deer) Lora: https://bit.ly/43KeRmL
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/E8I2b9x3z9/fawn_deer_txt

85.) Swat kats (felina_feral) Lora: https://bit.ly/3X8Q09W
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/U3Becexdza/felina_feral_swat_kats_txt

86.) Arthur (fern_walters) Lora: https://bit.ly/46aWWY4
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/16I3b4x0zd/fern_walters_txt

87.) Johnny Bravo (fluffy_werewolf) Lora: https://bit.ly/43IMNQV
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/gfH1b4xczf/fluffy_werewolf_txt

88.) Skunk Fu (fox) Lora: https://bit.ly/3NvN2Jp
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/e4Idb5x4zd/fox_skunk_fu_txt

89.) Adventures of the Gummi Bears (Grammi_gummi) Lora: https://bit.ly/3N9b5fP
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/mcIbbdxbze/Grammi_gummi_txt

90.) Looney tunes ( Hatta Mari) Lora: https://bit.ly/3NcntMb
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/W1Fbb7x8z5/Hatta_Mari_v2_txt

91.) Regular Show (hilary) Lora: https://bit.ly/3Xfk17V
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/23I2b6xcz7/hilary_txt

92.) Arthur (Jane_read) Lora: https://bit.ly/42E9UL2
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/ffedu9z2z9/Jane_read_txt

93.) bucky o hare (jenny) Lora: https://bit.ly/3Na9F4Q
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/5bI7b9x7z2/jenny_bucky_o_hare_txt

94.) Droopy Dog (Leggy_lamb) Lora: https://bit.ly/3X8RnW8
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/p8I5bax7zc/Leggy_lamb_txt

95.) Back at the Barnyard (Abby the Cow) Lora: https://bit.ly/3NzHP1U
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/ud4ft7z6zf/Abby_cow_txt

96.) The Barkleys (Agnes Barkley) Lora: https://bit.ly/44pBrku
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/2341t5zcz8/agnes_barkley_txt

97.) Eek! The Cat (Alice) Lora: https://bit.ly/3XwZziX
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/4d4dt6z7z1/Alice_Dog_txt

98.) tmnt 2012 (Alopex) Lora: https://bit.ly/44ojO4Q
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/t84ftazcz2/Alopex_txt

99.) Tiny Toon Adventures (Arnolda) Lora: https://bit.ly/3NyIHDW
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/v247t4zdze/Arnolda_txt

100.) Rocko's Modern Life (bev_bighead) Lora: https://bit.ly/3XvgKS2
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/xe41t7zez6/bev_bighead_txt

101.) Zootopia (bonnie_hopps) Lora: https://bit.ly/3Xvg7Ig
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/wd40tdzcz0/bonnie_hopps_txt

102.) DuckTales (Boom-Boom Beagle) Lora: https://bit.ly/3XyhxSw
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/y742tazaz7/boom_boom_beagle_txt

103.) Courage the Cowardly Dog (Bunny) Lora: https://bit.ly/46pBFtV
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/0d49t6z3z8/Bunny_courage_txt

104.) Stop Bullying Now! (cassandra) Lora: https://bit.ly/44s6AnL
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/zc4at8z9z5/cassandra_stop_bullying_now_txt

105.) Fritz the Cat (Charlene) Lora: https://bit.ly/3XsWTTG
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/1b4btaz5zc/Charlene_txt

106.) Rocko's Modern Life (Claudette_wallaby) Lora: https://bit.ly/3Xyhy92
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/3149t7z2zc/Claudette_wallaby_txt

107.) Darkwing Duck (Clovis) Lora: https://bit.ly/3r6tVgh
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/5f48tbz2zd/Clovis_txt

108.) Squirrel Boy (Darlene) Lora: https://bit.ly/44s6FI5
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/6547tczcz1/Darlene_txt

109.) Goof Troop (Debbie) Lora: https://bit.ly/46w4GnF
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/8447t1zdz0/Debbie_txt

110.) Johnny Test (Dutchy) Lora: https://bit.ly/3Xz9vJ4
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/7440t2z4z3/Dutchy_txt

111.) Rocko's Modern Life (Elkie) Lora: https://bit.ly/46ttInn
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/9f48tcz9z2/Elkie_txt

112.) Starfox (fara_phoenix) Lora: https://bit.ly/3r6tVwN
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/A047t9z9z4/fara_phoenix_txt

113.) Pogo Special Birthday Special (Miss Ma'm'selle Hepzibah) Lora: https://bit.ly/3Nonm00
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/Lb4ctaz3z4/Miz_Ma_m_selle_Hepzibah_txt

114.) fosters home for imaginary friends (hiccy burp kitty) Lora: https://bit.ly/442PXiB
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/C44etcz9z0/Hiccy_Burp_Kitty_txt

115.) Chicken Little (Hollywood_abby) Lora: https://bit.ly/3NxzoUH
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/D848t0zezf/Hollywood_abby_txt

116.) mao mao heroes of pure heart (Honey_squirrel) Lora: https://bit.ly/3piXs60
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/Ef4dt8z9ze/Honey_squirrel_txt

117.) CatDog (Ingrid) Lora: https://bit.ly/44kjcNy
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/F843t5zdza/Ingrid_txt

118.) The Amazing World of Gumball (Jamie Russo) Lora: https://bit.ly/44nfAdH
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/Ia4ct3zbzd/jamie_russo_txt

119.) Stop Bullying Now! (kb) Lora: https://bit.ly/3PB4Wvx
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/G84et1zbz6/kb_stop_bullying_now_txt

120.) TaleSpin (Kitten_Kaboodle) Lora: https://bit.ly/3JAfpUp
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/H24etdz8z9/Kitten_Kaboodle_txt

121.) Rocko's Modern Life (Love_Spanked_Bunny) Lora: https://bit.ly/3JCM2R8
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/J64dt8zdz6/Love_Spanked_Bunny_txt

122.) Chico Chica Boumba (Miss Boumba) Lora: https://bit.ly/3PC2QvB
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/K243t4z8z9/Miss_Boumba_txt

123.) T.U.F.F. Puppy (Miss Hopper) Lora: https://bit.ly/433dG0Q
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/Sa43t1z9za/Miss_Hopper_txt

124.) The Complex Adventures of Eddie Puss (Mother_puss) Lora: https://bit.ly/3piXzOY
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/N84atdz1z3/Mother_puss_txt

125.) Courage the Cowardly Dog (mrs_bon) Lora: https://bit.ly/3Pz4I8e
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/P14ct4z8z7/mrs_bon_txt

126.) Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (mrs_cuddles) Lora: https://bit.ly/3pk4pDT
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/Oe47t2z8zb/mrs_cuddles_txt

127.) My Life as a Teenage Robot (ms_tammers) Lora: https://bit.ly/3JDFQIW
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/Q14ctbz5ze/ms_tammers_txt

128.) Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (nikitah) Lora: https://bit.ly/3JAKVBE
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/Rb46tcz2z8/nikitah_txt

129.) Rocko's Modern Life (Paula_Hutchison) Lora: https://bit.ly/44kjd44
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/Ve49taz6z7/Paula_Hutchison_txt

130.) ollie and scoops (Poopsie) Lora: https://bit.ly/3pk4tDD
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/W349t7z7z2/Poopsie_txt

131.) T.U.F.F. Puppy (rachel o'foxy) Lora: https://bit.ly/3plECv1
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/c655t4zdzc/rachel_o_foxy_txt

132.) The Barkers (roza_barboskina) Lora: https://bit.ly/3JATLzg
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/a251tezfz9/roza_barboskina_txt

133.) Max & Ruby (Ruby_Rabbit) Lora: https://bit.ly/3pk4w2h
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/Zf4ct6z3z5/Ruby_Rabbit_txt

134.) Rocko's Modern Life (Sheila_fox) Lora: https://bit.ly/3XsYrwY
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/f757tczfz1/Sheila_fox_txt

135.) Scaredy Squirrel (sue_squirrel) Lora: https://bit.ly/430SUPf
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/h95et4z8z2/sue_squirrel_txt

136.) The Amazing World of Gumball (Teri) Lora: https://bit.ly/44pXYxB
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/gc53t9zcz1/Teri_txt

137.) The Barkleys (terry_barkley) Lora: https://bit.ly/3XvhbvK
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/i855t8zfz5/terry_barkley_txt

138.) Back at the Barnyard (Veronica) Lora: https://bit.ly/43acE2R
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/j852t8zezb/Veronica_txt

139.) Roger Rabbit (Winnie Weasel) Lora: https://bit.ly/444AE8Z
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/kb5ft6zazf/Winnie_Weasel_txt

140.) Fritz the Cat (Winston) Lora: https://bit.ly/46tuOQ1
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/l553tez2z0/Winston_the_fox_txt

Television and Film

1.) McDonald's (Birdie the Early Bird) Lora: https://bit.ly/3XaQPPn
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/O4H3bex0z5/Birdie_txt

2.) COWEY Energy Drink (COWEY) Lora: https://bit.ly/42MRO9L
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/KbH9bbx6z2/Cowey_txt

3.) Mongrels (Destiny) Lora: https://bit.ly/3p6G6sG
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/H3H0b3xazf/Destiny_txt

4.) Meet the feebles (heidi) Lora: https://bit.ly/3NyEe5p
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/S5Mccexdzb/heidi_txt

Traditional Games

1.) Magic: The Gathering card (Ink-Eyes) Lora: https://shorturl.at/tFOP5
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/22N9cex6zc/Ink_eyes_txt

Anime and Manga

1.) bagi_the_monster_of_mighty_nature (bagi) Lora: https://pixeldrain.com/u/hLv1nmdg or https://shorturl.at/qsIQZ
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/4cz6i9.txt

2.) dragon ball super (Sorrel) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/J2FbZ7q6za/Sorrel_rar or https://shorturl.at/HNPX2
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/sc18ty.txt

3.) PaRappa The Rapper (Paula Fox) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/rfB3i3u1z4/Paula_Fox_PaRappa_The_Rapper_rar or https://shorturl.at/qKY13
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/biakdu.txt

4.) anisava (jenny) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/yec4kcu2z0/jenny_anisava_rar or https://shorturl.at/yzJ26
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/cg6p0z.txt

5.) sherlock hound (mrs_hudson) Lora: https://shorturl.at/gDNR1
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/X3H7bax0zf/mrs_hudson_txt

6.) Outlaw Star (Silgrian) Lora: https://shorturl.at/uvFK2
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/R2Heb8x7z8/Silgrian_txt

7.) Catnapped! (ChuChu) Lora: https://bit.ly/3Cvfzsa
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/r9Ffbex5zf/chuchu_txt

8.) tenchi muyo (elma) Lora: https://bit.ly/3XaTZTf
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/YfHfbdxdze/elma_tenchi_muyo_txt

Video Game

1.) Pokemon (xerneas) Lora: https://pixeldrain.com/u/xLrHmh3C or https://shorturl.at/ejGU5
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/c4wrby.txt

2.) Conkers Bad Fur Day (Berri) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/g5c6Zbq6zc/Berri_Conkers_Bad_Fur_Day_rar or https://shorturl.at/gszJ3
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/hihnha.txt

3.) toonstruck (ms.fortune) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/D4b4Z9qez9/ms_fortune_rar or https://shorturl.at/blNY0
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/ztgfdn.txt

4.) Um Jammer Lammy (Lammy and Rammy) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/H0F5Z0q1z4/Um_Jammer_Lammy_rar or https://shorturl.at/ahGQZ
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/zydrpp.txt

6.) .hack (mia) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/xah9b8r3z1/mia_from_hack_rar or https://shorturl.at/rEINT
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/vqhmq7.txt

7.) deltarune (catti) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/uelerdr4ze/catti_rar or https://shorturl.at/uCMNY
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/06hip0.txt

8.) Tail Concerto (Alicia pris) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/VfY2gau5z8/Alicia_pris_rar or https://shorturl.at/klmR5
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/tpy95y.txt

9.) spyro (Bianca) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/N8eah5u5za/SPYRO_BIANCA_rar or https://shorturl.at/oLQ68
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/culu3k.txt

10.) animal crossing (bonbon) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/P0d4h3ucz7/bonbon_animal_crossing_rar or https://shorturl.at/vDGV9
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/ryjjvy.txt

11.) Donkey Kong (candy kong) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/t4t6hcuaz4/candy_kong_rar or https://shorturl.at/adluP
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/9gso9w

12.) crash bandicoot (Pasadena O'Possum) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/C1Aci0udz7/Pasadena_O_Possum_crash_bandicoot_rar or https://shorturl.at/hBT27
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/4ujtv5.txt

13.) Spyro (sheila) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/Kac4jfu4zb/sheila_spyro_rar or https://shorturl.at/cCHW5
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/aapjit.txt

14.) Five Nights at Freddy's (Vanny) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/B33ejfuezc/Vanny_Five_Nights_at_Freddy_s_rar or https://shorturl.at/DRXZ2
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/i2b14z.txt

15.) PaRappa The Rapper (Katy Kat) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/D7c1k1u1zc/Katy_Kat_PaRappa_The_Rapper_rar or https://shorturl.at/fklQ5
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/9tqxrc.txt

16.) Star Fox (Lucy_hare) Lora: https://shorturl.at/ruV39
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/88Dab0x8zf/Lucy_hare_txt

17.) beware the shadowcatcher (Maude) Lora: https://shorturl.at/zAXZ5
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/V1H4bax3z5/Maude_Beware_of_the_shadowcatcher_txt

18.) legend of zelda wind waker (Medli) Lora: https://shorturl.at/vUW38
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/m7D0b5x0z9/Medli_txt

19.) Animal Crossing (Megumi) Lora: https://shorturl.at/cJQRZ
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/64aad2xfz7/Megumi_txt

20.) Animal Crossing (opal) Lora: https://shorturl.at/uIY89
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/V1D8bcx6z3/opal_elephant_txt

21.) sly cooper (penelope) Lora: https://shorturl.at/nBMPT
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/X4C9b1x3z5/Penelope_mouse_txt

22.) animal crossing (Rosie) Lora: https://shorturl.at/sCHIT
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/97I8b4x3z5/Rosie_txt

23.) beware the shadowcatcher (sam) Lora: https://shorturl.at/hkoty
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/U3H1bex5zf/sam_txt

24.) Donkey Kong (tiny_kong) Lora: https://shorturl.at/fyHV5
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/BbI7b4xez3/tiny_kong_txt

25.) crash bandicoot (Yaya_panda) Lora: https://shorturl.at/giBH8
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/C8Iab1xbzf/Yaya_panda_txt

26.) ratchet and clank (angela cross) Lora: bit.ly/442n71d
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/w5D8bfxdz8/Angela_cross_txt

27.) Daigasso! Band Brothers (barbara the bat) Lora: https://bit.ly/3Jfr4Yo
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/s2Ibb6x9z3/barbara_the_bat_txt

28.) animal crossing (bella) Lora: https://bit.ly/3N3QWri
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/v0I5bcxczd/bella_mouse_txt

29.) animal crossing (bluebear) Lora: https://bit.ly/3NcdtSX
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/u6I5b6xfz5/bluebear_txt

30.) Little Tail (Chocolat Gelato) Lora: https://bit.ly/3N7Yr0F
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/f6I8b6xfzf/chocolat_gelato_txt

31.) Donkey Kong (dixie_kong) Lora: https://bit.ly/3CvSipU
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/zcIdb6xez6/dixie_kong_txt

32.) Donkey Kong (kalypso) Lora: https://bit.ly/3Xd8jdT
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/w2Oecax0z6/kalypso_txt

33.) chicken little Ace in Action (Foxy Loxy) Lora: https://bit.ly/46q11YB
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/K7C5tdz3z4/Foxy_loxy_txt

34.) Moshi Monsters (Frau Now BrownKau) Lora: https://bit.ly/46pBG0X
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/B545t9zez5/frau_now_brownkau_txt

35.) Spy Fox (Monkey_penny) Lora: https://bit.ly/3JBYS2f
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/M846tbz9zf/Monkey_penny_txt

36.) jak and daxter (ottsel_tess) Lora: https://bit.ly/3PIToGC
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/Td45t3zdzc/ottsel_tess_txt

37.) Super Farm (Pamela) Lora: https://bit.ly/3PxoOjd
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/U742t4z2z5/Pamela_txt

38.) Little Tail (Princess Terria) Lora: https://bit.ly/3piXA5u
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/X14at6zazc/Princess_Terria_txt

39.) Spy Fox (RussianBlue) Lora: https://bit.ly/3pk4x6l
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/Yc45t4zeze/Russian_Blue_txt

40.) legend of zelda (saki) Lora: https://bit.ly/44pX6cj
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/be54tcz9zd/Saki_txt

41.) Cuphead (Sergeant O'Fera) Lora: https://bit.ly/434PNFS
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/d25atezaz0/sergent_fera_txt

42.) Ty (Shazza) Lora: https://bit.ly/436x8tk
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/e359t2zaz7/Shazza_the_Dingo_txt

43.) the man from the window (mama rabbit) Lora: https://bit.ly/434cPNk
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/T06cu3z4zb/Mama_rabbit_txt

Internet OCS and Webcomics

1.) james_m_hardiman (onyx) Lora: https://pixeldrain.com/u/2N2gHVpc or https://shorturl.at/iFKVX
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/z67urg.txt

2.) vg_cats (aeris) Lora: https://pixeldrain.com/u/1w6yC9N9 or https://shorturl.at/dBPS9
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/42fbz1.txt

3.) alexthecatte (alex marx) Lora: https://pixeldrain.com/u/QtgZLPaS or https://shorturl.at/cAIJ6
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/g0zf6s.txt

4.) lackadaisy (ivy pepper) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/GcMcY1qfz7/ivy_pepper_rar or https://shorturl.at/xERW3
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/tjdvka.txt

5.) fox-pop (Harriet Chesnut) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/04d2Z8q4z8/harriet_chesnut_rar or https://shorturl.at/cvFTV
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/f3bybf.txt

6.) ncs (keeshee) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/Y4F4Z0q1z9/keeshee_rar or https://shorturl.at/bdkm7
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/fstnvo.txt

7.) Shima Planet Dolan (Shima Luan) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/A5G9Z9q1zb/shima_luan_rar or https://shorturl.at/dfhxH
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/3a335g.txt

8.) teer (marika) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/t9N2r5r3z1/marika_rar or https://shorturl.at/dUVZ1
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/g8yo6c.txt

9.) simplifypm (cass) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/Ibv0h5u0zd/cass_simplifypm_rar or https://shorturl.at/xFR45
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/TrPOJm

10.) crackiepipe (denisse) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/Bf6ah0u1z0/_denisse_crackiepipe_rar or https://shorturl.at/dfmuN
Keywords list: https://gofile.io/d/53lpEc

11.) simplifypm (piko) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/W0P0ifu7zc/piko_simplifypm_rar or https://shorturl.at/glrwA
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/1ufuid.txt

12.) poppy opossum (poppy opossum) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/Jde1j5ueze/poppy_opossum_rar or https://shorturl.at/agvKT
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/le1jv1.txt

13.) the-minuscule-task (rue) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/P5dcj3u0z4/rue_the_minuscule_task_rar or https://shorturl.at/de089
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/jj8rlm.txt

14.) hot topic (sweetypuss) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/K8q0j3u8z2/sweetypuss_hot_topic_rar or https://shorturl.at/zKL47
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/fgzid8.txt

15.) ponehanon (claire) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/M3x2i5udz8/claire_ponehanon_rar or https://shorturl.at/jkmtO
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/iig8ld.txt

16.) Litterbox Comics (fran ) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/t5yci4ucz3/fran_Litterbox_Comics_rar or https://shorturl.at/bdoO7
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/c1ghbr.txt

17.) las lindas (geecku) Lora: https://anonfiles.com/m7A0i6u2zc/geecku_las_lindas_rar or https://shorturl.at/uNORX
Keywords list: https://files.catbox.moe/rrws6p.txt

18.) Rocky Rakoon (PJ) Lora: https://shorturl.at/fioE5 Redirects to some weird-ass spreadsheet now
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/a5H5b7x0z4/PJ_dog_txt

19.) Dairy_air (Dairy_air) Lora: https://bit.ly/3p6Brae
Keywords list: https://anonfiles.com/N9H4bfxfz1/Dairy_air_txt


Nomax (artist)

Use "by nomax".




Shiron (Legendz)





Rauru (Zelta TotK)

Trained on Fluffyrock


I tried including all possible urethral scenarios in the dataset (tentacles, rods, penis in penis, tongue, arm) but im afraid im gonna have to make one for each. The results are a lot more coherent then base fluffyrock, but still fucky.

V1: https://mega.nz/file/XMYAFRBR#-PEJn6h1cGhwIGwPGM5PLmBZYL4LZnqP-BsM4g2fF98

So here it the urethral penetraion lora, use with "urethpen" tag among others, for example "penetration,urethral, urethral penetration, urethral bulge, urethralpen" will get the job done. Trained on fluffyrock lr-e27 with 350+ images (did some cleaning up), over 11k+ steps.

V2: https://mega.nz/file/2AIkDCgI#AyBBVHF4nUyBmGYDHzVaYej2H0bBjfv32NAVTwRSAdI

Pup Mask

trigger word is pup_mask with the underscore

https://mega.nz/file/a5pERLKI#_AK9J42JQu3brSLfbSSPHoP6hiystSFNjmLWMLQcbLM DEAD

Beverage in Sheath


Artist o2o (Oekaki Kemono, slight pixelation)


Peachpunch11 (Triggerword "umaishiru")


Arceus LoRA






"feraligatr" and "blue body, tan belly, yellow eyes, 5 fingers, claws, sharp teeth, thick tail, spines" seems to help it stay on target.

Silvally (Pokémon)


I included two iterations of it cause I got decent results on both of them, but I mainly use the 000018 version. Keyword is just 'silvally'.

Remade: https://mega.nz/folder/ky0kXIIB#XBCO5QIXtdIrfdwRWfYpmg


MEGA Repository: https://mega.nz/folder/guhyHbTY#dWamsVF03VMuF3tS7X17kw

Contains, in addition to the LoRAs below, Pony XL style LoRAs based on Dagasi, KitaKettu, Mauzymice, OoyukiBenten and Wool / Wool_BL / Keito no Mori.

Yzmuya (Artist)


Trained on fluffyrock at 768x768 resolution, clip skip 2. The activation token is "yzmstyle" (I couldn't use the artist's name since it's already in fluffyrock and it provides awful results)


I increased the threshold for the image tagger and added/replaced a small part of the dataset with generated images - the improvement is minimal, but it's there. It mainly works better when used with lower weights, compared to the previous versions. Activation token is still "yzmstyle"

V1.19: https://files.catbox.moe/7c8v0i.safetensors

V2.9: https://files.catbox.moe/cms3mu.safetensors

Viosgit (Artist)


Trained on fluffyrock-576-704-832-lion-low-lr-e18-offset-noise-e3 at 768x768 resolution, clip skip 2. The activation token is "viosgitstyle".
It's slightly undertrained compared to my yzmuya lora but I can't really do much about it - 90% of the image dataset has text all over it and mouths and details start to get fucked up. There's also quite a bit of jpeg artifacts generation, but that gets mostly fixed during upscaling. Also no nudes in the training because the artist just doesn't do them afaik

maro no oheya (Artist)


Trained on fluffyrock-576-704-832-lion-low-lr-e18-offset-noise-e3.safetensors, clip skip 2 at 576x576 resolution
The activation word is "maro"

evil_jia / neutral_jia / jianeutral (Artist)


Trained on fluffyrock-576-704-832-lion-low-lr-e18-offset-noise-e3.safetensors, clip skip 2 at 576x576 resolution.
Activation token is "jiastyle"

Kaminosaki Shiten (Artist)


Trained on fluffyrock at 768x768 resolution, clip skip 2. The activation token is "kaminosakistyle" (I couldn't just use the artist's name in this one either).
The dataset comes mostly from their two furry focused doujins. I will definitely go back to this one after sifting through the artist's twitter/pixiv pics

Mauzy (Artist)


Trained on fluffyrock lion-low-lr-e85-terminal-snr-e58 at 512x512 resolution, clip skip 1. Trigger word is still mauzystyle

Kita / KitaKettu (Artist)

Trained on fluffyrock-lion-low-lr-e85-terminal-snr-e58 at 512x512 resolution, clip skip 1. Trigger word is "kitastyle"


Rocky Rickaby (Lackadaisy)


Activation token is "ldrocky", trained at 512*512 resolution, clip skip 1.

Webber (Don't Starve)

activation token is "webber"; I honestly don't expect it to be particularly versatile, there isn't a lot of variety in the dataset.


Calvin "Freckle" Allen McMurray (Lackadaisy)

Activation token is ldcalvin


Zackary911 (Style - PDXL V6)

Zackary911 LoRA trained on Pony XL V6. No activation token needed.



I culled several images that didn't fit enough with the artist's style and retagged a ton of the dataset, here's v1_2


Nomax (Style - PDXL V6)

Nomax LoRA trained on Pony XL V6. No activation token needed.


Oouyuki Benten (Style - PDXL V6)

Oouyuki Benten LoRA trained on Pony XL V6. No activation token needed.



Oouyuki Benten XL LoRA ver 1.2, now with 100% less black_bars when multiple characters are involved.


KitaKettu (Style - PDXL V6

KitaKettu LoRA trained on Pony XL V6. No activation token needed.


Mauzymice (Style - PDXL V6)

Mauzymice LoRA trained on Pony XL V6. No activation token needed.


Dagasi (Style - PDXL V6)

Dagasi LoRA trained on Pony XL V6. No activation token needed.


Zex (Style - PDXL V6)

Zex LoRA trained on Pony XL V6. No activation token needed.
Sample picture here https://files.catbox.moe/5ulnhq.png (embed)
The activation token for the extra pulled foreskin is sulcus. Not as successful as I'd hoped, but the hit rate is somewhat decent when the skin and the glans have different colors.



I retrained the Zex LoRA
As expected the hit rate is significantly higher with pink glans on dark skin - sometimes it's way too much, but I'll take it.
The activation token for the extra pulled foreskin is sulcus.




Trained on Fluffyrock e53 offset noise e38 for 15 epochs at 10 repeats with clip skip 1.
Activation token is "xenomorph", other tokens like "black body, sharp teeth, long tail" make it more accurate. I also like "glistening body, wet, saliva". I use 0.7-1.0 weight.

Captain Gantu (Lilo and Stitch)


Minerva Campbell (Adventure Time)


Noivern (Pokemon)


I've been reworking on some of my loras that have been put on the trashcollects rentry, training them on a vpred model since they're pretty much meta now, starting with Noivern. It's far from perfect since it's still inconsistent with coloring, but it's significantly better than what I was getting with the one on the rentry right now.

V3: https://mega.nz/file/EzcA0AxZ#tscC8ohtZiCP3fImlq2oXfhq_nj3Yqo7Micl5w1gN3E
Remade: https://mega.nz/folder/ky0kXIIB#XBCO5QIXtdIrfdwRWfYpmg

Fizz (League of Legends)

V2: https://files.catbox.moe/c45f9c.zip
V3 - FluffyRock: https://files.catbox.moe/h6r871.zip
V3 - YiffyMix: https://files.catbox.moe/1q1mz3.zip

Tulin (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

Vpred compatible: https://mega.nz/file/E2Vm2CwA#kCmJNZX3apcBs2WlWT2ZFycSgRaSX8snawBJ41eT2_M



cryptid-creations (Artist)

Not a LoRA, but a LoKR; requires https://github.com/KohakuBlueleaf/a1111-sd-webui-lycoris to be installed via Extensions.
Activation token is "cryptid".


Catti (Deltarune)


Terriermon (Digimon)

Not a LoRA, but a Lycoris; requires https://github.com/KohakuBlueleaf/a1111-sd-webui-lycoris to be installed via Extensions.


Zorak (Space Ghost)


Swampert (Pokémon)

Has been taken down, reupload by >59516011, thanks anon


Kicks (Animal Crossing)

V1: https://pixeldrain.com/u/7G1Mpthg
V2: https://pixeldrain.com/u/Bkp6UD5p

Kha'Zix (League of Legends)

also make sure to use all of these tags so you can get his anatomy more accurately:
khazix, insect, purple exoskeleton, antennae, spikes, green eyes, insect wings, red skin, red body, claws, sharp teeth, brown fur

LoRA: https://pixeldrain.com/u/aVDqbBNN
Dataset: https://pixeldrain.com/u/whXDQFBz

Yuji Uekawa (Sonic Artist)

Yuji Uekawa's Sonic style LoRA trained on Fluffyrock megares terminal snr vpred e116 e89.
Typical tags: by yuji uekawa, sega, sonic the hedgehog (series), official art



Yuji Uekawa style lora, v2. Also useful for getting on-model sonic characters. Trigger "by yuji uekawa"


Ichi Inukai (Manmosu Marimo)

Not a LoRA, but a LyCORIS; requires https://github.com/KohakuBlueleaf/a1111-sd-webui-lycoris to be installed via Extensions.


Lucy (Legend of Lucy - Webcomic)


Female POV Taker / Bottom


Emma (Insignificant Otters - Webcomic)


Iris (Scalie Schoolie - Webcomic)


Rosianna Rabbit (Rosianna Rabbit - Webcomic)


Alex (What's Better Than This? - Webcomic by RushEloc)


Berry Wabeet (Artist slb)


Sadie (artist Coekj)


Helbaa (artist Smutbooru)


Shasta (ShastaNeedsBooze by Mamabliss)


Willy (Blow Me Paws by Oddjuice)


Gwen Martin (Gwen Geek by Joaoppereiraus)


dripdry (by herro)


edna (school days by krezz karavan)


Matz (by matzzacre)


clarice (starhell by pokyuii)


lana (by pulp)


Solterv/Solturb (Artist)


Substitute (Pokemon)


Mating Press V2 (Concept, Reupload)


The Conductor (A Hat in Time)


Rasha (Pokemon OC)


Narupajin creepy miku doll (fluffy edition)


Anubia (Potionomics)


Ducktales Character LoRAs

Magica De Spell


Direct DL V1.0:
Direct DL V2.0 (PDXL):

Goldie O'Gilt
Third Lora, I apparently know enough about what I'm doing. (Version 2)

This Lora is trained on Indigo Mix v75, It's probably fine with other e6 based checkpoints, your mileage may very.

Trained on a 70/30 mix of SFW animation frames and NSFW e621 art, so use e621 tags!

Recommended Lora Weight for V2: 0.5 - 0.7
Recommended Lora Weight for V1: 0.4 - 0.6

V1 isn't that bad; V2 however, will give you more consistent results.

Main Tags:

goldie o'gilt, ducktales, beak, duck, green eyes, eyebrows, blonde hair, mature female, eye bags, eyelashes, scut tail, white skin, orange legs, webbed feet

Reinforcement SFW Tags: (Includes different outfits)

roll bangs, low ponytail, swoop bangs, hair bun, tan pants, tan vest, satchel, backpack, dress shirt, white skin, boots, orange dress, earrings, bracelets, emerald necklace, heels

Reinforcement NSFW Tags:

breasts, genitals, nipples, pink nipples, nude, pussy, white body, cleavage, seductive, green underwear, green bra, green bikini

I recommend when trying to generate SFW, NSFW or specific outfits, put the opposite tags into negative prompts.

For Example:

Positive: swoop bangs, hair bun, orange dress, heels, earrings, bracelets, emerald necklace

Negative: roll bangs, low ponytail, tan pants, tan vest, satchel, backpack, dress shirt, boots


Direct DL V1.0:
Direct DL V2.0:

Della Duck (Ducktales)
First Lora, I barely know what I'm doing. (Version 2)

This Lora is trained on Indigo Mix v60, It's probably fine with other e6 based checkpoints, your mileage may very.

Trained on a 60/40 mix of SFW animation frames and NSFW e621 art, so use e621 tags!

It's pure rng to generate her prosthetic leg correctly, you can try increasing the weight of (prosthetic leg) or (cybernetic leg) but you would probably have a better time inpainting it.

Recommended Lora Weight for V2: 0.6 - 0.8
Recommended Lora Weight for V1: 0.7 - 1

Main Tags:

della duck, ducktales, duck, beak, bird, white skin, white body, long hair, hair, white hair, female, prosthetic leg, cybernetic leg, orange legs, webbed feet, scut tail

Reinforcement SFW Tags:

clothed, clothing, goggles on head, white skin, brown flight jacket, brown flight helmet, goggles, teal scarf, tan shorts, headband, devil costume, fake horns, red shorts, red sweater

Reinforcement NSFW Tags:

medium breasts, breasts, genitals, nipples, nude, pussy, white body,

Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/96uzxq.safetensors
Civitai Direct Link: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/177590?type=Model&format=SafeTensor

Daisy Duck (LeMans42)


Daisy Duck (Modern Ducktales)

Fourth Lora, I get it.

This Lora is trained on Indigo Mix v75, It's probably fine with other e6 based checkpoints, your mileage may very. Use the tags below or use my prompts as a starting point.

PurrfectlyAI's Daisy Duck does a more Quack Pack style Daisy and is pretty good, so I recommend checking it out if you haven't already!

Recommended Lora Weight: 0.5 - 0.7

Main Tags:

daisy duck, ducktales, beak, white skin, white hair, black centered bow, black headband, rounded bangs, hair bun, eyeliner, pink eyeshadow, teal eyeshadow, black eyes, orange legs, scut tail, short hair, shoulder length hair, bangs

Reinforcement SFW Tags:

clothed, clothing, sequin dress, pink dress, pink trench coat, black heels, teal purse, black choker

Reinforcement NSFW Tags:

breasts, genitals, nipples, nude, pussy, white body,


Lena Sabrewing
This Lora is trained on Indigo Mix v75, It's probably fine with other e6 based checkpoints, your mileage may very. Use the tags below or use my prompts as a starting point.

Recommended Lora Weight: 0.5 - 0.7

Main Tags:

lena sabrewing, ducktales, duck, beak, scut tail, white skin, white hair, pink highlights, short hair, eyeliner, purple eyeshadow, pink eyeshadow, orange legs, webbed feet,

Reinforcement SFW Tags:

clothed, clothing, long sleeves, teal dress shirt, striped shirt, black shorts, sneakers, pajamas, light green shirt, bracelet, bra strap


Scrooge McDuck
This Lora is trained on Indigo Mix v75, It's probably fine with other e6 based checkpoints, your mileage may very. Use the tags below or use my prompts as a starting point.
This is the most limited dataset used out of all of my Loras but it's good enough..

Recommended Lora Weight: 0.5 - 0.7

Main Tags:

scrooge mcduck, male, duck, ducktales, beak, white skin, white hair, orange legs, webbed feet, black eyes,

Reinforcement SFW Tags:

clothed, clothing, red coat, black top hat, footwear, bottomless, featureless crotch, cane, pince-nez,

Reinforcement NSFW Tags:

genitals, nipples, nude, penis, balls, white body,

Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/7zxype.safetensors
CivitAI: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/208235?type=Model&format=SafeTensor

Webby Vanderquack
This Lora is trained on Indigo Mix v90, It's probably fine with other e6 based checkpoints, your mileage may very. Use the tags below or use my prompts as a starting point. Some showcased images are generated with EasyFluff V11.

This character is underage, Do not post or cross-post NSFW.

Recommended Lora Weight: 0.5 - 0.7

Main Tags:

webby vanderquack, ducktales, duck, beak, scut tail, white skin, white hair, short hair, eyeliner, orange legs, webbed feet, black eyes,

Reinforcement SFW Tags:

clothed, clothing, pink bow, bow (feature), hair clip, bow accessory, blue vest, pink dress shirt, long sleeves, short sleeves, purple skirt, backpack

(All images are upscaled x2 using Hires. fix with 4x_foolhardy_Remacri as the upscaler)


Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck
Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Lora in one!

This Lora is trained on Indigo Mix v90, It's probably fine with other e6 based checkpoints, your mileage may very. Use the tags below or use my prompts as a starting point.

These characters are underage, Do not post or cross-post NSFW.

Recommended Lora Weight: 0.5 - 0.7

Main Tags for Huey Duck:

huey duck, ducktales, duck, beak, scut tail, white skin, white hair, orange legs, webbed feet, black eyes, red hat, headwear, red clothing, red shirt, bottomless

Main Tags for Dewey Duck:

dewey duck, ducktales, duck, beak, scut tail, white skin, white hair, orange legs, webbed feet, black eyes, blue shirt, blue clothing, long sleeves, bottomless

Main Tags for Louie Duck:

louie duck, ducktales, duck, beak, scut tail, white skin, white hair, orange legs, webbed feet, black eyes, half-closed eyes, green clothing, green hoodie, bottomless

(All images are upscaled x2 using Hires. fix with 4x_foolhardy_Remacri as the upscaler)

Direct DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/240062?type=Model&format=SafeTensor

Violet Sabrewing
Eleventh Lora, duck-adjacent.

This Lora is trained on Indigo Mix v90, It's probably fine with other e6 based checkpoints, your mileage may very. Use the tags below or use my prompts as a starting point.

This character is underage, Do not post or cross-post NSFW.

Recommended Lora Weight: 0.4 - 0.6

Main Tags:

violet sabrewing, hummingbird, beak, purple skin, black eyes, blue eyeshadow, ponytail, curled hair, black hair, beak, freckles, eyelashes, purple legs, 2 toes, avian feet, beak, tail feathers

Reinforcement SFW Tags:

clothed, clothing, hair tie, green shirt, long sleeves, turtleneck, black pants, sweater

(All images are upscaled x2 using Hires. fix with 4x_foolhardy_Remacri as the upscaler)

Direct DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/274635?type=Model&format=SafeTensor

sake kemosalmon (Artist)


hooves-art/lunar47/snuddy mix (artists)


Aer0 Zer0/welost/pyroxtra (artists)


kiwihermit (artist)

I did a captionless kiwihermit iA3 for fluffyrock
best used at 0.9 strength. In general, it produces very vibrant colors and thickass lines, though it doesn't agree with bad-hands negatives
I'll have to do an X/Y plot over all the epochs, that's the 4000 step one


manmosu marimo (artist)


3d, by onsenanon, onsen

That style of aesthetic 3D that DALL-E 3 does well, for fluffyrock vpred.
Tagging a mountain of shit for onsenanon 3D v2, if someone wants to generate quality explicit augmentation data (img2img your favorites) for characters to be accurately rendered with this style, please do so. Training without bucketing because bingslop is 1024x1024.

V1: https://files.catbox.moe/rzqx5o.safetensors
V2: https://files.catbox.moe/xqtef0.safetensors

Sandshrew (Pokemon)


Anatomically Correct Pony (Reupload from CivitAI)

This lora at 0.5 or so combined with easyfluff is fucking insane for degenerate pony consumption


James Hardiman (Artist)

Trained on Easter e17


Rouge-ify LoRA (Rouge the Bat Clothing Concept)


Emaciated (Concept)


Livia (Dreamy Pride - Character)


Internal Machinery (Concept)

Useful tags; robot, android, machine, translucent body, uterus, endoskeleton


Transparent Style (Concept)

Used to achieve a similar look to the above, I am unsure if you want both or only one of them.
Direct DL V1.1: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/112482?type=Model&format=SafeTensor

Lilith (Character - MLP OC?)



Weaver (Artist)


Spike (MLP - Character)

V1: https://files.catbox.moe/39piua.safetensors

Includes the Spike XL lora and 25 variations of one of my favorite gens.


DaftPatriot (Artist)


Skeleslime (Concept)


Gnolls (Concept - Character)


Manizu (Artist)


Majora's Mask (Concept - Character)


Moki (Artist)


Bimbo Lips (Concept)

Taken from /d/ apparently

Averi (Character by Fiddleafox)

MEGA below has both EF and PDXL versions

Alexi (Artist)

Reupload from /h/

Realistic TMNT (Character)

Reupload from CivitAI





The Siren (The Binding of Isaac)


Gnar (League of Legends)


Snatcher (A Hat in Time)

Yeah, I think I'll just leave the LoRA as-is. Came out surprisingly well for the first attempt, but let me know what (you) think and if it needs any adjustments. Trigger word is "ahitsnatcher"


dragon_longsword's LoRAs

Dragonite (Pokemon):
Activation keyword is "dragonite", trained on Easyfluff

Hisuian Typhlosion (Pokemon):

Trained on fluffyrock-576-704-832-960-1088-lion-low-lr-e27.safetensors, activation token is "hisuian typhlosion"


Newmouf - Mawshots (Concept)

Use with around .40 to .45 weight as it can be a bit strong. Triggers on mouf, mouth shot, mouth focus, gaping mouth, open mouth


Single BING Image trained LoRAs

Fantasy Style - Sitting at Bonfire - Warm Lighting (Concept / Style)

Warhammer Fantasy Ink Painting

Japanese Kimono Kemono

Pop Art? Style

Cream the Rabbit (Sonic)


I am helping a friend test their new LORA. He is doing a v2 of one he released early last week. Does anyone want to beta test with me?
he said it was ok to share this and that he is working on an SDXL version soon.

Trigger word: "Cream The Rabbit"

Helpful Prompt: "Cream The Rabbit, 1girl, solo, orange_dress, blue_necktie, orange_and_yellow_shoes, white_socks, white_gloves, gold_buttons, white_collar"

Catbox Beta: https://files.catbox.moe/rp6m91.safetensors
CivitAI DL V1.0: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/187652?type=Model&format=SafeTensor
CivitAI DL V2.0: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/198684?type=Model&format=SafeTensor

The フギミ LoRA Collection

  • Styles:
    • average-hanzo
    • feral lemma
    • inner key
    • kinhasu
    • kuroboshi kouhaku
    • mentha
    • musouduki
    • possummachine
    • tsukushi akihito
  • Characters:
    • chipettes
    • faputa
  • Mixture:

AI Toolkit Sliders (Utility)

Cool-Warm Slider (Utility)

The idea with this LoRA is that the stronger negative you set the weight the cooler the colors and the stronger positive the weight the warmer the colors. The numbers up the top in the plot are the LoRA strength values, so you can go much higher and lower than you would with a normal LoRA.
This was trained using the slider LoRA training script available at https://github.com/ostris/ai-toolkit


Colorfulness Slider LoRA v1
See above for a rough explanation, positive weight for more color, negative weight for less.

Breast size slider LoRA v1

Turned out more like a curviness slider, but oh well. Values up the top of the plot are the LoRA strengths; this works with both positive and negative weights at much higher values than normal. Negative is smaller breasts, positive is larger.
The plot prompt had no breast size tags in it; I haven't yet tested how they affect the LoRA.


Breast size slider LoRA v1 Alt

And a version that doesn't go quite as big, but affects the overall composition a lot less.


Anti-Countershading Slider LoRA v1

Higher = less countershading
Lower = more countershading
Can go higher than 1 and lower than -1 without burning.


Alt version trained on Easyfluff V10 Prerelease

Penis size slider LoRA v1

As per previous.
Higher = bigger penis
Lower = smaller penis
Can go above 1, and below -1.


Dark-light theme slider LoRA v1

This will change your composition, so it needs to be part of your genning process, not a post-gen/regen fix-up kind of thing.


Anti-blush LoRA v1

A quicky before I go to bed. This is more powerful than my previous ones, wouldn't recommend going much above 1 or below -1. Higher = less blush, lower = more blush.


Simple to Detailed Background slider

This one is more of a curiosity. An attempt at simple background to detailed background. The tags seem far too biased to provide any smooth detail variation.


Naoko (alvh-omega)

Recommend using the LoRA at 0.7 weights.
Catbox with some of the tags she has for you to mess around with https://files.catbox.moe/5llwj5.png

by pixelsketcher, by meesh, by personalami, high quality, highres, absurdres, detailed background, cherry blossoms, cloud, sunset, BREAK <lora:naokotest5:0.7>, naoko, red highlights, kitsune, 9 tails, multi tail, red markings, white fur, white body, black eyes, bell collar, nude, nipples, wet pussy, fangs, open mouth, huge breasts, large areola, erect nipples, sagging breasts, puffy nipples, mature female, Negative prompt: easynegative, boring_e621_v4, bwu, dfc, ubbp, updn, sepia, dark, amputee, multi balls, multi penis, blurry face, poorly drawn face, poorly drawn hands, blurry hands, blurry, simple background, disfigured, mutant, ugly, absorption vore, assimilation, docking, multi limb, Steps: 20, Sampler: Restart, CFG scale: 7, Seed: 860553435, Size: 600x800, Model hash: 821628644e, Model: EasyFluffV11.2, Denoising strength: 0.5, CFG Rescale: 0.7, Auto Color Fix Strength: 0.2, Hires upscale: 2, Hires steps: 20, Hires upscaler: 4x_foolhardy_Remacri, Lora hashes: "naokotest5: 36497ef79c2a", Version: v1.6.0

Trained on outfit tags bikini, crop top, booty shorts, kimono, boots, tank top, graphic shirt. Object tags fan, beer, whiskey.

V1: https://files.catbox.moe/uqumxo.safetensors
V2: https://files.catbox.moe/uwzd14.safetensors

Dog Species LoRAs

Bulldog Anthro

It's a basic LORA to create some Anthro Female Bulldogs, i really like the overall look of Molosser/Molossus dog (Pitbulls,Mastiffs and Great Dane's). It's still very crude, made mostly of Bing images because of the lack of females on E621.net (it's mostly males like Spike from Tom & Jerry or Dribble from Warioware). Most of times looks like a pitbull with a dropped cheeks. The images used for creation are SAFE (Bing IC).


Schnauzer Anthro

As the name says it's a Furry version from a Schnauzer dog (i dunno if the normal version or the toy one), good to make some hipster characters or girls with moustaches and beards.
Made with images from Bing IC curated to display mostly of the characteriscts of the race (it look's like your grandpa).


Fila Anthro

Brazilian Fila Dogs


James "Jim" Hardiman


Jellymon (Digimon)


Pixzapix (Artist)

No activation token, but i tried to tag everything like solo/duo/comic/monochrome so it's easier to prevent it from getting confused and making stuff like that, since a lot of his work is comics and duos
other common tags are puffy anus, perching position, size difference, gynomorph, equine penis, mating press


Helga (Character, World Flipper)

Regular Costume

Proud/Beast Costume

Hyperpenetration (Concept)


Prerendered 3D (Style)

Best prompts for it:
preren, (3d (artwork):1.2)
and if you want a little more of that plastic-y look, turn it up to a 1.2. It holds together surprisingly well. Really appreciate Harkness and that other anon pushing me over the skill barrier. Feel free to give any feedback as making these style Lora’s is gonna be a new addiction.


Squat Toilet (Concept)

Trigger: squatoile, squat toilet, toilet use.


Puppets (Concept/Style)

V1: https://pixeldrain.com/u/5dHrg9Lw

Alright, here’s the 85% less cursed puppet lora. mpuppet is the trigger prompt though I’m not sure how much you need it.

V2 (now 20% less cursed): https://pixeldrain.com/u/vCJujfze

PC-98 - EasyFluff (Style)

pc98 is the trigger word
Then like I said, turn it up to 1.3-1.5 to get some of the effects.


Aardman/Claymation (Style)

Aardman/general claymation style
Trigger is “aardstyle”
The “real” prompt isn’t a must, but it’s recommended. Turning the weight on the Lora to 1.2 and higher emphasizes the clay look but the eyes start to get a little funky.


Vyrn (Granblue Fantasy)

Activation keyword is the same as the e621 keyword: "vyrn"


PDXL Version:

Female Turians (Mass Effect)

It can produce differen color variants ("faceplate" is responsible for the bone plating all over the body as well)
Most of the dataset was light or brown skin with light faceplate variant as the most numerous and lore accurate. Dark skin with dark plates were used mostly by fanarts. So they are not as simple to achieve
Don't forget to negate "breasts, tail, hair, lips, ears, navel etc", sometimes something does slip through. Use flat-chested and scalie to decrease chances of getting tits or navel. By playing with armor tag you can make clothing more or less turianish
Sometimes it doesn't draw leg spikes or back carapace, so expect some inpainting
Vetra nyx, nyreen kandros and cidera nyx tags were in a dataset, so it kinda knows the characters. Don't forget to give Vetra her "visor"
I did test only with solo pics, tho duo and sex pix were in the dataset as well, try them yourself
Doesn't have any special trigger word, just use tags "turian, female, alien, mass effect"
Works around 0.7-0.9 weight

Weight grid: https://files.catbox.moe/vdd9el.jpg
Coloring grid: https://files.catbox.moe/jy9zjp.jpg
Vetra Nyx example pic: https://files.catbox.moe/8050o5.png
LORA itself: https://files.catbox.moe/a9xyq0.safetensors

Kanga (Winnie the Pooh)

“Kanga” is the trigger word. Keep in mind it’s barely tested so it may be wonky but I’m getting some good results. Time for bed now. Enjoy the wholesome kangaroo mom.
Oh! And don’t forget to check the Lora’s metadata for training captions. There weren’t many, but there are a couple like “kangaroo” and “marsupial” that are worth pasting into the gen prompt.


Wilykit (ThunderCats)

Test Version: https://ufile.io/11flz4ox
V1: https://easyupload.io/besoeq
V2: https://files.catbox.moe/als6ys.safetensors

Wolf O'Donnell (Star Fox)

Test Version: https://ufile.io/r31vms2f

Sarah (TwoKinds)


Greninja (Pokemon)

It was trained based on the top 1000 most favorited Greninja images on e621. The requester specifically mentioned it was hard to generate the tongue scarf and the feet, hence the foot fetish row in the test grid to check that. For the tongue scarf, unfortunately there's no e621 tag for it and it's inconsistently included so that hurts the generation. A way to improve it would be to make up a tag for it and include that tag in all the input images that have it and exclude it from the ones that don't and then the AI should learn that concept. If people want that I can do it, what would be a good tag for Greninja's tongue scarf? Just "tongue scarf" ?


Rottytops (Shantae)

"rottytops" is activation token

ZP92 (Artist)

Must include "by zp92" in prompt, inpainting recommended. Trained on Pony Diffusion V6 SDXL


kerneldecoy (Artist)

Trained on Pony Diffusion V6, activation is "by kerneldecoy", inpainting recommended.


Delta Vee (OC by ShinodaGE)


Velvet (Them's Fightin' Herds)


Fang (Goodbye Volcano High/Snoot Game)

Trimmed the low quality and meme stuff from e621 but trained on all e621 tags so "fang /(gvh/)" is the prompt for the LORA

https://easyupload.io/wlr3ed DEAD

Drockdraw (Artist)

Trigger with drockdraw


Fffffolder (Artist)

The loras are numbered by amount of times they've repeated the training, so higher the number, the stornger the lora, but also the higher the chance of over training. I've been using the 9th one but i have no idea if it's the best or not.
i made sure to tag all of fffffolder's pictures with larger, rounder eyes with "wide-eyed" so prompting that might make it look a bit less like his later style, but i dont know if it's just placebo
trigger is "kudai"


Dazzi (Palworld)


Hyperscat (Concept)


Mira (Animal Crossing)

activation tag is her e621 tag: "mira (animal crossing)"
I trained off of a fluffyrock model so that it would be compatible with multiple fluffyrock-based furry models (including EasyFluff and QueasyFluff)
Her default outfit is tagged "red dress, belt, red mask, red boots, red gloves"


Rumble (League of Legends)


Better Bulges (Concept)

V1: https://files.catbox.moe/0rmism.safetensors

It was trained on about 20000 top scoring images on e621 for tags like bulge, detailed bulge, genital outline, etc. I think it was the wrong strategy to go with so many different images. I'm thinking I'll try another version with a smaller number of more focused images.

Sabrina (Sabrina Online)


Nidoking (Pokemon)


Wile E. Coyote (Looney Toons)


Jet the Hawk (Sonic)


Silver the Hedgehog (Sonic)


Nessie (The Ballad of Nessie)


Espio the Chameleon (Sonic)


Storm the Albatross (Sonic)


Tanya Mousekewitz (An American Tail)


Roxikat (OC by John Barrett)


Pepper (OC by halbean)

Test Version: https://files.catbox.moe/5h598o.safetensors

Pussytape, Backless Panties (Concept)


David Petersen (Artist of Mouse Guard)


Noise (Artist) - Pony Diffusion XL V6


e621 Artists in Pony Diffusion XL

A LoRA trained on over 200 popular artists from e621, meant to be able to add some control over the style of Pony Diffusion V6 XL, in a similar way to how furry base models can be controlled.
Use "by artist", check the PDartists.txt file (in "training data", also usable as wildcard) for the artists that were included.
Originally was a proof a concept to see if it would work at all, but since it works better than I expected it to, I'm releasing it.
Dataset details: take all non-animated posts from e621, apply some basic filtering (exclude scat, cub etc.), strip some of the tag from the captions (aspect ratio, copyright), then check which artists have at least 200 images with at least 200 score, then for all these artists, include all images with at least 200 score. The final dataset had around 80K images.

Direct DL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/356175?type=Model&format=SafeTensor

Bibi the Failure Succubus (OC by o-den)


Nina Tucker (Full Metal Alchemist)


Munchie (OC by Cyancapsule)

LoRA: https://files.catbox.moe/ng6l5v.safetensors
Tags: https://files.catbox.moe/00lwai.txt

Mid-Transformation (Concept)

[...] a LoRA I made like a month ago. I've redone it with new params, but here's that v3 10000 step LoRA specifically if you'd like to play with it.
"human to feral, mid-transformation" are the triggers

Horsepussy - Clitoral Winking (Concept)


Oogami-san (Character, Tsukareta Inu)


Olivia (I Wani Hug That Gator)


Nah, that [V1] was just dog shit that I impulse shared at 2am.
That new one is 100x better


Lotte (OC by Cobalt Snow)


Obscure Characters Collection


  • Kanna (Blaster Master Zero 2 - PDXL)
  • Lahla the Boo (Paper Mario TTYD)
  • Princess Shroob (Mario & Luigi Partners in Time)
  • Chain Chomp (Mario Bros.)
  • Shadow Queen (Paper Mario TTYD)
  • Hell Knight (DOOM)

Anatomically Correct Canine Pussy

the trigger tag is just "canine pussy"


Feirune (Kumo Desu Ga)

Test Version:

Activation tag is "feirune" but refer to the catbox for an example prompt as well


SD 1.5 Version:

Decided the LoRA's final output is probably fine, but I included the previous two epochs anyway since YMMV:


Activation tag is "feirunekumodesu" and the eye/hand markings can be prompted for/against with "gloves (marking)" + "eye markings" in pos/neg prompt respectively; Refer to catbox for example prompt:


PDXL Version:

Shota (Concept)

Strength can go above 1 if needed


Cub (Concept)


Plushie LoRA stolen from /ssg/

Found this while browsing desuarchive
Pony XL: https://files.catbox.moe/x9k0qq.safetensors
EasyFluff: https://files.catbox.moe/1oamrx.safetensors

Nekonishi (Style)


Sir Pentious Vpred (Character, Hazbin Hotel)


Character Rentry


  • Bonbon (Animal Crossing)
  • Tawna Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot)
  • Carmen (Animal Crossing)


Apostle (Artist - PDXL)


Yuji Uekawa (Artist - PDXL)


Yawar (Artist - SeaArt)


Liina (OC by Aruurara - SD 1.5 VPred)


Yinglets (OC species from Out-of-Placers - Easyfluff, Seart and PDXL versions)


Alina Brown (OC by Iskra)


KumquatMcGee Artist LoRAs

Yawar V5: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/449702?type=Model&format=SafeTensor
Kovar V2: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/462394?type=Model&format=SafeTensor
Foxfawl V1: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/465178?type=Model&format=SafeTensor
Pyoin V1: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/475036?type=Model&format=SafeTensor

Rommel (Character - Gundam Build Divers)

DL: https://huggingface.co/HatefulSable/rommel/resolve/main/rommel-v1.1-e12.safetensors?download=true

Mechari (Species - WildStar - PDXL)


Whisper the Wolf (Character - Sonic - Easyfluff)


Omaneko (Character - Japan Air Self-Defense Force Mascot - Easyfluff)


Tamamo Fushimi (Character - from Tamamo-Chan's a Fox - Easyfluff)


Mouritzeen(Character - OC by Lenyavok - Easyfluff)


Cait Sith (Character - Final Fantasy 7)

trigger word is "caitsithff7"

SD 1.5: https://files.catbox.moe/pra9jq.safetensors
PDXL: https://pixeldrain.com/u/MRmjL9Jf

Marine the Raccoon (Character - Sonic - Easyfluff)


Kemono Artist Mega Mix (Style - PDXL)

This is a scuffed ass Stable Diffusion LORA trained for PonyXL. It's like all my favorite kemono artists put together in a lora that's too big. I've added artist tags to mess around with.
kame 3
kemokin mania
look at the example if it's not clear.


Beeanon's LoRAs


  • Sisu (Raya and the Last Dragon)
  • Koopa Troopa (Mario Bros.)
  • Tasque Manager (Deltarune)
  • Feral Serperior (Pokemon)
  • Retsuko (Aggretsuko)
  • Rue (OC by the-minuscule-task)
  • Moushley (Resident Evil - Meme)
  • Grape Jelly (Housepets!)
  • Megan Ziegler (OC by Perpleon)
  • Zhen (Kung Fu Panda 4)
  • Juno (Beastars)
  • Puro (Changed)
  • Tarot (Housepets!)
  • Shino (Animal Crossing)
  • Salem (OC by Wolfertinger)
  • Mihari (OC by Yuki Anno)
  • Fink (OK KO)
  • King (Housepets!)
  • Duncan (OC by doginacafe)
  • Eddie (OC by doginacafe)
  • Florence Ambrose (Freefall)
  • Juno (Beastars)
  • Goatdog (OC by tumblr user/community the-entire-furry-fandom)
  • Amelia Steelheart (OC by SimplifyPM)
  • Felicia Lake (OC by cronchyshark)
  • Sue Sakamoto (Cave Story)
  • Friend Francis (Angel Hare)
  • Angel Mikey (Angel Hare)
  • Tween Tabitha (Sabrina Online)
  • Reggie (OC by Whygena)
  • Amaterasu (Okami)
  • Toothless (How to Train your Dragon)
  • Shantae (as drawn by Tinkerbat)
  • Zinogre (Monster Hunter)
  • Buneary (Pokemon)
  • Fox's Sister (OC by kinokoningen)
  • Foxy Rena (Magical Foxgirl Foxy-Rena by Amakuchi)
  • Shu-Chi (Nekojishi)
  • Mew (Pokemon)
  • Kyuu (Beastars)
  • Dragonmaid Sheou (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Cathyl (Monster Musume)
  • Zoe Monroe (Beat Banger)
  • Jessica (Housepets!)
  • Peanut Butter (Housepets!)
  • Helen Dish (Sabrina Online)


  • SeaSalt


  • Better No Nut November
  • Bladder Bulge
  • Bladder Pictogram
  • Long Nipples
  • Falling Bikini
  • Omorashi
  • Sarashi Malfunction

Tarot: https://mega.nz/file/EjES0ALQ#EFueK4G9X61MEImPKLLbgM7venlbFffombThe-YxG18

Rue (Character - OC by the-minuscule-task)

Easyfluff: https://mega.nz/folder/x9o3HaBY#M76IDrWbRzVG8FNWDImDBw
PDXL: https://mega.nz/folder/psYn3SqR#xWalmWMwDHGSkrvlgAOlyw

the-minuscule-task (Style - PDXL)


Lucy (OC by sniffsnorf - SD 1.5)


Gagagigo (Character - Yu-Gi-Oh!)


Fen (Character - Kemokin Mania - PDXL)


Figurine Hotglue (Concept)

It's kinda scuffed because there's no good source of furry sof content so my dataset was all anime figs and none were male.
Trigger word is S0F(that's a zero), <1 lora strength has an easier time making nude furries but you get less cum.
Base model was PDXL but works best with https://civitai.com/models/400329/pvc-style-modelmovable-figure-model-pony


Shirano (Character - World Flipper - SD 1.5)


psp3dass (Style - PDXL)

Just be warned that the original artist has never done any furry stuff, so it can be a fight to keep your gens from turning into a human.


Yuurei-Chan (OC by kame 3 - PDXL/EF)


Masked Fox (OC by kame 3 - PDXL/EF)


Coffeesoda (Character - Fursona)

Activation tags: cosooc, blue nose, neck tuft, fluffy tail
He's a hyena with a blue cock, but very specifically NOT blue balls. Canonically.


MariArt (Style - PDXL)


ikiki (Style - PDXL)

prompt with "ikiki_style"


Wool / Wool_BL / Keito no Mori (Style - PDXL and SD 1.5)


parasitedeath (Style - PDXL)

DDL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/537888?type=Model&format=SafeTensor

edjit (Style - PDXL)

DDL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/539429?type=Model&format=SafeTensor

spaal (Style - PDXL)

DDL: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/555839?type=Model&format=SafeTensor

Anatomically Correct Canine Genitals (Concept - SeaArt)

WIP: https://pixeldrain.com/u/ACv7rBWL

Goumang (Character - Nine Sols - SD 1.5)

Trigger word is "goumang"


PonyXL LoRAs made by /h/

Basically just made a python script to download all the LoRAs in this rentry: https://rentry.org/ponyxl_loras_n_stuff . There's a powershell script in there that also downloads everything, but I'm on Linux which doesn't run that natively. Python is just more accessible in my opinion.

Catboxed them here if you want to add them:


The txt is just a list of the urls with the artist they correspond to. The .py file reads the .txt and downloads everything in the text file. Anyone can edit the txt file to add or remove LoRAs if you're downloading a large batch.

Strictly speaking, this script works for more than just this rentry. It can basically just download any number of files from a list of URLs.

LORAs from the Discord

Various Characters (FinalEclipse's Trash Pile)

• Dawn Bellwether (Zootopia)
• Esix (e621 mascot)
• Fidget (Elysian Tail)
• Freya Crescent (Final Fantasy)
• Gadget Hackwrench (Rescue Rangers)
• Gazelle (Zootopia)
• Human Male x Female Anthro
• Jenna (Balto)
• Juno (Beastars)
• Katia Managan (Prequel webcomic)
• Krystal (Star Fox)
• Kurama - Female (Naruto)
• Kurama - Male (Naruto)
• Lamb (Cult of the Lamb)
• Maid Marian (Robin Hood)
• Master Tigress (Kung Fu Panda)
• Millie (Helluva Boss)
• Nicole Watterson (The Amazing World of Gumball)
• Porsha Crystal (Sing 2)
• Rivet (Ratchet and Clank)
• Roxanne (FNAF)
• Toriel (Undertale)
• Tristana (League of Legends)
• Vicar Amelia (Bloodborne)
https://mega.nz/folder/1m51RTjI##ZmcA4WUuskdXq0ggQCs8BQ (OLD)


Here is a LoRA, BulkedUp, that was made with Kohya's GUI. The purpose of this LoRA was to create bigger buff dudes on different Stable Diffusion models. I personally use between 0.2 to 0.5 strength, with 0.2 strength adding a bit of muscle and 0.5 going even bigger. Compared to the Hypernetworks I have worked on, I believe that LoRAs are a great alternative for training with shorter training time and better generations. However, from what I've seen on how this LoRA behaves, it seems to reflect the art style of its respective artist that it was trained on at 0.6 strength and above. Due to this discovery, I will provide the training dataset for the LoRA in the link.

Using default E621 tags with spaces, like huge muscles, works really well with the LoRA

One thing I would like to mention about this LoRA is that if it output dudes that are too huge or have bizarre anatomy, sending them to img2img or inpaint with high denoising strength (between 0.4-0.7) could really help fix them.

Here is the link to the LoRA, model formula, training dataset, and images of the examples:

NOTE: The merged model the LoRA was trained on requires the VAE, vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned.ckpt, from stabilityai 


protogen - Obsolete version trained on 2400 steps

protogenv2 - Newer version trained on roughly 3200 steps

protogenv2-0004 and protogen-0005 - If standard v2 feels too overfitted/overtrained to you, use these

Activation keywords are:

protogen, protogen visor, protogen face



Mr. Wolf (The Bad Guys)

Mr. Wolf from The Bad Guys, but he's a LoRA now.

Responds very well to higher weighting, like :1.3 or :1.2. The LoRA is trained at 704 resolution, so it works best at that size.

Issues: It needs testing on the paws, something seems to be up with them. Also his suit usually doesn't make sense if you look too closely

Also, yes it does nsfw.

This model is trained on Gay621




~300 images from Wizzikt.
Download link: https://pixeldrain.com/u/yqadCyMz

beeg wolf wife generator (Sligarthetiger)

My first attempt at a LoRA. This is LoRA Trained on 150 works by Sligarthetiger at around 4000 steps for 6 epochs. Contains two versions.

v2 is trained on Lawlas Yiffy Mix. It isn't as stable as v3, however is more accurate to the training dataset I feel.

v3 is trained on a certain anime model. More coherent and stable and personally probably better, although sometimes isn't too accurate to the data at times.

I recommend using both and keeping v2 at a weight of around 0.10 or 0.15.

As it a style LoRA, other character LoRAs work as well.


Simply select the LoRA through whatever way you usually would through the A111 extension or its native support. No activation keywords needed, it should activate on its own.





Various (Penis Lineup, Kass, Krystal, Loona, Protogen, Puro, Spyro, Toothless


Puffin's LoRAs

Pic taken 2023/05/16
Puffin's Stuff

Looking them over, some of these are likely the same ones posted before ITT, currently filed under "Birds" up above. Gonna leave it up, for posterity's sake.
Some of these are Lycoris files; check out this extension if you encounter problems.

Tweetfur: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/11442?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
Puffin: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/11432?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
Anthro Griffin: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/30044?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
Mae Borowski (Night in the Woods): https://civitai.com/api/download/models/30127?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
Marie Itami (Brand New Animal): https://civitai.com/api/download/models/30940?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
Bea Santello (Night in the Woods): https://civitai.com/api/download/models/31668?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
Cockatiel: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/11446?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
Anthro Birds: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/32214?type=Model&format=SafeTensor&size=full&fp=fp16
Rito (Species, BotW): https://civitai.com/api/download/models/41394?type=Model&format=SafeTensor
Falco (Star Fox): https://civitai.com/api/download/models/42650?type=Model&format=SafeTensor
Coco Bandicoot: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/57895?type=Model&format=SafeTensor
Elora (Spyro): https://civitai.com/api/download/models/58081?type=Model&format=SafeTensor
Zorayas (Elden Ring): https://civitai.com/api/download/models/59321?type=Model&format=SafeTensor
Tempest Shadow (MLP): https://civitai.com/api/download/models/62278?type=Model&format=SafeTensor
Secretary Bird: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/63229?type=Model&format=SafeTensor
Anthro Corvids: https://civitai.com/api/download/models/64462?type=Model&format=SafeTensor

Cynfall's LoRAs


Brooklyn (gargoyles) USE Brooklyn (gargoyles)
Bathym USE bathym
Blaidd USE Blaidd (elden ring)
Batzz USE demon lord dragon batzz 
Barrel USE barrel (live a hero)
Exveemon USE exveemon
Death USE death (puss in boots)
Dire USE Dire (fortnite)
Fox Mccloud USE Fox Mccloud
Fenrir USE fenrir (housamo)
Garmr USE garmr
Freddy USE freddy (dislyte)
Guilmon USE guilmon
Horkeu kamui USE horkeu kamui (tas)
Incineroar USE incineroar
Jon talbain USE jon talbain
Law USE law (sdorica)
Leomon USE leomon
Macan USE macan (tas)
Maliketh USE Maliketh (elden ring)
Meowscles USE meowscles
Mountain USE mountain (arknights)
Nasus USE nasus (lol)
Nimbus USE nimbus (world flipper)
Renekton USE renekton
Seth USE set (tas)
Shirou Ogami USE Shirou ogami
Simba USE simba
Skavens USE skaven
Steel USE steel (balto)
Tadatomo USE tadatomo
Volibear USE volibear
Vortex USE Vortex (helluva boss)
Wargreymon USE wargreymon
Warwick USE warwick (lol)
Weregarurumon USE weregarurumon 
Wolf O'Donnell USE Wolf O'Donnell

Feral on Female


Valstrix's Gathering Hub (Monster Hunter and more)


Slugcats (RainWorld)

From: https://civitai.com/models/94795/slugcats-rainworld-wip

AnonTK's LoRA Repository (TwoKinds LoRAs)


Assorted Random Stuff

Artist comparisons

PDV6XL Artist Tag Comparison
Samples made using https://civitai.com/models/317578/pdv6xl-artist-tags

Autismmix XL Artist/Hashes Comparison

PDXL Artist/Hashes Comparison

SeaArt Artist Comparison

Working artists Easyfluff Comparison V1

I regenned my artist collection word document thing because I figured I could with dynamic prompts.
Also there's more artists now thanks to 4 artist combo anon providing them.
I think this will be the final version for a while, details of further improvements and changes outlined in the PDF.

V1 Males: https://www.mediafire.com/file/g7y2i8u239k9zut/Working_artists_redemption_arc_edition.pdf/file
V1 Females: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mbg5rk9c34h243y/Working_artists_cooties_edition.pdf/file
V1 Base SD Artists: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mnqv47mgji4baa4/Working_artists_real_artists_edition.pdf/file

Working artists Easyfluff Comparison V2 (up to 28725 different e621 based artist previews)
Explanatory Memorandum: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ymxqexl6r3nl68s/Working_artists_explanatory_memorandum.pdf/file

I have generated images using a list of 28725 artist tags from the e621 csv file which came with the dominikdoom's tagcomplete extension.
Due to the strain making these puts on my system, these images have been split up into 9 PDF files with 3192 images in each. I find this also makes it relatively light on the client side as well, resource wise
The images have been placed in descending order based on how many images that artist had tagged to them on e621 at the time the csv file was made. The artist prompts used and the amount of tagged images is displayed above each picture. This text is selectable for convenient copy+pasting.
The parameters used for these guides will be placed in the PDFs.


(Not embedded due to filesize)
Comparison of Base SD-Artist - Furry artist combos (done on an older furry model, likely YiffAnything)


thebigslick/syuro/anchee/raiji/redrusker/burgerkiss/blushbrush Prompt Matrix comparison (done on a Fluffyrock-Crosskemono 70/30 merge)


Vixen in Swimsuit artist examples (Model: 0.3(acidfur_v10) + 0.7(0.5(fluffyrock-576-704-832-960-1088-lion-low-lr-e22-offset-noise-e7) + 0.5(fluffusion_r1_e20_640x_50)) .safetensors) (DL link can be found above)


Artist examples using Toriel as an example (0.5 (0.7fluffyrock0.3crosskemono) + 0.5 fluffusion)


Big artist comparison


EasyFluff Comparisons

Easyfluff V10 Prerelease

There are artist comparisons and they are all nice and stuff but I was curious how scalies would turn out.
Here are some of a dragoness, if anyone cares.
I went with detailed scales and background.
Unfortunately, I had FreeU turned on, so it's not going to be perfect for all of you.
They are broken up at a more or less random spot to keep them from getting insanely huge.
I haven't examined them all yet. Just thought I'd share.


EasyFluff V11.2 Comparison

Prompt used:
by <artist>,  a nude male anthro coyote standing in the water, mesa, canyon, rocks, sheath, penis tip, balls, partially submerged, (worm's-eye view,:0.9) (hazel eyes:1.1), looking at viewer, tail,
BREAK (masterpiece, best quality:1.2),  pinup,
Negative prompt: EasyNegative, boring_e621_fluffyrock_v4
Steps: 35, Seed: 3945749951, Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE Karras, CFG scale: 6, Size: 512x768, Batch: 6x1, Parser: Full parser, Model: EasyFluffV11.2, Model hash: 821628644e, VAE: vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned, Backend: Original, Version: 5142b2a, Operations: txt2img; hires; txt2img; hires; txt2img; hires; txt2img; hires, Hires steps: 20, Hires upscaler: 4x_foolhardy_Remacri, Hires upscale: 1.5, Hires resize: 0x0, Hires size: 768x1152, Denoising strength: 0.4, Latent sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE Karras, Image CFG scale: 6, Token merging ratio hr: 0.5, Dynamic thresholding enabled: True, Mimic scale: 7, Threshold percentile: 100


0.6(fluffyrock-576-704-832-960-1088-lion-low-lr-e209-terminal-snr-e182) + 0.4(furtasticv20_furtasticv20) Comparison

Prompt used:    
(by artist:1.3), pupils, eyebrows, turf, walking, (front view), standing, full-length portrait, model sheet,
(white fur, black fur, grey fur, snow leopard:1.3), anthro, solo, male, (muscular:1.0), long tail, (anus, butt), (big balls, ball tuft, (penis), (thick penis), big penis, veiny penis), looking at viewer, seductive, smile,
Negative prompt: boring_e621, kemono, young, cub, (hair, neon hair, long hair), female, woman, boobs, girly, (wolf, fox, bear, stripes:1.3), (yellow fur, grey fur, pink fur, blue fur:1.4), canine cock, multiple tails, handpaw, feral, sharp teeth, fangs, tired, black eyelashes, black sclera, (human lips:1.9), vore, simple background, ubbp, bwu, updn, (eyes closed, narrowed eyes), macro, grass, snow, outside,
Steps: 22, Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras, CFG scale: 7, Seed: 2147328661, Size: 704x704, Model hash: 96bf03cefa, Model: 0.6(fluffyrock-576-704-832-960-1088-lion-low-lr-e209-terminal-snr-e182) + 0.4(furtasticv20_furtasticv20),


furry, (((fur))), male, digital_art, (completely nude:1.3), penis, foreskin, testicles, scrotum, (detailed background, outside, city streets), in front of shop, walking, on footpath, crowd, exhibitionism, cumdrip, looking at viewer, by
Negative prompt: worst quality, low quality, multi limb, boring_e621_v4, sepia, simple background, monochrome, muscular, boring_e621_fluffyrock_v4
Steps: 30, Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE Karras, CFG scale: 7.5, Seed: 1959977494, Size: 600x600, Model hash: d66e4da0d7, Model: EasyFluffV11.1, VAE hash: c6a580b13a, VAE: vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned.ckpt, CFG Rescale: 0.4, Version: 1.6.1

Ponydiffusionv6 XL Artist Comparison

Nabbed an anons artist list from /h/ and put together some grids for PDXL, gonna do one for anime girls later and maybe run the EF artist list I got just to see what does and doesn't work


Autismmix Artist Comparison

Went ahead and put together an xyz spreadsheet for autismmix of all the artists from a txt file posted some threads ago


Different LORA sliders - what do they mean?

XY-Plot LORA sliders

Flick on the master switch, pick lora from the drop down, drag the slider. Flick the other switch for dual sliders. Speaking very loosely, the top slider and bottom slider affect how much the lora changes the result's shape and coloring.

Have a demonstration, picrel. Asked for a jackal in a kitchen making pizza on a mixed model (mostly anythingfurry), using a lora to try to make the jackal into a Lucario.

UNet alone needed a lot of weight, but colors the figure like a Lucario without changing the figure's body much.
TEnc alone makes the jackal gain Lucario characteristics without being Lucairo; specifically we see the hips and "shorts" turning into clothing.
Both going beyond 1 starts changing the scene, probably applying training data too strongly. Both going negative turned the jackal into a fox and made a mess of features.

What about samplers?

Sampler Examplesv3

SDE is normally used at lower steps than other samplers.
12 steps in SDE have around the same effect as 20 steps in other samplers.

I mostly tend to use the DPM++ 2m Karras or DPM++ SDE Karras samplers, with 20 or 12 steps respectively for testing and playing around, and 35 and 20 for "serious" (lol) prompting.

Euler a at 20 steps is also pretty good at prompt testing, and DDIM, from what others in these threads say, is good for fur-looking fur.

Like any aspect when it comes to SD, there is no rught answer that always works, however.

Script for comparing models


dropping by from /g/ to drop a random technical guide for comparing the similarity of different models.
Script source is https://huggingface.co/JosephusCheung/ASimilarityCalculatior, the documentation for said script however is pretty attrocious, so I made my own.

Okay, thanks? What am I supposed to do with this?

It might be helpful for figuring out if a model is similar enough for a LoRA to still work, it could help with determining if a model is worth merging into a different model, it could help with identifying models that were used in the merging of a different model where the author refuses to share the recipe, etc.

Anyways, hope it helps someone.


Use either the Wildcard or Dynamic prompts extensions!
List of wildcards: https://rentry.org/NAIwildcards
Dynamic prompts wildcards: https://github.com/adieyal/sd-dynamic-prompts/tree/main/collections
(Work even without the dynamic prompts extension if you prefer the older one, just grab the .txt files.)
Most modern models were trained on the majority if not all of E621.
You can grab a .csv containing all e621 tags from https://e621.net/db_export/ and filter for Category 1.
Here is an artist listing of the entirety of e621, sorted by number of posts (dated mid Oct. 2023): https://files.catbox.moe/mjs8jh.txt

All artists from fluffyrock.csv sorted by number of posts: https://files.catbox.moe/vtch6n.txt

Pose tags: https://rentry.org/9y5vwuak

Wildcards collection: https://files.catbox.moe/lwh0fx.7z

Species Wildcards Collection: https://rentry.co/4sy6i33r

Huge Wildcard Collection sorted by artist types, poses, media etc.: https://mega.nz/folder/UBxDgIyL#K9NJtrWTcvEQtoTl508KiA/folder/pJR0mLjb

Pony Diffusion XL V6 Wildcards:
e621: https://files.catbox.moe/icf7ak.txt
Danbooru: https://files.catbox.moe/k2pgw2.txt

PDXL V6 artist tags with at least moderate effect on gens

OpenPose Model

For use in Blender; allows for posing for use in the ControlNet extension.


"What does ControlNet weight and guidance mean?"

ControlNet Weight and Guidance Rate

Img2Img examples

Raw doodle Final result

Newer example showcasing workflow

E621 Tagger Model for use in WD Tagger

!!NEW!! Zack3D's tagger model (see below) is quite old by now; Thessalo has made a newer, better model which sadly has not been adapted to WD Tagger and the like just yet.
Link to the model: https://huggingface.co/Thouph/eva02-clip-vit-large-7704/tree/main
Batch inference script for use with Thessalo's Tagger model: https://mega.nz/folder/OoYWzR6L#psN69wnC2ljJ9OQS2FDHoQ/folder/HwgngBxI

Reminder that the prior GitHub repo has been discontinued; delete the extension's folder and install https://github.com/picobyte/stable-diffusion-webui-wd14-tagger instead, which reportedly works even with WebUI 1.6.
The patch below seems to NOT BE NEEDED anymore as of Oct 17th 2023 if you are using the picobyte repo. Download only the Convnext V2 model, and place it as described.

The WD Tagger extension as-is only generates Danbooru tags, which is great when training on NAI and other anime-based models. For models based on e621, the tags may need to be changed accordingly. For that reason, you can use the following model instead of the WD one.

E621 Tagger

Convnext V2: https://pixeldrain.com/u/iNMyyi2w
Patched WD1.4: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1065785788698218526/1067966541699743845/stable-diffusion-webui-wd14-tagger.zip
Mirror for Patch: https://pixeldrain.com/u/NA5fvUcJ

If you encounter problems while using the convnext model, try unchecking "Sort alphabetically" in the extension
Older Deepdanbooru Model: https://pixeldrain.com/u/XTcj5GHz

Older Deepdanbooru model

Upscaler Model Database

Recommendations are Lollypop and Remacri. Put in models/ESRGAN

LoCon/LoHA Training Script / DAdaptation Guide


Click me for larger view
Click me for larger view
Click me for larger view
Click me for larger view
Click me for larger view

Script: files.catbox.moe/tqjl6o.json
Gallery: imgur.com/a/pIsYk1i

Script for building a prompt from a lora's metadata tags

Place into your WebUI base folder. Run with the following command:
python .\loratags.py .\model\lora\<YOURLORA>.safetensors

Example workflows

Text2Image to Inpaint to SD Upscale Example:
Example Workflow

Using ControlNet to work from sketches:

Usually I start with a pretty rough sketch and describe the sketch in the prompt, along with whatever style I want. Then I'll gen until I get one that's the general idea of what I want, then img2img that a few dozen times and pick the best one out of that batch. I'll also look through all the other ones for parts that I like from each. It could be a paw here or a nose there, or even just a particular glint of light I like. I'll composite the best parts together with photoshop and sometimes airbrush in certain things I want, then img2img again. When I get it close enough to the finished product I'll do the final upscale.

Picrel is a gif of another one I've posted here that shows what these iterations can look like

Sketch to genned image

I use lineart controlnet with no preprocessor (just make sure your sketch is white-lines-on-black-background or use the invert processor.) Turn the control weight down a bit. The rougher the sketch, the lower your control weight should be. Usually around 0.3-0.7 is a good range.
Couldn't you theoretically use the lineart preprocessor to turn an image into a sketch, and then make adjustments to it there if you want to add or remove features?
Good call, that's exactly what I did with part 3 of the mouse series. Mouse part is mine, the rest is preprocessor.

Adding sketches to preprocessir

Tutorials by fluffscaler

Inpainting: https://rentry.org/fluffscaler
PDXL: https://rentry.org/fluffscaler-pdxl

CDTuner ComfyUI Custom Nodes

A kind anon wrote custom nodes for ComfyUI to achieve similar results as https://github.com/hako-mikan/sd-webui-cd-tuner.
Copy the script into a text file, rename it to cdtuner.py, and put it into your custom_nodes folder inside your ComfyUI install.

Do not make the same mistake I did: only save the contents of the script, if you use Export > Raw, make sure to remove the everything before the first import and after the last }.

The nodes are now called:
I made some slight changes because the original CDTuner implementation is a bit weird.
LatentColorTuner will allow you to edit latent colors with similar sliders to CDTuner but you don't need to re-generate images all the time.
The actual ColorTuner which is implemented almost the same as CDTuner is a bit of hack job because you can't really get the step count back out of a sampler. So rather than editing just the cond/uncond pair in the last step it edits them at all steps. I think this leads to the changes being a bit better integrated into the images, but it's different from A1111 CDTuner.

Input and output are the same type so you just plop it as a middle man before the node you want it to apply to
Gives different effects depending on where you place it

ComfyUI Buffer Nodes


Sillytavern Character Sprites


Tomoko Kuroki



Character sprites were made using Easyfluff v10 with character lora while using Control Net ((Reference only)) and changing the expressions for each sprites.

Easyfluff V11.2 HLL LoRA (Weebify your gens)

A set of LoRAs trained on Dan- and Gelbooru images and Easyfluff, allowing for better non-furry gens and use of anime artists.
A guide can be found here

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