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Pub: 10 Apr 2023 No.92685910
Edit: 31 May 2023 10:33 UTC

  • 510 words, 3 minutes read

A very short guide explaining the basics of card fields for people who have no idea where to start. Valid for any OAI/Claude model.


Pub: 22 Apr 2023 No.92943746
Edit: 22 Apr 2023 11:04 UTC

  • 9844 words, 54 minutes read

"In-depth botmaking guide focused on optimizing and pushing the limits of Turbo, much of the info is applicable to other platforms. Large update in the works."


Pub: 23 Apr 2023 No.92969512
Edit: 30 Jul 2023 11:15 UTC

  • 7862 words, 42 minutes read

"A little explanation with an example on how Silly reads a card, and some general tips on prompting AI."


Pub: 31 May 2023 No.93782077
Edit: 27 Jun 2023 11:23 UTC

  • 2792 words, 16 minutes read

"A step-by-step process for beginners on how you could start making bots."


Pub: 31 May 2023 No.93773423
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  • 1683 words, 9 minutes read

"A short guide detailing the different kinds of creativity present in a bot and how to implement and improve them"


Pub: 13 Jun 2023 No.94033910
Edit: 12 Sep 2023 11:33 UTC

  • 2103 words, 12 minutes read

"A how-to on Lorebooks. What they are, how to use them, with examples."


Pub: 12 Jul 2023 No.94641345
Edit: 24 Aug 2023 11:23 UTC

  • 3906 words, 22 minutes read

"Pointers for Creating Character Cards for Silly Tavern and other frontends"

Some rentries containing tips for roleplaying, but not about botmaking overall

  1. fluffy AI
    19 May 2023 No.93515988
    "how to make claude work for CGDCT style moeblob characters"
    27 May 2023 No.93700208
    "some quick shitty rentry about some turbo stuff I learned"
  3. Fine-tuning gpt-3.5-turbo-0613 for roleplay
    26 Aug 2023 No.95604296
    "a small write-up guide on fine-tuning Turbo with some scripts to make the process easier and example cringe 'dataset' too"
  4. Lobster's GPT Tips and Tricks
    27 Aug 2023 No.95637004
    "a few tips and tricks I gathered from my experience with GPT4"
  5. How to swiftly and easily create world books
    07 Sep 2023 No.95850671
    "Method for quickly creating world books via or the API"

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