🪶 Library (of /who/LEXandria as anon coined it) 🪶

Here's the list of all the multimedia projects that /who/ collectively worked on for the past year, relative to Mumei - be it streams, outright content or proper creations from anons that are not artworks. It is not only limited to her karaokes, a list of recommendation for the newfriends or a list of collabs that happened in the other holomems channels - you're going to also find the tools in order to record said karaokes and twitterspaces if such occurrences happen in the future (they will and you're going to need it).

Some of the pages and links are not completely up to date.

🪶 Mumei's socials 🪶

Mumei's Youtube channel


Mumei's Twitter


Mumei's Tiktok account (promotional only)


🪶 Useful Links 🪶

Mumei's Merch


Database backup


/who/ OP template


🪶 Streams 🪶

List of members streams + brief descriptions
M.E.S. (Mumei (is) Everywhere System) - a list of all the collab or appearances on the other Holomems channels

🪶 Multimedia 🪶

Music (Songs & Karaokes)
Karaoke chapters, clips and music videos (merger of older pages)
MP4 of various streams & soundposts
Various pieces of media (Azure Streams, Twitterspaces, HolofightZ, Illustrations & other stuff)
Weekly Owls & Hooters
Hololive 4th Fes
Summer 2023 (Connect & HoloSummer)
Hololive 5th Fes

🪶 Tools 🪶

Tools - ytarchive, Twitterspaces recorders & QOL scripts

🪶 Some silly stats aka the CHAT HATE section 🪶

>horse girl

🪶 Total Streaming Hours (Debut to Feb 2024) 🪶

Stats Page
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