Nanashi Mumei merchandise

The rule of thumb for holomems is that customised merch (anniversary, birthday, etc; things they are clearly designed or have a lot of input by them), voice packs and memberships are the best ways to support them.

If you are in Japan these are good xeeter account/websites to track goods being sold physically:
This page is primarily dedicated to merch you can buy/order online.

holoEN 2nd Concert -Breaking Dimensions-
Aug 24th & 25th, EDT ; Kings Theatre, Brooklyn
Get streaming tickets from SPWN for 650 yen cheaper tickets (no more Gaijin tax)

Limited merch

Promise BEEGsmols plushies limited stock rerun (currently sold out)
GeekJack seems to still have some stocked. But beware of the significantly longer shipping time from them.

Promise Christmas merch set (Acrylic stands, Mug & Dish) Limited quantity pre-order; Ships Feb 2024
* Mumei's acrylic is sold out.

Valentine's Day merch set 2024 Limited quantity pre-order; Ships April 2024

Regular merch

OMOCAT CouncilRys apparel
Some articles are already sold-out for certain sizes for the OMOCAT merch.

Hololive Starting Voices

4th Fes Blu ray

Hologra Amazon t-shirt

Hololive EN -Promise- (CouncilRyS) acrylic stands

Hololive EN New Year Kimono acrylic stands

Council half year anniversary merch (badges & towel) rerun

hololive Closet acrylic stand (Casual outfit)

hololive Friends with U plushie

holoearth emote keychain

HoloEN starter merch

HoloEN emblem merch
Pin badge
Leather tray

Hologra sticker

Clear folder


Groove Coaster
Main game:

Sold out/ order period ended

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