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This rentry is made for the purpose to compile the Mumei related media/mentions during and after 4th Fes. This is her first official appearance during the concert portion of the Fes, complimented with her first Idol outfit. Also technically the debut of her 3D model. Click on the thumbnails to access links.
4th Fes Official Website Mumei's special message for Holo Fes

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4th Fes Idol outfit render Original Tweet

Set list

Set list of all of Mumei's performances during the Fes. In chronological order of appearance.

Title (& Additional Casts) Part of the
hololive IDOL PROJECT - キラメキライダー☆/Kirameki Rider☆ (With all of Day 1's casts) Holo Fes Day 1 concert
Supercell - My Dearest Holo Fes Day 1 concert
アンジュルム(Angerme ) - スキちゃん/Suki-chan (With Amelia Watson, Ninomae Ina'nis & Takanashi Kiara) Holo Fes Day 1 concert
hololive IDOL PROJECT - Our Bright Parade (With all of Day 1's casts) Holo Fes Day 1 concert
deco*27 - ゴーストルール/Ghost Rule (With Takanashi Kiara) holo*27 stage

VOD download

Title Link
Day 1
holo*27 stage

Streaming+ VOD. Check the cat site for the SPWN VOD torrent.

Song clips

Song Part of the Performing Members Link
Supercell - My Dearest Holo Fes Day 1 concert Nanashi Mumei
アンジュルム(Angerme ) - スキちゃん/Suki-chan Holo Fes Day 1 concert Amelia Watson, Nanashi Mumei, Ninomae Ina'nis, Takanashi Kiara
deco*27 - ゴーストルール/Ghost Rule holo*27 stage (Day 2 of the Fes) Nanashi Mumei, Takanashi Kiara

Vocals only
Supercell - My Dearest
deco*27 - Ghost Rule
.flac files, credits to Anon.

Photo album


A look at the signed Fes welcoming message wall by all the Holomems(.webm)

HoloSpy with EN

Hololive 4th Fes. HoloSpy panel on the free stage

Mumei's Post-Fes talk

【hololive EXPO & 4th Fes】Idowl Mumei !!!

Fes Watchalongs and timestamps

Post Fes mentions

Member Title Timestamp Nature
Miko 【 振り返り 】hololive 4th fes. & Expoありがとうだよおおおおおおお!🌸 Link Short comment on Mumei's My Dearest.
Subaru ライブ感想枠しゅばあああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ!!!!!! Link On how far everyone came with the Fes, very short mention.
Koyori 【hololive EXPO 2023 & 4th fes.】DAY2🌟こより専用応援枠!帰って来たら「おかえり!」してね❣ Link Mumei is cute. And comment on her performance.
IRyS 『hololive EXPO & 4th Fes』IRyS' Cheering Venue!!💎 Timestamp1 - Timestamp2 On her song choice (My Dearest)
Kiara 【AFTERTALK】AAAAAAAAAAAA DAY 1 Link On the Suki-chan performance on Day 1.
Mori 【CONCERT CHAT!!】Warming Up for Tomorrow!! Link Short comment on Mumei's overall performance
Anya, Ollie, Risu 【#ひろがるホロライブDAY2】4TH FES. AFTER-PARTY Link Big fan of her song choice (My Dearest)
Ina 【CHAT】 BIG RECAP!!! Takobout Takotime!!! Link Didn't know Mumei is gonna sing My Dearest, liked ID2 & Council's 3D.
Ame 〘WALK & TALK〙 My "RETURN" STREAMMMMMMM (Members Only) Timestamp1 - Timestamp2 Members only; Talked about Suki-chan with the day 1 ENs.
Fauna 【MINECRAFT】 Who up building they tree rn Link Being proud of Mumei.
Reine 【1 week after】EXPO + 4th fes talk with Reine!! Energized&Organized Timestamp1 - Timestamp2 Mostly talked about the meme potential of the first screenshot; didn't recognise suki-chan at first.

Thank You for 4th Fes! Original Tweet

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