General Informations and Laws of the /vtwbg/ Project

It is the 12th century of the VT. Era. After almost 800 years of continuous rule, the Empires of Japonlonia, Hololive and Nijisanji had crumbled after the Calamity. Orchestrated by the Custodians, millions of faithful were transported to the dimension of Vitubia, with nothing left in their original home in Japonlonia but faint scents of Hot Pockets. Scattered on such a vast planet, the once powerful Hololive Empire shattered in a spectacular fashion, birthing many independent nations. Although the old Imperial seat of Hololive Global still remain. The Empire of Nijisanji was likewise splintered into smaller parts, though even these smaller states were barely holding together until recently. Unified by the Sword and Treaties, or in some eyes by ruthlessness and terror. The Indie clans and Small Corpo kingdoms were able to flourish on their own continent, away from the influence of both former superpowers. The inhabitants of the Neutral continent were able to carve out a space of their own, despite being sandwiched between the two rival groups. The Fetish continent's nations sprung up from the chaos to participate in carnal rites. One thousand and one hundred winters later, the world is prospering. Technological breakthroughs were made and trade routes burgeoning. But the threat of the corrupting influence of Schizos and destructive wars still lingers. Gunpowder coexists with magical powers granted by the mysterious element known as Vitubium which had followed the inhabitants of Japonlonia to Vitubia, or were they here in the first place?

It is the 12th century of the VT. Era. Would you make war or peace? Under threat from the Schizos' nefarious schemes, warmongering neighbors, and nature itself, the only thing that will guide your nation is the Faith in your deity and the pale glow of Chuubanite dust.

Information for new Writers

Hello and welcome to the Project, in this Thread we write a World together that is based around the Threads of /vt/ being their own Nations, it is meant as a collaborate Project and not to be seen as a Strategy Game. This can take many forms such as simple Lore around your Nation, indepth Economic or Military documents, The creation of unique Languages, Flora or Fauna, Stories about Characters living in this World and many more. If (You) are interested in joining this Project as a Writer for your Homethread, then please talk with anons in /vtwbg/ if your Thread already has Writers for it or if you are the only Writer of your Thread. Please also familiarize yourself with the rest of this Document.

General Lore for the Nations and States of Vitubia

For a basic overview of Nations with written Lore please take a look at the Hitchhiker's Guide to Vitubia

General Rules of the World

  1. /jp/ makes up a different dimension to /vt/
  2. Chuubas are Deities that exists in a different Realm from Vitubia and cannot directly interfere with the World.
    • Exceptions to this are well known /here/tubers

Is my Oshi present in Vitubia?

Chuuba posts, as herself (says "I am X") -> Chuuba has an actual public direct avatar walking around and interacting with the world in public. Chuuba could be the actual ruler of the country.

=Kiki, Koopa

Chuuba suggests on another platform that she's been to /vt/ -> The chuuba may observe /vt/ without interfering, or by taking the form of an anonymous individual, without revealing themselves. Chuuba could be appear as a commoner in a story and do things a commoner could do without revealing their true identity in a story.

=Reimu, Pomu, Mori

Chuuba has never mentioned /vt/ -> Chuuba does not consciously interact with Vitubia in any way. If there are earthly representations, they are more like one-way conduits of information from the Heavenly Realm (like a stream embed) than the chuuba being here. Information from the Heavenly Realm could reach Vitubians through dreams or hallucinations and appear as communications from the chuuba to the Vitubians.

=Miko, Sora

  1. Our Planet is Earth sized
    • Whether there is a unified name across the world, or indeed what that name is, is pending. But Vitubia is the most commonly used name that refers to both the planet and dimension.
  2. The planet is decorated with a unique element called Vitubium
    • It is generally also referred to as Chuubanite, for more Information please check Here
  3. Current Time for the World of Vitubia moves at the Speed of Plot
    • While the "current" time for many nations is around 1120-1130 VTE, you can write things that happened in the pass or future.
  4. Nations with no Representative should not be deeply involved in written Works
  5. Any new Threads from here on out will form their Nation by taking Land from their relevant neighboring Nations
    • New Nations will only be official AFTER any proposals have been voted on, any written work before that is considered non-canon
  6. External Events that may lead to the fall of a Nation, i.e. Graduation or Channel suspension of a Deity, are to be investigated on a case-by-case basis for their effects on the World.
  7. Jannies (or Custodians) are considered to be beings with mythical Powers. Other than that, their exact parameters can differ from lore post to lore post.
  8. Steam Trains and Automation as a Technology is, for now, considered off-limits. Vassals, Tributaries or Colonies should not be decided on haparzadly and be talked about with /vtwbg/ beforehand.
  9. The Average Tech Level of the World is around 1750. This is not to be overstepped without good reasoning and with approval of /vtwbg/. Any attempts at an Arms Race to outdo other Nations are frowned upon and can result in written Works being considered Non-Canon.

The Explanation of Mediators and Representatives for Threads

The Role of a Mediator is to represent his Homethread and their Opinion for voting purposes regarding matters involving the whole of /vtwbg/.
They also make sure that differences of Writers for the same Thread are solved in a satisying way for everyone of that Thread.
A Mediator also decides if Works, from People outside the Thread, are fitting for the Nation and considered Canon.

Representatives are those that write for a specific Homethread and have joined the Project to represent that specific Thread.

The Priority of input when it comes to written Works:

  • The Mediator for the Nation the written Work references.
  • Representatives of the Nation that come from the Thread of that Nation and are primarly writing for that Nation.
  • People from outside the Nation that hail from a different Thread that for one Reason or Another are writing outside their own Nation.

But you don't have to be the Mediator or Representative to write for a nation/faction in the setting as long as you respect the pre-established lore. Though it's recommedned to ask for permission of their writer(s) first before proceeding. You can also write for another nation/faction other than the one you are mostly focusing on.

Voting and its Process

  1. Matters are voted on by using vote posts to which the Mediators of each Thread can reply to.
  2. A Representative is responsible for collecting the matters to be voted on and presenting them to /vtwbg/.
    • An anchor post is to be made each new thread, to which new proposals as well as representatives' votes can be attached.
    • Voting should be initiated on a Friday and left to run for 48 hours before Ballot counting and result presentation
  3. New thread representatives may vote in voting sessions once they have been participating in the project for two weeks or more.
  4. All votes must contain at least one of the following to be considered valid
    1. Tripcode of verified representative of the voting thread
    2. Link to a post containing a rentry link pertaining to lore or story of the thread one is voting for, with the rentry edited to verify the poster to be authentic.
  5. An answer to a proposal requires >50% to pass.
    • If no answer passes the aforementioned threshold, the Proposal is reset to be voted on again with no Abstain option available.
    • Similarly, in a two-way or three-way Tie, the Proposal is again rest to be voted on with no Abstain option available.
    • If the Majority of answers are Abstinences, the proposal is to be revised, clarified and reset to vote. Time until next presentation of the Proposal, as well as Abstinence option availability pending.
  6. Calls for amendment are possible.
    • They can be suggested by any anon.
    • The required number of individual anons needed to initiate an amendment vote for a specific matter is 3.

War and other International Projects

War and other Projects that involve two or more Nations are to be written by the Nations together. Please talk beforehand with other Nations about your Plans and confirm with them that these are fine from their Standpoint. Likewise please give feedback to other Writers that want to write with your Nation and make sure that their Plans likewise are fine with your Nation. These Projects are supposed to be fun for both Sides, do not try to hide parts of your Nation to have a "Trump Card" and please show respect and understanding towards each other.

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