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Not all styles are shown in the preview images. Make sure to check the links!

These LoRA's Links are categorized in 4 different ways:

Style, Character, Concept and Mixed
- Style: this link only has Style LoRAs
- Character: this link only has Character LoRAs
- Concept: this link only has Concept LoRAs
- Mixed: this link has a mixture of any; or all 4

Mixed LoRAs - StyleAnon

These LoRAs change your prompts style entirely, you can also retroactively apply them to your previous prompts to change their style; with minor character design, pose and fx differences of course!
StyleAnon's LoRAs
All of These Images are Generated with this same Prompt:
Disclaimer: The Ishikei Image is Large Breasts:1.2, I'd like to avoid a police visit; Everything else is otherwise the same, Happy Prompting!

Prompt: nsfw, (extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper),(masterpiece), (best quality), (ultra-detailed), (best illustration),(best shadow), (an extremely delicate and beautiful), 1girl, blue eyes, ((light skin)), sharp eyes, ((long blonde hair, high ponytail, blue ribbon in hair, hair between eyes|long blonde hair, hair between eyes)), wide hips, ((fox ears)), ((medium breasts:1.2)),, nipples, areolae, \(\(royal-blue with white fur trim off shoulder kimono\)\), (inside, bedroom), sitting on the edge of a bed, head tilt, confusion, spoken question mark
Negative prompt: lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, mutated hand, text, error, missing fingers, cropped, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry, artist name, out of focus, (wedding ring:1.1), 2girls, 3girls, (((multiple views))), (((bad proportions))), (((multiple legs))), (((multiple arms))), (monotone). 3D. low quality lowres multiple breasts, letterboxed, bad fingers, ((gaping anus)), ((gaping pussy))
Steps: 36, Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras, CFG scale: 11, Seed: 31647984, Size: 576x768, Model hash: cd391015, Model: Anything-V3.0-fp16, Denoising strength: 0.57, Clip skip: 2, ENSD: 31337, Hires upscale: 2, Hires upscaler: None

Style LoRAs - shiboishi

Shiboishi's Style Examples

Style LoRAs - DistroAnon

DistroAnon's Example @0.2DistroAnon's Example @0.8 DistroAnon's Example @1
First @0.2 Second @0.8 Third @1

Mixed LoRAs - OAnon

OAnon's Examples

Mixed LoRAs - AnzuAnon

  • Belko 3 different versions (6, 16, 30 Repeats) may be overbaked regardless of which one you use but it can be mixed for good results.
  • Calli works w/o issue.

Mixed LoRAs - NAnon

Concept LoRA - Spitroasting

Style LoRA - Mimonel

Mixed LoRA - BlueAnon

Concept LoRA - MGEAnon (MONSTERGIRLS) | Preview Image

Preview Image isn't on the Rentry due to its sheer size. You'll understand if you click the link.

Mixed LoRA - RandAnon

Style LoRA - TeriTeri Twilight Paladin Anon

Character LoRA - BlueArchive

Concept LoRA - Nazi Girls

Prompt with combinations of "black military uniform, black military hat, [swastika armband]" to trigger the LoRA.

Style LoRA - Uma Musumse Anon

Concept LoRA - Mating Press

Concept LoRA - Full Nelson

Catbox Link

Character LoRA - Anon

Mixed LoRA - elfprocreator

Character LoRA - MolAnon

Mixed LoRA - momoura

Concept LoRA - SideSucc

Catbox Link

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