Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Error 2002-2634 (010000000000001F)

Remove your game card if you updated firmware and you are getting Error Code: 2002-2634 for Program: 010000000000001F. You can enable nogc to avoid this crash, but that will prevent you from playing gamecards until you do this after updating your Switch to a newer supported firmware.

Battery is dead and Switch won't power on

You most likely have autorcm enabled.
Connect your Switch to your charger and let it charge for an hour. Afterwards you can push a payload like usual.

This applies only to unpatched Erista devices.

Partition-based vs file-based EmuNAND

Partition-based EmuNAND:


  • Has the least chance of corruption.


  • Creating a new EmuNAND requires you to partition your SD card, thus existing files on the SD will get deleted.
  • Migrating to a new SD card or making a backup of your EmuNAND is much more complex.
SD File-based EmuNAND:


  • Very easy to transfer or make a backup of.
  • Creating a new EmuNAND is easier, and won't require you to partition your SD card.


  • Your EmuNAND setup has a higher chance of getting corrupted.
    • This applies to both FAT32 and exFAT users.
  • Transferring games between your SD card and your EmuNAND via system settings is not possible.
    • This is due to an unfixed bug.

I updated to 12.1.0 and some homebrew applications are not working

Unfortunately since atmosphere 0.19.0, some old homebrew applications need to be recompiled in order to work.
This is due to the changes Nintendo has made in 12.0.0 and changes in atmosphere.
In this situation you can either wait for the developer to recompile their application, or you may
downgrade to 11.0.1, and use Atmosphere 0.18.1 until the majority of homebrew applications get recompiled.

Archivebit fix (Mac users)

Boot first into Hekate, then press ToolsArch bit • RCM Touch • Pkg1/2Fix Archive Bit.

How to enter the homebrew launcher

There are two ways to launch homebrew:

  • By holding R and clicking on a title in your home menu.


  • By clicking on the Album icon
    • This will launch you into applet mode and some homebrew might not work.

Failed To Determine WarmBoot Firmware

If you get this error, boot into hekate, then go to launch and press on Warmboot Error Fix.
You will boot into SysNAND. From there reboot back to hekate and launch your custom firmware.

If you do not have the Warmboot Error Fix entry in your launch menu, then go to your /bootloader/ folder and add this entry to your hekate_ipl.ini file:

[Warmboot Error Fix]

How to enter Maintenance mode

If you need to remove the update nag (does not work on mariko) or need maintenance mode
for any other reason then you may enter it by doing the following steps:

Unpatched Erista:

  1. Power off your console completely.
  2. hold (VOL +) & (VOL -) while booting into atmosphere.

[ERROR] Fatal error: [NXBOOT] Couldn't parse boot0: !


If you updated via ChoidujourNX on SX OS then you will have a corrupt BOOT0.
Ensure that your SysNAND is on the same version as your EmuNAND and do the following to resolve the issue:

  1. Boot into Hekate.
  2. Select Tools.
  3. Select Backup eMMC.
  4. Select eMMC BOOT0 & BOOT1.
  5. Once done, power off your device and connect your SD card to your PC.
    In your /backup/xxxxxxxx/ folder, move your BOOT0 and BOOT1 files into the /backup/xxxxxxxx/restore/ folder.
  6. Boot into Hekate and select Tools.
  7. Select Restore eMMC.
  8. Select SD emuMMC Raw Partition and make sure its ON.
  9. Select SD emuMMC BOOT0 & BOOT1.

Once the process is done, you may boot into Hekate and launch into Atmosphere.

Switch not booting after update

If your device is not booting into Horizon OS after an update then you may try one of the three fixes from down below:

Old CFW version

You may be running an old CFW version. Please ensure you are on the latest
CFW version. You may read this guide to learn how to update your CFW.

Broken installed theme

Your Switch not booting may be due a theme being broken on your updated firmware.
You can fix this by deleting the folder /atmosphere/contents/0100000000001000/.

Broken installed sysmodules

If you have had installed previously any sysmodules, then please ensure you delete
the folder /atmosphere/contents/.

Avoiding firmware update nag

If you want to avoid getting the firmware update nag, you should use one of the following methods to block system firmware updates:

Disabling mods and cheats when launching a title

If you want to disable mods or cheats when launching a title, hold L and launch your desired title.

CFW on both SysNAND and EmuNAND

If you're interested in running CFW on both EmuNAND and SysNAND then add the following to the end of your /bootloader/hekate_ipl.ini file:

[CFW - sysMMC]

Bluescreen after updating Atmosphere

If you updated atmosphere recently, but you are getting a blue screen on bootup, please ensure that you download the latest fusee.bin payload and place it in your /bootloader/payloads/ folder on your SD card or update your payload injector with the latest fusee.bin payload.

Can't see homebrew applications in homebrew menu

This issue is usually caused by using a mac.
To fix this issue, boot into Hekate, select the Tools tab, then select Arch bit • RCM • Touch • Pkg1/2, and finally
select Fix Archive Bit.

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