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In which we assort all essential game modifications we've done through the means of anonymous image boards into neat *portfolio*

Classic Doom

Minutes of /vr/ series (Boom-compatible and Limit-removing) [2014-2022], DoomWiki pages

400 minutes of /vr/
Fruitions from our speed-mapping events, wide-ranging skill exhibit of both proficiency and inordinate passion.

100 minutes of /vr/: idgames, Doomshack, WadHosting -complevel 9 [December 2018]
200 minutes of /vr/: idgames, DSDA, Doomshack, WadHosting -complevel 2 [June 2014]
300 minutes of /vr/: idgames, DSDA, Doomshack, WadHosting -complevel 2 [September 2017]
400 minutes of /vr/: idgames, DSDA, Doomshack -complevel 9 [May 2022]

Bonus Isometric planeviews, beware of spoilers: MEGA

2048 units of /vr/ (MBF and Boom-compatible) [August 2020], DoomWiki page

2048 units of /vr/
True original which gave us spark, amateur but brimful of profound creativity pushed from under limits.

2048 units of /vr/: idgames, WadHosting [1] [2], Doomshack -complevel 11
2048 units of /vr/ (Clean edition): idgames, DSDA, WadHosting [1] [2], Doomshack (Without custom arsenal) -complevel 9
2048 guns, brightmaps add-ons: idgames, WadHosting [1] [2], Doomshack (Multiplayer ready) DECORATE support needed

Bonus Isometric planeviews, beware of spoilers: MEGA

512 linedefs of /vr/ (Boom-compatible) [July 2022]

512 linedefs of /vr/
Byte-sized mapset which shouldn't take you long to complete, if you're sharp enough for surprises that is.

512 linedefs of /vr/: idgames, WadHosting [1] [2], Doomshack -complevel 9

Bonus Isometric planeviews, beware of spoilers: MEGA

Hard Fast *Fabulous* Maps (Boom-compatible) NSFW 18+ [July 2021]

Gachimuchi inspired, whole of brisk and fierce wrestling fun. In loving memory of Billy 'Aniki' Herrington.

HFFM (Cut version): idgames, MEGA, Catbox (Slightly censored) -complevel 9
HFFM (Uncut version): MEGA, Catbox (Uncensored) -complevel 9
HFFM (Gagged version): MEGA, Catbox (Uncensored, removed sound effects) -complevel 9
HFFM (Stripped version): MEGA, Catbox (Bare levels, removed sounds and cosmetics) -complevel 9
Party Pack add-on (Vanilla): MEGA, Catbox (HFFM sounds and cosmetics to mix with other wads)
Party Pack add-on (ZDoom): MEGA, Catbox

Ad Mortem (In development, MBF21-compatible) [October 2021], DoomWiki page

Ad Mortem
Halloween-themed, full of whimsical macabre. Exquisite weaponry to slay horrors with included.

Ad Mortem: MEGA, Doomshack -complevel 21

Final update phase has started, submit new maps!

Resource pack: MEGA Deadline for submissions: October 12th

94 protons of /vr/ (In development, MBF21-compatible) [September 2022 Soon]

94 protons of /vr/
"Doomguy lost all his fucking protons… someone’s going to pay."
High-charged action movie from our beloved slack director, decades long production!

Beta version: MEGA

Original Quake

HUH (Increased limits) [September 2019]

Raw and nasty mapset enriched by the most impish of oldschool sensibilities, keep your nailgun steady.

HUH: Quaddicted, Catbox Increased limits support needed

Violent Rumble (Increased limits, BSP2) [December 2021]

Violent Rumble
More than worthy successor to HUH, expect amplified arms and expanded fiendish bestiary.

Violent Rumble: MEGA, Quaddicted, ModDB Increased limits and BSP2 support needed

Violent Rumble II: Virtual Boogaloo (In development, Increased limits, BSP2)

Violent Rumble II: Virtual Boogaloo
Continuation has been greenlit, it's time to join in for some Quake mapping. Seek additional details in the thread.

Starting kit: MEGA Deadline for submissions: January 31st

Build engine

500 millilitres of /vr/ (BloodGDX, NBlood, Raze) [November 2020]

500 millilitres of /vr/
Brought by Crudux cruo! anonymous initiative, must-try for any Build interactivity aficionado.

500 millilitres of /vr/: ModDB, Catbox

Author's corner

Not strictly limited to affiliates, here are some prime examples 90s shooter modmaking for you to pass time with:

Level packs

Project Author Engine Download links
The 10x10 Project (Boom-compatible) LunchLunch Doom idgames, Doomshack, DSDA, WadHosting
Actinia (Boom-compatible) Various Doom Doomshack, Catbox
Hell Frontier (Limit-removing) ViolentBeetle Doom idgames, Doomshack, WadHosting, Catbox
REKKR (Total conversion, Vanilla) Revae et al. Doom Steam (Sunken Land expansion), idgames, DSDA
Running Late 2 (Boom-compatible) A2Rob Doom idgames, DSDA, Catbox
Temporal Tantrum (MBF21-compatible) Test release Various Doom Google Drive, Catbox


Project Author Engine Download links
Babel (GZDoom) Babel Guy Doom
DAKKA, Lelweps and more (GZDoom) ljon Doom jinotrain
Demonsteele and Metal Jukebox (ZDoom and Zandronum) TerminusEst13 Doom GitHub, Catbox (v0.9)
GMOTA, Combined_Arms and more (GZDoom and Zandronum) Combine_Kegan Doom
HDoom (GZDoom) NSFW 18+ Mike12 Doom Newgrounds, MEGA, Dropbox
High Noon Drifter (GZDoom) TerminusEst13 Doom Google Drive, Powerhouse
La Tailor Girl (GZDoom) Hege Cactus Doom Dropbox, Catbox (v1.83)
SORROW (Total conversion, GZDoom) Redead-ITA et al. Doom
SLOOTER (Total conversion, GZDoom) NSFW 18+ Various Doom

Thank you anon for always being there.

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