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📑 ➜ Audio Plugins


  • Audio software production tools including DAWs, VST plugins, sample libraries, and multitrack capabilities.
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🧲 Loop Torrent

  • Variety of options that offer VST plugins for software like FL Studio, Cubase, and more.
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🧲 Plugintorrent

  • Providing free VST plugins, audio samples, libraries, presets, DAWs, and audio software since 2015.
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🧲 VST Torrent

  • Access torrents offering AAX, VST, AU plugins, audio samples, software, DXi, and RTAS files.
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📑 ➜ Direct Downloads


🔗 Aedownload

  • Hundreds of brand-new, After Effects and Premiere Pro templates, including sound effects are available.
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  • Freely download an array of creative materials for all your video motion graphics needs.
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🔗 AppDoze

  • Get your the latest software effortlessly and enjoy a seamless installation process.
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🔗 AppNee

  • Focuses on free, indie, portable programmes, and is dedicated to constantly providing users with helpful software.
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🔗 AudioZ

  • Hyper focused on music producing software such DAWs, updates of sample libraries, VST plugins, multitracks, and much more.
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  • Daily updated software with the aim of delivering a fast experience every day.
  • URL Safety Results ⚠️ Detections higher than usual.

🔗 DIAKOV • Russian UI

  • Vast selection of software. Updates every day; always the most recent version. Several options with simple file hosts.
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🔗 Download Pirate

  • Tonne of goods including LUTS, textures, sound effects, video editing + plugins, motion graphics, and even more.
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🔗 Freepreset

  • Dedicated to assisting you in obtaining premium lightroom presets, luts, photoshop actions and a plethora of other design materials.
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  • Dedicated to music production tools including DAWs and plugins. Sample libraries may only be accessed by premium members.
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🔗 GFXDomain Blog

  • Focusing on resources from a variety of programs for 3D modeling, animation, motion graphics, video editing, and texturing.
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🔗 HunterAE

  • Download various resources, including After Effects, Premiere Pro and Apple Motion, at an incredible speed.
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  • Big collection of free After Effects, Premiere Pro templates, and many more creative resources.
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🐐 LRepacks • Russian UI

  • Numerous portable applications and utilities that are well-liked by users for more than ten years.
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🔗 MaGeSY

  • DAWs, sample libraries, VST plugins, multitracks, and other music production software are all heavily emphasized.
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  • Empowering video editors with premium resources for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and more.
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🔗 MicroTech Programs

  • Aims to simplify access to the files for the most recent versions while continuously improving and staying current with technology.
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🔗 motka

  • Designed to provide high-quality, cost-free tools for designers, including LUTs, sound engines, Adobe software and plugins.
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🔗 Mutaz

  • Provides software downloads for Windows, Mac, and Android devices and does not require registration.
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🔗 Patoghu • Persian UI

  • The platform strives to offer up-to-date content on computer, mobile software, and game downloads.
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🔗 PeskTop • Arabic UI

  • Resource for Windows, Android, and Mac OS, providing direct access to heaps of cracked content.
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🔗 SCloud • Sign Up

  • The primary focus is Windows applications. Additional resources include games, specific applications, and more.
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🔗 Soft Gozar • Persian UI

  • Updated often, with complete, unrestricted versions of just the best applications available.
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🔗 soft98 • Persian UI

  • Sstreamlining file accessibility for the latest iterations, all while consistently keeping up with technological advancements.
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🔗 Softlay

  • Enhance your digital experience by discovering free software, utilities, and apps.
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🔗 Taiwebs • Vietnamese UI

  • Explore free applications, tips, and software for Windows and other platforms.
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🔗 Vfxmed

  • Find everything you need for your VFX ventures. From Photoshop to After Effects, 3Ds Max to FumeFX, and beyond!
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📑 ➜ Fonts

🔗 CreativeFabrica • Sign Up

  • This selection of free fonts for commercial use will help you choose the ideal type for your upcoming project.
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🔗 Cufon Fonts

  • The largest free font repository in the world that supports Webfonts for designers and developers.
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🔗 Dafont Free

  • Get 12,000+ of the greatest free fonts in high-quality categories including sans serif, serif, script, calligraphy, display, and more.
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🔗 Dfonts

  • Awesome free font styles are available for download from a variety of sources, including Instagram, Adobe, and Google.
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🔗 FondFont

  • The greatest free online fonts have been hand-selected from websites like Behance, Dribbble, Google Fonts, and others.
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🔗 Font Meme

  • Discover typefaces used in pop culture with this online font library.
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🔗 Font Squirrel

  • High-quality typefaces that is also licenced for commercial use, and best of all they've been hand-picked.
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🔗 FontBolt

  • The place where you can find famous pop culture fonts. Explore the massive and continually increasing library.
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🔗 FontGet

  • Beautiful collection of free fonts to download for your website and projects that operate on all operating systems.
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🔗 Fonts4Free

  • Whether you're a professional or novice graphic designer, discover a ton of fonts here.
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🐐 FontsHub

  • Obtain fonts to create headlines, quotations, paragraphs, lists, and other text components for your design projects.
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🔗 FontSpace

  • Free access to typefaces with valid licenses that are ideal for your design needs.
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🔗 Free Chinese Font

  • Discover free Chinese & English combination fonts that you may download in both simplified or traditional character formats.
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🔗 Free Japanese Font

  • Discover free Japanese & English combination fonts that you may download with hiragana, katakana, romaji, and kanji glyphs already included.
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🔗 Free Korean Font

  • Discover free Korean & English combination fonts that you may download to be used in your next beautiful designed project.
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🔗 Google Fonts

  • With great typography making the web more beautiful, it offers font families that are free and open source.
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🔗 iFonts

  • Excellent location to find and download thousands of free fonts for design use.
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🔗 Textfonts

  • You may download several stunning and well-known fonts for free for design needs from including lovely scripts, sans serifs, and more.
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🔗 TypeRip

  • A web utility that takes a URL from an Adobe Font library and pulls the font from the database.
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📑 ➜ macOS

🔗 AllMacWorlds

  • Each piece of software is tested to ensure its functionality, and only the fully operational versions.
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🔗 AppKed

  • It offers the freedom to download any desired application without any charges involved.
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🔗 Appstorrent

  • Countless apps, games, and plugins available for download. Releases come from various sources.
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🔗 Cmacked

  • Greatest and most popular MacOS apps, including games, are obtainable, plus it's updated daily.
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🔗 InsMac

  • Array of free software programs and games specifically tailored for users on a Mac.
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🔗 M S J • Sign Up

  • Good discussion board where members of the community exchanges cracked software and games.
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🔗 Macintosh Garden

  • Awe-inspiring abandonware archive that houses a treasure trove of software and games.
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🔗 Macx • Russian UI

  • Assortment of thoroughly crafted software. Elevate your Mac experience with these offerings.
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  • Several MacOS apps available covering a wide variety. However, the site uses premium file hosts.
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🔗 NMac

  • Lots of free apps available for MacOS without limits, or gimmicks. Simply click ahead to get started.
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📑 ➜ Search Engines

  • Users are helped by the search engine in finding free software downloads. It includes fresh links as well as a list of updated sites.
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📑 ➜ Torrents

🧲 Mac Torrents • MacOS

  • Torrents for a variety of useful utilities, applications, games, and plugins for graphic design, video editing, and motion graphics.
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🐐 m0nkrus • Russian UI

  • Repacker for different applications that comes highly rated, reliable, and is most known for its Adobe-related goods.
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🧲 Team OS • Sign Up

  • Private tracker for several release groups. This awesome site offers both torrent and direct downloads for almost all software imaginable.
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