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Local Models Related Links

/lmg/ Accelerate
LLaMa CPU/GPU guide Entry guide for Nvidia GPU inferencing and general CPU inferencing
oobabooga ROCm Installation AMD GPU inferencing
Example Fine Tune Walkthrough Shows use of custom dataset and how to use it to fine tune a model
Example LoRa Walkthrough Huggingface's StackLLaMa with their lora_config settings
4-bit LoRA Training Notebook LoRA tune on Colab
Anon's LLaMa roleplay guide For longer outputs more conducive to roleplay in TavernAI
Huggingface Generally the best place to find models. Link is for LLaMa currently
Curated Models Rentry Overview of various models with links to various quantizations of them
Bellard's TS Server Fabrice Bellard hosts a server with open models and a closed source way to run them
The-Eye File host site that has a random assortment of ML resources
Local Models Papers Rentry Other /lmg/ resource I keep up to date with new papers and articles
LabML.AI Best way to find newly published papers
PapersWithCode Good for catching trending papers based off Github stars
AI Explained General AI news with well sourced links (Youtube)
Dr Alan D Thompson Model reviews and AGI insights (Youtube)
Don't Worry About the Vase Lesswrong cultist so prepare for "AI Bad" takes but does a good weekly AI news roundup (Blog)
SD Compendium Stable Diffusion focused content with somewhat updated news (Wiki)
Models Table Google Sheet of models/major AI labs/other LLM information by Alan Thompson
Which GPU(s) to Get for Deep Learning Tim Dettmer's continually updated blogpost
GPU inferencing Web UI Benchmarks Outdated by now but still useful from Tom's Hardware
ML Glossary From Google
List of Frameworks Mostly for training Models from scratch. Maybe we'll get there someday
Andre Karpathy Videos Former Tesla lead for AI (now at OpenAI). Builds models with explanation
Thread Template Also has further resources and information
Previous Threads Always good to search for previous questions before asking
The Principles of Deep Learning Theory Give it a read even if you aren't sufficient with your math so you can get a feel of what is happening
Pen and Paper Exercises in Machine Learning Do your homework
Huggingface NLP Course Make sure to look at the other courses as well
Google's ML Course Various courses related to ML
AttentionViz Interactive tool that visualizes global attention patterns for transformer models
Diffusion Explainer Interactive tool that explains how SD transforms text into images
Prompt Engineering Guide and current research on prompting by OpenAI's tech lead
OpenAI's Promptbook ChatGPT/GPT-4 focused Course and resources for prompting
PromptingGuide.Ai Course and resources for prompting
Alpaca's Instruction Image of the root verbs and objects for Alpaca specifically.
RPBT Prompt Allows for OOC dialogue and for the bot to play as different NPCs
GPU Gits
Text Generation WebUI Main GPU-based inferencing with extension support
Text Gen Extensions Wiki link. Said wiki in general is excellent
TavernAI GPU Inferencing Heavily modified TavernAI fork with WebUI API support
WebUI Context Hack Forces a GC every 8 tokens in streaming mode
CPU Gits
llama.cpp Main CPU-based inferencing
kobold.cpp llama.cpp fork with Kobold UI
gpt-llama.cpp llama.cpp fork that also replaces OpenAi's GPT APIs
Serge llama.cpp chat interface. SvelteKit frontend, MongoDB
Alpaca Electron llama.cpp chat interface.
Llama Server llama.cpp Chat interface. Chatbot UI
Whisper.cpp Speach-to-text CPU-based inferencing
Turbopilot WIP. Copilot clone using llama.cpp to run Codegen 6B
Local Related Gits
AutoGPTQ 4bit weight quantization for bloom, gpt_neox(StableLM), gptj, llama and opt models
RPTQ for LLaMa WIP implementation of weight+activation quantization
LLaMa Pruning WIP. Various techniques to prune (zero weights) LLaMa models (needs post-training)
Basaran OS alternative to the OpenAI text completion API
Langchain Set of resources to maximize LLMs Chains/tool integrations/agents/etc.
Langchain Tutorials Guide to get started and how to use. Youtube videos are also a good resource here
Local LLM Langchain Experimental extension for WebUI with langchain support for notebook
LMQL Query language for programming LLMs
LLaMa Index Central interface to connect LLM's with external data
LLaMa Hub Simple library of all the data loaders/readers for llama index/langchain
LLM Adapters PEFT library adapters that work on LLaMA and other models
LMFlow Similar as above
Alpaca LoRa 4bit Should be best to use LoRa on the 4bit model in this case LLaMa
Rank Response from Human Feedback Easier alignment tuning method
Shell GPT Command-line productivity tool works though OpenAI API (local with Basaran)
Segment Anything WebUI SAM webui (GPU inferenced). Georgi seems he might do a SAM.cpp
Bark with voice clone Text-to-audio transformer based model with CPU/GPU inference
RVC Retrieval based Voice Conversation model
AudioGPT Suite of various audio related foundational models for use with a LLM (use basaran for local)
ComfyUI Node based stable diffusion GUI
Vlad's SD WebUI fork Fork of Automatic1111 stable diffusion webui with active development
Huggingface Best source for datasets
ShareGPT Unfiltered v4 Removed refusals, excessive unicode, excessive repeats
Evol Instruct Unfiltered Removed refusals, blatant alignment, blanks
GPTeacher Collection of modular datasets generated by GPT-4
GPT4 4 LLM Alpaca style self-instruct technique using GPT4 also with chinese version
Music AI Voice For use with RVC or SVC audio voice cloning
Wikipedia Embeddings Done by Cohere. link is their blog with some suggested use cases
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