/morig/’s most elite warriors, some priestesses go an extra mile in their training and dedication to the Goddess, and end up in the informal category of the priestesses designated as “Ghostlings”. The chuubanite levels of all priestesses are unusually high, because of their repeated and extended exposures to the Underworld, but priestesses with unusual mental fortitude and physical tolerance to the effects of the chuubanite may elect to artificially increase these amounts. The ritual to accomplish this is the painful process of “Going Ghost”. It comprises injections of a highly concentrated Mori chuubanite directly to the epidural, at multiple points along the priestess’ spine. This imbues the chuubanite almost directly into the priestess’ skeleton, amplifying its effects and causing great suffering through the inflammation of the spinal nerves. Past the pain, the side effects of the procedure also induce feelings of paranoia and zealotry towards the Goddess without fail. If the subject is lacking, it may also induce dysfunctional madness and erratic behaviour, or the spine inflammation may turn into a fatal infection. The severity of the risks makes Ghostlings a tiny subset of the already exclusive group of the Goddess Faithful priestesses.

Ghostlings are usually fitted with full sets of proofed armor and heavy beaked naginatas. The beaked naginata is an evolution of the standard naginata which arose as the need for armor piercing capability became more widespread. A carefully cut Mont Mori diamond may be used at the thrusting points of the weapon, to ensure as sharp, hard and tough a point as possible. Historically, Ghostlings have gained a reputation as troll-hunters due to their effectiveness against this type of opponent.
Ghostling in full battle regalia.
Ghostling during a counter-raid operation.

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